Anyone else finding people's "politics" funnier and funnier as time goes on?

Anyone else finding people's "politics" funnier and funnier as time goes on?
Personally, I'm pretty good at hiding my powerlevel irl but when people start talking about "What's wrong with X" or "Everything would be right if X", and so on, I have more and more trouble hiding my powerlevel and start laughing.
pic very related
If you feel angrier and angrier or any other emotion, feel free to express that as well

I just have to try resist the urge to lecture people

As a national posadist I can't help but laugh at the cockroaches scurrying along Holla Forums, truly they are but mere children compared to me

i tend to drop hints by mentioning profit motive etc


You mean Japan?

I guess, I don't really get the urge to lecture. I can get a little bully-ish if I get into it tho.

I do that sometimes too, but people can get strung up on big words, then they go to some other topic to make a claim on. "Okay, but X other topic".

Explain yourself immediately.


I always lecture my coworkers about politics and political history on our lunch break. Ever since I got a jerb I've been more and more social. Feels really nice

Depends on where you live. Today I had a debate with two relatives that was the most wasteful thing I've done in months. Ad-hominems of the poorest quality, non-sequiturs, bringing up Cuba and North Korea in the most shameless manner and allegories about the Soviet Union and China, which I defended nevertheless even though it wasn't related to the original topic, which was one of those idiots unironically defending Pinochet because he "made the country good" (evidence proving otherwise irrelevant because who cares about argumentative quality when you can make appeal to authority?). I could hold my ground against all the sophistry, but I had no means of destroying it since I've never studied rhetoric.

This led me to a few conclusions: don't bother debating unless you know well enough that the other person argues in good faith or you have a good ability with logic and rhetoric. Most debates in the end are not about reaching truth, but about destroying your opponent.

Teach me your ways

lol. Hope they don't sacrifice you for your sins.

See, that's why you have to be a little mean to people. Arguments work best when you are around other people, then you can really make people sweat, and they will often quickly compromise and think rationally.

It's frustrating because it's usually "DID YOU HEAR TRUMP TWEETED X" and people are acting as if this wouldn't be exactly how a Republican president would govern.

I've held an idealistic conception of debate until today. I'm probably not going to do it again until I have good rhetoric.

I don't know how you do this, but my heart beats hard my pressure seems to go up and at the end I am tired. It is like doing seriously extenuating exercise. I have no idea what this is called but it is quite peculiar, but it may have to do with the type of debate. I imagine a debate where you agree on most of the premises and people argue in good faith (the ideal debate) may be more relaxing.

Stop it with the "power level" bullshit, that's literally Holla Forums slang for "How hard I have to try to keep from screaming about Jews/degenęracy". It's purely autistic in nature, and has no place here except among Tanky/nazbol which is basically 3 steps above average Holla Forums ideology.

Power level was a thing long before Holla Forums. It's a joking reference to DBZ. On /a/ your power level is how deep into anime/manga you are and I imagine other boards use the term too.


it's literally /a/ and subsequently 4chan slang you massive faggot

yeah, it's usually just shorthand for having a deep or autistic level of knowledge about a given topic, usually nerd shit.

I just hide my powerlevels with nihilism. Unless I am drinking.

How long have you been on the *chans?

I dunno either, Ive just liked it.
I really don't like these, that's more like a conversation, no? I just like people getting frustrated against the reality they don't know what the fuck they are talking about, I suppose. Slapping people around with logic is just fun. Bonus points if they get incredulous, their friends come in, etc…
As a downside, if I end up being wrong, I end up feeling sick. It makes me slightly sick thinking about my tiny libertarian phase, I'm just happy I was smart enough to be wary about something that sounds good, without having a hard understanding of how it works.

"Stop laughing at people meanie".
*tips fedora to your white knight prowess*
that's a sick flip by the way, fedora or not

Nihilism is the single greatest powerlevel hider possible.

I think you're in the minority, but I just like it because its silly.

Then what you say is what I need to study too. I ended up abandoning this debate at some point because it degenerated into some bullshit about the USSR and getting called an utopian, then pulling the classic card about socialists at 40 to disrespect me, after which I stopped putting up with that bullshit anymore. I'm definitely going to educate myself on it: you can literally not debate without it.

Wasn't trying to say you're uneducated, and there is nothing wrong with abandoning a debate. Do what makes you happy, etc…

I didn't take you to imply that.

Thanks for the meme, gotta go to work.

I get angry. I never use my facebook anymore and I basically want to kick someone in the balls when they call Succdems, Socialists