Ana Kasparian vs Ann Coulter Debate

Is Cenk vs Shapiro after this?

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the intellectual giants of our generation…

I hope so. Ben has that Ashkenazi verbal Autism Level, Cenk is an inbred.

Why do girls make pretend to be interested in politics?

Theh should have gotten someone better looking than Man Cunter.

Because they don't want to fuck you.

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Doesn't Shapiro think Nazism and Marxism are literally the same thing?
Also Cenk said this

Somehow I can't tell who is going to win, they're both uneducated and retarded.

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there are no winners


I think Shapiro will be better prepared and wins handedly. Wasn't he on debate teams in college?

Only losers

I've never heard either Ugyur or Kasparian say anything intelligent. Is this worth watching?

Wow, it's a bunch of retards blowing hot air and no one ever changing anyone else's minds!

This shit is just as bad as people that protest peacefully. Kill yourselves.

RETARD fight!!!!

Does Coulter believe everything she's saying?


she's getting creamed.

at some point you have to in order to keep your sanity.

I'd cream ana tbh.

Let's get Ann and Ane to debate Jason Unruhe

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I'd rather listen to Jason drone on, and on in a monotone voice, about shit literally nobody give a fuck about, then listen to those two cunts.

You're a literal cuck if you put your mouth near a stink box.

Are any nazi's not crypto faggots at this point?


To attract more intelligent males.

Ana won imo

Ben is a decent debater while Cenk is fucking awful even for a liberal, so I doubt it will be much of a competition.

ask Lauren Southern

t. squeaker

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Cenk could pull a surprise win if he practiced heavily beforehand.

He's not gonna fucking do that, though.

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2 lazy to watch, can someone give a tldr/who won?

Why do people believe this

They're both getting shat on. Cenk and Ana that is. Even if by some miracle they manage not to make arses outta themselves all the le rational reactionaries and alt-right neckbeards are gonna pile on the TYT hate train and say they lost anyways.


That's what I meant, bro.-_-

So was Cenk. He's pretty good at shouting people down and never admitting a point.

And Shapiro is good at being a smug, mouse-voiced propagandist. He's a Jew who thinks Hitler was a fucking leftist. The fact that his intellect is given any credence makes me want to fucking cry out anger and frustration. Debates really are shit and the fact that Shapiro is good at debating proves it. All they are is a pulpit for two people to preach a message. It doesn't matter if you have facts and reality on your side if the other person is nice looking or has a touch of charisma.

Agreed about debates being shit. Winning in a debate is totally divorced from truth, logic, etc., it's all about using the correct rhetorical techniques at the right time. Lectures > dialogues > debates.

Shapiro is now reaping the full benefits of the alt. right. He may well be considered a 'moderate conservative' in the future wholly on the grounds that he didn't go full retard (the new and improved full retard) and drool over Milo and Trump.

Ana shat on Ann and the crowd was chanting "TYT" when it was over

debating is pointless and inherently motivated by emotions. the "winner" is the one who get the audience to agree with them, not the one to make the most sense.

I hate Chunk Ogre so fucking much I'm actually rooting for Shapiro

But it's true that "debates" are a meme

What's the point of these internet personality debates? What's the point of watching a bunch of retards spouting shit at each other without any knowledge of politics

To reinforce the beliefs you already hold.

So a bunch of liberals screaming at each other because of progressive or conservative beliefs

kasparian vs coulter was literally a debate between two retarded primates, although coulter still managed to be defeated. cenk vs shapiro is a no-brainer, i mean shapiro is no intellectual heavyweight and if he were to debate with the likes of chomsky\zizek and some serious intellectual he would get destroyed, but in the arena of political commentators is very good and sure as shit is better than the young turd retard

Jason Unruhe is full of shit but i want him to debate right wing e-celebs

Cenk vs Shapiro soon

Yeah, it should be a tag team between him and finbol


I wanna fuck Ana Kasparian tbh

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Me too

He rails against identity politics too much to be considered a moderate going forward in the future. Current year memes and all that.

About half of everything he says can be refuted by saying "selection bias" as he just pulls fake statistics or ones that don't correlate to other real life factors in reality.

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