This dumb meme really needs to stop.

It's painful enough to read long lines of text on a full-width website, let's not make this harder by having smartasses flinging shit at people for vertically spacing out their posts.

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Go the fuck back to reddit asap

You can space your posts
like this
instead of


dammit, should be



You know that does nothing right?

What was the point of making this thread?

lol what? It isn't hard at all. What are you on about?

Good post OP.

I made it all double space just for you so you can read it better.

There's a difference between a space between a paragraph of 3 sentences or more and a space between every sentence. The latter is difficult to read and should be ridiculed until faggots stop doing it. No fuck off you shitcunt.

Honestly, adding an extra space between paragraphs can make the text more readable if the paragraphs are really long, but there's no reason to add a space when each paragraph is only a line or two long.

It's mostly a way to bully people who post absolute shit and space poorly. If you make a good post where the formating is well done people won't sperg out at you for well placed white space.

It isn't optimal for readability at all, unless you're on a phone in which case you deserve the least pleasurable user experience possible anyway. The only problem with pointing out Reddit spacing is that occasionally people do it when you've legitimately moved onto a new and entirely unrelated paragraph, separating two short but unrelated topics. Or perhaps when genuinely spacing for readability (on a standard computer monitor) to avoid godforsaken textwalls, such as inserting quotes.

If I must be pedantic, "This dumb meme really needs to stop" and "It's painful enough" should really be on the same line for optimal post aesthetics.

A full-width line of text on a widescreen computer screen has terrible readability — it far exceeds the optimal number of words per line.
Ask any typography specialist, especially web designers.

You gigantic faggot


If that was genuinely the concern at hand then
the optimum thing to do would be post like this
not randomly spacing your posts out



which if anything only accentuates the problem
i haven't quite deduced the mechanism yet
but sometimes 8ch does appear to automatically
compress your posts as seen in
it may relate to including an image however
i've never really had to care about this issue
since frankly anything is better than a PDF
scan of an old government file which has had
low quality OCR software used on it resulting
in garbled text and w o r
all the awful tendency to fuck up the formatting
when trying to copy and paste text.seriously
that shit is
really fu
annoying. to edit back into an appropriate format.


45 to 75 characters per line is short as fuck.
Do you really want ever line to be like this?
It is horrible and works out the eyes too much.

i've never been on reddit other than like 3 or 4 times when someone linked dumb shit to read there, i've also formated my texts like you ever since i first went on 4chan back in 2006.
if some faggot has a problem with that he can suck my dick and i honestly don't give a shit.
neither should you. sage for irrelevant thread.

tbf we are in the Twitter age.
(I say this semi-jestingly but as I look at the fucking mess I've created above, I'm willing to bet this is a phoneposter thing with the strong preference for vertical orientation. While I do have a PDF open right now at ~68 characters per line to improve readability on a computer screen [as it's formatted like a book and would otherwise be a hellish textwall on every page, and the larger characters make reading chunks easier.], for imageboard purposes one could double if not triple that without any real concern. Really the purpose of the post at hand matters)


on my




People hate it because it uses up a full screen to say something in half a screen and it screams of namefag egotism.

The problem is that reddit immigrants are so shaped by reddit culture that they only make milquetoast and uninteresting posts.

it's useless complaining
what you should do is:

1.ironically redditspace all the time
2.accuse others of redditspacing, especially when they don't redditspace

I only got beef with reddit spacing when it is unjustifiable.

Like if

I use it like


I use reddit spacing when organizing arguments. Such as:

[Argument one]

[Argument two]
etc etc.


it's not like you apply redditspacing to your code either,


Redditspacing is super annoying to read.

There is literally no reason to ever space your posts like this.

Not even doing it ironically like right now and in the rest of this thread.

It only makes you look like a fag.

The name might be dumb but the spacing problem is real.

Posting like this should never be encouraged.

This has never been a problem before for some reason.

really, chan nationalism is far more cancerous than most reddit shit

wtf I'm socdem gang now



"In today's news, the 5th Comintern suffered a major split over the formatting of anonymous imageboard posts. Troops are mobilizing, and faction preparing for war as we speak. Now here's Tim with the weather."





if the sentence is only a line then it's barely even considered a paragraph.