Why do we take this man's political opinions seriously again?


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Link or it didn't happen

That sounds like him really. He openly says most of his books are memes to please his editor, his actually work is in theory.


I don't think anyone takes Zizek 'seriously' per se, he says interesting things every now and again, even his contrarianism at least annoys liberals.
Still this statement i'd like the source btw is what most would expect, he's a notorious self-plagiarist and often spouts gibberish (a notorious trait among academics) but this hardly impinges on his usefulness as a theorist such as it is in the areas he specializes in.
I don't see how you can read that and think it greatly indicts him or something.


This is the source

Well I just think back to the dialogue he had with Chomsky where he says (here I am paraphrasing): "Noam claims my politics are nonsense and don't have empirical backing", then he goes on to admit his political work is in fact "blah blah bullshit" and he has on more than one occasion written theory that is "pure bluff". It's a complete indictment. Maybe his work on Hegel and Lacan w/out politics is better, but how can I be sure of that?

Because in between the bullshit he says stuff like

It doesn't surprise me that he spouts a lot of bullshit but "Violence" is definitely top-tier. Go read it.
You don't have to follow every thinker a la lettre. I've been to one of his talks (really cool) and read 4 of his books but I disagree with him on loads of things. But he does really make me think, and I say this unironically.

I wonder if that's part of the "shitty political interventions" he's distracted by, "pure bluff", or if legitimately curious about any of that.

We shouldn't be listening to anything other than Cultural Marxism. It's the only real leftist ideology, everything else is a racist woman hateric plague ridden shithole. But no one will listen. Enjoy being hung by Nazi's, you all had a chance.


classic Zizek

Because he's not a liberal threating everyone like retards and going out of their way to denounce every last bit of original analysis lest it offends someone. Besides fact =/= opinion, and Zizek is quite opinionated in a good sense.

operating on any theoretical framework whatsoever while making predictions of the future is pure bluff

You could do soo many wonderful things with your beloved freedom of speech yet you decide to spam the laziest, overused shitposts on a board you hate.

He's made this point a lot before and it seems really interesting, but he's never actually really gone into detail about it. I hope he writes a book on it, or something, if the concept actually has anything depth to it, it would really point the left in a new direction and get us out of that 'everything is a factory production line' mindset that's so easy to stick to when reading Marx.

Why not? All he does is sit around reading books and watching movies anyway.

Zizek BTFO!

So he's admitting to what everyone already knew? That the vast majority of what he says is nonsense but sometimes there's something useful?

People should get this eventually just by listening to him. He rambles, he talks and writes constantly, and he just repeats himself or says total nonsense that relates to anecdotes and other bullshit.

Zizek either enjoys the money or the status. He isn't doing anything, and he likely doesn't think anything significant is going to happen anytime soon. I think he is just fucking around and likes to read.

But what if the opposite were true

But he's taken about as seriously as Rafiq and Ishmael, which is, respectfully and not with idolatry. They're joked about, but people talk about what they say.
This whole "hurrr leftypop worships zizkek" shit is ridiculous. He rarely gets mentioned and gets criticized just as much as he is praised, same with Ishmael and Rafiq.

Anyone have examples of his 'reactionary nationalism'?

But Ismail got so triggered by Holla Forums bullying him he made a new board.

lmao amazing how he still makes some people SEETHING

That's pretty funny, but again, we are a board of bullies. We bully our content creators, and it's a good thing. We'd probably give Zizek a bit of bullying if he was here.
I agree Rafiq and Zizek are in closer leagues however.

If by "bully" you mean "engage critically" then yeah, but if you mean "acting like cunts and then pretending it's just ironic banter" then I can't help but disagree.


Things like rebel constantly shitting up the threads and being a pseud, catgirl drawfag ditching us to make a profit after possibly using us as a smaller community to springboard her way to success, muke for reading no books and getting himself into a mess against board consensus, MM for being a cringey sperg who won't stop overengineering his OC, Marxist Media for being a brony who refused to use a new account letting the world know who he was who also covers content formerly hated by leftypol: criticism of media from another ideology's perspective created under the prevailing ideology.
Most of the time these criticisms aren't brought up in constructive criticism, because most of these offenses don't deserve constructive criticism and should be attacked to stop any future content creators from engaging in such behaviour. Many of them are unprovable in a court of internet law, due to us not being the government, but there is the evidence of people being shit, and we should treat them like such. Saying things like "You can't prove that, so it isn't true" is a bourgeois notion, all we have is the ability to check ducks.

Nah. You can be a cunt if you want to but I'm not interested.

he can't say "slovakia". but I still love him

Feel free to attack the criticism. You can complain about people being cunts all you like, but you haven't done anything but that, you've just ignored the pretty legitimate reasons people have for hostility against ecelebs and called people names. You adopted my language because it suited your worldview, whereas at least I was describing myself while insulting other people.


there is none, zizek will show flashes of stalinism and reactionary idiots think

Because we're not assblasted liberals

this isn't some kind of secret, he says the same thing in the documentary about him (Zizek!)
What he's saying is that he values his philosophical theories more than political ones, but to get people to pay attention he has to speak more about political issues themselves than he cares to.

Where is a good place to start reading about his philosophical theories?

Sublime Object of Ideology, The Parallax View, Less Than Nothing