Rich kids of instagram

where the fuck is the revolution?

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I guarantee these people are not as rich as they seem to want everyone to believe.

Still pretty rich though.

can you imagine how depraved and empty they must feel with all this garbage?

I, too, would like to shit on the Queen's face. Although not the one printed on a paper, though.

Has anyone tried to rob them. They look like they are easily willing to give some money if threatened.


I can outflex that nigga with the £20, 40€ and $1 I forgot in my car's glove compartment.



I am NOTHING like my father! Nothing!

Ever think how shitty and boring their life must be? Not saying you should sympathize, but they're just doing this for attention because their value to people has always and will always consist of how rich they are

Real talk though, unless you're some Saudi prince and have got bodyguards at your side 24/7 don't tweet/snapchat/Instagram pics of gold watches, champagne and money like that. Especially not on Twitter. Man will track your location, fam.

Yeah. Their parents are prolly divorced, they see their dads only every other weekend and are expected to kiss his new 22-year-old """girlfriend's""" arse just cuz she's fucking dad. Depressing. Marx said bourgeois family life's just a financial arrangement devoid of all love and affection. He was right.

*rich nigger kids instagram
Also get a job you commie trash.

It's not your fault

Fuck how did we not think of that before? Just get a job? What a revelation! If only we could get everyone to have a job, then ALL problems of society would be fixed!

Thank you, sir, for your brilliant addition to this conversation!

Borgies need to get the fuck out

this kid has got middle upper management written all over him

No, but it might fix your reddit tier personality and humour. It won't avoid the Nazi masturbation fantasy.

Why not just filter the word 'race'?


t. riggered

No,look at me son. It's not your fault

i'm adding you to my filter tyrone, you should stop namefagging

I was being serious. The more delusional and isolated you fags get the stronger we become.

I'd do it if I ever got the chance to. Unfortunately I live in the rust belt and not an urban area where these parasites reside.

i'm terrified.

u forgot the "ISH HUMAN NATURE" in the fascists now next to a glorified desktop background of an authoritarian regime controlled by secret police

Don't fuck with me, man.

Yeah what a difference 70 years. That swastika looks like the type the jews draw on their own synagogues.

I'm glad I'm just passing through.

That's an admittedly hilarious YouTube channel

It's not your fault

It's Jews.

fuck that just rob a bank. the money is insured no one loses a dime. distribute it among the sick and hungry

OP you seem jealous and bitter. It's not healthy to be that way.

No. I meant jews.

Why is there shit all over your hands?

*Pushes you*

Cuz I'm filthy rich. Stay mad.

*Hugs your black father-alienated ass*

I feel a bit better about being poor now that I see the rich waste their money on shit like this. Jesus Christ,

"IT'S SO FUCKING HAAARRRD!" *Sobs uncontrollably*


Yes, but the cops are also more eager to investigate and catch people robbing the rich than people people robbing the poor.


LOL Do me a favour and filter out Howard_Stern's posts. My mum's white.

Wow, now all your posts make so much more snese


are you from london? im in north london and will actually meet and bun a spliff with you if you want loool

Pic related

I actually feel really sorry for these people.

leave it out, you must think i'm daft, you right cheeky cunt. fucking mug and all.

why are people so complacent about shit like this.

you can suck your dead great gran through your dads batty crease rude boi

what did he mean by this?

you sound like a liberal

Yeah, south of the Thames though. Ignore that faggot using my tripcode. He'll get bored eventually.

Don't take on my username unless you're ready to rep the glorious Afroplasm Gang, m8.

What are people going to do when that asshole buys 1,000,000 ad spots on youtube with that fucking video.


that's long then unless we do a Holla Forums meetup or saink which I doubt will ever happen

I think it should never happen. I don't mind if Afroplasm goes and starts some ridiculous urban gang where they "rep the hood" and "bun a reefer" as the blacks say.

Don't fon their pocket change.
If it was me I'll just zero our all thier bank accounts to fund the revolution.
Also sage

What happens on Holla Forums stays on Holla Forums. Don't get it twisted, if I by some miracle recognize one of you lot from this board in real life I'm gonna act like I don't know you and keep bopping, comrade.

You wouldn't be allowed to join anyways.

What is the problem ? It is only the children of the capitalists. Yes, they are future capitalists, but can we focus on the present and stop our voluntary servitude ? CLASS WAR NOW ! JOIN THE COOP MOVEMENT ! JOIN UNIONS !

Come on fam I left the sticker on my snapback and everything. I've got mad tings.

what JME tune was this from again?

Does watching jews on tv echo your retarded opinion while they make millions make you feel better?

Kek, ( ( ( Charlie Day ) ) )

How was I suppose to know it was the one show without an all jew cast? Another example of antisemitism in the media. Stop watching tv and get a job.
devito is married to a jew


96 bars of revenge

color me fucking surprised

I've been out memed by the meme master.

So we've gone from "Huh funny how Jews are peddling GOMMUNIST BROBBERGANDA" to "Yeah, well, Hollywood is Jewish". I rate this meme five out of five meme points.

Wait, what are you arguing? That a jew isn't two faced or that they don't control Hollywood?

Remind me again what this has to do with Charlie Day.

The back and forth didn't start with Charlie Day and you didn't end it there. Why does leftypol always start shit they can't finish and then act put upon?

You inserted Jews into the conversation sideways and then continued talking about Jews after being told the conversation has literally nothing to do with Jews. You're autistic, autistic about Jews.

That's how threads work. You start a discussion and people go down tangents.
Only on this this shithole of a board is this always shut down.

You have autism my friend.

Another great political discussion. If it isn't about Stalin or whether something is really communist then you mongs don't have anything to say.



I don't care if charlie day is jewish or not you dumb nigger. Your "meme" is echoed across Hollywood by kikes who can't distinguish between the millions of people put out of work(mostly because of their policies) and lazy lefty fags who try to justify their shitty behaviour.

I bet you make small talk at the urinals too, faggot.

even commies have to admit we have the best memes.


ignore the basic bitch trump shit, you know what she's saying is true. the best you guys can do is copy our shit. poorly.

This is that fascist cognitive dissonance again, vaporwave was leftists, then you copied it, then liberals on facebook did whatever that is. Fascists always seem to ignore the part where they do the thing they're accusing everyone else of, like, say, flagging videos on youtube.

i'm a nigger

Hard for him to be an influence on you since you probably never met him :^)

Also the pathetic "conservatism is theh noo punk" garbage, pic related.

I think most of these twats would actually be pro revolution

Don't rob a bank with a gun. Literally all you need is a note, and you can walk your way out.

the gulag was built with these people in mind

Guys, stop whatever you're doing and start admiring this guy, he says he has the best MEMES!

What's that from?

Pff golden child try to make me feel bad ? In your next life sucker.



I went to private school (had to drop out because dad's business folded, yes he was a porky), and yes the rich kids did show off their wealth and their parents did buy them new stuff all the time.

I didn't realise how spoilt they were at the time or how decadent it was (I used to hang out with my working class friends anyway so I had enough stuff), but it's easy to see how these people can grow up to become incredibly narcissistic and self-centred.

I went to a very selective public high school in New York City, and for a few years I moved in the same social circles as private school attendees. You would be amazed at the amount of shit they got away with. Some of them made a game out of promiscuity, there was widespread use of drugs new enough that they wouldn't show up on tests, and Supreme managed to be fashionable for a few years despite just being Hanes crap with a new logo printed on. Part of the reason I quit the debate team was because I was sick of spending time around such people. Renting an AirBnB for a party and then leaving it completely trashed is a fun way to spend Saturday night, though.