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is a man not entitled to the sweat of his brow?

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yes he is
now go actually read something


Clearly it belongs to his boss. The ungrateful prole made it while he was on a job creator's private property after all.

Productive enterprise belongs to the municipal assemblies.

You go drink your own sweat then, freak.

Why should it?

Thank you for this wonderful thread Comrade Andrew Ryan


yes, that's why your boss shouldn't be allowed to take everything you fucking produce through coercion.

but the state should?

or, if not the state, everyone else via some form of societal agreement by which somehow communism exists and yet doesn't involve a governing body even though it exactly does?

hand over your toothbrush or i'll bite your jugular out white boy

You are an incredible retard.

Yea, and that is precisely why we need to abolish the conditions that allows for a leeching class and a class that produces for the leech existing.

but I literally just said the state shouldn't


Gensokyo is ancap


No says the capitalist, it belongs to me.
No says the cops, It belongs to us.
No says the fascist, it belongs to the nation.

I rejected those answers, instead, I chose something different. I chose the impossible. I chose Eden, a city where the artist would not fear starvation, where the scientist would not be bound by petty profit motive, Where the smart would not be constrained by the greed And with the sweat of your brow, Eden can become your city as well.

A group of people coming together and deciding democratically to put the excess product of their collective labour to use for the good of all is not the same as being forced by threat of starvation to give it to a private individual who will hoard it even as you and millions of others lack basic goods.

ok sure why the heck not, we believe you

i rate this 19/17

They're called worker and consumer cooperatives, dumbshit. Any money acquired passively is illegitimate.

I know you mean well, but I'm unsure you effort here will be worthwhile, It's clear OP is stupid, but he also seems to only be here looking for a fight. He won't except what we have to say, even if we are right.

I'd give this thread a class 5 B8 caution, and carry on with my evening.


Ryan was a idiot ancap silver Spooner who got played by a con man and he forgot the proles keep society running but he created a society where nobody was a prole.



I seriously hope you proles don't do this.

Well, I support everything the USSR, Cube and Communist China did. Everything.


So you're a reta- er, I mean tankie.

Andrew Ryan never gave a shit about the working class, so they got prissy while all he did was slouch at his rich people vacation resort.
And that's how Bioshock started.
Because Ryan wanted to make a world where everyone was rich but couldn't do it so it went to anarchy.
Which ironically enough led everyone to reaping what they sow to the fullest and not just through anarchy.

Why did you say retard twice? Do you have a stutter?

You best be memeing.



*flees to the USSR, marries slavfu with whom he can only communicate in sign language*

living the dream tbqh


This is your brain on ayncrapism

Read the Bread book.

its capitalism that is stealing the value of your labor. state capitalism wasnt much better but people lived better lives during the high times of the USSR


Don't you know? Taxes (something that existed before communism) is communism.
The Roman Empire had taxes they were a communist state duh.



Indeed he is, and that's why capitalism is tyranny.

No! says the man in the office,
"It belongs to your superior."

what do you think we advocate for?


dammit Holla Forums

No, you're only entitled to the work itself, not the fruits, read upanishads etc.

so the contract is a non -starter. You are an idiot.

Bookchin is eternal.

gold mines don't just spring up out of the blue
porky had incur risk
maybe he even had to go into debt

why dose the left not restrict labour to drive up wages?

The only risk he entailed was becoming a wage labourer. Debts can be discharged with bankruptcy.
Furthermore he didn't really incur risk. Risk is calculable. 95% of the time Porky gambled on uncertainty.

That's what unions, strikes and walk-outs are for… and the reason why they face crack-downs by authorities and suppression trough legislation in nations suffering from corporate-manipulation.

Seriously, Bookchin is complete trash.

FALC edit

But wouldn't that mean that robots were the proletariat and humans were the bourgeoisie?

robots are just automated tools, not people

once the AI catches up to the machine I feel that might change


Except for you roboanon
your special ;^3

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