DSA aren't actual leftis-

DSA aren't actual leftis-

Alaska is fucking pre-industrial.
Are they gonna read Marx to the grizzly bears?

ohh wowwww im s-sure the right is scared now g-guys…


The DSA would have put Tony Blair in power.

bears are good and cute and would definitely fit into a red army

Yeah, no.

how is that edgy?
how does that post have anything to do with the right?
why do Holla Forumsyps have such thin skin?

DSA are leftists, no debate about that. They are backstabbing socdem leftists.

Notice how words are meaningless when they're misunderstood or said without any kind of conviction whatsoever. The DSA is the personification of pop-leftism; they're basically the barrier between actual communists and SJWs, which if anything makes them more cancerous than the SJWs when it comes to letting a worker go beyond the cancer.

He's right though. Socialism is the only possible way for Enlightenment values to actually hold up.

Holy fuck, this makes me so damn agry.

Avsolutely disgusting, even if it's an old tweet. I've defended this dude before but never again.

This analogy would explain a few things, in the same way that my piece of shit laptop has been stuck on Windows 8.0 for four years because its update function exploded and all the inbuilt repair functions promised to get things back on track are broken, and the manufacturer in their benevolence neglected to give me a repair disk, and even if they had there's no CD drive anyway, and so when I tried to manually install 8.1 it failed at the 99% mark, and later when they offered Windows 10 I was detained because you can't update to 10 unless you've succeeded with 8.1 first, and so I just conceded defeat and made do with the operating system I was given.

But no, socialism is only an update to liberalism insofar as liberalism was an update to feudal ideology. Recognizing this shows how absurd the idea of socialism as the "true realization" of liberalism really is. Yes, socialism "builds on" liberalism, but not by "realizing" its "most important values", but by breaking with it fundamentally, at the point of social organization, that is to say economic organization of human beings.

All "values" ever are the consequent of a condition's being. Communism will have all the things liberalism promised not as values, but as a reality. Liberalism was an attempt to enforce things capitalism could not. For the leader of the DSA, an org that fails to define post-capitalism in even the most basic way and is openly social democratic, this is not a feasible guess for his implication. At all.

Want more? I have an entire folder of DSA pop-leftoidery, but only if you're interested.

No, I think the DSA are doing good work. I just hate that Jacobin guy now

Yes please. Succdems deserve to be humiliated.

anchorage DSA probably has like 2 members so whoever owns the twitter account is free to shitpost

there's fish and oil isn't there?

I agree with that first tweet but fuck that guy. "I'm rooting for the riot cops", what a fucking kulak

hit me up fam

nope.jpg. No enemies to the left. We can always purge later.

Bro just use linux

dump it!

Socdems really haven't changed a bit in a 100 years.

The official DSA twitter account posted links to a bunch of marx's works for the purposes of education a while back

wow, really scratched the noggin there.

Leftcoms are without a doubt the greatest sophists I have ever seen.

I'm convinced that most of them haven't read any Marxist theory.

By leftcom reasoning, most of Europe was engaged in the capitalist mode of production in the 1400's.