The Sham: Sure, Chomsky is the kind of guy you want on your team, the perfect leftie fullback whose books on politics...

Is he right?

Got half way, then I realised

what now m8

This is criticism is incoherent, is he mad that Chomsky isn't taking up arms and organising bank robberies?

chomsky is great for explaining for ignorant burgers whats wrong with the country
hes a great entryist, but the deification of him is really too much, but that happens when hes the the most radical anyone in the mainstream is alowed

I'm not sure what the specific criticism is.

This sounds good enough for me.

I believe it goes something like "Why are you listening to this doddering old man instead of MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE?"

Chomsky is why social democracy doesn't work personified.

He knows exactly just how bad things are, but his solutions boil down to voting for bernie just like any other liberal.

Maybe recently since he's gotten old but in the past Chomsky has stressed that there needs to be political organization outside of the ballot box.
I'm on mobile and away from home so hopefully someone else can post the WebM where he talks about how reform vs revolution is a false dichotomy

Chomsky is an anarcho-socdem who publishes babby-tier theory. It's okay to worship him if you're a "woke" normie but otherwise he's a fairly unremarkable figure.

let's try and figure out what user meant. Anarcho-syndicalism? Social anarchism?

Chomsky is pretty important. I couldn't think of a more prominent leftist intellectual.

Who /ParentiGang/ here?


I like Chomsky too but I like Parenti more

I was being sarcastic. Chomsky pretends to be an anarchist but he is a socdem in practice who supported Chavez and Sanders.

He meant that Chomsky calls himself an anarchist but is pretty indistinguishable from a socdem nowadays.

He is popular for sure but his theoretical contributions are mediocre at best.

He's also one of the very few left-wing intellectuals that are at all accessible. Him and I'd say Howard Zinn wrote things that were for a general audience. All the other left intellectuals either write exclusively for other left intellectuals or are so far into some form of theory they are utterly unreadable for the uninitiated.

Seriously try and name one other left writer in the last 20 years who wrote good general audience stuff? Naomi Klein maybe, and I'd only count shock doctrine.

I fucking love Parenti. Heard him on a Leftover Crack song many years ago been hooked ever since.

Nah. He's right about Chomsky being too passive and all, but that's meaningless being an aggressive leftist post-1991 is absolutely worthless.

Parenti is basically what introduced me into leftism

Chris Hedges?

Also big dick wolff

His essay on Pre-PRC Tibet was eye opening.

Feels bad man

David Graeber
David Harvey
don't forget about the Davids my dude


Whoever wrote that has no idea what he's talking about, dissing Chomsky is the national sport of the radical left. The author also seems upset Chomsky doesn't obfuscate his ideas in complicated language like every other leftist "intellectual"