Art in socialism

Do you think some of the stupider art trends will die off in socialism?

I think without the cabal of pretentious rich fucks to circlejerk and huff their farts over ugly, meaningless bullshit, people will begin to realize that the emperor isn't wearing any clothes and this shit will fall from grace.

Not even a reactionary anti-modern art idiot. There's lots of modern art I like, but you know things have taken a wrong turn when janitors have to be informed that something is an art piece because it's indistinguishable from garbage.

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I hate art. Not all art, just art that ain't related to shit I like. Deviant Art fan drawings of videogame or film characters are pretty cool, but I'd rather watch a live stream of paint drying than go to an art museum to look at "cubism" and other shit.

Former artfag here, now a full-time graphic designer.

I've first-hand attended to two performance art sessions, and both had been so fucking horrible that I had to leave before the end. Some other art school students have shared my opinion, and I think nobody really "enjoys" performance art shows, people just love to physically be present at some "fancy art happening" they don't grasp and pretend to be sophisticated. One of them was pitch black room with some man wrapped in christmas lights wriggling on the ground for 20 minutes, pretending to be a slug. Another event was 2 half-naked women tied to each other by a rope and dancing and swirling along the rope, then later a man with bird costume came down from stairs and squaked and screamed like a magpie bird. I had to leave because it was complete earrape.

That being said, I am not one of those Jordan B. Peterson types who go on ranting and raving about cultural marxism or postmodernism. I think that variety in art expression can be liberating experience for the artist, and even enjoyable to the viewers. I have attended many art exhibitions, and believe it or not, most of the paintings and art is still pretty normal stuff like landscapes, still life and portraits. "Shit in the can" stuff almost never happens in art exhibitions but when it does (usually pulled by some 40-year-old burned-out alcoholic ex-artist types looking for attention), media spins the story so much that people think this happens in every exhibition.

Despite all the stories, art world is pretty interesting and you meet various kinds of people. Most of the people there are pretty normie, introvert types who went to arts because they loved to post their stuff to DeviantArt or some shit. Sizable portion of them are those extroverted, attention-seeking types who dress funny and love reddit memes and stuff. There there are few SJW-types too who are into some edgy form of neoliberalism, but those are rare, most art people don't care about politics. Then there are some people who are genuinely interesting and eccentric.

Some contemporary art at this point just feels like capitalists' humour.



The Battle of Tours was a mistake

This non-art exists only for speculation. Without it, a retard trying to sell cans of his own shit would be a retard, and nothing else.

I think what art will look like is more or less imcomprehensible to us that live inside the capitalist spectacle.
Today we only see the first few developments a strain of art takes before it is commodified.

This happens when artists get too self-celebratory and circle-jerk amongst themselves so much they lose connection with the outside world. Again, nothing to do with "cultural marxism", it's people doing what they can get away with. I think they survive on non-artsy normies paying ticket money and watching because they find it better than stand-up comedy.

I hate those "poetry night", "performance art" stuff anyway. I think art gallery exhibition openings are only decent art events you should attend. I've always received free wine from those events as long as a I show up with anybody who knows the host lady.

this kind of "art" like op posted has it's funtion in capitalism. it's used for money laundering.

even capitalist newspapers discussed this matter:

Why do people only ever talk about paintings and performance art when they whine about "modern art"?

Agreed, memes are also part of postmodernism, but people don't give due credit at all.

Yes, but more because stupid trends die off. We'll likely see different stupid trends and perhaps even more pretentious faggots to partcipate in them as they are no longer working 40+ hours a week. I suppose we'll also see more varied and good art as well though, so it's not all live shit eating or whatever.

Because it can be commodified and sold on a market.

I'm referring to the paintings, of course. They're easy to store and can be transported easily.

I mean I never see the same people mention anything about movies/music/books. Probaby because they don't know anything about them since they can't be summarized in a meme image but still.

Movies, music, books are classified as intellectual property, so the ownership mechanisms differ from original art.

Those are entertainment.

the best criticisms of the vapidity of modern art come from leftists such as the situationist international

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Remember that most of the more famous trends of modern art was a CIA ops
The source is the fucking Independent

Both of these sound like events I would go to just to have ridiculous stories to tell if I wasn't a hermit.

It's easier to do performance art than to learn to be a skilled artist.

Reminder that Russian Avant Garde was the shit, until Stalin came and fucked everything up with his "socialist realism" BS.

Under Not Socialism, yes. Why do I think this? Because that's what happened when Not Socialism was tried.

USSR made great propaganda.
#1 - "Washington style peace" or something similar.
#2 - "I am a Dove"

Don't know the text of #4 although I'm assuming it relates to peaceful coexistence.

Pablo Picasso was a comrade.

More like Pickasshole, amirite?

70s propaganda was indeed great.
Stalin's propaganda was shit, cause it was BS authoritarian slogans, with no artistic value.

Animated propaganda was the same.

modern art is a joyless, reified, self congratulating spectacle.