I'm socially liberal but fiscally conservative :^)

Why is this phrase so insufferably annoying?

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because that describes a liberal tbh

They'll never say it though. It's always right wing libertarians using it.

Because the correct solution is to be fiscally liberal but actually reactionary.


because 'socially liberal' means letting immigrants in who will vote for more gibs

Because it's them telling you they're thoughtful, open minded people who've studied economics long and hard and have come to the conclusion that neoliberalism is the best socioeconomic system possible.

every fucking time.

Fucking this. It's idiots who have never studied anything pretending to be knowledgable.

Because it's essentially been the status quo since the 80s. (less so in America than elsewhere)

At least if you have a real reactionary, like the kind of guy who'll defend slavery, you agree on one thing: everything is shit right now, lots of things need to be changed - but not these fuckers, no, these fuckers want everything the way it is now, kill the poor with austerity and let gays marry.

because I'm the exact opposite

Among other reasons, it's retarded because it implies that poverty, inequality, exploitation, etc. aren't social issues.


You are so cancer I wanna cry.


It's "I love weed" and not "the economic system cripples poor communities and the police force, as representatives of that system, are its military arm"

t. Old Meme.

Because it's slavery with a human face.

Social democrats posing as leftists is an old meme.

Old enough to be retro-cool. Get with it, daddy-o.

Because it means they want all the freedoms for the ones who can pay and none for those that can't. It's that simple.
When they legalized marijuana in many states, it wasn't out of the goodness of their heart, or because it was a smart move, but because it needed to be done to replace the revenue they'd lost in making tax cuts for the rich. Instead of having the wealthy pay taxes, now the common people will pay through drug legalization, and this also has an effect of calming down insurrection because they are perceived as being progressive and the society which they rule being one that has the "right" values. The same is true of other vices like gambling, prostitution, and so on and so on. They will continue to legalize things which were historically vices in order to ease the tax burden on the very wealthy and put it on the poor, as they are more susceptible to need drugs to deal with their life, or to play the lottery, or to look for prostitutes. Of course, the rich will still have these things, but they always have, and they certainly don't do the same drugs or sleep with the same whores that the workers do.
Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not against use of drugs and so on, but this is clearly the reason these policies have been put out. They would not do this if it brought in no tax revenue. And the best part is that the tax revenue will not be used on more infrastructure, or more schools, or better hospitals. It will be used to further police the poor and those that are quickly falling into that state, and the poor will applaud them because they keep them "safe" all while filling them with prostitution and drug addiction and lack of education.
This is the neoliberal dream, a docile populace happy with comodified sex and drugs, oblivious to the end that will eventually come for these workers. As they are pushed out more and more as their wages are squeezed and everyone will either live in third world conditions or a mansion with nothing in between, then the rich will decide that they no longer need these global third world and the great cleansing will commence.
This is why we must raise class consciousness, and yes, by all means smoke your weed once in a while, but do not think this is a victory you've won. It's something you like that is being used as a carrot, a carrot you pay for, and the funds will be used to fund the stick. Whatever you do, do not fall for this "socially liberal" tripe. It's nothing but a cheap trick.

blame the vast neo-liberal conspiracy


Have you read anything at all by any communist?
Why are you a social democrat?

This. Fucking douchebags

Capitalist Realism and a series of web articles would be the only thing that comes to mind. I eschew tomes that aren't on electoral politics.
Because people smarter and less intermittently clinically depressed than me are (fucking hopefully) already working on abolishing capitalism, freeing me to try and make it marginally less painful (and enjoy some theatre) until they succeed.

Damn. Socdems are on fire lately

So you started from the assumption that voting does shit and went from there? You fucked up.


Even if voting was purposeless, it makes for entertaining theatre (especially historically) and is thus worth the time investment.
Though voting does do shit. It does very little, but it does do shit.

So it's basically just virtue signaling?

Were I virtue signalling I'd just go for popular and easy liberal causes rather than being hired by the NHS to deal with insomniacs by droning on about how monetary policy in all major economies is structured completely wrongly, and indeed how only recently have central banks (well, Bank of England anyway) even learned how money is created. At the very least they'd fit into 140 characters, letting me get into Twitter arguments with people on the wrong side of the part–….

I like weed and gays but I hate poor people

Sorry mate, I have no idea what you're trying to communicate.

If I was virtue signalling, why would my focus be on interminably dull shit that nobody cares about rather than popular liberal causes that everyone under 70 is familiar with?
Virtue signalling only makes sense if someone out there understands the signals.

Fucking socdems need to fucking read more

In the post-Bernie era, social democracy IS the new liberalism that all the cool kids on twitter talk about.

It would scarcely be possible for me to read more. What you want to say it "fucking socdems need to read my boring 600 page tomes instead of their boring 600 page tomes."

I mean, now here's a problem: I'm not on Twitter.
If I wanted to virtue signal here it would be unspeakably easy to just pick any other flag, then go play factional games about how everyone else is wrong. On the other hand with the rose flag I can say "Elections are my thing." and then talk to Corbyn voting 4s about why Kinnock was a dickhead and the poll tax riots were cool.

There's also a matter of simple honesty. You can call yourself a democratic socialist and few blink, say you think you can vote away capitalism and some giggle. Take the exact same policy positions, the exact same hate of capitalism - but say you don't think capitalism can be abolished by voting alone, so to be honest (since your immediate concern is to deal with elections) you're a Social Democrat - and people will start yelling about murder and betrayal.

This is Elon.
His dad named him after some Nazi fanfic that calls the king of mars "The Elon."

From the would-be king himself:

Is he /ourguy/?

because it means "i hate societies problems but love their causes"

Direct democracy is retarded. Zizek is right, ain't nobody got time for that. I'm actually surprised how idiotic Musk is on this.

yet everyone seems to find time to spend 13 hours a day voicing their inane preferences about everything online?

What are you saying? People are too stupid to make good choices? That's a good point, and another reason why direct democracy is a mistake.

Just in the hypothetical that if people weren't retarded it could work time wise these days. I did get a chuckle out of the idea of reddit given absolute control though.

"Ain't nobody got time for that" because they're unemancipated pawns hoping for politicians or "the state" to fix their problems for them. As long as this is the general mindset, communism is literally impossible. If people are content with being ruled over, any attempt is going to end up with the formation of another ruling class.

fiscal conservatism and fiscal liberalism are the fucking same

It means you're ok with weed, and not okay with poor people having their basic needs covered

Read a book, my illiterate friend. Then more of them.

I'm fiscally conservative too, by the standards of this board.

What are social democrats if not leftists?

This is called neo-liberalism.


What are you talking about, how do you think direct democracy works if not in tandem with free association & representatives?

That Elon meme makes me angry.

Good post

Works for Switzerland.

Their motive may be misguided but I'll take it all, hos and bros and pills.

True enough, just don't think this is "progress" or that this is a sign of society moving forward.

this. google the iron law of oligarchy guys.

It's literally "I hate social injustice but I love what causes it"

(tl note: book means boring tome in a language you don't even speak.)
my alternative wind-up was spamming pdfs of the most boring books i've read but i'd have to upload them like 2 at a time and it's only really funny if i put 5 in one post.

Yes, but he had the idea to start the business, so it's actually his property, and he should decide what to do with it.
Without people like him there would be no jobs.
The surplus (legitimate) he makes is the reward for his ideas, and for the risk when starting the business.
This demonstrate that capitalism is actually a meritocracy, where the individual is rewarded according to their capacities.

except most large businesses don't work like that.
the business is the property of the shareholders who did nothing to start the business and just bought shares later. The CEO is a jumped up manager.


Not sure if this is meant to be ironic or if you're really this retarded. Poe's Law is pretty strong with ancap posts.

what shit b8

That's just being a conservative.

No healthcare for you, dear citizen, that would be unreasonable, and we are all adults here, right? Don't be so naive!

Haha quel pédé



A secret cult dedicated to resurrecting Rosa so they can kill her again.

This is probably the shittiest meme on Holla Forums, even worse than the original "read Zizek."

It's a Reddit meme actually i think.

Also the engineers and workers generate value, not the manager.

Direct democracy with capitalism is no better than representative democracy with capitalism. It's his liberal side making "radical" suggestions that don't affect his fortune.

A pro-post.

I've thought this for a long time but have always been too dumb to put it in words with any coherency.

Spooky trips confirms it.