Can I be a leftist if I'm also a woman hater? I think socialism is good, I just personally hate women

Can I be a leftist if I'm also a woman hater? I think socialism is good, I just personally hate women

Save socialism the embarrassment and step outside for a while please.

Step outside and do what?


No. Your hatred of women shows that you don't actually care for emancipatory struggle, and it's pretty reactionary and spooked.

No. thanks for asking. Go be something that isn't a leftist.

Learn to ignore rather than hating. Hating takes too much energy.
Though you'll still invariably get frustrated at how despite ignoring the existence of women, the rest of society still recognizes them as a grouping of people.

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Nobody cares if you personally hate women as long as it doesn't enter your politics.

Why do you hate women? Seems foolish.

But why? A woman is just a man with a hole and tits and all-round slightly tweaked to raise and care for children.

Why do I feel like OP made these posts so he had an excuse to talk about his dumb woman hater beliefs? quiet frankly no one cares, No one gives a shit that /r9k/ and /r/incels hate women, much less one pitiful guy on Holla Forums

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Fuck off Proudhon

im going to go against the consensus and say yes (lots of socialists historically were Conservative and even sexist like Proudhon and Marx), however you should examine why you hate women, its pretty silly regardless of other political beliefs.

and a different brain

well they hate me, it's mostly reciprocal, but i also dislike the typical female personalities more than typical male personalities

i don't necessarily think we should oppress women or anything, i just personally dislike them

how is it silly to hate women?


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looks like ftm surgery to me

Socialism will regulate the sexual free market.

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I didn't even know you can do that

societal expectations and appropriate behaviours differ wildly for women, to the detriment of serious political work*.
this is inherent to society, not to women, but on a practical short-term level the only solution is to avoid women and avoid thinking about women. (but by no means should this extend to hostility to individual women, who can be dealt with on the level of individuals, rather than the collective.)

*Example - though not one that causes me serious personal problems, one that causes a sort of opportunity-cost resentment: A certain political party having quotas for female representation and other liberation-group type pushes. There's a self-reinforcing tendency for women to be to the centre-right of the party, and this gives them a much stronger powerbase than if members were all fighting as equals. Also, I've never liked the exclusionary tendency where they have female-only meetings occasionally and so on. I don't mind cliques based on policies, but cliques based on something unchangable are very irritating. (I also get the faint impression that if there was a transgender member who had a dispute with a female-at-birth member, regardless of the merits of the case the transgender would be thrown under the bus.)

actually when I think of it I probably underrate how much I like many women as individuals. It's just as a sort of collective identity that I can say I'd much rather we agreed to say no more about it.

you are the worst poster on this board. you make afroplasm look like (departed) marxhead.

The sexual free market needs to be regulated. Don't even bother replying in disagreement I'm not even going to read.

You should try to move beyond your personal experience

can you just reassure me you're the guy who wants a fascist flag?

wasn't there a socialist from the early 20th century who argued against the liberalization of the sexual market or something along those lines?

Uphold marxist-leninist-incelism


that makes you better than everyone else because ego.


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