Papa Wolff lurkin on /leftypol

So when he mentioned us as supporters a few months ago, did he visit us?
What was his reaction?

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You could try emailing him maybe?

he probably went on the .pl version, saw all the leftovers from the raid and got disappointed.

They linked it correct on the [email protected]/* */ video

"A collective of people engaged in pretty much what the name suggests"

He thinks of us as an interesting group of people.

The weight he put on the word "interesting" was hilarious.


Its still hilarious that this comic is what started the catgirl drama on Reddit

This is awesome. Was MIA for a while, I never saw it.


anyone have a link?

What drama?

r/socialism banned Alunya or something

Drawing catgirls is wymyn objectification and catgrill drawfag is the worst person in the world for drawing it.

/r/socialism mods decided that anthropomorphic depictions of women were deeply sexist and unsuitable for a socialist board. After dealing with backlash from the community the mods went on 'strike' which consisted of them finally not banning people for petty shit, it lasted like half an hour i think.

/r/socialism banned CatgirlDrawfag when they found out she lurks here. She had done artwork for them before, including a banner IIRC. The excuse was that catgirls objectify women by implying women are "domesticated animals" but obviously the real reason is they were buttmad that Holla Forums got a shoutout from the Wolff.

Somebody bitched him out that coops aren't socialism, probably.

IDpol truly is the way to go

He doesn't say co-ops are socialism though. And he shits on markets all the time. He does say co-ops change the mode of production, recommends them as a step in the right direction and (when they appear spontaneously) points to them as signs that people are sick of capitalism. One of the best things about Wolff is that he grounds everything he says in a relatable contemporary context. That usually involves talking about what people can do here and now to deal with capitalism.

You seem confused, read Marx.