Can we get Holla Forums removed before they destroy more lives?

Can we get Holla Forums removed before they destroy more lives?

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Half-French, half-Morrocan person here. Not even kidding I spent my whole life hating myself and admiring blindly pure 100% white classmates because of those mentalities. It gets to you very quickly, especially if you always despised yourself in the first place.

Let them learn how idiotic, bankrupt, and hollow their ideology is. There are two ways to learn to never touch a stove when hot, you are either taught to never touch it, or you are stupid enough to actually do it.

I'm an eastern european, and my features are most part slavic-looking, with grey eyes/brown hair. I've never looked like one of those whites with killer jawline, blonde hair, blue eyes and crazy tall, but I don't complain, because I am not even that into those germanic-looking girls. In fact, most of my life I've just been wanting to get with a slavic-looking qt and get on with my life.

You are half french, so you at least have something master racey going on.

Blame your parents. You could take what you learn from your experience in France, and any education you have, and take that to Marocco to make the country better.

Win win tbh.


When I was in Germany I fucked girls and hopefully one of them is pregnant with my Mexican half-breed. Viva la Revolucion, cabrones.

Not to mention, wildly inconsistent too.

Most white people, the race they want to "preserve", tend to not buy into racism, and those they do, they call "d.generates". All the while there are so fucking many minorities in america who are woman hateric, racist against non-whites other than their race, religious, homophobic and maybe even "redpilled on jews" that Holla Forums would never want to associate with, although views that the average ghetto rapper espouses lines up with 75% of Holla Forums rhetoric.

Fuck off with this Holla Forums shit. Especially from halfchan.



So Holla Forums is basically people that would be Holla Forums had they not been half breeds or actual non whites? Ouch, this is embarassing

Non whites are subhumans deal with it. Deep down you all know white people are the "default" and all the rest are fallen apes.

Holla Forums is actually whiter than Holla Forums if we go by photographic evidence. It's more like Holla Forums is full of self-hating non-whites that really want to be white.

I'm a white boy, Nazis can suck my dick

Sounds like some honorary folk

Skinheads are just rejects who bought into schlomo's propaganda about Hitler and idealize it because it's edgy

Sounds like hypocrisy and cucked faggots that want to get their negholes pozzed by the white man.


TBH you can totally be a Not Socialist shitskin and just stay in your country and value your race.
If you're a Jap that's so easy, you got it great. No wonder they joined Hitler.

But for mixed mongrels with no real identity? Your game was rigged from the start.

Identity is a spook. Only Mexican dickings are real.

Spooks are a spook

Yeah, so stop using them as arguments.

Spooked spooks are a spook-spook.

The world would be a better place if more non whites hated themselves for being non white and less white people hated themselves for being white, imho.

Are you the pirate who was spamming these in that thread?

I wasn't spamming. I merely responded to those who responded like triggered autists, just like here.


Sad really.

I blame the Islamolefitsts and victimisation process.

There's easily enough autists to consider it spamming, let's be real.

I can empathise with the poster. My mother is an eastern European and my father of Asian heritage, and I am in a white-majority country, I found it hard to find a place and ultimately I don't think I did. I started wishing I could find myself a new life or something, possibly by going to Japan so that I would be fine with not fitting in. I always wished I was never born this way, and to an extent I still do.

My life hasn't been ruined by it, but whenever I think of it my heart hurts.

I never bought into the Holla Forums ideology, but I didn't have to in order to feel this way. Even on Holla Forums sometimes there are people who make me feel like a stranger with racism or whatever. Of course they should be allowed to say shit, but even online I cannot belong, or at least, without feeling uncomfortable having this horrible form.

More proof race mi.xing is abhorrent.

This needs to stop.

Online you don't have a race. If you don't belong, it might be a problem with your ideas instead. However, you should learn to embrace the racism from time to time. Racism loses its power whenever you make humor out of it. And there's nothing horrible about you other than you possibly being an ugly fuck, but that might have been the case were you of one race or another. Let it go and learn to love yourself first. You cannot spread love without this first. Also, if your mother ran into me, you'd be half Mexican instead. :^)

Just know that nobody actually supports their ideology outside of autistic imageboards. Especially not in Europe.
And even if they got their ethnostate in America, they would leave parts of the former US to the non-whites.

A bit of fun makes quality better, not worse. Also, I'm pretty sure that Holla Forumsfaggot was liking it. They love cuck stuff.

well imagine my shock

I used to joke about having kids with a brown qt because they wouldn't be pathetic stormcucks and because they're top tier, but this has got me worried about sticking my dick in any qt. What's a good looking white guy to do?

Guy needs to chill. If any actual Nazi masturbation fantasy starts in the US, it will be everyone vs. blacks, not everyone vs. whites like Holla Forums believes.

who is jewing who?

You are a spook.

socialism is the answer fam, we will create a better society.