Thoughts on ALF (Animal Liberation Front) ?

Thoughts on ALF (Animal Liberation Front) ?

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animal rights activists are one of the most retarded varieties of liberals

Pretty based, they did more damage to porky than many on the so-called "hard" left.

Cool guys but I know this will just turn to a pointless flame war so sage.

I don't hate em, but the entire "animals are better than people" ethos is pretty dumb. To many of them are in to anti human bullshit and eco-faschism.

Like what? Burning down some farm hardly challanges capitalism.

Animal liberation is dumb, but ALF are/were pretty badass.

By causing massive damage, both material and in image, to companies?

Absolutely bourgeoisie.

I think their argument is that humans are no better than animals not that animals are somehow better than humans. I don't know much about em but that's my understanding.

Cool until they accidentally blew up some random building for no reason. Still, someone's gotta be letting of bombs

bourgeois idiocy
anyone who cares more about animals than humans is a malthusian fascist of the worst sort


I see triggered gooks itt


I can empathize with the actions of animal liberation groups — I believe forcing animals to undergo highly painful and stressful experiments is indefensible — but they're more often than not intellectually bankrupt. They're politically more related to primitivism and even lowkey fascism than they are to socialism.

Thats too bad because ive seen many salty vegan britfags (muh foxes, you can spot em so easy because no other country cares about muh foxes) on Holla Forums berate me because I choose to hunt my own food rather than get it from a sadistic slaughter house. Obviously they dont know anything about whats Humane and what isn't

Veganism pollutes the earth much more because a ton of shit needs to get shipped via massive ships to europe because not everything grows in europe in the winter

plus massive combines that kill tons of animals like rabbits and shit

Due to large populations with high levels of meat consumption, hunting is not a viable alternative for replacing meat consumption. It wouldn't be sustainable if it became the norm, so it becomes a personal ethos that can only exist alongside another system, be that a primarily vegan society or industrialized meat industry.
There is nothing wrong with having your own moral code to live by, I have respect for it, but it does not represent a realistic alternative to the current system and so it can't challenge it.

Don't be retarded. Most soy is produced as animal feed. If everyone suddenly became vegans the amount of crops exported to Europe would drop like a rock.
And with less crops produced it would leave more room for "rabbits and shit".

Defenders of creatures with no history are either liberals or full-blown reactionaries, the former being just as religious but in denial.

Dad used to go fox hunt sabbing back in the 80s. Dunno much else bout them.


Animals are innocent, niggers like you are not.

What a surprise.

The majority of grains and soy are given directly to farm animals, YOU DUMB FUCK!

It must be hard to go through life being this retarded. Let me guess, you think that the actions of individuals have no effect on the world at large, right? That nothing can ever change? Drink bleach.

Bourgeois moralism, coming through! You really proved the poster's point beautifully.

Meh,In the end we are just Apes in the a flotting rock exploiting each other.

Great let's not eat no more and create a new market it's they way to go, also we don't need those cow,pigs,chickeen anymore let's just starve to death, we sure love animal !

vegans kill more than they save they should eat local instead

It is. So show some solidarity and walk me through it.

Have any proofs?


to clarify, I want you to walk me through your logic on how causing economic damage to meat and dairy corporations hurts capitalism.
Wrong, I don't think that at all, but I struggle to see how the soy industry is less capitalist than the meat industry. You can destroy the entire meat industry with out challenging the capitalist mode of production at all.

sage because this thread is awful.

True comrades. Where does this shitty meme of them being eco-fascists even come from?

Animals aren't people because they lack the skill to self-reflect on their own existence, but that doesn't mean we should exploit animals since they are still creatures capable to feeling pain and emotions, especially since we have the means to completely avoid animal exploitation, and saving the environment in the process.

Attacks on people and property damage isn't going to end the pharmaceutical or meat industry, the root of the problem is capitalism.

I disagree, you could end the meat industry by destroying enough property, and the meat industry could easily keep existing in a socialist society.
Capitalism might intensify some aspects of the abuse, but in this case I don't think it's the root of the problem.

Aesthetic aproach. There is arguably problem with how much meat population consumes, and cases of sadistic treatment are ever the hot topic.

Many people also lack it tbh

Will they liberate humans first?

I get you are joking but most people do, even the dumb ones. Everybody somehow evaluates his social position and has a concept of his own existence. You would have to have an extremely low Autism Level which would pretty much equal mental retardation to not posses this ability.

Self-awareness =/= self-reflection. Many mammals have self-awareness (some dogs and cats, monkeys, dolphins, crows,..) but none of these creatures will ever reflect on it's own existence. Therefore, animal rights have to be entirely different from human rights.

Sounds reasonable to me actually. Humanity should have gone extinct with the Smilodon and the Mammoth

What deserves to be liberated more, lifein captivity as a product or life that can pay for cheap to get it shot when your dumb fucking cunt spawn falls in its cage

Why tho? Do you believe the planet to be a sentient entity that humanity is killing?
Can you give a logical reason for your opinion?

Humans do for the purpose of self-preservation, an instinct given to you at birth that should drive your whole life. Cut the selfless crap, animals are cultivated like plants for a purpose.

Plus liberated, non-alienated humans who have a more intimate relationship with their farm animals rather than only being with them for the purpose of profits would act more selfless towards these animals while keeping the benefits of cultivating them.

No, I believe sentient entities deserve to be killed before they wipe out the ecosystem

I don't care. That's more than enough reason.

And what makes the ecosystem worth preserving? Only the value you put on it as human. it has no will on its own and will change as longs as there is life.

kill your dog

I'll take assumption for 100 dollars.
I'll take nonsequitor for 300.

they are undeniably mad but they are righteous. they have my full sympathy.

It controls the atmosphere in ways you wouldn't even dream.

Even if you were all about this philosphy of self preservation, in Central America and the Amazon, every cloud forest, every tree, has its own unique ecosystem. With flowering plants only seen in that tree, fungi, only in that tree. Insects, only in that tree.

And modern medicine is looking for a cure for several types of cancer but there's a problem.

Deforestation. We think rainforests as just that, trees with vertabrates. It's far more complicated, symbiosis, bacteria, flora, fauna. All can contain that breakthrough in medicine but we chop it all down for shady market furniture. We are effectively destroying our chances at curing diseases.

It's the butterfly effect more or less. You wipe out one species, how it interacts with another is gone. Another overpopulates, effecting all the way to the top in vertebrates in the undergrowth. They die out from a multitude of factors, water once regulated becomes uncontrolled, even more small little fragile pockets of life become gone forever.

And it keeps spiraling out of control.

The question becomes, what is the long term effects for us if we keep down this road?

Humans are not special. We can advance, we can destroy, heal, we have capacity for love and kindness, cruelty, ingenuity. But we are still animals.

And we have no reason to believe we will not eventually face the consequences for our actions, on top of climactic change.

That is why the destruction of ecosystems is important. One day, in that nice suburban neighborhood you live in, thinking all natural problems are gone, will soon face the brunt of what delicate balance we have here on Earth with life symbiotic to so many factors in so many biomes.

We have not problem solved anything. We have actually destroyed several decades ago, a tree, with a frog, that contained the cure for cancer on the bacteria growing on its back. It will worsen the climate. It will worsen everything. Especially marine life. This casual disregard for nature truly astounds me, especially from socialists of all people.

How can you believe yourself important in this grand scheme of things? You may be sentient, but there is still nothing you can do to not slowly decay eventually like the animals and life around us who are going extinct under our nose.

In short, animals, bacteria, flora, fauna, they're all dying. And we indeed are facing not only economic peril, but climactic and ecological peril and it all feeds into one another. And so far, we have no solution to stop it.

Humanity is its own extinction event because of Capitalism. Unless we solve this problem, humanity will go extinct. No amount of arrogance that we can fix it, throwing it off to the wayside, will ever help. We are watching our own demise.

We will tear down the old ecosystem and rebuild it to serve mankind. Fuck your sentimental wankery.

You are no more an animal than they are. It is hardly sentimental, I would call it apocalyptic.

You think yourself above chaos and that's just not factual. Life responds to lack or sudden catastrophe, and it all results in one thing, and one thing only. Extinction.

Fucking retards. Long live veaganism. Also they look like larpers.

*meat eaters

If we die, we die.

How would one go about destroying all the federal subsidies and other forms of support the meat industry gets? Damaging property can only do so much before it simply gets replaced or repaired. And on the meat industry still existing in socialism, people would still be eating meat in a socialist society, we just wouldn't slaughter nearly as many animals as we do today as we would produce things for use not profit.

Full Excelerationism

I just want to mention I do not associate with OP's group in the slightest, I just find Socialists lack of concern on the possible ecological impacts of Capitalism totally inane. Domesticated life is domesticated life.

However, wild life is going extinct at a rapid rate to deforestation and poaching, everything from building a dam to a Central American building plan.

We're ignoring that we are very much in the process of killing ourselves. None of these actions don't have consequences.

We will reinvent ourselves.

Then that society would be a failure.

These faggots are worse than buzzfeed-tier idpolers, and THATS a fucking accomplishment in idiocy.

Are you suffering from small penis syndrome?

not in an ecological collapse, the worse off nature is worse off we are.

Fuck off with your Gaia worship. The faster we can destroy this planet, the faster we will be forced to expand into space and self-contained biosphere space colonies.



Imagine being this fucking naive, let me guess, your the same kind of faggot that believes destroying a trashcan is "aiding the revolution"?

People were eating meat before they invented writing. To judge a society based on whether or not it eats meat is ridiculous.

It isn't idpol. If Earth has proven one thing, it does not give a solid fuck about its inhabitants. Be it geologic activity, or simply the long term effects of an invasive water bound species flooding lakes, causing another group of life to go extinct eventually.

The problem is, we are causing the extinction of life on such a scale, ocean and land, combined with climate, and the desperation of future late Capitalism. I'm afraid there will be little to save us in the long term. We are just that, life. Life on Earth. And Life on Earth, no matter how hardy or strong, goes extinct. For whatever factors, variables.

It is not identity politics because nature has no identity, ecology has no identity, climate has no identity.

I'm not talking domestication, I'm talking the worldwide extinction of species alone is not going to cause good. At. All. You cannot give identity to something that is just a fucking planet, the only planet that is our home. If we fuck up, it's just game over. There is no nearby star that can be habitable to us.

Planets and their phenomenon have no identity. Catastrophes, natural and man made have no identity. None of this is identity politics.

I don't mean to be gloom and doom, but it just is what it is. This has nothing to do with "Gaia Worship". It's just the history of life on Earth. Sometimes, it's beyond our control what happens

Who cares. If we go extinct, we deserved to go extinct. That which can be broken must be broken.

Flesh eating is immoral and unjust, as long as man kills animals, he will kill other men as well. You can not have a utopian society without a vegetarian populace.

Yeah, its even worse than identity politics, its literally "If you don't have the same beliefs than me when it comes to animals you have to be subjected to terror." Couple that will their bullshit moralists arguments, and you have a cult of idiocy.

nice intentions but ultimately a doomed to fail cause ran b liberals
if the far-left got as worked up as half these dupes did then maybe the genuine left in the west would be in better shape

I prefer 12 Monkeys.

OK, so I became a vegan. The meat industry just gets subsidized to make up for any lost income. Also global meat consumption is projected to rise anyway, making my individual acts inconsequential. Where is this change you speak of?

Drop the utopia nonsense and moralism, think why people actually kill one another, it's not that because some guy decided to eat chicken, it's far more tangible.

I would deem Socialism without a plan of action to curb the environmental destruction perhaps the single worst attempt at socialism ever attempted.

Shit tier logic.

At the edge of chaos, unexpected outcomes occur. The risk to survival is severe