(Gonna namefag for the sake of this thread only.)

(Gonna namefag for the sake of this thread only.)

Hey Holla Forums. I got myself on one of Zero Books' podcasts with Douglas Lain. I'm gonna be reppin' Holla Forums so tell me the following:

Or really anything else. I want to make you guys proud.

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Let's all love Lain!

Awesome. Can't give you any advice since I'm a flaming newfag but I wish you the best of luck

Redpill him on the nattrot empire.

Sounds very good OP, love his channel as well. My advice would be to stress just how varied the opinions of users on Holla Forums are, particularly debates about imperialism, what qualifies as identity politics and how it relates to class struggle, etc. IMO one of the biggest if not the biggest strength of Holla Forums is that these heated debates can exist almost entirely unmoderated and still produce good discussion.

DONT be a sperg that keeps mentioning niche imageboard culture & memes as if its ubiquitous and familiar to everyone, or using faggot and nigger casually like we would do on here. From ur message with Doug u dont at all seem like a complete autist but this is my biggest piece of advice anyway.

hi there, i think this is a very decent text from bunkermag, worth discussing bunkermag.org/the-sociology-of-hypernormalisation/

Tell him to read Bordiga, google Bookchin, and join the Socdem Gang.

Since it's Lain, You should talk about Cybernetic economics and Free Software.

Cockshott to put software in control of the economy. Stallman to put the workers in control of the software.

can't say that last part enough. please for the love of all that is fucking holy, don't be a fucking retard and come off as a Holla Forumsyp.

I wish you the best of luck though and I can't wait to hear you speak about your world views and how you see Holla Forums!

These are all good points, yeah.

Oh, don't worry. I know how to separate "chanspeak" from real life.

doesn't have to worry about this either, methinks.

Could you give me a quick TL;DR on this or why you think it should be this text? I'm open to all suggestions but basically I want the best argued for to win so I don't have to randomly pick one or pick one I like best (again about limiting that bias as much as possible).

Just FYI and if you aren't memeing, Lain is the guy's name. And just like if you're not memeing, I already think these are bad suggestions, not because they're inherently bad subjects/books (I like Stallman and Cockshott despite my disagremeents is a fantastic mathematician and his recent empirics on the LTV are a great boon!), but because these do not really touch upon something that is really characteristic to Holla Forums as a whole.

Just don't be too sectarian and make it clear we have a LOT of tendencies on the board. The last thing we need is a bunch of tankies or Anarkids coming in expecting everyone else to lick their nuts.

tell them about how the Board Owner is retarded and sometimes bans for criticism of DPRK or Assad

I will do my absolute best not to be sectarian and keep my opinions out of things when trying to be representative. Am I in the clear, though, to, when specifically asked for it, to give my personal opinions and views on things?


of course

Sure if he's asking your personal appearance

Please don't

What the fuck phone opinion isn't anything like appearance

Are you retarded?

Okay, I checked this out and it seems good. I really agree with the conclusion (capitalism has developed to a point where points of identification with the class struggle are masked or, when, detected, are yet another commodity, and reality as it is advertised is "hypernormalized").

Alright, how about this: I put out a big disclaimer at the start of the interview stating that there will be some personal biases here and there and that I will quickly remind people every time when asked something personal that it is indeed but my view. That OK?

will there be other guests on as well?

sounds good

thx. was about to do a short summary, but right you did it first.

also maybe point out that this is a radical left board, which in the present setting puts it apart from berniestas and chapo in the sense that msot people on this board believe in ending the capitalist mode of production altogether rather than reconciling capitalism with socialist values. and also that there are american, as well as european and asian anons participating. seems kind of important.

Not the plan, and there's also AFAIK never really been a Zero Books episode (or Diet Soap back in the day) that did have more than just Doug + interviewee.

Important points, yes.

it still might give the wrong impression

this loser is the one who came here to ask our permission

Eeh, something YOU are familiar with? I'm familiar with Paul Cockshott (not via those dogshit meme attempts, those are worse than anything by the far-right people posting here btw), so I would talk about that. I liked (and took part in) the Soviet Cybernetics thread (archive.is/HBHxH), but I don't know if that's your thing and a lot of people found that stuff really annoying (and I admit a lot of writing about cybernetics is hype and hot air). Maybe Mark Fisher? If there was a thread you found interesting or funny, just talk about that.

If you do that, don't make it sound better than it is. A chan is not a community, and there are trolls everywhere. You need a thick skin plus either be a fast reader or have a lot of time on your hands to get something out of it, preferably both. It can be a place to vent, or to air a weird half-baked idea without worrying how it affects your social status.

I have posted on a site with a karma-point system and I have to admit that 1. I did well according to score (I also found a loophole in their system), 2. the scoring thing took a bit too much of my attention, and made me post occasional vapid point-baiting posts or made me refrain from making some truthful but unpopular statements. I became annoyed with myself. I do think real-life meetings + chans is a good combination, and stay away from creepy virtual communities with scoring shit, it rots your brain.

I think /get/ was always super-obscure and see no need to mention it. /lit/ is more important. I think more general you could say something about chan culture, and that it used to be first and foremost anti-authoritarian (trolling Scientology) and if political at all, a bit left-liberal. And the chans had one billion percent gay people (and that one is still true, even with the most right-wing ones).

Re: how we're different. Couldn't left reddit (/r/succ/, /r/narcho, /r/fulltankie, etc.) also be a good point to compare us with?

Also, I'm not super familiar with Chapo and their audience's general political views, but aren't they "real" socialists, too? As in, they at least say they want to go beyond capitalism (whether they know what this really implies beind another story, of course, but that is something we here on the board fight over too). I gotta be sure before I say something that's bullshit knowatimsayin?

How? Because I can't see it. If, when pressed to give my own views as such, I first of all can't just say no every time and read my Miranda rights, but as long as I try to keep it as representative of Holla Forums as possible in general (avoid giving my own at all costs, though I can't fully prevent it when pressed on it), I don't see what the problem really is.

Chapo definitely believes in going beyond capitalism they're just a lot more reserved on revolutionary rhetoric

Be sure to show them some good Alunya lewds.

To the central issue of leftypol? You might want to mention nagle's kill all normies, which was published by zero books after all.

Beyond that, the ego and it's own, zizek's perverts guide to ideology, debt the first 5000 years, or bookchin writings on nationalism would all be good

please don't evangelize this board
we are growing too fast as it is, and discussion quality is tanking, pun intended


The way we are portrayed in this article is probably pretty good. We are free speech, pro catgirl left, and stand in opposition to the puritanical, virtue signalling left of Reddit and tumblr.

Mark fishers article on exiting the vampire castle actually might be the best junping off point of all

We are, in that sense, the antithesis of everything he hated about the modern internet left

That would be, as I said in the OP, the ultra-left view of things, which is not too dissimilar from what is being concluded in that article on Curtis' film: the continued domestication of personified labour (proletariat) and superfluidity of personified capital (bourgeoisie) which masks the real underlying class struggle under it all, and that now our only hope lies in labour's ability to directly communize all of these hyper-socialized and jointed elements of capital.

I was thinking of this just now and I also instantly realize that this may either be a really good or a really bad one. First, it may be bad because it may render the greater subject of Holla Forums (basically why I have the muh privilege to be on Zero Books!) too much of a side subject and remove its centrality and that this has already been discussed a few times on Zero Books, notably when Varn was on the show. However, it may also be really good because it hits on why the left today is so inefficient and expresses itself, wherever it does do so, in ineffectual SJW bullshit, just like this development has made the right a complete joke that just posts frogs and, thinking it was revolutionary, just elected another neocon and are fully cucked.

I will absolutely incorporate reddit now, as I asked before:

You give me very good reasons as to why it's a shitty platform or at least a platform that tends to produce certain results that are clearly adverse for good discourse and even a fun culture.

Yeah, thought so.

This might just be it, guys. How ironic that we may use a right wing rag's article on one of the most epic and retarded events in cross-platform history with the catgirl shit as a core subject. Would it really fly? My mind's telling me yes.


Don't listen to this sucker, I've been here since GG, and the quality was always this way.

I think you should mention both the heat street and mark Fisher article as they complement each other really well, and I'm not sure the heat street one has enough depth to build off of

Why are you even asking? You suggested the book, pick topics from it that are pertinent to this board.

Except you nor anyone can. You can't be intellectually honest nor rigorous by going on and pretending you are an even balance of the disparate views of this board. You're not representing this board if you're can't make any good points that you really know and are confident on yourself. What's so bad about introducing the board and what it's like/about, and then just saying you're only representing one of the many views on it? Don't play politics here, we hate politicians for being watered down vague statements with no meat precisely because they do what you claim to want to do: "represent a wide group".

Good idea.

This is all well and good but I did not obtain the muh privilege to go on there by myself. It's the very existence of this organic locality known as Holla Forums and its thousands of participants over the years that have made it what it is, and it is precisely this existence of Holla Forums that has given me the muh privilege or even the argument to go on Zero Books. I cannot just go there and speak my piece as if nothing. I agree that this is hard, but Holla Forums must as little as possible take the backseat.

You are all fucking idiots to me, and you would likely all shoot me just like you would shoot each other in the event that we actually crossed as mass movements in revolutionary times, but you're all comrades nonetheless. Can't leave you hanging dry!

this tbh

Pretty sure he would have done a podcast with you without leftypol. He's interviewed total memesters nobody knows like the Posadist guy.

I think you're just flattering yourself and being delusional, user. Whatever, break a leg, but I won't be listening to a cheap politician.

He would absolutely not do one. That Posadist may have been a memer, but he was a professional, with a running website, Facebook page, et cetera. The only thing I'm dedicated to that might interest him is all personal. I don't read while advertising my findings anywhere. He would not have given a single shit about me otherwise, and he would be right.

Perhaps I am flattering myself and perhaps I am way too obsessed with trying to be representative, but I just want to do this place justice and the subject of it all as well.

okay, your namefaging and self promotion is going a little far

In case you're not kidding or anyone wonders, he'll be referring to me as "Anonymous" or "user" and will not be linking or referring to any info or personal things (there aren't any), instead just telling the audience the URL for Holla Forums and that's that. I have no interest in any personal gain here. I just want to bring Zero Books readers/listeners this place and its position and thoughts and have an interesting chat. That's it.

So why don't you actually just make the podcast about leftypol and how it fits in Nagle's book perspective?

You'll avoid all personal tendency issues, can focus on something interesting (talking about leftypol as part of a theory of internet culture and history), and can shill the entire board all at once?

I'll do that but in the greater context of the left that is identitarian and impotent versus the left that is anti-identitarian and has potential, with the catgirl shit standing as a central example. Thanks.



But mostly about Nagle's kill all normies and it's relation to Holla Forums

Also Get him to play BPS rant against us particularly the part about Khmer Rogue appreciation threads

I think that might be a bit much

He had the guy on who said he wanted anuddah shoah for Xmas lol I do t think it would

I'll suggest it, but the "aesthetic" makeup of the podcast is all on him.

*dont think

You sound like a total sperg, I really don't want you representing this board tbh.

You caught me on the rare spergout. Since I'm basically in already I'm afraid you're gonna have to make do with me.

ahaha no this is perfect, it's going to be representative after all.

No worries. Just talk about whatever you have useful knowledge about really.
Also this:

I got this.

For the love of everything communism. Be very well read in USSR history and economy. Even if you are not a tankie. I think this is unavoidable. You don't need to defend Stalin to defend the USSR

But then they wouldn't be representing this board truthfully. Don't want to lie about how much we know in general.

Don't do this

are you saying this board doesn't read history or know economics?


1 ussr shouldn't come up, 2, there is no consensus leftypol position on it or even majority position.

I'm rather familiar with the USSR and its history, but why do you expect this subject to come up? If it does it will be in vague reference to it.

bc every interview that relates the leftist views people always lump the USSR

Zero books is a leftist org they don't care

oh i assume it wasn't my bad

Sure, dont be to harsh and paint everyone in a bad light. Otherwise its useless if you cant give your opinion on things because no nice discussion will develop.

I hope you watch and listen to as many Zero Books podcasts and videos as possible before to get a feel how he does things and how he argues. You probably did that allready.

What I personally love about Holla Forums is how international it is(greenlandanon, the finnish socdem guy, and all the other non burgers).

I am not really sure what text would be interesting to discuss though, maybe just another discussion orienting itself on Kill all Normies and our perspective on the online culture war. With our I think pretty unique position among the internet left, which by and large only understands imageboards as nazi hives.

This is your chance to spread the word about the cookie algorithm and top-flop voting, both invented on Holla Forums.

Good luck OP. Don't have much to add that hasn't already been said.

The what now?

ctrl+f cookie algorithm: archive.is/HBHxH

Top-flop: Rate candidates for, neutral, against. The score of a candidate is not the average or the sum, instead you look whether a candidate got more votes for or against, and the bigger side is the score (with a minus in front if the candidate got more votes against than for). The candidate with the best score wins. The reason for counting that way is that the result reflects majorities in a way that Range voting doesn't: A candidate who received for votes from over half the voters has a better result than a candidate who didn't. Likewise, a candidate who received against votes from over half the voters has a worse result than a candidate who didn't.

Lainanon, is it happening yet? when will it happen?

Having a mic test in 5, interview soon after. Wish me luck, I'm nervous as fuck.

Break a leg, muchacho.

Good luck comrade!

Hey you can't do as bad as Bad Mouse when he went up against the distributist

Btw nice trips. Hail Satan

nazbol gang is rooting for you

Do we know what time it's going to come out?

No, deemphasize it. We don't want to waste too much time on idpol.

Done. Episode should be up within a few days. Hope I did you guys proud.

What did you talk about?

Holla Forums, how it compares to other platforms, how we're not Nazis like the pseudo-"left" and idpolites instinctively call us, how we're a surprisingly good platform for discussion because anonimity and the structure of things, how sad that is to realize for the left today. Lots of things, really.

Also, he's making a title card like he does for every episode, and I suggested he look around on the booru to find good material for it.

Sneak peek at a candidate title card for the episode right here.

into the trash it goes

Beautiful. Banner when?

I hope it will feature anarcho-hoxhaism instead:

Come on fam
pls no

Small update.

Sorry guys, it's at his discretion. And it's obviously going to end up looking interesting?, when shopped by a cool communist guy in his mid-years who's open to doing podcasts with people like us. Appreciate the authenticity IMO.

Did you mention the heat street or mark fisher article?

It was in the cards when he gave me the sample questions, but we never got to it. I think we hit on the subjects concerning things like that article though.

kys comrade

He chose those images himself!

kek tho. Can you get him to throw Alunya in somewhere? I can already see the comments being 500 butthurt kekistanis complaining about the left and meme theft.

I asked. He removed the kek but didn't seem to add the Alunya pic I sent.

Fair enough

I like this image even less somehow. I appreciate you lainanon but you really shouldn't have taken advice from every shitposter on this board who feels something isn't up to their """"standards"""

It's pretty good like that, maybe he will add it in later. Too bad he didn't ask us to design it to really test our ability inability to organize.

Nigga we got more drawfags and designers than Holla Forums we could have made him a baller title card.

Well, just make a title card then (with the bottom thing, that's most important because that seems to be essential) and I'll suggest it to him.

Now you say this I realise that the title card isn't even the right dimensions for youtube. Do podcasts use a different one? I've never used a podcast tbh

I tweeted cat girl draw girl so maybe she will get in here.

Who are the other people that show us some love? I like CGDF, but we should recognize other people that contribute.

Let's get Marxist Matey in on this.

Over 90 quintillion millennia in minesweeper.

How could I be so blind? The Mateys must be the vanguard of this podcast.

I feel bad for that guy
One poorly advised draw and he's gotten into such shit


Tbh he posted it much earlier and people were like pls no, then he doubled down and made a channel around it.
I never even checked the channel so I have no idea what his content was like, but I find it amusing to shitpost about because it's bound to enrage at least one party on the board, be it leftypol, Holla Forums, or MM.

Post the channel pls

Update: ETA for episode is on average 2 weeks, so that's still quite the wait. At least it won't be like the 7 months we had to wait for the RDW shoutout.

how long was the interview?

I'm psyched tbh

About an hour. He recorded stuff afterwards for a separate episode that's only available to "insiders" (subscribers or Zero Books members, I think), I think because he liked my hot takes on some specific stuff I mentioned in the first part.


New Zero Books video: youtube.com/watch?v=yYc5H-0i45c
Wait this isn't you.
Oh shit shoulda read your post.

Make a new thread and link it here when the episode's up