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Hello friends,

Recently I've stumbled upon this website

They've done some really impressive work. Mostly taken the esoteric and obscure aspect of Hegelian and Marxian dialectics and systematizing them into an intuitive symbolic logic while retaining the essence of esotericism so crucial to Hegel and Marx. What's more, they've discovered the truth of Marx's work: warning us about the ‘humanocidal mania’ of the present core plutocracy as a consequence of the unintended “laws” of a total human social practice that is based upon humanity valuing economic “value” – monetary “value”, capital-“value”, profitability-“value”, and the social power, and the “perks”, that the ownership of this “value” brings with it – above all else.

One need not worry about whether this is tainted by "tankie" dialectics. The owner of the FED makes it clear that:

the Leninist “Marxist” movement, as the ideology of a state-capitalist, state bureaucratic ruling class, could, of course,
only produce an ‘abstract-matter-Idealist’ degeneration of Marx’s dialectic, e.g., in the forms of the Stalinist “diamat”, of Maoist “Little Red Book” state-capitalist metaphysics, etc., etc.

Enjoy friends!

Some links:

Main page:
Glossary on esotericism and totality:
Interview with Karl H. Seldon on the real conspiracy of capital:

Other urls found in this thread:


This is why ultras are stupid

You've got to be shitting me if you actually take that website seriously.

Shitting you? Absolutely not, this is top notch stuff. Better than Paul Cumshott the Capitalist.

Right back at ya.

Meant to reply to

I've seen some cancer but this is on a whole new level. Misunderstanding what Marx and Marxism understand with dialectics and materialism is only funny when it's done obliviously or by accident; not when it's consciously being mocked.

Look at what book user here posted. What OP linked to is linked in there too. I think I'll take what the other user who shows they know something over ignorant booklets like you. I don't understand it, but I'm sure it's legit.

"Muh inhuman production process", "muh Hegel's method is Capital". No thanks I'll stick to the giants, you stick on the ground.

This guy gets it.

This entire thread is some strange type of trolling. You have to try and pisd people off, not say "ur wrong lol" then run away.

Alright guys it seems I've been bested and I must it it now: everything from my penis to the universe is dialectical.

In order to further enlighten my fellow comrades we should all study the real dialectical method as presented to us by the Politburo, starting with the most important resource yet:

You ==CAN'T== use mathematical concepts in human sciences without a very rigorous approach behind it.
Esoterism is ==NOT== rigorous in any way.
Your little symbol game, by the way, makes absolutely no fucking sense whatshowever, no matter how hard I'm looking at it.

It doesn't come as a surprise though, from people who worship "Lacan" of all philosophers. Lacan is a hack and so is this website.

Why is all the text pictures on that website?

You forgot the colors, italics/underline ()s and symbols. Otherwise, you were pretty close.

So you see it all at once, duh.

And why not? Literally everything in the universe can be simplified and reduced to mathematics. The human itself is just an input-output function, but with some extra semantic steps.

Read Laplace.

Lacan is a disgrace and was btfo by the Situationist Internationale. This is what real men read.

Excellent, will bookmark and check later.

As a guy with a small background in STEM, definitely not. Math is just an elaborate, rigorous and very powerful mental construct which happens to be a very good medium to describe and model the outside world and physics.

As an example, take the "mathematisation" of economy, and the horrible consequences of it.
At least that's my humble opinion.



alright, after a couple hours of digging around the "karl h. seldon" name, i've found some interesting explanation from some people connected to the "foundation of encyclopedia dialectica", which is basically one guy named "miguel detonacciones", who seems pretty peculiar to say the least. here are some links to see by yourself:

it seems like these guys think capitalist exploitation is some grand conspiracy done by some men-in-black type shit, sort of like prison planet but leftist.

pretty *w o k e* if you ask me

moreover, the entire thing seems connected to a sci fi series called "foundation" by isaac asimov, from what i could gather from the second link

a guy summarized the entire thing pretty well:

"Looking at the website, it looks a lot to me as if someone is having a bit of fun with a pastiche of Asimov's books. A bit of a mélange of Foundation and Illuminati (with more Shea/Wilson than Asimov.) I see absolutely nothing that is even vaguely real mathematics. As noted earlier in the thread, if you look even slightly below the surface, it isn't even wrong. Just a mash up of random snippets of notation.

So far it seems its predictive ability is confined to stating that
Human history will happen.
Things will change.
Change will happen in a linear order.
Events that cause other things will happen first."

So a left-wing timecube ? ?


yea apparently it has something to do with this, or maybe the miguel guy just randomly stumbles on a discussion about psychohistory thats supposed to be based on a sci fi series, but judging from his apparent lack of communication skills or social awareness, he decided to inject some sort of scizo-pseudo-intellectual bullcrap into the forum thread

You only need to analyse an armchair by this methodology and we will officially have reached peak leftcom


Thanks for posting this, I've been looking for these diagrams for a few months now. You've been extremely helpful.

Take off that flag and never post here again.

Welcome to insanity.

What the fuck is even happening here?


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Leftcom threads are too smart for me blocks your path

Hmm this is good but not as good as the OP, nevertheless I thank you.


Rolled 7 + 2 (1d20)
rolling a Will check to see if i can handle your bullshit

Bump because the left needs wizards, and if any of us are in a position to read up on the occult, it would be the leftcoms.

can someone explain what the fuck i am looking at in the OP pics

Commie wizard stuff.

what does that mean

what are these symbols? how can dialectics be uncovered through calculations and symbolic logic?

am i being memed on because it does seem interesting even if its occult bs

Tankies in a nutshell for you

Honestly, I have no fucking clue what's going on in the OP's diagrams either, my autism is not that strong. I am hoping there is one among us who can decipher this.


Hegel and Marx can be formalized. Much to the chagrin of leftcoms who like to weave word games so they can get laid by some mousy bitch whos "attracted to intelligence". But dudes like this,

If unironic, are fucking cancer

Is that the L. Ron Hubbard selfhelp book with the volcano cover?


Hari Seldon is a fictional character in Isaac Asimov's Foundation series. In his capacity as mathematics professor at Streeling University on the planet Trantor, Seldon develops psychohistory, an algorithmic science that allows him to predict the future in probabilistic terms. On the basis of his psychohistory he is able to predict the eventual fall of the Galactic Empire and to develop a means to shorten the millennia of chaos to follow. The significance of his discoveries lies behind his nickname "Raven" Seldon.

The fuck is this crap, that image made me feel schizophrenic.


I'm pretty sure he is telling us that that site is just a distraction, and that he was paid by the feds for it.

I decided to read the part about Hegel and Capital. Was a really nice read. Especially when they wrote about the structure of Capital and how C-M-C and M-C-M are inherently part of the dialectic movement created when the critique of the commodity brings forth the money commodity since it is a "synthesis" of M-C and C-M. I would recommend reading the first two PDF's on this page
Especially if you are interested in a systematic explanation of dialectics that goes beyond the usual simplification of thesis-antithesis-synthesis. The first PDF explains in detail what the symbols mean, so don't worry. It is basic math which can be understood easily once you read it.

This looks, and I'm willing to bet a labor voucher and my arm rests on this, like it was made by either a Sokalite-type anti-continental or someone like me, an ultra, making fun of the esoteric understanding Stalinists have of dialectics as a sort of programmatic science.

It may as well be an unfortunately hilarious combination, actually, where the Sokalites display that the thing they are trying to mock (Marx's materialist dialectic) is in fact based on their understanding of the Stalinist "dialectical materialism", and that they are wholly unaware of this. I think this is actually likelier, and consequently much more funny and much more idiotic by consequence.

It's getting pathetic fam

Read the PDF on their site instead. They put real effort into this. It isn't even obscure or elitist in any way.

I ain't rustled at all. Quite the contrary, Sokal's first big bamboozling was amazing and showed that academic continental philosophy is completely institutional and fails to on even on the most basic level realize it's been parodied with its own language and incoherence; that actual wit in left/continental academia is very rare, and that you're better off looking for continental/left perspectives as much as possible divorced from bourgeois institutional realms. The Rancières, Badious, Zizeks, and so on, were and are increasingly an anomaly in those spaces, which tells us something.

It's part of Point of Departure:
See "Adventures in Dialectics"

It seems to be the continuation of the American section of the Situationist International that was expelled for their mysticism and esoteric bullshit.

good opinion.

badiou is trash though tbh bro. good/obvious basic idea, fucking terrible result. no idea why zizek ships him so hard

get rekt pleb

I mean look, I'm generally trolling. But Badiou is infuriating garbage. I'd rather read fucking Bourbaki cover to cover. Just learn actual category/topos theory and homotopy type theory if you can tbh

I believe it was made by a genuinely mentally ill person. The guy made some (literally) colorful walls of text on Revleft before being banned for being a nuisance.

this is collectible-tier schizo
nice find