How does Holla Forums feel about the fact that you are all allied with international capital in opposition to Holla...

How does Holla Forums feel about the fact that you are all allied with international capital in opposition to Holla Forums? We hate capital more than you all do. Capitalism and communism are two sides of the same shekel and both forces act in concurrence against Not Socialism. How does it feel to be backed by the system? Our people are locked up and thrown into jail for minor infractions for long periods and your people can literally get away with murder. You have wide range institutional support whether it's in law, academia or media. You have big funding beyond your organisations and legions of 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧attorneys🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 defending your organisations and individuals within them. You get to enjoy uncensored speech without going to jail or losing your jobs. The same can not be said for us. Where are the capitalists funding Not Socialism? Name one corporation that is funding our organisations. There's not a single one.

I don't buy it that communism is revolutionary. We are the real revolutionaries. You all have too much institutional support to be revolutionary. You're just a continuation of the same system.

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I wish I could live in Holla Forums fantasy land.

Sure you do.
While you are here, how would it feel to read a book sometime? it doesn't hurt.

International capital is a tool of the Jew. We hate it more than you do. Capital has done more harm to the white race than any system that has ever existed.

You will forever remain a nigglet mongoloid outshined by the nazbol aryan, little turkic lizard. I bet your blood is green AAHAHAHAHAH. Die little turkic nigger smell.
You follow fake judean desert religions, ignoring the truth. Let the light of Lucifer shine into thy soul, and cleanse you of judean sin, or you will forever remain a nigglet in the judeo-christian mud. The spectacle will end sooner or later, and then the world will turn to the only TRUE religion, dialectical materialism.

Remember my words little turkic lizard.

The entire American Nazi movement is essentially the anal slave of the Fanjul family

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hue this just like the phrase crony capitalism

even national capital is bad

That's nice, OP. How's that trump dick-sucking going?

National capital is a contradiction. Capital by its nature is international. We hate capital full stop.

you don't know what capital means, faggot.



My oh my user-kun, why are you such a dumb faggot?


Have you read the articles? They literally debunk all his claims. Or are you OP going on damage control?

Just because in your system Hans runs the business instead of Schlomo doesn't mean it isn't capitalism. If the relations of capital are still there then it is capitalism.

Why do Holla Forumsesmokers do this every time?

why did american corporate whores like the nazis so much ?

fuck me forgot to sage


My priority is for the white working class. The white working class bears the brunt of multiracialism and the ills of capital. The white working class suffers the most under this system whilst the bourgeois are protected from bearing the brunt. It's not their communities that are being destroyed.

Any form of international communism that ignores the well being of the race and the nation.

McCarthy never sent one of those communist Jews to jail and neither were one of those communist Jews blacklisted from 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧Hollywood🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 they went on to continue making films. But oy, vey it was a holocaust.

I'm not talking about SJW liberals. I'm talking about communists and you do enjoy institutional support just not to the extent of liberals. You do, however, enjoy some institutional support. We get none.

Richard Spencer has nothing to do with us.

I hate Trump.

Fascists are capitalist stooges by default.

Riddle me this OP, what is the mode of production under your system?


The race and the nation owns the means of production.

you are literally retarded if you think that is what a mode of production means

Leftists never name the jew. The majority of the bourgeoisie is Jewish. All relevant governments are in the pockets of ZOG Occupied Government.

That's all you really need to know.

I misread modes and thought you said means.


But capitalists are a-ok if they happen to have white skin. Got it

First off, you're wrong, and second it doesn't matter what race a member of the bourgeoisie is. The problem is the system, not that someone in the system wears a yamakah.

Like in Soviet Union - inner party control all means of production.

Capitalists need to be lynched and have their estates confiscated by the state.

How do you intend to remove the capitalist from controlling the state

Read some Eric Stryker

I will give you a hint, the "nation/race" don't control it, but someone out of that nation control the means. Even if you want state capitalism with no niggers at least drop the retarded windmill flag and get the nazbol one up.

By killing them. Race traitors will hang before the Jews do. Being white increases the severity of their crimes. They're not only our enemies but they are also traitors.

police dont exist to keep the peace they exist to protect the elites and property rights

Hitler was funded and supported by the international bourgeois and German big businessmen and industrialists like Hugenberg, Thyssen, Emil Kirdorf, Krupp, Albert Vogler, Carl Bosch, etc.

Fascism and liberalism are two sides of the same capitalistic coin

Yes, the frightened bourgeois is so concerned about internet denizens pointing out ethnic imbalances in their class. Surely that will tear down the foundations of capitalism.


The police main goal, sure.
The local PD at a particular event, it's to keep it peaceful so they can go home.
Sometimes like in June at the Sacramento rally the police allow their pets to go after the nationalists then round up the nationalists later to imprison them like they did recently.

Few middle class supporters are nothing in comparison to how Ford made the Soviet Union into an industrialized country.

Might be a Asserite


Except that's not even remotely true. The majority of the bourgeoisie are non-Jewish whites.


Nice wordfilter, mods.
I meant a Stra.sserite

No he's not, judging from all his shitposting about the jews and muh state controlled industry, stra.sserite were not fascists, they were for workers ownership of the means of production, and their anti-semitism was directed at porky jews not regular jewish people, OP is promoting class cooperation, typical fascist classcuck


That shit didnt happen in Nazi Germany or any other fascist state ever. You cant be a fascist and not be a class collaborationist.

If you're a far leftist you need to at least be honest and admit the current regime doesn't like either of us and will intentionally play us off each other.

Does this mean we be friends or agree not to? No.
But in some anonymous internet board we can admit that our sides don't have much love in the current regime.

Us far right see your network of lawyers, sympathetic media, and corporations that fully push fund and support the Idpol Tumblr left garbage as proof you guys are in power. I don't know what the meme is for the Nazi side.

Anyway just thought I'd ramble off what I've seen since studying and being part of dissident movements.

"Class collaborationism"
Really activates my almonds.

Mussolini himself promoted class collaboration in his speeches, I'll post some when I get home



At a time where nobody had cars in Russia, wow that surely led the industrialization.

And then they proceeded to invade Russia with a 14 country coalition

Also >moving the goalposts this hard

Yeah. He should dump the swastika and rather don the nazbol flag if anything - it'd be a step in the right direction. He thinks he's right wing and doesn't quite see the bigger picture, but he's so close.

fucking a

I know it may come as a shock to you, but the Catholic, absolutist Kingdom of France didn't support the American Revolution because they liked Protestant republicanism either.

You know Qatar where that state network is based has slavery?

I don't see what's wrong with class collaboration, if of course it's not done in a bootlicking way like the Nazis did.
Diminishing class differences and make the worker feel as worthy, as equal, as intellectual and not inferior to the rich is not something bad to me, as long as it's followed by redistribution policies and the state tries to prevent too much wealth accumulation.
Better a sure improvement for workers now than your hypothetical revolution which could go wrong a hundred different ways.

Feel free to correct me there.

Except that most of the assistance that Western industrialists provided the early USSR happened after the Civil War, also keeping in mind that the "Allied intervention" in the USSR was trivial (the reason Allied forces intervened in the Russian Civil War in the first place was to ensure that the Soviets didn't lease Russian ports to Germany while WW1 was still happening).

I'm not right wing. I'm neither left or right.

Al Jazeera is fine when they're not talking about gulf politics.

so did the flag your posting on, so does the usa, so does everyone

That means you're right-wing.

Or if they do any reports in European country with a sizeable Muslim minority, they are so prone to victimisation.

The problem with class collaboration is that it does not address the underlying issues of classes, the government would go around telling you that they're making sure it's a meritocracy but they're only giving advantages to industries that benefit the government, workers are still exploited for their labor, and corruption is inevitable, it's really not different from the capitalism we have today in burger land, but it's more explicit, Mussolini built his entire ideology around spooks, assuming that material conditions are not the driving motive behind people's action, dismissing Marx's analysis of capital without even bothering to give a critique, because "muh idealism", class collaboration is not possible

Literally chattel slavery. Qartar has slavery and most of the population that resides within the borders of that country are enslaved.

Al Jazeera is fine never.

Look up the history of the various left-wing movements in the US as well as the history of interventionism against smaller socialist states throughout the 20th century if you seriously think the establishment supports a movement meant to completely destroy it

Your ideology exists to subjugate the working class for the sake of the ruling class
Most of us give zero fucks about nations but we care about all working people regardless of ethnicity, and that includes whites. We just don't sperg out if some weeb decides to marry his Asian waifu or something like that.

Our goal is to get rid of the bourgeoisie regardless of ethnicity, and if they really were all part of some ridiculous Jewish conspiracy as you claim then you would get what you wanted either way, correct? Meanwhile, you just want to get rid of Jews and completely ignore the non-Jewish members of the ruling class, and if you're wrong it would just mean shifting even greater control into the hands of the remaining capitalists and harming millions of innocent working class people.
Logically, it would make sense for you to support the left regardless since you would get what you wanted anyway if you were correct, and it would prevent vast amounts of senseless suffering and prevent the systemic problems from continuing if you're wrong.

The term "privatization" was created to describe the fascists' practice of selling off large amounts of state property to capitalists.

You clowns spent most of last year shilling for the Annoying Orange, you're nothing but tools of the ruling class who distract from economic issues with retarded identity politics bullshit, you're just SJWs with different boogiemen

I wouldn't go that far, more like the Left are just useful idiots, given their tendency towards infighting and sectarian disputes they never really achieve anything without another ten Leftists decrying their actions as not TRUE Leftism




No one here likes Black Lives Matter. They are idpol as fuck and are lead by trust fund kids.

I think you're lost kiddo


Dude what? BLM has some valid issues but it's largely ruined by obsessing over identity politics rather than addressing the system that's causing the problems in the first place (guess who else that describes?). The Black Panthers were pretty great, though

why don't tankies get shoahed by patreon?

Then look at the second link. It isn't Al Jazeera.

cause no tankie on patreon has been involved in an international incident


Imagine being this intellectually lazy
hey gaiz check out my masterful and nuanced political analysis: fuck kikes lelllllllllllllll i win

wew lads yet another nazi that turns out to be a crook, color me surprised. were they ever right about anything?

Are there people who actually believe this?

what are you referring to?

Lauren southerns adventures in the Mediterranean

God you fuckers are economically illiterate.

Yes, they're called historians :^)

But the post-civil-war industrial and economic support provided by developed capitalist nations and corporations to the USSR acts against the idea that said nations/corporations were fanatically opposed to the USSR

I'm content with Not Socialism. National Bolshevism is far too materialist and spirituality is what motivates me not material interests. Destruction of the capitalist system is a means to an end not an end in and of itself.

Literally Feels>Reals


The allies forced the civil war on Russia in response to the Bolshevik government signing a peace treaty with Germany. It turned a relatively bloodless revolution into a slaughter, only bourgeois apologists disagree.

The white race isn't just a biological reality. We are a racial spirit. If the white race were solely something material and biological I wouldn't care about the fate of my race. It's not something that would motivate me to care.

What motivates me is the spiritual connection to my race, my ancestors and God. All the history and the future of my race is under existential threat of being robbed. That's what motivates me. Class interests don't.

So you're motivated on spirits and phantoms of the white race? I don't even know what to say. That is a pure, literal spook in every sense of the word.

and there it is
these threads are pointless

I fucking wish I lived in the world Holla Forums thinks we live in

Lock an Irish nazi and a British nazi in the same room and see how well your "racial spirit" goes.

Right Wing SJWs. Down to the core.



If capitalism and communism are two sides to the same shekel as you say, could you define each for me, and explain how they are the same?

Nazbol is literally Heidegger+evola

Because capitalism and communism are materialistic and not about race. Same reason why (liberal) capitalism and fascism are the same for us, they are both capitalist. Same reason why to liberals fascism and communism are the same, because they are both 'totalitarian'.

We commies care about economics, liberals care about muh (negative) freedums and fascists care about muh pure culture or muh race.

They're both Jewish systems. Jews all the way down. I'll take my own side and choose neither rather than side with the Jew.

Then fascism is jewish because it's highly capitalist


Okay and how do each of these Jewish systems function? What are the key characteristics of each of them apart from being Jewish?

What about anarchist communism? Most of its early proponents were huge anti-semites (in fact, long before the right). Also, Marx himself was an anti semite, he wrote a whole book about it called On the Jewish question, in which he said the world needed to be liberated from the jew. How does that square with your beliefs?

Marx was a Jew. And in his book he was critical of the spiritual Jew not the material Jew. It's the same divide that Jews have had that goes back millennia between diasporic Jews and Zionists. Marx was very much a Jew and his criticism of other Jews only highlights his own Jewishness.

In capitalism Jews own the means of production and in communism Jews own the means of production.

Nothing you say actually makes sense outside your head

It's because you're only capable of understanding half the picture rather than the whole picture.

t. Karlo the racist Marx.

Pay particualr attention to the very first line. It directly contradicts what you say, probably because you haven't the faintest idea what you are talking about.

Lol how and why?

So the Koch Brothers are what? Jews? Henry Ford was a Jew? Pinochet? A Jew?

This wasn't even fully true in 1850 now its barely true.

In communism the proletariat, i.e everybody who works, owns the means of production.

Are you telling me there is no real world difference between how capitalism operates currently and how socialist and communist experiments have operated?

He'll insist they're "shabbos goys", which would make it funny considering how the nazis gave Ford the highest medal a foreigner could receive.

also my question was actually

and your dumbfuck answer was literally "they are both jewish" and I was too blown away by your autism to pick up on it the first time. But you should really consider necking yourself

Those quotes aren't different from anything that I said. The Jewish love for the material both in both capitalism and communism are both materialism. Hence the material Jew includes both the capitalist and communist Jew. Karl Marx makes a distinction. I don't. They're one and of the same. Marx is saying these other Jews are bad but Jews like himself they're the good Jews. He doesn't provide a liberation from Jewry. He provides another continuation of it. He's not any different from other Jews.

It's a fact that they're both Jewish. You can't dispute this.

kek, see pic related
It is almost amazing how you people reduce the whole complex history of mankind to a matter of fanatic ethno- and race-essentialism.
If we go by your own narrative, jews are the absolute Übermenschen and the pinnacle of the social darwinist nature of mankind, who despite being small in number are able to enslave and controll the whole world while the non-jewish Untermenschen can do nothing but bitch about it on anonymous bavarian wood carveing boards.

How about trying to backup your claims instead of spouting "their jewish" over and over.

I see the /pollack/ was sufficiently reeducated in this thread. He should take the opportunity to thank us, and thank Socialism for his free education.

These quotes directly contradict what you said, which was that Marx only critiques the spiritual Jew and not the Material Jew

you also say now

but before you said

That is you making a distinction you fucking cretin. The whole reason I chose to prove Marx made the distinction is because you said he didn't.

so what is materialism?

> Hence the material Jew includes both the capitalist and communist Jew. K

materialism is materialism and this proves both capitalists and communists are jews. K.

No, because the regular Jew thinks there are no bad Jews, but Marx thinks judaism is inherently bad.

"In the final analysis, the emancipation of the Jews is the emancipation of mankind from Judaism."

Already quoted this.

So Fidel Castro was a Jew? Or were the Jews running the CIA when they tried to overthrow him? Mikail Bakunin was a Jew? Proudhon a Jew? Malatesta a Jew? Allende a Jew? Abdullah Ocalan is infact a Jew?

Ford was an enthusiastic Nazi.

If you go by Darwinism Jews are the ultimate parasite race. They don't build anything. They just suck the life of of hosts and destroy.

He won't, because he views the whole world through the lense of rabid ethno-spiritualism. One of the most canerous forms of idealism.
In his eyes and in the eyes of other people who think like him the "jew" is basically a secular version of satan, the eternal all-corrupting force of evil, the same way crazy afrocentrist black supremacists like "Nation of Islam" view whites as the manifestation of evil.

So tell me guy(goy), why is it only a Jew that has given us a comprehensive history of Debt and therefore supposed Jewish Debt tricks?

So now according to Nazis race is a social construct, am I reading this right?

Which even if it were the case then it would be determined by class, not the group in its entirety. Under your "totally a not a capitalist" system you will be licking boots til they shine alongside your friends and family for the boss, who happens to be white and oh by merely a coincidence happens to own privately the means of production. But if it's an individual from a group owning or making something it's "the group" that in its control, right? Liberal mentality.

Nice reddit spacing faggot.

Going by SOCIAL Dartwinism which is a complete bastardisation of Darwins actual work, there is literally nothing wrong with being a parasite, so long as you survive. You're just cucking the host, so what?

I didn't use to do it all the time, but now I know it triggers autism, I do it fucking all the time

Keep your pseudo-scientific bullshit to yourself, Darwinism has nothing to do with what the nazis proposed, survival for the fittest does not mean having an autistic hunger games competition, Darwin asserts that organism that adapt through cooperation are more likely to evolve, Marx praised his works numerous times

Now show your credentials.

They build your cucksheds, Cletus :^)

what a faggot huh

Oh, you're the tranny faggot. I remember you.

we both know how dumb that strawman is, user was just replying how his statement "they build nothing" is complete nonsense

gimme 2 secs im gonna post my dick laid over my copy of capital.

Its funny how you have absolutely zero arguments so you resort to pretending im a trap (but traps totally aren't gay)

it was satire fam

Why the fuck is this shit thread on the main page and not something theory related, go back to Holla Forums you dumbfuck


are you the pol/yp/ or some butthurt retard from a different day?

I was quite clearly making a joke out of the classic muh iphones argument. Sorry if you are too autistic to get that