Logo ideas & feedback for a new group

Have a decent sized lefty learning/activism group in Louisiana that we're planning to take public soon, and are currently working on ideas for a unique logo. Pic related is what we've come up with so far, but we've mixed feelings about it. We think incorporating Louisiana/Gulf Coast/Southern related symbology is ideal for propaganda purposes, but the fleur-de-lis is also an old symbol of monarchy. Have any ideas?

We're a nonsectarian group of local socialists and anarchists, if that helps in coming up with designs.

looks good.
mandatory cybernetics flag posting, in case you need them

As in the attempts at managing the economy/production via computers like what Chile was planning to do prior to Pinochet's coup?

How about an alligator wearing shades?


cybernetic planning is the road to communism.

OP, you can use this free of charge.

Thanks, comrade. Truly 10/10 aesthetics

i like this one. the gator really shows we mean business.

you guys in nola?

Ouatte de phoque?

Louisiana is where a fuckload of the French exiled from Quebec and the rest of New France went after the British kicked their asses. A good portion of the old people in South Louisiana still speak Cajun French.


Louisiana needs some “language programs” if the language there will survive.

What's the significance of the blue?

I'm thinking a willow, I like the idea of leftist stuff having local vegetation on it, a la New England Worker's Party. I've done up one similar to yours with a willow in the Red/White/Green, and in Red/White/Blue, cause of the french bits in louisiana

A cascadian one with a sequoia if cascadians want one in the future

Vive le Quebec Libre !!!

You know everyone is going to know you post here now.


You clearly aren’t that big

As in 50% of the couple dozen people in our group are on here, not that 50% of all Leftypol users are in our group.