What did leftypol think of Sanders during the primaries?

What did leftypol think of Sanders during the primaries?

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Never heard of him before the primaries.
Unless you're talking about his political career before the primaries in which case I say he was a nice person early in his career

Thought he was a socdem pussy who was going to get shanked by the dem establishment . Turned out I was right.

Some of us genuinely supported him, others didn't. Marxists and anarchists have various views on the man.

A left-wing populist who got kicked out of the democrat primaries because of super delegates.
The republicans picked a right-wing populist and won.

Lukewarm socdem, but unfortunately that's as left as you're allowed to be in Burgerland. I'm still torn if I think it's a good thing he called himself a democratic socialism. On one hand, socialism is no longer such a dirty word in America. On the other, a shitton of liberal college students think socialism = social democracy now.

not a real socialist. pretty basic bitch.

that's probably gonna change the next 50 years,


There was support for him but many didn't trust the succdem

Was a very effective exercise in exposing the limits and deficiencies of our current laughable excuse for a democratic process. I think more people have familiarized themselves with election fraud than ever before.

I might be in the minority here but I still support the guy for the most part. His foreign policy is obviously far from perfect but he genuinely seems to care about the interests of the working class, and after seeing videos from when he was younger I kind of suspect he's hiding his power level.
His campaign during the primary could have gone a lot better, it felt like at the beginning he didn't even think he had a chance of winning and was just trying to push the Democrats' platform left a bit and he didn't really get serious until later when it became clear that a ton of people supported him and the establishment was specifically trying to rig the election against him.
At the very least he's been extremely helpful in sanitizing the concept of socialism in general, it was still largely seen as taboo until then thanks to McCarthyism and the whole "cultural Marxism" meme had scared a lot of younger people away from the idea as well. I and many other people wouldn't have bothered to learn about real left-wing politics if it weren't for him.

He was alright, definitely a better candidate than Trump and Hillary.

same. shifting politics to the left is worth it even if succdem isnt the ultimate solution.

I'd known of him and heard him on tv over the years before he ran, and knew he was a good one. I was behind him all the way in the primaries. Also, if you're waiting for anyone further left than socdem in a presidential candidate in the US you're gonna be waiting a long long time. Only choices we ever get are neolib or right winger.

I like Sanders since he is honest and a socdem. His foreign policy was awful and he's too weak.
Sanders from the 70s and Sanders from the 2000s are completely different. 70s Sanders was /our guy/ to the max.

This meme has been posted 3 times in this thread please stop.
I agree. Social democracy will never give socialism, just more comfy capitalism. Capitalism WILL fall, it is inherent to the system. I don't want people to lose their homes and die for some accelerationist experiment when there is no proletarian movement alive.

t. cancuck

I kind of like him. While he is a succdem, Bernie was the guy who introduced me into leftism and i radicalized when the DNC conspired to rig the election against sanders.

There won't be a world in 50 years, my dude

I campaigned for him. It's unfortunate how it went down but his campaign highlighted two serious issues:
1) The establishment will fuck the people over no matter which side they're on. The left and right are the same here.
2) Identity politics has completely ruined the left (pictures related)

Should be necessary reading tbh:

literally just a succdem controlled-op to trick left wingers to vote DEM/centrist
if he was legit he would have ran third part the second he realized he had been cheated and destroyed the DEMs

Literally the only sane choice. So of course they had to make sure he was not among the choices.


Me before Sanders

Me after Sanders

I think it's not entirely fair to make identity politics per se responsible for that. I think the problem was that identity politics was used as a >substitute< for class politics. That said, Bernie was alright, he was definitely the only good candidate.

I genuinely liked and supported Sanders, and I still do. Even though I now view him as relatively lukewarm, I still respect him as a rational politician and as the person that got me into politics.

I didn't

While they weren't super relevant, Stein and La Riva were also good candidates, at least in my opinion.

A large amount of us supported him & were new to socialism. I credit him for pushing me further left.


meant to include this one, too

Yeah, an 80 year old socialist.
How's Venezuela doing btw?


I'm preddy much the same, although I've moved past him I can at least give him credit for making me become an actual leftist.

I supported him and still root for him but now I take his shit with a grain of salt. There are some things I disagree with him on, but I also understand there's only so much you can do on leiu of total revolution

"He promises free shit and I'll never have to get a job? HIS GOT MY VOTE!"

Holla Forums and reddit.

How did you manage to find your way onto this board, being so retarded? Honest question.

but that's not an argument

I can't tell if you're being serious or not.
But your initial comment shows a profound misunderstanding of socialism. Sanders isn't even socialist, btw. Maybe read the thread before commenting such garbage.

Never change Holla Forums

Rosa Luxemburg killin old man

Is there a version of this for people that aren't traps?
Because before I really got into socialism I always blamed every single problem in my life on my own weakness, but then I started understanding that not everything wrong with my life is my own fault, and I had enough of the self hate and shame lifted that I started working out more reading more and just generally dong more to make myself a better person.

His campaign played a part exposing the level of conflict between liberalism and leftism, workers and democrats, young and old, the rich and the masses, etc. in the present moment. However, he has done absolutely fuckall ever since, and he is largely a disgusting imperialist socdem.

I'm not even trap, but female.
Maybe someone can make some alternate versions. :) That image reps board culture well, but yeah, I see what you mean. Every time I post it someone says that, lmao.

Good to hear you're taking a less destructive route, now. I think many of us can relate.


victim shaming? wtf? how? these motherfuckers lost the election and everyone screamed in their face about how that would happen from the left,… but nOooOoo let's bitch and moan about being the victims lmao jesus christ

this tbh. i would vote for him anyway. reform to help while capitalism is fucking us is always good IMO, but i hold no delusions about sanders being a 'socialist' or anything of the sort that would really rock the boat. he would probably sound the death knell for leftism if he would have won, i feel like. seems like by losing he actually put the ball into the people's court, and was like, well, shit kids, now you really do have to do it all by yoruselves… and ppl bought him on it, ppl are interested in left politics again. kinda interesting from that POV

pretty soon we won't be able to analyse why a football team lost a match without being accused of bullying

More people pushed left is a great thing. You underestimate how cucked & ignorant most burgers are.

Bernie's a good guy

GMiL-worshipping dorks can fuck off

GMIL is pretty shit imo. It's the fucking XKCD of the leftysphere. Take from that what you will.

What is GMIL
What is XKCD to the leftysphere other than a POS Clintonite?



Both should be unanimous in condemning the capitalist repairman.

Great Moments in Leftism. It's a shitty comic written by an ultra where he mocks all other tendencies. Usually he's right, but he's not funny.

He had a strong following in the election thread but the rest of the board was pretty hostile to him for killing Rosa. Some supported him as the best out of a lot of bad options, but he caught a lot of flak for collaborating with the Dems and participating in bourgeois politics in general.

So I'd say 15-20 percent actually supported him, thirty supported him critically, and the rest were on a spectrum of ambivalence to open hostility.

Truly the greatest leftist meme.



He's a good guy but not charismatic enough. What we need is a Machiavellian leftist leader with strong rhetorical skills which Sanders doesn't have. He's far too nice for his own good.


Better than Clinton or trump.

Many purists, including organizations like SAlt, made fun of socialists who supported Bernie's campaign, meanwhile using the same tactics as DSA, and trying to recruit Bernie liberals.

A socdem reformer who only would have only stuck some morphine into the cancer patient that is America but I liked him and voted for him in the primary because he popularized socialism I'm the American normie public conciousness and shifted the Overton window to the left significantly.

Not Lenin or anything but still bretty gud.

He made a good run as a social democrat, nothing different then usual for political theater.

FDR 2.0, would actually save USA and delay its fall.


Bernie will live on forever. and he would have won.

ah, the muh venezuela meme. Truely the finest argument in demolishing leftism. We've never heard this before

We had some fun, I did some canvassing for him. But then he decided to be a chickenshit coward and not fight voter suppression and election fraud. I always had a feeling it was the case, but now I understand very lucidly that the Democratic Party is a dead end.

Hope he retires soon because I want these cult of personality shitters to stop wasting everyone's hope, time, and resources on yet another new Progressive Party. The Greens already exist.

3) America has an utterly insecure election system

Reporting for duty. I'm also bald and can grow a sweet goatee if needed. Please note charisma may or may not be present.

Anyone else a Secular Talk fan and a Justice Democrat?

I like Kyle, but he really needs to actually read Marx. He's the type of liberal whom doesn't like communism simply because of the propaganda & he hasn't read enough. Overall a cool guy, though. He also introduced me to what kratom is & I'm looking to buy some now to treat my opiate use.

Justice Dems is a good idea, for reformism, but likely won't work, as it rarely does. The corporate machine is too strong. But people working to make life better for those under capitalism presently is an honorable endeavor, imo. I'm sure once he sees how crazy shit really is, he'll go even further left & incorporate that into his show.