TOP WHITE HOUSE adviser Steve Bannon is pushing for tax reform to include a new 44 percent top marginal tax rate, hitting people who earn more than $5 million a year, with the revenue paying for tax cuts for the rest, according to three people who’ve spoken to him recently.

The top rate is now 39.6 percent and most Republicans have been planning to lower it significantly as part of tax reform. The plan Trump put out previously would have only three brackets, with the top one brought down to 35 percent.

Raising taxes on the very rich has been a rare policy that President Donald Trump has publicly espoused throughout much of his life. On Tuesday, he told the Wall Street Journal, “if there’s upward revision it’s going to be on high-income people.”

“I have wealthy friends that say to me, ‘I don’t mind paying more tax,’” he said. White House spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders was pressed on Trump’s comment at a televised briefing Wednesday, and said that further specifics of the plan would be released shortly, with an emphasis on tax cuts for the middle class.

Axios previously reported that Bannon was looking to raise the top marginal rate to “something with a four in front of it,” but the 44 percent bracket for those making $5 million and above is a more fleshed out proposal. Bannon has described himself as an “economic nationalist” and has pushed a populist agenda both through his previous outlet Breitbart News and and as an adviser to Trump. That contrasts with what Bannon calls the “globalist” wing of the party, made up by people like economic adviser Gary Cohn (though both Cohn and Bannon come from Goldman Sachs).

When the broad outline of the tax hike was reported earlier, Breitbart covered it favorably. The hike on the very rich would face stiff opposition from congressional Republicans, but find favor with Democrats.

According to IRS data, just over 43,000 people filed tax returns for the year 2014 claiming income of at least $5 million, accounting for $600 billion in taxes, or 8.8 percent of the total taxes paid.

The new rate would only apply to about a third of that money, as the 44 percent kicks in at the $5 million level. Still, the hike would pull in around $18 billion per year, or $180 billion over 10 years.

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Didn't Steve get removed like Flynn? He needs to close loopholes with it.

bannon the leninist does it again

definitely /ourguy/

the absolute madman

It was over 90% under fucking Eisenhower. FUCKING NEOLIBERALS

Only for DA JOOS, right?

huehuehue seinfeld man strikes again

seems reasonable

Dreadful the days we have to live with this anti-semite fascist at the government.

this was only possible because the rest of the world was fucked from ww2

Holla Forums pls go


you heard me

Maybe when he called himself Leninist he wasn’t joking. Still that tax rate is to low,but it’s better then the current highest of 39%

Bannon isn’t a fascist.

Nigga they didn't really pay that shit back then.

He's referencing dual power. The right have recently started to love Lenin's ability to seize power.

Highest since Reagan, never gonna happen. That would actually make government spending affordable.

Steve Bannon is Nazbol

wtf i love ethno nationalism now

Are you that fucking stupid or what.

This man is a nazi.

Oh. You're a fucktard idiot.

bannon hates deficit spending even more than he hates minorities





I love all the scrubs in this thread who see Bannon pull one succdem-y move and immediately nod about how "not fascist" it is. But I guess a place full of succdems wouldn't know any better


I'm talking about the people who are smugly replying "lol and they said he was a fascist", not the /OURGUY/ shitposting

So much for the small government right.

shut up nazi bigot, and now that I've labeled you as a nazi I don't care about what YOU ACTUALLY DO, or your nuanced beliefs of you wanting to seize the means of production, I bet you've never even read Harry Potter or seen Star Wars so go away. nazi. fashy fash.

Be sure to buy more movies and fill my pockets btw.

There's nothing un-nuanced about the factual claim that Fascism historically arose from Social Democracy. Read a fucking book

The guy is a literal fascist that owns a nazi fake news site.


Oh boy, can't wait for Bernie Sanders to rev up the gas chambers now.

Either Holla Forums has gone full neo-liberal or there's been some sort of brain drain the past few months.

Isn't Bannon a fucking millionaire? Why is he talking about the class interests of the wealthy in the third person?

Oh look and the succdem liberal poser has busted out the reddit spacing too. Shocking


bannon is NRx

thank you smoothbrain
also stop the redditspacing

Bannon is pretty fucking smart. He knows that if Trump fuses socdem shit with right wing social policies he will basically destroy the dems (who at this point are running solely on idpol and lesser evilism) and undermine the so-called "cuckservatives" in his own party who constantly interfere with nativists' strange attempts at re-institutionalizing hardcore racism in everything but name. Fortunately Trump is too fucking stupid to follow his advice.

/pol memes should be a bannable offense.

why do people like you exist

No, this shitty meme was shilled all over each of the most popular boards simultaneously, including here. Almost as if a third party was astroturfing and trying to influence the direction of the site. Really makes you think.

Bit of a meme. Britain was fine by 1965 and already afraid of being overtaken by the Europeans, yet it took another 10 years for that consensus to collapse.

tbh I'd like to see some supertaxes on financial speculation. Mostly because they're sort of waved about as one of the scary things of postwar British labour. (83% top rate + income surcharge, so the top rate of tax could be 98% on income over £20,000, although the highest rate of income tax was actually 99.25% during WW2.)

don't know where this meme comes from. there are far more smug types who snipe from the sidelines about voting for SocDems as though it's not worth the 15 minutes and sense of smug superiority being lost.
(until the SocDems show signs of winning, no thanks to them, in which case they'll grab on because it feels good.)

Are we taking the "Try and push the blame for Mussolini onto somebody else" route or the "Well the SPD existed in Germany" route?

have you ever noticed how fascists like to breathe
well so do communists
checkmate liberals.

Report the /idpol everybody


Breathing isn't a policy position

in other news fascists don't breathe anyway because socialists shot them all.
if only the actual point was about the end result of the ridiculousness of matching superficial similarities such as in policy positions, rather than literally being about the process of converting atmospheric oxygen for use inside the body.

Who wants a game of "Am I quoting Adolf Hitler or Tony Blair?"

Wow… so this is the power of the SJW #resist left…


The policy similarities are entirely superficial. There are a billion reasons to nationalise certain things. To simply go "well you both nationalised some stuff" is to make a superficial comparison.
It becomes outright ridiculous when you draw comparisons between the literally-lead-to-the-coining-of-the-term-"Privatisation" Nazis and the Nationalise-The-Trains SocDems because hey - the Nazis had the Volkswagen and Britain had British Leyland!!!

Hitler privatised Deutsche Reichsbahn
John Major privatised British Railways

Therefore Britain's most boring human prime minister was actually a fascist. After all, they shared the same policy position.
Choo fucking Choo.

is she pretending to be retarded?

hey man i posted the /areguy/ thing and i definitely wasn't joking you patronising oaf



There's literally nothing wrong with being retarded you fascist swine

Hey comrade can you not post words like "r*t*rded" like that without censoring them or giving a Rated PG Parental Guidance? I love that you're fighting problem.atic fascists scum like that guy but you repeating the word is still ableism. Thanks.

Considering that's true, and the fact that Republicans/ the American Right like strong, leader types (Trump for example), they might find Marxist-Leninist types attractive enough to consider, if such a party/person starts producing results.


say what, retard?

taxes don't fund federal spending

take a guess

Well, Bannon has to increase revenue somehow, if he's to start all those imperialist wars he's been planning.

People are literally trying to pass bills banning anti zionism and anti semitism you fuck

redditspacing is a forced meme

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There are so many exploits and loopholes in the tax system that the hyper rich never even pay that 35% and often pay even less in taxes than the bottom income brackets.

Watch the Democrats in Congress oppose this.

dude come on. You can't be this retarded.

fucking awesome. fuck the rich.


Having some people with morals in the government doesn't mean we are not heading directly to fascism.

Trump is on Putin's hands and is about to literally let a genocidal dictator who gas children and hates Israel not toppled.

I knew this board was fucking retarded but not at this level of retardation.

the lenin thing is a joke because he said he was a leninist at a party.

If you come from reddit you should be shamed. And then gtfo.

At times I feel like I'm taking fucking crazy pills that people are so ambivalent to the power that internet megacorps like Google and Facebook wield

liberalism is a religion user. they're only valent to what they're told to be valent to.




Watch this video on Steve Bannon.

fuck it, I might be facist and not like most of you, but this is good news at least. One step closer to bringing the banks to heel.