I can already feel the idpol trans larper butthurt from here. Today is gonna be great

I can already feel the idpol trans larper butthurt from here. Today is gonna be great.

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trap thread?

How do you expect to get ebil whitey or whatever you go on about when you can't even hold a light as fuck rifle let alone ammo.

Trump should have allowed traps in the army, user
They would have made a good suicide squad on the front line

whos the real liberal here

It's trump who is the idpol here, retard. He's the one discriminating based on identity. You post some tweets of a trannie getting tired well guess fucking what the military have health checks and fitness barriers you need to pass for anybody you fucking absolute mongoloid.

Not a NazBol, but what's the point in deploying transexual soldiers (does it even happen? What if they get captured?), and what's the point in barring them from working in management, logistics, anything that does not involve a battle, really?
Is it really ALL about medical costs? I mean, there are just 11k transgender army officers in the US, what is being spent on their transition is peanuts compared to what we waste on outdated weapons.

Why is that peenus weenus so small?

Looks like your mascot has been barred from serving, Holla Forums.

Why would you want extremely mentally ill people like trannies involved in management and logistics?

this loks gay, u faggot

Why not? We already let autistic people do so anyway.

I bet the riot board owner who wanted a sex change for attention is blasting his ass on reddit right now.

Trannies are considerably more unhinged than your average autist. these are people who should be in mental hospitals getting involuntary treatment, not in normal hospitals getting their dicks cut off.

Do you have a single fact to back that up?
please don't post Holla Forums infographs or that one often misinterpreted swedish study

do you need a scientific study to tell you the sky is blue? we are talking about people with such severe delusions that they are willing to actually mutilate themselves beyond repair to satisfy them. this is stuff on the level of Ed Gein. I blame the doctors most of all for enabling this, it should be a violation of the Hippocratic Oath.


not the kind of person you want to fight in a war

The problem is that hormone replacement therapy destroys esfstrome in the body making said person less able to fight

hormone therapy

Except that trannies nowadays don't chop off their dicks. IIRC most of the time they just take HRT and during sex reassignment surgery they reshape the genitals. Which i guess may count as mutilating, but my former point stands.

Not problems that would not let them work management/logistics jobs. Also are you implying autists don't tend to have these issues as well?

If i went to a doctor telling him my left arm was possessed by demons, and he amputated it at my request, he would certainly lose his license to practice medicine and probably go to prison. I don't see how sex changes are different.

No but then again The sky isn't actually colored blue inherently either and the reality of it is far more complicated. You retard

dont worry cutie
they dont need some kiddie marines to back them up

you know what i mean. I could have asked if you need a study to tell you water is wet. let's not play semantics

personally I don't think we should let autists in the army either, except maybe for the IT dept.

Why not? An autist can still shoot a gun.

What is it with Holla Forums's and chan culture in general obsession with traps?

Loads more than I expected tbh. Isn't officer a lot higher than a normal recruit?

true, but I think they would be best used to serve their country by bankrupting foreign casinos in blackjack

Stick a rainbow flag behind anything and rad-libs will fall head over heels for it

That's precisely what Trump is talking about, the military pay for their sexual reassignment

Just pointing out you're argument from preconceived generalizations doesn't matter you need to actually provide an argument.

Interesting, aren't a lot of officers from well off backgrounds to begin with?

shemale revolution when?

That kitten has no front legs, has he? Damn it user.

if think trans people should be legally discriminated against, you aren't "anti-idpol"; you're reactionary idpol and need to get the fuck off this board

trans is idpol, because it aims at the preservation of gender identity rather than at the abolition of gender. the 3d wave was a step backwards for feminism.

Does it matter if the army is LGBT or just LGB? Seems more of a healthcare problem as usual.

Not true. Many trans people are gender abolitionists. Recognizing the problem of gender identity in the present day doesn't mean you can't fight for a future where it's no longer an issue.

Obviously I don't give a shit about the military and wish all of them would unanimously join the proletariat and overthrow the State, but this decision reinforces an already nasty precedent of the law treating trans people as second-class citizens and should be fought against on those grounds.

Wow I believe in flat earth now too.

They are mentally ill freaks and should be treated as such

Can you explain how they're mentally ill, and afterwards explain how the mentally ill "should" be treated without resorting to spooks?

Why the fuck does anyone care about this shit?
Why the fuck would trans peope have to be in the army?

wow who fucking cares

You don't even know what idpol is, Holla Forums.

Good luck having a successful revolution without military support. Also, a lot of radicals join the military only to get training.
This is as bad as Donald Trump saying trans people can't own weapons. It mostly affects us.

Fighting in an islamic country and naming your group after an alcoholic drink. Never mind most of the locals likely find your sexual tastes abbhorrent, best piss on the wound by disrespecting their religion in as many extra ways as possible.

Typical narcissitic and selfish behaviour from this lot. Queer """anarchists""" are the pits.

We're you born such a massive cuck or did you have to work for it?


You know there are better ways of treating hypertension now right?

I think in some cases they still have to proscribe it, in case the other possible treatments interact with something else. Not to mention
While I would trust the average person on the street more with provisioning for the military, it will still end up being the military's job to provision the medical care.

awwwwwwww shit fuck you user

You're a fucking moron, kill yourself.

There's better options to join.

That's all I'm seeing here.


The more Abrahamic-bashing the merrier. "OH NO PLEASE DON'T OFFEND THE FASCISTIC DAESH!!"

You made me agree with a Nazi. PLEASE ultra-kill yourself.


Not in AnCapistan.

Gender Abolitionism is a product of queer theory which is Third Wave.
TERFs and the like have more in common with the Second Wave. "Female supremacists" and "feminazis" do too, and I believe trans militants share a lot with them.

As a MTF trans, who gives a fuck whether transgender people can serve in the military or not? Do you really want to die for the porky-industrial complex? Fuck that

Pretty much this

The Kurds are overwhelmingly Sunni, you mongoloid.



Because the science disagrees with you, dress it up however you like but you're engaging in idpol and trying to make excuses for it.

These people can't, it's idpol. They think it's so gross and want an excuse to pretend it's not idpol.

Now I see why Russia hates gays.

How is that idpol?

Despite the fact that the US military is an instrument of imperialism, the ability to join the martial class is, historically, an important muh privilege. So they've got a point.

Because there is no credible science that agrees with any claims that trans people are mentally ill, all this is about is that people are finding it disgusting and trying to police identities because it doesn't conform to their preconceived notions.

Fucking spooky as shit.

Is schizophrenia real?

"credible science" is a spook

Is this a Jaden Smith thing or are you really asking?

Yes. I am asking. Is any mental illness real at all? Do people "suffer" from the "mental disease" "schizophrenia"?


tranny here, i believe in gender abolition but I am transitioning from sexual dysphoria and getting treatment for a mental illness. The way I see gender and sex is basically that it exists right now so I am trans I guess

I think this is a good thing at the end of the day. The less people who can join imperialist organisations the better. I didn't support trans people in the military to begin with and I don't now.

The poor motives of others does not mean their arguments are invalid. Why should we accept that the logic of transexualism ("my body is the wrong sex"), while rejecting the logic of Cotard delusion ("my body is dead")?

You can have a male or female genitalia but have a brain that is more wired in the other direction. You cannot be be both dead and alive, the comparison isn't fair.

No. In both cases, we have a body in one state and and a brain which reports the opposite state. I presume you're crying unfair comparison because you do not like the implications.

many cultures don't see gender variation as a mentally illness, but rather as something that occurs naturally.


Gender variation isn't a mental illness, it's just spooky describing your unique self as belonging to an arbitrary group of behaviors. The mental illness comes from thinking your physical body is incorrect.

You know TQILA stands for something right?


Why not just QILA?

It's a nice idea, but I feel it'll do more harm than good with native perception of LGBT people.

I don't believe I commented on gender, so why exactly are you making arguments for a third gender at me?

Are you a recovering alcoholic or something.

why are all classifications bad? Isn't rejecting all classifications outright rather, dare I say, spooky?
people need to orient themselves in the world somehow

While no one should serve in any army that defends capitalism, the sad reality is that many transgendered people enter the army for the same reasons many others do: they need a way to escape from poor material conditions. Many are born to poor families and cannot afford transitioning (the only effective medical treatment for gender dysphoria), or are driven from their homes due to their parent's religious backgrounds. In addition, I find this decision a particularly repugnant display of capitalism's values: Trump decided to save a couple million bucks and satisfy a degenerate crowd of fundamentalist Christians by revoking the rights of those with far less money than he and his insane porky friends. We should be focused on providing an alternative to the military that will provide for these individuals (a socialist society), rather than simply applauding the decision and jeering at these people for having a mental problem like some are doing in this thread, or by doing the lib thing and demanding they be able to join the army and drop bombs on Yemenis just like everyone else can.

Also full gay communism now

You're in the wrong thread, fuckwit.


Why the military spends money on viagra???

becose none of them are actually 'workers'

I checked the article, but no sources for either viagra or hormones. Help????

this is good. what Trump did is good.
soon they will spend nothing on the military at all.

After looking around a bit, I found this:

Oh and about the hormones:

it probably just old guys biling it to their active duty insureance

You want soldiers with lean body mass, and preferably under the age of 30. HRT would probably destroy a young mans capability of fighting for long periods of time in the field with little food/rest, and high stress. As for women, testosterone would probably benefit them in such a situation.

ru is cute

as far as I understand it the argument is less about physical capabilities and more about unit cohesion. same issue that resulted in DADT.

Badass af. Anyone who has a problem with this belongs on Holla Forums.

It comes from their hentai

Is the tranny brigade sperging out all over this thread or do they only show up when it's time to derail actual leftist discussions with their idpol?

You mean Kagome.


I'm fairly sure that's always true.

This seems to have more than one interpretation.
Which is?

Dunno what he posted, but the bit you quoted is almost completely right.

Being that they're the ones making extraordinary claims, shouldn't they be presenting scientific data?

Nobody can be this much of a pussy–not the most hot pocket-eating, Call of Duty-playing, wizard hat-wearing, Red Bull-drinking, love pillow-humping, Naruto-watching faggot in the world.

Fun fact #1: erectile dysfunction correlates strongly with circumcision.
Fun fact #2: being in the military correlates strongly with circumcision

i remember my first time at the gun range with my G36, P8 and MG3 almost 10 years ago in the german military.
god, it was so much fun. we got to carry them before, getting a feeling of it, how to hold it tight in your arm during marching, but then actually having a magazin in it, loaded. i loved them all and the joy of hitting your man shaped targets in the distance dropping was just so rewarding for standing still in line during the cold, waiting for your turn, doing push ups when your instructor found you shaking, to "warm you up".
it's a shame this is a muh privilege to few people. even just the pistol and learning how to properly handle it is giving you a feeling of empowerment like i never knew before.
everyone, without exception, should at least be given the chance to learn the basics and become part of one arm of the military or paramilitary organisation. depriving anyone of this is a crime in my eyes.

Gunna need the full pic. comr8

I'm uncut and limp as fuck.


Trump knows the Democrats are going to try to stop his agenda in 2018 by going after the House and Senate.
So instead of letting them actually try to address working people's concerns, he's distracting them with this flagrant display of idpol.
So now instead of trying to convince voters to come back to them over things like taxes, healthcare, and the economy/jobs, the Democrats are going to die on a hill that's a consistently proven turn off for the average voter.
It's both brilliant and appalling, and there's a pretty good chance it'll work.

how old are you?

Is this what leftypol actually believes? Yes, it's ALSO about unit cohesion, but
when even the CIA gets tired of your bullshit "strong ebowered wimmin" meme and grudgingly reports this story, you know it's really shit.


t. Holla Forumsflake

Most of the faggots who volunteer for cannon fodder duty are butch dykes. Most of the bearded ladies who were in the military you see on twitter transitioned after spreading democracy.

ITT: dumb shit heads who think hating trans people is "anti-idpol"

There really must have been a Holla Forums migration or something cuz the amount of generally shitty people on this board seems to have gone up



I can already tell you have a meme tier understanding of this issue not grounded in reality at all, and it's about a dozen comments in.

A mental illness has to cause distress. Transgender people are only distressed until they make the transition to their preferred gender. And besides that, who gives a shit? Are you honestly so retarded that you need to shy away from everything that doesn't fit into your compartmentalized view of reality? If someone with a vagina wants a dick or vice versa, who are you to tell them otherwise?


yeah, seems like reddit (Holla Forums by extension) has shit up this board heavily.


You're a fucking retard. Money is also a social construct that should be abolished, but it still currently exists and I use it all the time.

Yes. This describes the people who quietly move from one category to another. Now tell me what science describes the insufferable shitworms who call themselves "EnBy" and do not report discomfort before medical treatment.

ie. pure spooks and ideology

but that doesn't mean you should mint your own currency with crayons and construction paper and call everyone who doesn't accept it a bigot.

I think nonbinaries are less reactionary/spooked than people who think they can be the opposite gender. 'gender' boils down to the personality traits of the individual, so technically, everyone has their own unique 'gender'. but that's a stupid way of talking about things, why just not talk about personality instead?

Creating genders is about breaking down the current gender system, which is binary.

Trans people (usually) feel dysphoria because of the binary gender system. Society fits everyone into one of the two, and unless you have dysphoria you generally get along with that.

Dysphoria is a mental illness that can be treated by changing yourself physically or changing the way society views you. It is not a choice and many people who experience it are despooked on gender and want to abolish it.


As it is rude to ask people what genitals they have and gender is above all else about advertising what sort of genitals you (would like) have to potential sex partners, this serves in interest of only a tiny number of bisexuals. Furthermore, adding a third category is likely to end up with simply gifting the language with a new word for "pervert" or "freak". You've also completely ignored what large numbers of transpeople actually claim: their dysphoria is not only social, they report displeasure at their anatomy. Even if the social cues were resolved, most would still desire physical alterations. Finally, the liberal feminist idpols pushing this (presumably because they think adding a third category will magically change attitudes to the ones we already have) seem to have missed that all these constructions existed in Ancient Rome. What do you know, the Romans still treated women like shit. This is fucking pointless exercise by hipsters and you should kill yourself immediately for thinking it has any value for even a second.

"Gender" dysphoria is usually more about sex than gender. Most trans people aren't satisfied with being coddled; they want their body's characteristics to match the opposite sex (hence why you won't find too many trans people who refuse to take hormones yet demand you to use their preferred pronouns.)

making others call you by made up pronouns is heroic. I wish more trans people would get woke about gender being a social construct and stop giving a fuck about acceptance into the bourgeois categories of gender, that need to be abolished asap.

I wasnt refering to a third category, i was refering to making infinite categories.

A doctor can be sick and a psychologist can be mentally ill. Spooks affect us even if we know they exist.

Also, gender is not advertising genitals. It is a very complicated thing that affects everyone in various ways, influencing them to be a certain way. Some people (for example transpeople) are affected by it more than usual.

That would be the physically part. Sex is obviously important as it usually forms the basis for how society genders a person.

Pronouns are a convenience for the speaker, not the subject. You might as well just insist everyone asks each others name before talking about them. Also, there entirely of Holla Forums staggeringly obviously are going to announce themselves as Hitler-kin and insist their pronoun is Fuhrer.

Which is still fucking pointless. Everyone will just use sex labels. Back to binarism

How do you pick out who you'd consider fucking, dumbass? There's a lot of socially constructed shit dumped on top, yes, but that doesn't mean it's not about.

On top of that, to claim "transpeople are more affected" smells like pure bullshit to me. About the only argument to make in this regard is dickweeds poor treatment of others for violation of social norms.

we are all raising our future kids as genderfluid, right you guys?


Sexuality and gender are very interconnected. As gender becomes less and less real, so will sexuality, and then you can just fuck whomever.

And if you do succeed in making lots of genders which then revert to a mostly binary genital labeling you might have done away with the socially constructed bullshit.

By trans people being more affected i meant dysphoria. I guess they arent actually more affected, just forced to be more consciously aware of it because of the dysphoria.

It seems like a portion of transgendered people think gender is a fashion statement, or a commodity itself, and that you can just consume it.

Sexuality is not entirely socially constructed and the data is clear in this. Proliferating categories is pointless, the original categories have biological markers and can be applied regardless. Messing with labels does nothing to change the actual structure of society.

“You can’t just be bullies just because you don’t know what things are, and just because you don’t think it’s right – because it actually is right,” Elliott said.

The pure ideology is strong in this one.

under late capitalism, gender assumes the character of a commodity.


Sure getting the whole of society to adapt purely physical labels, but do you not agree this would be better?

And yeah, sexuality isnt completely constructed, but social constructs build on and control it. I think the base instincts are more along the line of sticking your dick in or rubbing on things than specific body parts and physical traits. The fact that there are cultures where boobs are not covered up and therefore not fetishised support this view, as does things like pederasty in ancient greece and rome.

>>>Holla Forums

No shit

I see the woke 8-year old meme has graduated from twitter into mainstream press

Source please. Nice job posting some SPERGFACTS!!!

Like say, man and woman…?

?And yeah, sexuality isnt completely constructed, but social constructs build on and control it. I think the base instincts are more along the line of sticking your dick in or rubbing on things than specific body parts and physical traits. The fact that there are cultures where boobs are not covered up and therefore not fetishised support this view, as does things like pederasty in ancient greece and rome.

Frankly, this is trash. You've just admitted not socially constructed and then use some weak evidence of sex used as duty and clear areas where desire is known to be constructed to immediately reassert the the claim. Piss right off with this rubbish.

Journos just scrape twitter these days

the mom is definitely feeding the kid with random tumblr trends to max out media interest. gee, late capitalism does create some interesting hypercultures.

People aren't actually dumb enough to believe this shit, right?

The biggest give away that this kid was coached is him trying to talk about shit that he can't even spell, much less understand.

don't screen cap my tweets wtf

Man and woman, boy and girl etc. are not purely physical, that's the whole point. Theres nothing physically binding girls to like pink and boys blue, theres nothing biologically making girls wear makeup and boys not etc. All these things are the socially constructed parts of the labels man and woman, and they should be abolished.

And im not sure what youre saying in the second half of your post.

No you're conflating the existence of social constructions associated with a label with the existence of the label itself. STOP DOING THIS.

That's fine, because I'm conviced, given your previous statement you're dogmatically going to insist everything is socially contructed, constantly.

You're wrong about the blue and pink part.
Men and women interpret color slightly differently.

This. Gender critical feminism is the only logical position.

It's simply transgender people. Transgender is an adjective, not a verb.

'gender abolitionism' and 'social constructionism' amount to nothing more than common sense banalities repeated over and over again. By declaring something a 'social construct' you are de facto amputating this something from people's lives and turning it into an object to be managed by technocrats armed with the correct postmodern jargon.Regulation of language by pedantic elitesdoes nothing to change the material conditions of people. gender identity is a complex and little understood thing that emerges from a dialectical relation between the social and the biological. You aren't going to 'cure' social dysphoria by making people read Stirner, Butler and Derrida.

Do you realize how silly you sound?

More like "has no reason to exist" or "shouldn't exist".


who are you to determine something you admittedly aren't able to define or explain has no right to exist? elitist circlejerking around language solves nothing, or worse leads to stuff like this>>1912069.

Can you maybe educate yourself instead of being a brocialist?



You cant really separate the label from what it brings. Being called a boy or a girl in a childhood is a self-fulfilling prophecy in that it makes you act in accordance with the social constructions surrounding the labels.

Either way, whether we decide to include the social constructions in the definitons of the labels or not is purely semantics. Can we at least agree that we shouldnt have the social constructions?

'social constructions' are always going to exist in some form or another, even under socialism as humans are social animals by nature. semantic pedantry doesn't solve anything, only a change in the social structure does.

Conservative: Traditional marriage
Liberal: Gay marriage
Leftist: Abolish marriage

Conservative: Traditional gender roles, two genders
Liberal: Transgenderism, trillions of fantasy genders
Leftist: Abolish gender

Many of you still have a liberal mindset.

leftist: abolish private property and let people do whatever they want.

Now, listen to me quickly, dare I say, are futas not the most revolutionary gender?
They can both father, and mother a child, each and every proletariat can own their means of reproduction, and use it as they see fit. No more archaic sexual dichotomy, no more sexism, etc… My god, is becoming, no, embracing being a futa no the most revolutionary activity one can take?

Honestly gender critical theory is just a lesbian philosophy masquerading as a intellectual discourse. You can't really abolish gender identity, because it's part of a larger cultural framework, but by calling for its abolition you give the non-conforming inclusion. GC won't fix the mental health system or even help lesbians exclude trannies, because it goes against the inclusive framework that gays adopted (from blacks). Instead lesbians have had to cancel their events, and complain online about how "men are icky" and not enough women are "political lesbians."

tl;dr lesbians want to exclude trannies because it goes against their all female/lesbian sex utopia, but can't because they wanted inclusion.

Watch for yourself, of you might get banned by BO for 3 weeks for being no-gf nazi.

This is what you fucking ghouls actually believe?

Good, kill all fags and trans freaks

unironically this

I don't agree really. Back in 2012 or 13 there was a "loud" faction of radical lesbians on tumblr who were not Trans-Exclusionary because it was made of mtf trans who just really, really hate masculinity. Even if I don't know if it's true, I'm going to give this group credit for coining the phrase "transmen are scum" which took off for a little while. They can can form an exclusive enviroment for both men and *transmen*, their framework allows it.

Actually though, why do so many non Holla Forumsyps get so butthurt over trannies? Most normals are incredibly spooked over gender and as soon as their deeply ingrained notions over it get challenged in even the slightest way they go ballistic

Because trannies ain't normal.


The idea of "normal" is inherently spooked in the first place.

You just don't understand Stirner. A spook is defined as anything a person might believe that doesn't explicitly accommodate my depraved lifestyle or the delusions I entertain to support it.

lol Associating everything evil with masculinity is part of why rad-fems are so toxic. GC just states that mtf can't be part of the holy cult of womanhood. I don't understand the last part about a framework allowing men & ftm to gather. Boy scouts don't ask rad-fems if they can go camping, or if they're in line with some arbitrary "framework." That's not how any group works.

Bourgeois version of marriage.

Can't abolish something that doesn't exist. :^)

This. Idiots just use "spook" to shout down anyone who calls them out on they're fun

If it makes you feel better to think that way.