Why does Holla Forums hate European culture and the white race...

Why does Holla Forums hate European culture and the white race? If you don't hate it then why don't you want to preserve it?

It's natural selection at work. If you are too weak to reproduce and defend yourself, you deserve to be extinct.

Cuz brown girls are pretty as well.

Brown girls can also exist. Diversity is something that every Not Socialist believes in wholeheartedly. However unlike you guys our policies when implemented lead to true diversity whereas your multiculturalism and racial mixing destroys it.

But that's not true. We don't have natural selection today because we have allowed the state to interfere with market forces. The welfare state is one prime example of this. The weak, the inept and the lazy are allowed a stable safety net which allows them to breed (sometimes more than the smart and capable) thus destroying the natural selection process.

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I feel that leftists will be the first ones to mourn the death of the white race, it's values and it's culture when it's gone. You'll finally realize that it's the people who create the civilization, the culture and the values. Import millions of Africans? Youll turn Europe into Africa. It's not that difficult to understand. Yet you'll call us evil men because we want to save what created you in the first place. It's a shame. I hope my white brothers and sisters who have fallen for the sick mental virus may overcome it.

Last time I checked it's the former socialist states that are 99% "European" and proud of their culture

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Why do you hate the western philosophical project and socialist movement? They are all entirely European modes of thought. German classical philosophy, given its ultimate expression in Marx, is the pinnacle of European intellectualism. The Revolution will be the final victory 8f the Enlightenment.

That's not really an argument isn't it now? If you simply removed the welfare state the I.Q. of the population would go up by tremendously within a generation because the lazy, stupid and inept people who made bad choices wouldn't be able to have children.

We allow you to promote your ideas on Holla Forums so why can't you allow us to promote ours? Holla Forums is filled with lefty shitposts now.

I wonder 🍀🍀🍀who🍀🍀🍀 is behind this image?

I don't, I believe in old barbarian culture, all power should be with the folkmote and all land should be held in common

I'm not against any of that. I wouldn't mind socialism in one country as long as it's a racially aware form of socialism that doesn't promote multiculturalism, mass immigration and diversity. Racial and cultural solidarity would be enhanced under a socialist government I feel so I'm not that against it. My primary goal is to promote the survival of our people first. Race and culture first, economics second.

If the weak, the inept and the lazy are allowed to breed in the current condition, what prevents an übermensch like you to do so ? It's not like you need social benefits to have a family as you are part of the master race, right ?
Men are part of nature, and their current organization stems from its mysterious ways. If you can't reproduce in these conditions, and deem yourself as strong and worthy of doing otherwise, it's only your fault really.

This is basically global capitalism and it's exactly what the billionaire class wants. No culture, no race, no identity just mindless consumers engaging in worthless consumerism.

We don't.
Go ask your capitalist overlords why it is profitable to destroy genuine culture.

Firstly, I haven't reproduced yet because me and my gf are not married but I plan to have many children so don't worry about me. I will do my part.

Secondly, it's a scientific fact that intelligent people have less children because they are responsible adults and don't want to bring in children whom they can't afford into this world whereas poor people don't care and have many children (thanks to the welfare state and charity aid)

Thirdly, this is not an argument at all.

what the hell are you talking about? All land in common means no private property, all property governed by the community, all power to the folkmote means direct democracy I.e anarchist communism.

Global capitalism is based on private property and has nothing to do with democracy

Ignore the flag, it's just for shitposting.

I don't hate it.
But I am preserving it : nazism is the greatest threat to civilisation the world has ever known, and killed more white people than anything else before.
Also, in a socialist world, the migrants would have no reason to leave their country and the foreigners already in there would have an easier time to integrate, or if they don't like it, just go back to "their country" since it wouldn't be so poor.

You clearly do if you don't want to preserve the race and culture of your ancestors. If you don't then why do you hate National. Socialists.? No one is telling you to join our cause but at least admit that our cause is righteous.

And yet another retard preaching to others to save his dying race instead of doing it himself.

It's not righteous in the least, you useful idiot.

Read Schopenhauer

Literally why does race matter? I have a friend who is half Pakistani, but his culture is European. Why does it matter what the colour of his skin is?

Your argument is the equivalent of someone capitalist say '''durr if you hate capitalism den y u have iPhone Durr"

Also I'm pretty that's an ad-hominem attack.

This far-right victim mentality's so played out.

And? I'm not the guy you're responding to - not everything has to be a retarded debate backed up by sources, I call you a hypocritical moron because I think you are. Going to drop any more buzzwords? MUH FALLACIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This guy saved the white race more than any pollack did.


I'm only 19. Let me at least finish my engineering degree first before you scream hypocrite you autist.

The worst thing about "race" is that it's almost impossible to define.
Ethnicity, culture, nation, it's easy : read Herder or Abbot Seyès, for respectively the ethnic nationalism and civic nationalism, but race is ominously vague and the Nazis used it to their advantage, by giving out honorary Aryan titles to even Poles when they started losing.

Fun fact : did you know that the idea of the white race being destoyed by irrelevant shiting is actually really, really old ? In the 19th century Arthur de Gobineau prophetised that by 1900, there wouldn't be any white people anymore because muh irrelevant shiting.

People have had children at a much younger age - you're obviously going to rationalize and delay while your whore gf finds a better chump to fill her womb.

Because I don't feel the need to build a nature preserve for your spooks.

Not in today's age, lmao.

Incoming race realist jpgs.

A lot of poor whites still have children at a really young age, stop making excuses.

Are you white?

There is no reason to care about anything that you're saying.

All I want is more resources either by forcing the state to give or taking them away from it.

Grow the fuck up. Life is not World of Warcraft.

Misrepresentation at it's finest. White nationalists don't bother wearing shoes let alone trousers when they're at home wanking to anime and shitposting on Holla Forums.

Good for you. I wish you the best.

Yeah, Nick Land wrote an article related to this not too long ago. But you are forgetting life expectancy in the equation, and if you think it's unfair that dumb poor people reproduce themselves more than smart educated ones, it shouldn't be a problem for you as they are in effect the strongest that will prevail, the ones that take advantage of the present situation in the most efficient manner. Ultimately, if people don't want of your system in which admittedly "strong" people like you would be advantaged, maybe it's you who are actually weak.

Your premises start from a misinterpretation of what we believe (hint : we are against idpol), so I don't give a fuck.

meant for

Key word.. poor. They have children at an early age because they make stupid choices. I want to have children after I graduate and get stable employment.

Anyway yu seem awfully obsessed with my personal life. Why?

good question retard

Because classes are organised by Autism Level, and races are (mostly) organised by class. Eliminate differences in Autism Level and the problem is solved.

not even stable employment, stable income.
fuck employment. one suffers employment because it wants the wage, the ransom, etc, etc.

Genuinely curious how many of you who are disagreeing with OP are actually white? I just can't imagine blacks or Asians being this hateful of their own race like this!

Only a Holla Forumsflake deals in absolutes.

And when will that tentatively be? When you put such a nebulous stipulation out there that white women do all the time, then I'm l can only conclude that you wont be having children any time soon.

I talk about your personal life because you are the generic, cookie cutter "white nationalist" who doesn't bother to help his "people" himself and only divulges in the ideology to bash on brown people.

You are not serious, your ideology is not serious - it is a cover for sociopaths.

wow you really are a cuck. you think your rich masters are simply smarter than you? that's not how it works.

Whoever is considered white at a time changes according to circumstances.

Stop the sophistry, everyone knows how your movement will play out in practice, it will always end in blood for you.

Never has the "Holla Forumsyp visits Holla Forums" video been more appropriate than for this thread.

So why shouldn't I race.mix? How is average I.Q. an argument for segregation of races? Why do you give a fuck about race when all your arguments are based around muh I.Q.? Should we kill all dumb white people too?

I assure you I'm 100% of Germanic descent, fellow Aryan.

They're really the immature socially retarded manchilds they're always pictured as.Jesus fucking christ..
all their arguments are "muh ideology! muh ideology!".

I love my own "race", or rather ethnicity, my culture, my country's history.
Which is why I oppose nazism. The solution to migration is purely economical and to stop exploiting African countries.
In time, either the """foreigners""" will assimilate or simply go back to their country, now that it's not a shithole anymore.

I.Q. is a relative scale. People who had 100 decades ago would have 80 nowadays. Not to mention, it tests only logical faculties, which are a small part of what we vaguely call intelligence. And I suspect you can train to have better scores.
You Holla Forumstards should study cognitive sciences, as this obsession for Autism Level just comes up as a very American low-brow thing for someone who has a bit of knowledge in the field. I.Q. is an useful but flawed metrics.

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I DO want to preserve the culture of my ancestors the European barbarians. Old Germanic culture before the decadence of feudalism. Why do you ignore the fact your ancestors were commies?

If you want to start a thread on the merits of white nationalism, don't come here with loaded questions like that, and poison the well.

wtf are you on about you underage autist, look into the origins of socialism, it has both christian, and enlightenment origins.

what a mémé you are, just like how gommies in my country used to always hark back to pre-feudal times to appeal to nationalists with their bunk history of how everyone in the tribe shared everything and there wasn't any private property lel

"""Race realists""" ain't just naturally curious observers of nature, with all them jpg. I.Q. charts and F.B.I. crime stats comes and ideology they're tryna push.

you are unable to think outside of constructed binaries of "you either love / hate it" aren't you?

I mean, clearly we like some aspects of European culture, after all communism was invented by a bunch of pasty Europeans and is unarguably part of European culture. But does that mean I want to preserve some fictionalized version of the traditional European feudal man and women? Fuck no.

We're never going ot agree with Holla Forumsacks because they believe ethnicity is the determining factor in social relations and culture. They seem to think that economic structures are something entirely secondary, and that their contradictions can be squared with ethnical homogeneity. I've even heard some of them saying that socialism might fit some non-white ethnicities, it's pretty ridiculous.

Ultimately, like many theoretical disagreements in politics it comes down to - historical materialist or bust.

I actively play and listen to swedish folk music and western classical music pretty much every day, dance swedish folk dance, and read plenty of western philosophers on the regular. What are you on about?

By the time of the Barbarians the tribes (now clans or gens) had moved beyond a completely communal lifestyle and had broken down into extended families which managed their own property on a day to day basis. However, this property was still under the complete jurisdiction of the folkmote and land could be given or taken at its will. The folkmote had no means of enforcement save public opinion, it was simply a place where things were agreed upon. Common culture was the norm. Goods were made for use and not exchange, only goods surplus to need were exchanged and this only with outsiders. This only changed when migrants and invaders from the east forced the Barbarians to rely on warrior castes, who eventually enslaved the barbarians, those they had been enlisted to protect demanding absentee ownership of village land, taxes and tributes etc,

We don't

Private property is the ultimate "safety net" for worthless parasites, just look at trust fund kiddies

Your policies were based around imperialism, the nazis looted and pillaged their way across the rest of Europe despite them also being "white". When you treat the majority of the world as "the other" then it inevitably leads to conflict

You clowns are utterly opposed to the Enlightenment values that have shaped western culture for the past few centuries, if anyone is the enemy of "western civilization" its you people

Holla Forums instabans anyone who doesn't fellate Agent Orange

The welfare state led to a considerable increase in intelligence during the mid 20th century because it increased people's quality of life, look up the Flynn Effect.

I have no particular reason to care about race beyond the fact that there's a bunch of people like you who are easily manipulated over it, and subjugation of the working class is one part of "culture" we want to do away with, while you guys want to crank it up to 11

or perhaps you have an alternative account?

I have no idea if these kinds of people are delighted or horrified about the HEMA community.

spooks are in fact spooks

Don't know about "Germanics" or "Barbarians" but in pre-feudal/early medieval Gaelic cultures it was thought things worked as with a commune for the various túatha/tribes with property being held in common, especially for things like farming equipment which it was thought was distributed by the túath to individuals to labour with rather than the way it's seen now as a wealthy/"strong" farmer lending his equipment to a labourer who works for him. IIRC it was believed they had something akin to a welfare system for people who couldn't labour and had no 'use', but it turns out it was again down to the individual and not up to the túath to look after those people, sons were required to give their parents "goire" or "warmth", to provide for them in their old age, and that was what it amounted to. From Brehon law texts preserved by monks there's a passage that reads "Ní áili nach sesc airrainn", "No unproductive/'barren' person is entitled to a share". There's plenty of other instances of things being viewed wrongly through a socialist lens by our socialists that I can't recall at the minute.