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Is there anyone I left out?

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yugo posters are socdem tier tbqh

Oh yeah forgot SocDem. They're just between AnCom and Maoism


From worst to best:


Because Luxemburgism is a wikipedia meme that doesn't exist outside of r/socialism.

Tfw least sectarian, but nobody talks about you. Good thing I'm not craving attention.

it's not a real thing

pls niggas, read a book

I'm aware that she wrote things. "Luxemburgism" is still nothing but a meme.

I still love how it combines both, my fetish and my political views.

So, if ideological differences don't qualify for a different brand of revolutionary theory, what does?
Why is the distinction between classic marxism and leninism valid, but not between leninism and luxemburgism?

Wrong thread lol

I thought you were talking about luxemburgism


Luxemburg was a standard 2nd international Marxist who just had a hard on for democracy. Lenin's theory actually broke from orthodox Marxist praxis which is why it's a separate theoretical branch. Luxemburg was dope but Luxemburgism is ahistorical wikipedia nonsense peddled by limpdick orgs like the DSA to make sure everyone knows that they aren't Leninists or one of those other bad Marxists.

Luxemburg and Liebknecht really WEREN'T your standart members of the 2nd int. In fact they were often critized by many high ranking members from other countries.

Just like Luxemburgs did from Lenin's?

Leftcoms and ancoms are the best posters. Tankies are the worst as they make us look bad and pretend to be socialist, while you don't even have to look at the content of a nazi or ancap post to know it's bullshit, and nazbols at least make original memes.
But seriously, I have only seen half a dozen tankie posts that weren't retarded.

Everyone was criticized in the 2nd International. More often than not though they fell in line with the rest of the conference.
In the same way that orthodox Marxism is a break from Leninism.


Socdems are not /ourguys/

When did I say they were?

Best flag coming through

Solidarity forever, break the chains

tbh of late the only people I can really engage with are leftcoms and the Yugo flag I never seem to get into good threads with others




How can you not? That place is every LeftComKiddy's favourite board. It gets posted here often.

Because I don't go to reddit.

Aight newfag

Wew lad stop gargling cum for a minute you're going to drown.

Market socialism collapsed from its inner contradictions and was cucked by the IMF, had massive unemployment and billionaires. I'll never understand why someone who thinks it's socialism if you restrict company shares to employees. Why is it a transitional phase if you have production for exchange, markets, private property and surplus extraction? It transitions to nothing

I've been here longer than you fam.

If by "better understanding of Economics" you mean literally advocating capitalism, then yes, yes they do.

Erm…No u?


soviet aesthetics + anime girls = supreme taste

my opinion for the last year and a half

tbqh I'd say that's too high assuming we're ranking flags and not ideologies.
That one thirsty guy really drags the average through the floor.

Shut it, ISIS flag. At least we eliminated actual aspects of capitalism while market socialists want to tweak some minor thing that isn't even a specific feature of the capitalist mode of production.

forgot to add thats from worst to best flag


They know more Marx than a lot of tankies tbh

Marxposter rarely leaves /leftytrash/, and all he does there is posting pictures of female fitness models.

You haven't been here long have you?

I know that there used to be a quality Marxhead poster, but maybe it's the same guy? Maybe he got tired arguing with retards and now he is a cynic addicted to porn.

It's honestly kind of pathetic in a macaroni picture art kind of way.

No, OG marxposter had a kid and worked in a hospital. Thirstymarxhead is in college and whines about trannies despite being so desperate he'd fuck a tranny to lose his virginity.

What about Gay Nazi ?


I wonder which flags have the most and least users/posts. I'd say probably republican because it's a meme flag but the shitposting ability isn't that good for it.

You missed out the best flag

they attacked me first fam. It was Catalonia all over again

Imagine a world in which France/the USSR would have actually helped Republican Spain

RIP Xijn/Pravda

Remember that the USSR had a pact with the Nazis but couldn't come to an agreement with Ukraine and Spain. Remember that? bat'ko remembers


and that's not even a joke, I spoke to a guy in a stream who specifically said he was trying to push me off the board and had done so before with that trap who used to like Kierkegarde. It was only after that I went on the offensive. Thought the guy was pretty cool as well, shame


Says the guy from the ideology that colluded and integrated the bourgeois into the highest rankings instead of properly placing them on the wall.

also there are two of us

More like

t. objectively worst flag on the board

t. faggot

You, you cunt, are the reason people think

and I was here first cunt

Drop the flag

no you drop it

But that's you

can you both shut up your all commies from where im standing.

I know they betrayed us, this is my post

but calling the USSR imperialist is pretty lacking in historical grounding. Where specifically are you referring to?

Back to .pl, autismo.

(this is the difference between a revolutionary anarchist and a closet social democrat)

AnComs are idiots

one simply doesnt listen to communist black flaggers.

>praise LordComrade Market

Yeah cuz that's exactly what I said.

It absolutely is marketcuck. Coops aren't socialism.


I know you like property but stop being such a pussy.

Did that post even make sense in your head?

What's wrong with having transgender friends?

Also where is your Hammer and Sickle ranking

More sense than marksucc you retard. Go back to youtube and let google track you.

Lenin hats are legit the best posters out there

Do the workers have democratic control over the means of production?
Do the workers receive the full value of their labor?

That's really all there is to determining whether or not something is socialism. If the answer to both is yes, then it's socialism. If either (or both) are a no, then it's not.

This is absolutely retarded, at best your "socialism" is a more comfortable capitalism.

Yugofags are competing (heh) intensely with nazis and tankies for the title of the worst flagposters.


t. took off my black flag

You're the one playing semantics by rebranding capitalism as market socialism.

Yeah cuz the replacement of all CEO controlled enterprises with Cooperatives is just protecting Capitalism right? It's not at all any kind of emancipatory act designed for the transitory period into actual Communism, which is what the definition of Socialism is.

Nah it's just Capitalism.

Isn't Luxemburgism just leftcom?

Yes, you're swapping out one firm for another while retaining the capitalist system.

No, socialism is communism and the transition is the DoP. Read Marx.


It is. You'd know this if you read Uncle Karl instead of consuming memes about marksucc.

You realize there are a lot of Socialists who aren't Marxists right?

We call those people "wrong"

Yes, in fact I'm one of them. Regardless Ol Marx's work is a must read for any communist.

t. don't have an argument

This is why no one takes LeftComs seriously

The argument is that the black flag is the worst and the other three are competing in the middle somewhere. You're just too much of a faggot to see it.

And you wanted to believe flags were harmless. Clearly they develop the same attention whoring tendencies as names and trips.


my sides are in orbit

Neither are mautists


TL;DR, but somebody make this a flag icon, please.

Get your own trip you stealing piece of shit

Cry me a river, petit bourgeois cuck. Even anarkiddies and tankies are more honest and literate than you and your succdem friends.

but im not a socdem.

and tell me, what worth is an ideology if it cant stand in practice?

both of you need to fuck off. this is my name

Someone said something nice about mutualism on this board?????

I feel like crying. OP if no one else told you this today "I love you" "you are a good person".


will you reciprocate for that bread? nah I ain't thank so. Nigga if you want mutual aid it best be mutually beneficial ya'll feel me?

The two Hoxhaists who post here unironically have the highest quality posts.

Lenin quoted Marx and Engels verbatim whenever he talked about Marxism, so I don't know how anyone could come to the conclusion that he distorted or misapplied the theory.

Hmmm maybe it was that part about workers controlling means of production? Maybe it was that idk

Leninhats are my favourite theory posters overall.
Leftcoms are the widest variety of posts form great to shit.
Porky is the best shitposting flag

Kampuchea, ho!

I agree with this statement


Superior version

Kill yourself marketfag
You will be the first one to be purged when the workers take over

Liberals get the bullet too first.

LARP harder plz


I don't think you know what Social Democracy is

wew thats some pissed off hippies

ideologically they are very close, she is arguably the ideological Mother of Left-coms

but the difference is Luxemburg still wanted to do things, after all she helped make a revolution

Rolled 3 + 1 (1d3)so what is the best flag again?

Damnit OP your bias is showing hard here. Lemme take a crack at this, trying to be less bias

Shitposting flags: nazi, anfem, ancap, tank, rose, Best Korea, Pol Pot, greenie, satanist, Islam, snek

Joke flags: spurdo, dollar, porky, dollar, elephant, donkey, crab, Groucho, gay nazi, authoritarian, bunker, Direct X, FBI, Black Power, shamrock, fedora

Newfag flags: black flag, nazbol, circle-A, trot, mad cat, black nationalist, YPG, pirate, Viet Nam

Still half-capitalist flags: third-worldist, mutualist, Ba'athist, Liberation Theology, egalitarian, technocrat

Useless intellectual masturbators: nihilist, leftcom, book, Freud

Blasts from the past: Stalin, ancom, Wobblie, Yugoslavia, Marx, Internationalist, Che, Lenin, Hammer and Sickle


you forgot the rare shitposting flag.

I appreciate you fam nice trips

except when those SocDem traitors all voted for going to war over putrid nationalism

Pretty good.


Take that back

Leftcoms and Freudposters are amongst the best posters on this board


Top tier is None. Everything else has at least one massive faggot that destroys the reputation of the flag.

How about this: Any flag have no value beside an occasional joke for any "quality flag" goes through this:
Good poster appear and use flag
Flag get associated with quality
Retards start using the flag's reputation to appear smart.
Flag get bad rep
Shitposting with flag recede.
Flag is once again available to be picked by good posters.

No, they are only among the most self-impressed.

Rightwing shitposting flag tier list

Worst to Best

The failing environment is the most important issue humanity faces today