Civilization and agriculture was a mistake

We were better off living as hunter-gatherers and living as mere animals. Diets were better, people got actual exercise regularly, society was more egalitarian. were more likely to die a violent death but hell thats a risk that was worth it. Theres no evidence but I'm pretty goddamn sure people were happier then as well. End of rant. Hope we get a refresh button and humans have to start from scratch…all of this shit isn't worth.

you're a mistake

anti civs need to be gunned down in the streets.

wtf I'm moving to forest to eat berries now

Nah. Feudalism and capitalism are the growing pains of mankind, we just have to push through them to communism and true utopia, and all the pain will have been worth it.


amazing, saved

I unironically agree but we're going to need to make compromises if we want to maintain a high level of cultural/technical sophistication.


your opinion is not reflexive

you dont understand your own historical contingency

so much for the tolerant left! when this whole civilization fad crashes and burns and you come to my yurt crying for a scrap of boodog, don't expect any favors

human life was a mistake

You know, anprims are somehow the ultimate reactionnaries, since their "good ol'times" are before civilization itself.

I'd have died in agony from fatal dental infections three fucking times already without modern medical care.

are you saying falconry and archery aren't good and fun

They are fun, it isn't the point. Agriculture is just a more efficient way to have food.

all life was a mistake… just a bunch of pointless suffering

Sucks. But humans overall would be better off


you mean game trails

Sexual reproduction was a mistake.

get off this image board and off your computer, your using TECHNOLOGY bitch.


why do anprims even get a flag, they are a fucking joke lmao

Why are you voluntarily oppressing yourself with technology? No one is making you shitpost but yourself, and supposedly it's making you live an inauthentic life.

Hey man, some of us are just green anarchists.

Anprims are the biggest retards. One once claimed that magic is real.

we're not against technology, we're against capitalism. not comparable

Luddite aren't leftists.
Leave this board.

Neo-luddites will be.


are those reading glasses?