How leftist is Holla Forums really?

How leftist is Holla Forums really?
Pic related, my results.

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If you're less than 80% red you're a fucking kulak.

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and here I thought I was Anarchist. Thanks internet.

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Same shit, except it's worded in a nicer way

Still fuming that this test once had between "Wealth" and "Equality" or something.

Anyway here's my results. Lots of caveats though (for example, I said society was better many years ago or whatever, not because I'm a fussy conservative but because of "actually existing social democracy")
And I mean what the fuck does "It is important that we further my group's goals above all others." mean? Who are "my group", the SOCDEM GANG?

#1 is my result today
#2 was last month.

First Question:
Where's the option saying all forms of oppression must be opposed?

A lot of these questions only make sense within the context of Capitalism.

Hi I'm woke

"Libertarian Communism"

I'd say I'm pretty lefty.

some of those questions were fucking retarded. there wasn't a NO and NO option


does that mean we send you to the wall?

anyway, this is me

Also when will the "socialism is just less extreme communism" meme end?

Yeah that's the thing. My result would be way more authoritarian if I was answering these questions post-revolution or if there had been reforms to implement socialism in my country.

Socialism is more than just the transitional phase between capitalism and communism. There are 1. more forms of socialism than just Marxism and derivatives and 2. one could argue that not wanting to go all the way to communism is less extreme than going full commie.


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Am i cool yet Holla Forums

Greetings fellow leftists


i lurk among you

Subordinating national interests to international ones very often means subordinating national interests to moneyed corporations and their puppet states, in practice. Scientific progress will liberate the worker, but only if it is not monopolized by the rich.

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it didn't really register me correctly tbh
my sinnerism is too esoteric for this github 70 quetions bullshit

Moldbug > Rothbard

Who else /muke/ here


Take a look at the possible ideologies they have here:

It's extremely clear that this quiz will necessarily under-represent non-liberal anarchists, especially Marxist anarchists. This is extremely annoying.

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In practical terms I think the results are identical, just a different interpretation of 1-2 questions.
One that did stick with me is that I said that trade was good, whereas last month I probably said it was bad, not because my view on Trade had changed but because my interpretation of the question did - "Do you want Autarky or some trade?" versus "Do you want Autarky or neoliberal free trade?" - #1 is a pro trade answer and #2 is a pro-Autarky answer. That's the eternal problem of tests like this - the answers rely on your interpretation of the question.
Mildly impressed that I'm less progressive. Probably just because I memed and said sex out of marriage is wrong. (Following tangentially from being fucking sick of people talking about sex all the time.)

Upset that I still haven't hit 100% anti-market. The realistic way to read my answers is "FUCK the free market > don't care > don't care > don't care but not alt-right."

Isn't that Muke's ideology?

utopian socialism is not communism

Aaay how'd I do?

It's like you tried to have bad opinions in each category but were too afraid of being controversial to actually have an interesting opinion tbh

. EWWWWWWWWW! Liberal!

Yeah I know there are distinctions that can be made, but do you really think the questionnaire creator is taking all that into account?

I'm referring to liberals who don't even know what socialism is, and so they say shit like, "socialism is okay but communism is terrible" as if to imply that communism is just "too intense." They see it as a matter of finding the right temperature for your dinner in the oven.

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I got Social Liberalism

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