Marx's Confessions

"Confessions" were semi-jocular questionnaires that were very popular in Victorian England, and filling them out a common pastime in many families where friends and relatives participated. In 1865, Marx and his daughters played that game together and that was the result.

The Quality you like best Simplicity
In man Strength
In Woman Weakness
Your chief characteristic Singleness of purpose
Your favourite occupation Glancing at Netchen [1], bookworming
The vice you hate most Servility
The vice you excuse most Gullibility
Your idea of happiness To fight
Your idea of misery To submit
Your aversion Martin Tupper [2], violet powder [3]
Your hero Spartacus [4], Keppler [5]
Your heroine Gretchen [6]
The poet you like best Dante, Aeschylus, Shakespeare, Goethe
The prose writer you like best Diderot, Lessing, Hegel, Balzac
Your favourite flower Daphne, Laurel
Your favourite dish Fish
Your Maxim Nihil Humani A Me Alienum Puto [7]
Your motto De Omnibus Dubitandum [8]
Your favourite colour Red
Your favourite Colour of eyes & hair Black
Your favourite Names Jenny [9], Laura [10]

[1] Netchen is the nickname of Antoinette Philips, Marx's cousin aged 28 at the time. She too was was a socialist.
[2] Martin Tupper was a English writer. Marx hated his poetry which he perceived as pure English utilitarianism.
[3] Violet powder is a type of cosmetics that brightens the face's skin tone.
[4] Spartacus was a Thracian gladiator who led a slave uprising against the Roman Republic around 70BC.
[5] Johannes Kepler was a German astronomer who came up with the laws of planetary motions in the early 17th century.
[6] Gretchen is Faust's ill-fated love interest in Goethe's legendary 1775 play.
[7] "Nothing Human is Alien to Me", coined by Berber Roman playwright Terrence in his 163BC play The Self-Tormentor.
[8] "Doubt Everything", attributed to Descartes.
[9] Jenny von Westphalen was Karl Marx's wife. Their three daughters (Jenny Caroline, Jenny Laura and Jenny Eleanor) all are named after her.
[10] Jenny Laura Marx was Marx's second daughter, born in 1845. She later married fellow socialist Paul Lafargue.


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Joseph Stalin:

The Quality you like best: Hunger
In man: Strength
In Woman: Strength also
Your chief characteristic: Responsibility
Your favourite occupation: Glancing at Lenin's corpse, Pretending to read
The vice you hate most: Gluttony
The vice you excuse most: Wrath
Your idea of happiness: To teach schoolchildren to read
Your idea of misery: To submit
Your aversion: Marx
Your hero: Lenin
Your heroine: Rosa
The poet you like best: Goethe
The prose writer you like best: Tolstoy
Your favourite flower: Poppy
Your favourite dish: Vodka
Your Maxim: From each according to his ability, to each according to his need
Your motto: Ad Ordine Libertas
Your favourite colour: Red
Your favourite Colour of eyes & hair: Brown
Your favourite Names: Vladmir

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