Wat is jullie mening over deze meneer? Heeft Volkert iets verkeerd gedaan?

u wot


fermu vian buŝon, aĉulo

Speak English.

We have Argentine, French, Spanish, and Polish users here. None of them make threads like this. Your language/country is not special. When you are cutting people that can't speak your language out of the convo, thus wasting a thread - This isn't /int/ this is Holla Forums

Okay, for the international audience:
What do you think of Pim Fortuyn? He was a Dutch politician who criticized Islam and Muslims in The Netherlands. He was shot and killed in 2002.
People outside of The Netherlands probably don't know a whole lot about this man so I don't see how posting this in Dutch is "wasting a thread". Niks persoonlijks, familie.

I don't mind them doing that
t. Pole

We don't speak Mexican is why.

This here's a Murkan board, so y'all oughta speak a Murkan!

Only Anglos get triggered when people use better languages. They don't like being left out.

Pannekoek more like Pancake :DDDDD

fortuyn (een marxist) is koudgemaakt door wim kok (een neoliberaal)


Anyone else still depressed that the country is still run by smug neoliberals, that the lukewarm green party didn't get a say in anything, that the socialist party didn't grow and in fact lost voters even though they should have picked up new voters from labour which got slaughtered, that this country is just a big harbor for germany that happens to be autonomous and speak a funny dialect, that most people here resent talking about politics unless it's merely to bash obvious racists and that basically everything is shit?

mee eens, maar wat mij echt boos maakt is het feit dat jij geen nederlands spreekt

in nedeland spreke we nedelands! ga terug naar turkistan!

nee jij! :DDDD scheveningen scheveningen scheveningen! kut kanker!

I'm just trying to be polite to mister kanker anglo over here

Ihr seid gar kein richtiges Land. Wie du bereits treffend angemerkt hast, sind die Niederlande nur der erweiterte Strand Deutschlands. Außerdem macht ihr ganz guten Käse, aber das wars auch schon.

Guess what, sometimes you just want to discuss political issues relevant to your country without illiterate Americans throwing in their uneducated remarks. Get lost, Burger

Gwn je standaard nationalistische marxistische entryist.

De """""""socialistische""""""" partij

Niet doen, straks komt ie nog terug ook.

Ga weg, mof.

mn opa wil zn fiets terug, kankermof