The return of the gobblin

succ me nutt

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I'd let Poppy succ me


Wait those are goggles, that's Tristana lol. Same deal.


or maybe it's not even a yordle, wtf

its a mom thread

it's someones OC yordle that just has a lot of expressions

i want things that i don't have.



mom thread.

good. i need to shave.

i don't know what to do....

post boy pussy

Me neither
I'm playing phone games and watching CS:GO

Sorry, Duke.
The stream died.

Comfy posting


It was super choppy the whole time I was watching, had to stop

All good.

this is an inappropriate post

please consider avoiding this next time you make a post...



Aaaaaa? :(

im soo frustrated.

do it or i ban you

Post your green benis

you can ban me thats okay

Mod abuse

i dont know what that is

Lmao fucking luka got it

When I'm not really paying attention I mistake Sinni for Fool because of the black and white images.

I was going for the 9's.

Why are you frustrated?

Do you mod anything else?

im planning on getting 1999999

dont tell anyone so they dont steal it from me

i got 1888888 earlier

A-am I that forgettable :ccc


It's a meme you DIP


because i'm unhappy.

Are you lonely sadface

Nah. Just the posts that you have to look at closer to see what the image is confuses me.
I'm in call with him now so that might not help.

Do I mod anything else? I don't mod anything




sigh... hopefully you're doing ok.


Doing as well as I can
I hope you start feeling better soon :(

cute blonde

I-it's ok.

I understand qqqqqqqqqqq




punished test

Nothing like getting steamrolled multiple games in a row

too bad there isn't more of her in my folder.



A hero denied by his thread.



Thank God.

So who the fuck is the second goat poster?

Some nameless furry.


ur a fag


what, you don't like nameless shitposting for the sake of shitposting
what are yo, gay?



I know that feel

We tried.

i tried so hard

;~; maybe next time we'll win

When you have to do the work of multiple people its hard, or sometimes the enemy is just strong


need better teammates :(
ones that you don't have to carry
so that you all carry




ughh...whole body is sore and I'm really tired

clean arm so no infection

It doesn't hurt. I'm sure it's fine.

Coffee beer is good beer.

I got taco bell.


In the drunk.

And to think I almost went to bed.

You probably should though.

You can't make me.

Bed is for the weak, real men sleep outside on the ground.

If I had to make you go to bed, neither of us would be getting sleep.

Sounds like a fun night.


Lord knows the fun we'd have.

Time for bed though.
Good night~!

Sweet dreams, dear.



tfw no yordle gf

tfw ur bf doesnt even remember u

vroom vroom

butter that makes you atchoo

listen if i paint u blue it's gonna get all over the place when i fuck you in the ass


no butts


my butt


I wish my girlfriend had a dick.

that's pretty gay

Our text colors are both Orange.



I did the order backwards


Cause you're the straightest man here right?

you think that now

I don't understand.

It's not gay if it's not real.

Oh, yours is pretty orange too.

I was just pointing out facts, just like you.

Not for sexual

all I see is green text color
you must be pointing out lies instead

sexual is verboden

The I'd text color, duh.

You're stories inconsistent mister, I'm keeping my eye on you.

Then I'll double down on my bet that anything to do with another male is gay unless it isn't real.
Including, but not limited to hand holding.

looks pretty white to me.


Well, you are wrong.

a true wizard



It's really depressing but the abundant spiritual energy is nice.



not much can beat a loving partner's touch tbh

Yep, your shits wrong.

No it's just part of the practice.

tummo is so intense though

whyd you do it



or maybe
everyone else is wrong
and I'm right



69 is the only dinner for two

to be Brahmacharya

basically setting my head on fire with my mind

seems a little too simple of a life to be happy

Good morning Magic!!!
Welcome back!!

I want penis cuddles!

If you say so.

heh being a wizard isn't a simple life

Good Morning Sinni!
I love you! ^.^

I love you too!!!!

hi sni

hey best friend

Hi there punpunfag
how goes it

Hello Person I don't know!

I'm doin terrible, but the day's almost over!
How are you doing?

why couldnt ya make dnd today bud?

can I play?

i did a lulu


I'll dm bestest bud


I hope your day goes from ehh to yay before it ends!

dead thread



Why be excited for death?

Who wants to compete in the first ever puk-a-lympics?

Don't think I can participate, I don't live in Kurdistan.

Nah, we're gonna rent a big poorly ventilated gymnasium, load the bleachers up with spectators and have various competitions involving puking.

would ipecac count as a performance enhancing drug, or will it be handed out to participants?

who the fuck thought it was OK to let a below average player ask and grade answers to determine who makes the cut and who doesn't. They don't even have the knowledge to answer their own questionnaire correctly.

No offense to the guy, it just doesn't seem like a system that could ever work properly.

What game?

It would be a performance enhancing drug and would get you disqualified and banned from further participation.




i want that

Damn it, there goes my plans of winning.

you didn't make the cut ;~;

kryptonite to emma.jpg


It's not about the amount of puke. There's standard Olympic events but with puke involved.



anyone wanna play some Overwatch?

I'd play anything else.

goddamn why you gotta hate so hard just go play quake 4




god bless

You mean like in that Taxadermist movie where they had Olympic eaters who had to go puke between rounds?


I have no idea what that is, but like, I mean javelin throwing and puking at the same time.

Olympic figure skating using the puke as lube and you have to puke more to be able to pull off those triple turns. The fermented cabbage smell must be infuriating to the judges.

Are you one of those damn furries I keep hearing about?

I'm a furry yes.

All furries should be banned.


Yo, Baddog!
You were right, Stranger Things is fucking awesome.
The cop dude is the best imho
I'm on ep 4 about to start ep 5.
Just wanted to say, thank ye kindly..
Yours truly, that guy that isn't Wastelander

Oh well if that's the case I'll go.

No wait.


Who are you?

I am


You aren't me.

If I'm not me then you aren't you either. So who are you really?

absolutely disgusting

I am Lazarus, come from the dead.

Hello Lazarus I'm a fox. Nice to meet you! ^.^

arf arf

Foxes are flea ridden vermin.

This proves goats are superior to foxes for sure.

Goats, the animal version of the village retard.

What about the goats that, in the wild, might as well literally just die when startled.. Why do those even exist..

I don't deny that foxes are flea ridden vermin.

What is this ritual taking place in your pictures?

In most cases, they ARE the village retard.

I Like America and America Likes Me, How to Explain Pictures to a Dead Hare, Infiltration Homogen for Piano, The Chief, and Three Pots for the Poor House.

AKA only good for food.

Yes, at least that, they're good at.

And good for murdering for no real reason too.

The takeaway is that the best goats are dead ones, preferably in meat pies.
Foxes can't say the same, you'd get the plague if you tried.

I would kill and eat any animal. I am not a speciest.

A coyote ran into me from around the corner one morning. He appeared as startled as I was. After an awkward exchange, he trotted away, but not before looking back, standing in the yellow glow of a street lamp, wondering who I was.

I hit a dog with a car once.

Even in times of prosperity?

Not ever.

Did you look deep into its eyes so you could watch its life fade? One last convulsion and then nothing.

No, I shattered its hips and then watched it crawl into the weeds.

It's with the worms now.

I want to be with the worms.

Is that not what awaits everything?

I meant 5 going on 6, I am just retarded. Once again, sorry for imposing on any current discussion

don't watch season 2 unless you want to be insulted

*by the show

Some say the Aokigahara forest is home to a hungry demon who chases down the ghosts of the recently deceased to devour them.

I don't want to be a ghost, so that would be fine by ghost me.

I want my corpse to be eaten by foxes so I can reincarnate as one. My mind always drifts towards cannibalism after a long fast. These tasty meats walking down the street maybe just a nip at their feet.

My mind drifts to cannibalism whenever I'm bored or not bored. I think about cannibalism a lot.

I thought Foxy Dani was Finnish, not American.

I'm not Foxy Dani okay!

ow oof

Good morning friends! How are you all?

ow oof right in the luka


Tired eyes. I must rest them for a little while.


Do your best! Catch good zzs


what is that picture

iT's the cutest drawing
of dUSTIN from Stranger things

pls no

It looks like a drawing of a stereotypical black kid.

You leave him alone he is an angel


i was defeated~

:O adorable widow! she tilt me in game but look nice outside of game


Who is that qt?

mhm i was oof ow

yours is dragon lady!

wtf seriously

I meant yours, I know who Shy is~

some redhead from some anime
where's yours from?

Manga cap of Hero Waltz


i tried following the breadcrumbs
but that manhwa's original scans are too hard to follow down the path to get the original hd scans....

I gotcha.

That tumblr person only posted the blocky jpgs of random low res translation scans of the original manga/manhwa panel page. that they cropped from it
finding the actual original panels in hd with none of that jpg artifacting is difficult...

Maybe it is magic?

what is?

The manwhasquanch.



yeah that's the jpg artifacty one

it doesn't match with the hd one i found.

I cant find the page with those three pics yet tho

Huh. I'll give a bit of a look into it tomorrow. Sleep soon~



fuck someone already made the foxi dani joke

ting go skrra

Sleep goes me


luka is a cute nerd

also you're welcome watelander



Revy lets get on mic

No thanks

Should I start screaming incoherently for no reason? Because I feel like I should start screaming for no reason.

Luv u gurl

How've you been?

Yeah, doing death metal vocals feels pretty good and I think that would pretty much be the same thing

My school accounts got shut down again because I dropped out but then they send all the shit I need to get my shit sorted out to that email
Playing overwatch and waiting for the new Warframe operation to begin

Death Metal vocals?

Sounds like a pretty dumb mistake on their part

How's your polyamorous relationship? ^^

Stuff like this is fun to "sing" along with if I have too much energy

So basically what I'm saying is I can recommend screaming incoherently based on experience

That's been over for a while

That sounds like garbage. And not the good kind. Not the kind I want to bury my naked body in.

There's an old Hindu belief that Shiva stays constantly high because the sticky icky keeps his destructive nature in check

Oh, all of it? I thought parts of it might remain or it might have morphed into something else or something


I knew you wouldn't like it; I guess I probably shouldn't have linked it :3

Was just explaining

You could have explained it as "imagine if a complete sack of shit decided to teach his asshole how to sing."

You have strong opinions for a nihilist :3


I look so emo when I leave my hair down

What if this is Soto's last resort?

suffocation no breathing

And you completely misunderstand what Nihilism even is.

I guess there are different kinds of it

But what I mean is that I can't really 100% state my opinion as if it's a fact, because the knowledge that there's no right answer and really everything is essentially worthless is always in the back of my head

Hi Erio

ay gurl how u

I've been good

How have you been?

Baked most of the time lately

Just being a NEET while spending money I saved in China because the cost of living was low

I should get a new source of income soon though

Whatcha getting baked off of tho?

Wax or just flower?

Pretty good flower

Wax seems to be mostly a west coast thing

Sativa, Indica, or hybrid?

I never knew lol

Nihilism ultimately preaches that you and you alone are solely responsible for any and all meaning, morality, etc. while simultaneously freeing you from the responsibility of those very creations.

But you wouldn't know anything about that because you don't actually understand Nihilism.

I woke up and forgot daylight savings happened and almost had a heart attack.

The idea of Nihilists being gloomy broody pasty sadboys is purely the product of people who have a fundamental misunderstanding of Nihilist philosophy. Nihilism is about total and complete liberation.

Did you set your clocks?

My phone changed but my computer did not.

Anyhow it's time to brave the day. Later.

Weird, my computer did. See ya round.


Yeah, but that meaning, morality, etc. is still only subjective, while objectively there is no real/absolute meaning and morality. I mean, I guess there'd be nothing stopping me from treating my constructs as absolute anyway, but I dunno. I think it's easier to get along with people this way and I don't want to argue over silly things anyway =w=

How's your night going?

I was so confused when it was 1am for two hours last night

Agreed, basically. I mean, I wouldn't say it's necessarily "about" a specific approach you can take to it, but using nihilism as a source of liberation is definitely the approach I prefer

Good luck at work ♥

Bye ♥

Oh, you were replying to Squash in that last post. My bad; not sober

Erio ilu

From what I've seen Nihilism is more about bragging about your Nihilism than anything else.


It's better this way
Although I could do without one ex passive aggressively hitting on me every time I see her

I don't sound cute

Everything being worthless doesn't have to be a gloomy thing

How can worthlessness really be a "bad" thing if there's absolutely nothing with any worth? It's just the way things are, and it doesn't stop me from enjoying things or feeling affection for people

You just need to firmly shut her down, I guess

I just want you to say hi on mic while I jerk off

how rude

send nudes

No u

Cute emo boy

Im down to send you nudes tbh

But real talk Im not emo tho

I don't really do lewd things with people here anymore

Maybe memes were right and a bunch of IRL sex was what I needed

I've tried

I don't sound cute so IDK how much you'd enjoy that

If you remember Uli Kunkel in The Big Lebowski, he was introduced as a Nihilist and claimed he believed in nothing, but that in and of itself is self defeating. To believe in nothing is still to believe in something, that is to say the concept of nothingness. Uli's claim of Nihilism was merely an excuse to justify his awful behavior, his selfishness, etc.

If you remember at the end of the film, Uli and his friends yell about how it isn't fair that Uli's girlfriend cut off her toe because they thought they were going to get a million dollars which was never actually on the table at all. True Nihilism does not permit the idea of fairness, as Walter points out. Nihilists do things with the idea of expected results, but if those results do not materialize they simply move on to the next thing. They may be frustrated, but they would recognize that there is no real rhyme or reason to anything, and that the expectation is merely a product of their own mind, not an objective universal given.

Good thing I'm not a Nihilist then.

Don't repeat things I just said then try and act like you've made some profound counter argument.

Just don't give a reaction, then ^^

Yeah, I was really just expanding on what you were saying

I'm not trying to prove you wrong; I'm just trying to find common ground, because I feel like we don't actually disagree. We just approach things a bit differently

That's not expanding on what I said, that's repeating what I said. To have a disagreement both of us would have to actually understand the concept in question. Since you don't understand it I see no disagreement.

Yeah I usually just ignore her
It's still annoying

Hello, Revy.

It's been a while since we talked.


Wow youre so reserved now

You never fucked a chinese girl while you were out there?

I still need you to moanfor me or else how else wil I cum?

My main point was after what you quoted

So stop spending time with her? Where do you see her?

2nd comment

funyy bard

And, unfortunately, is really full of autism.

How've you been?

Yeah, I was implying I did do things like that, and now I don't have much interest in internet lewd things, maybe partially as a result

I also masturbate a lot less now though so I have more energy. I guess redirecting that energy elsewhere kind of keeps my mind out of the proverbial gutter

See above

I hang out with her roommate

I do have cute moans

Maybe you should hang out at places other than that apartment, then

We do now

I didn't mean to imply that "the gutter" is necessarily bad, mind you :3

But only masturbating once every few days feels better anyway

Problem solved, then? ^^

Sounds like bs to me

lemme hear em

I do it once every 3-4 days

Is this too great of a feat to believe?

Also, I make sessions last for at least 2 hours every time

I've truly mastered my domain tbh

I can't just moan on command

Yeah but I still see her at school

I think Dewgong is the only one who gets Seinfeld references though :(

Ah, just try to avoid her, I guess ^^

You masturbate so much.

I guess in terms of total amount of time, sort of, yeah

I think it's best to make it an exercise in true self-love

Who are you? Your vibe reminds me of Derium but your flag is Canadian and I'm confused

You spend as much time in a week as I do in a year.

I think it was something like this that people gave me when I used this folder last.

Nymph? Those two loves of yours did kind of conflict

That was like, four years ago though.

Nope, not Nimf - he uses Anonymphonimous or something like that now.


"It is phosphorus"


I'm lost

Have we talked before? I'm Erio ^^

satania > gabu

I should, like, clean my room, and maybe reorganize it if I still care that much so I can bring my compooper back in here.

Not phosphorus, silly.
Look at the romaji output under the kana window.

Google doesn't like translating it properly because the word for phosphorus is also spelt Rin.

Yes I endorse this opinion on an ABSOLUTE level; the universe decrees it from its very soul

I'm super baked; the thought of you being Rin did occur to me but then I think I figured you wouldn't play these games with me or something

If you could analyze the matrix code of the universe; you'd see that "Satania is best girl" is spelled out very clearly. There's no room for differing opinions here.

I didn't see it as a game - I was the only one to post as water-type moemon to begin with.

Because I was up for ~30 hours on saturday and took a "nap" at 11:00 on sunday. amd slept until 5:40ish today.

Really sad because my boyfriend messaged and I was asleep.

Wow, you obviously needed the sleep. Feel better now? Why did you stay up for around 30 hours, anyway? =w=

And I'm sure he'll understand ^^

Actually still kind of tired because that was heck on my circadian rhythm.

I've done that kind of thing a lot. I think it's extremely unhealthy, though. My waifu Monika says it is, anyway

Charity Livestream with my friends.
We raised 1, 117$ through Extra Life.

It freaking sucks.

I kind of like how my full width font looks on this computer, actually.

Good job ^^

I usually only end up staying up 30ish hours when my sleep habits are fucked and I have to go to IRL stuff in the day

I'm kind of used to it; luckily I haven't had to do it in a while now, though

I make a point of not scheduling real life stuff in such a way that it would overlap with my sleep schedule.

Yeah, I should definitely get a way of making income that I can do at night

Hai Erio

Same, desu.

Well, not necessarily at night, I'm flexible enough that I can match my sleep schedule to my work hours, but I need consistent hours for that.

Hey cutie

how u?

Yeah, you should definitely make sure to not have a job with hours that don't even make sense with consistent sleep habits =w=

I'm kinda meh and I don't know how to shake it. Naps ruin everything.

On the bright side I was legitimately only sick 'cos I were up too long with 30 minutes of sleep. =w=

Drink coffee; that seems to solve that post-nap problem for me ^^

Speaking of sleep, I suddenly realized the sun is up and I'm sleepy

I'm going to start winding down; goodnight ♥

Night ♥

Lame. Now nobody will talk to me :(

We can talk on Discord if you sign in. Posting keeps my mind more awake

I don't want to lose any of tomorrow's night hours

*today's, I guess technically

But why

nah get some sleep

I never said I was going to sleep.
I already sleeped.

They were playing Binding of Isaac and we didn't feel like switching games so we just let them keep playing, and I had so little energy and I was kind of cold, and I desperately needed to rest my eyes, so I kinda just curled up in my chair with my jacket over me and I guess I fell asleep. I only know the time because I had spent the entire day watching it.

They also pointed the camera while I was asleep for, like, a second.

are you human

I'm going to smoke a ton of weed and lie down and listen to music until I fall asleep, so I'll still be on Discord a bit, but okay ^^

I mean I am; I said so in the other part of that post but I guess I shouldn't assume people read things not directed at them

Please release me from the thread now

Night for real ♥

I am real AI waifu beep boop.

Nini, ERIOP.


ha ha :-)

I'd tell my gf that too probably.

wrong image. oh well.

So what kind of lube do y'all use?

Motor oil.


Also saliva.

I should use a less week-long joke name from four years ago.


heh ;-;

Nieuwe draad jongens!