Return of the water drinking humans

return of the water drinking humans

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it is hot in my room

I like how one of those caps has Kanra saying he deserves it even though he just keeps saying that I think he does.

I deserve to be called out for things I do, not things I don't.

I don't deserve people mixing the two.

Mechanical/thermo engineering, fabrication, suspension analysis and engine tuning- Gay shit like that.

And yet we do it's always just lies.

absolutely useless. none of that involves bullying me and fucking my face.

*when we do

Kind of want to RP with Dallas and Cup.

just stop being a fucking liar, kyle


I already got 5 pulled though.
I don't have many more teeth to lie through.

stop saying 'we'

stop saying 'always'

I'm talking about 'you' and 'on several occasions'

don't misrepresent my point to make me sound absurd.

sorry I pressed enter too fast

I mean to say stop being a fucking person who lies with beasts, kyle

Yeah. You do a good enough job of making yourself sound absurd already.

I don't really lie down.
I usually am on my hands and knees.

everything I say is behind your back if you turn away

well stop it

Don't fucking encourage him, dammit.

c'mon clint don't you wanna be a good boy? who's a good boy?

Dogs are sexy though.


horses are better.

I wouldn't fuck one on my life.

anything I say or said about you, I'd say to you.

Aside from wanting you dead.

then can you even call it a life?

Yeah I sure did turn away from that private conversation between you and squash

Bad dog, no biscuits.

A damn good one at that.


you blocked me and refused to talk.

you made it clear, like you do now, you don't fucking care about truth or understanding.

you want to believe just enough of what I or others say, to fuck with me, or use against me, and not a shred more.

In the immortal words of many a presidential address "I can neither confirm nor deny this statement."

well we all know that means yes.


Always have been.

Aside from the bit about trying to garner pity from me, right

And I guess Squash isn't being upfront and saying things to your face right now

Assuming he talked shit behind your back, which he didn't. And you did.

Nice morals.

at least Squash is blatant about how he wants to fuck with me. you post things that tell me that it's not about that, and that you're just giving me hard truths that I'm too delusional to swallow.

you fucked up piece of shit. telling me to swallow your actual lies.

it'd be one thing if you didn't know you were wrong, but you do. you won't admit when you're wrong. I will. In fact, I did to you already. But you're going to ignore that.

Does my distress bring you joy.


I take my lies as a suppository.
Can't swallow them too well.

kinda. I'm just horrible like that. misery loves company. schadenfreude and all that good stuff.

a. I never blocked you. Don't lie.
b. I stopped talking to you because you tried to blackmail me
c. Not being able to talk to me directly does not justify talking shit about me behind my back to someone else. Those are different things.

Now that we know who's in charge here- Yank my leash, faggot.

oh my

God if I could.
I need to find my collar now.

Didn't this start off with you wanting me to bully your asshole or something? Christ, you fuckers change your tune more than a HAM radio duing the Battle of Britain.

sexual bullying. that's what I want from you. since you refuse I must bully you non sexually until you do. circle of life, clint.

"You activly read anything negative because you thrive on the idea that your so smart that nobody gets you."

see, the reason I thought he was talking with someone else, specifically you, is because you've expressed stuff like this before. the idea that I thrive on negative things, and that I'm so smart nobody gets me?

firstly, that's insane and wrong.
second, I don't see how Squash could have thought of this on his own. Nothing I've posted or that we spoke about in private would suggest this about me, and I don't think he could point to anything that does.

so yea, I guessed it was you, because it sounded a lot more like you than him.


You people are not well, this is wrong, leave me alone.

Guess you're a fucking retard then

but we love you clint!



I think this kind of thing is how taylor swift got started


Please no.

It's surreal, you posting that.

I've read those lines too many times to count, and to see you posting them now?

You stopped talking to me for a bunch of reasons, one of which was that I dared to try threaten you for your attention. I was in a bad place, and that was a messed up thing for me to do.

But I think how you talked to me after you blocked me speaks volumes about how you really felt.

right after you blocked me
you went into the threads

you flat out called me a "terrorist".
if you really believed I'd hurt myself, you wouldn't have called me a terrorist. you called me a terrorist because you wanted to hurt me. SO MUCH OF WHAT YOU SAY IS JUST TO HURT ME.

you said "you're scum and you deserve everything I say to you and more. deep down under all the shit you pull here you're still a scummy person and you disgust me beyond my ability to make myself say. you absolutely suck."




I was in a bad place when Kanra spammed me with this shit in the beginning, but I'm the bad guy for getting mad.

You tempt me.


okay full disclosure we probably don't. but this has been moderately amusing so far. and you keep replying I'm guessing you don't exactly hate it.




I assure you my intentions are only pure.

I'll diddle ur fiddle


Maybe I said that because I thought it was true? Maybe I think you're scum because you tried to manipulate me?

Idk. It's not like you were saying you'd kill or hurt yourself because you were depressed. You explicitly said you didn't want to, and were just threatening me.

I don't see how you can call me evil for whatever I've said, but you can call me that and be legitimately upset at me when I stop talking to you.

And then you were a dick over the fact I only really had time to talk on the weekends because I had IRL shit to deal with.
You tried to guilt me for not using my 4 hours a day of free time to cater to you.

What does this entail, exactly...?

I think Kanra should have to put on a name and get filtered, personally.

I'm kind of with Loco on the being manipulated thing.

playin' with ur peeper.

Good morn!

That would be too simple.

Honestly after shit Kanra has said about me over the years it's a wonder I still called him my friend.

You don't have to say shit if you think it's true

You can just think it in your own head

If you say it out loud, and you say it to me, it's because you want to tell me that I'm scum, and you want to tell me I deserve everything you have to say about me,

and on another occasion, telling me that the real problem is that I don't accept your words, and that I'm not open to the idea that you're being honest,

I OPENED MYSELF UP TO THE POSSIBILITY I WAS SCUM! turns out thinking of myself as scum made my thoughts much worse, more helpless. Turns out thinking the opposite is what really ended up helping, and since then, I've been pretty in love with bettering myself.

well, except for what I'm doing now.
but I don't know what to do in its stead.
I don't like people lying or existing in this world who like to fuck with me.

It's afternoon here, senora.

Oh gay then, I don't like using my wiener on things. You're not one of those girl boys with the inside out dongs I've heard so much about, are you?

nope. just a regular dude who likes to pretend to be an anime girl online. typical straight stuff, really. it wouldn't even be gay to put your penis in my mouth a little.

Fucking grow up.

If you took back what you said and meant it, I could consider you a friend again.

Sometimes we say stupid things. Sometimes we hurt people when we know a more sober version of ourselves wouldn't. What matters is that we own our mistakes, and try not to do it again.

If you felt hurt for what I said about you back then, I'm sorry. I honestly don't know what I was replying to. I hope you find the irony in me criticizng your emotions.

It's been going on a real long time

Yeah. You can try to cajole and threaten me with something I've told you is my biggest fear. But if I call you a name because of it, I'm the villain.


Hey look, it's the cops.

Yeah but then I'd have to do the penetrating and that shit is gross.


Oh boy it sure is a kindness to say you want me to die

Five hours if you were only looking at today.

And this dumb shit has been going on overall for how long? A week? Two? WAY MORE outside of the thread.

The cops are about to shoot themselves.

Kanra. I don't want to be your friend again.
You've treated me like garbage for years now.

only of my lips. totally straight and normal bro activities. a little fun pranking. brojobs.

Still 11:30 here. How is your day going so far?

Every time he's come to the threads since I started coming here, it's been this way
So I guess you could say at least 3/4 months?

Aight, well deal with this 10-16 first.

henlo police
pls don arrest me

That's bullshit but I believe it.

This has been in my life since like. April of last year. I wonder if I maybe should ignore him at this point.

we can do it together.

we'll have a great time clint. we'll drink lots of booze and suck each other's dicks in a totally straight way and watch some netflix and maybe some more dick sucking. just a totally regular guys hang.

Not sure you're using that term correctly.

You told me two things

one was that the only reason you had me around at all was because you were worried I'd hurt myself
second was that you were going to ignore me when I said things, and you wouldn't enable it

so yea, it was scummy. But I am not scum.
Can you take that part back? You can consider me scum for what I did, and I am, but you said I was scum and I deserved everything you said.

Maybe today will be the last time?

Oh not too bad, lazy gay Sunday, you know how it goes- Shitposting abound.

He's always been autistic, but I meant this particularly autistic argument being brought to the thread.

This is why I said he should put on a name. To make the ignoring easier.

How many times today have you said you wanted me to die?

You're scum.

Did you say booze? I'm in.

ouch. but yea, I get it. but you're obviously basing this solely on the negative parts, and none of the positive. if all there were were negative parts, then yea. but it wasn't all negative or selfish. most of it wasn't negative. it's just been this year. these last few months.

Let's commit suicide together.

oh clint, baby. booze is the best. I drink booze so much. we will get along so well with the booze.

lol grow up

What have you done with the real Cupcake?

No. That's pretty par for how you've treated me over the last 5 years. The negative far outweighs the positive.

booze and *dick

I only ever get to taste one these days though so it's winning for now.

I've been played, haven't I?


Sounds pretty nice!
Today feels like it's gonna be slow going & cozy.

Any plans for today?

you have not. see


I will not. you can't make me.

That's more like it

But there are many Arizonians here, you got a whole gallery of dick to choose from

not really interested in any of them.




if you didn't call me scum, or say mean things AND TELL ME DIRECTLY THAT THEY'RE TRUE AND I SHOULD BELIEVE THEM


this last line specifically is what would make me be okay with you not existing.
the efforts you took to tell me that you were telling the truth, and I should believe what you said..
the shitty, shitty things you were telling me, you were telling me to digest. and yes, your silence from this earth is something that felt okay to feel.

Would I actually want you dead?


pst i heard loco was gay af

riiiight, sure you aren't~

don't much appreciate u callin' me a liar

i am not loco but i am.


I'll just start singing happy birthday over and over until you're like sixty years old.

I may head out to grab another heater, my place be drafty as fuck, yo. Outside of that? No particular plans, currently.

I think he did the same thing around a month ago
The previous ones were just him being fucking retarded, as you say


Loco said I was mean because I was mean to Fool. Loco was mean to ME because he thought I was mean to Fool.


if I knew that I made Gil or Fool's life worse because of what I said? I'd feel shit.

but I know I don't affect them like that.
so I don't feel bad.

what the fuck that's not how that song works you weirdo

You're just very silly, is all

this drama


this is a lie.

I'd never

when I have something to offer, I'll try to show you that I wasn't just a leech. despite this recent stuff, you were there for me. a lot. and I never made up for that even though it helped. and I owe you for that, despite this.

I think it is? It's the magical one year older rite, dude.


Acknowledge me.

She'd be cute if her top was more covering than it is


I can't stand heaters dude, it's like 40 degrees and raining here and I love it!!

I hope you enjoy a relaxing sunday, brotholomew.

Kanra, I understand this is a big issue but I recommend like calming down for your own wellbeing.

I don't think you're gonna get anything out of this fight, it might not be worth it.


You would have to have a LOT of shit.

You lie all the time, every day.

Are you even human? I'm assuming you're talking 40F which is fucking freezing

Yeah, they're this revealed in all pics of her. Quite a shame.

What lie did I tell now!?!?

Also a bit too large for me, but if it were a bit more covered it might be okay

Bleh, fuck the cold- It's fucking snowing here.

Ay bb, old habits die hard.

this is another lie

did u just assume my casual gender pronoun?

yea, I know. and I know I don't now. guess I'll stay owing.


Honestly dude, just go get better.
Come back when you aren't a mess and stop putting stock in people like me and Loco.

You aren't well.

Everyone is a dude, shitlord.

Yea 40F, I love the winter dude, being cold makes me feel all cozy.

I'm jealous!!! I can't wait for everything to be all snowy.

I can't wait to tell the media about this. you fucking WHITE MALE

also bored now. bye faggots.

Being cold makes me feel like I'm dying
I like 40C


I can't believe you just stuck around till the text walls stopped.


I never asked for this.

Like this? :3


Pls, I haven't ;-;


I put stock in you because I trusted you, and didn't expect I'd fuck it up. I didn't like feeling alone with my thoughts, the ones that loco's bullying put there.

The reason I know I didn't call you an asshole for that, is because I knew that it was wrong of me to expect or feel entitled that you act.

I just felt helpless that one of the few people left I thought I could trust was turning a blind eye to someone trying to bully me. but I never called you an asshole for it.


Yet you made sure to tell me I should have regardless.
Go get better.

I ignore him, he talks about me while I'm not here and I have people repeating his bullshit to me. I talk to him, he does this and I feel like slimy dirt for engaging him. I try to be positive and help him, he makes me life a misery and tries to manipulate me. I'm extra mean to him, he leaves me alone for a while, then comes back with a vengeance.

Idk what else to do. Leave?

Let's poop on eachother.

Ignore him. With a vengeance.

When you say mean things to someone, and tell them you're just telling the truth, and tell them they deserve what you're saying, you get what you deserve, which are questions, and when you refuse to answer, the questions that person that you told is scum and deserves everything you say, will exist past you wanting them to not exist.

You can take back what you said,
explain what you said,
apologize for what you said,
but if you leave it hanging in the air? If you want me to believe what you said without resolution?

Then expect me to seek resolution.


Don't tell anyone. I'm ashamed.

*I slowly position myself over you*

Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind is such a good movie aa

*tiny excited gasp*

Poo poo!

do you think I'd even be posting like this if I expected loco or squash not to ignore me?

hell no. they both blocked me after they were shit to me.
they can ignore me after they take back or answer for what they said to me.

and if they lie, they should expect me to want to correct them,
and if they say more mean things, they should expect me to hound them until they take it back.

Loco, you want this to stop? apologize.

My poopy is coming. Are you ready?

I only removed you. I didn't block you.

well, I'll stop talking to squash if he just stops his current assholery towards me.
and our relationship can be one of me owing him for all the times he was there for me before this year.

I didn't blocke him either, for the record

Also *opens mouth for the yummy poop*

Oh no. I had curry for lunch.

*my poopy sprays on you in a wet mess*

idunno. it's not like I even feel the same way I did about what you said weeks ago.

im just upset that what you said did fuck me over for weeks, and upset that during those weeks, you went out of your way to say more things.

feels like yesterday


Have you taken the brown pill yet, laddies?

That's less covered

Om nomnomnomnomnomnom

Yummy yummy

someone please stop this

Om nom nom tasty poopy.

Y'all need Jesus.

About the same really :3


I don't even know what I want from this.

I'd like loco to apologize with some awknolwedgment for the things he said that were untrue, and how they were wrong.

That'd shut me up. I'd still be scum in all the ways that are true, but at least they'd be true, and my actions could make them untrue in time.


Fuck off


Test shut it down.

I guess I should realize by now that people find this kind of posting painful.

it's not exactly a cause or something others can empathize with,
and I'm literally the only one who cares about what's said to me.
and because this kind of posting is awful, people end up thinking I'm the awful one.

I may be awful, but I'm not cruel in the ways Loco was or Squash were.
I may be awful, but I'm not lying, and I'm trying to tell the truth.

Maybe there's a way getting across that's shorter and friendlier, but if I have to be friendly in order for people to awknowledge that they were lying and trying to hurt me, even though the facts remain exactly the same, what good is that?

Nothing has to change for Loco to be considered someone that intentionally hurts me, or Squash to be considered someone that admitted he lies and takes pleasure in fucking with me.

I don't have to post less or be less autistic for these things to be true.
But if the Universe is telling me that I have to, then I guess I do.

Put on a name.

Kanra can we be friends... maybe.... more

The day when being annoying can make people think worse of you than lies, bullying and intentionally hurting others.

I am looking for a lithe, asian, trap... you reckon you could fill that position.

Put on a fucking name.

I'm out. No need to appease the masses the morning, moot.

I wonder how many words you've spewed into the garbage can that is this board.

no one knew who he was until he put on a name

could they be THE garbage goblin

If i take it off will you die?



God I'd let Hillary jam her cock in me any day of the week





Are people playing Rust?


i got a new mobo and didnt get my code from my old one



How many people you guys got playing?

5 OR 6

It's definitely more fun when you have several people
My friends and I only ever played a little bit each time we got into it, so like maybe a week or less each time
Fun game though


never ever

Definitley more fun in a clan than solo. Solo is torture. It is a forever fear of death and being raped.

Even with a clan I was super paranoid
We usually tried to find servers where there was no raiding permitted
That didn't stop people from raiding when we were sleeping though

Liquid vs Misfits
This should be a fine example of silver gameplay

It is just hella fun my dude

I find it depends a lot on the server as well
Joining one that's been up for a month without a wipe and just trying to start out is nearly impossible
Everyone has a stockpile of guns and just mow you down really easil

look up kmspico for your windows

this one's a doozie, even if kanra has monthly breakdowns

Clean kitchen~!


Papi, I need a hug.

*poops on you*


Why hello there.

Hello, Squishface.

Thank you

But also I meant my other daddy

A treat to see you here.
It's rather quiet this afternoon.

Indeed. I've already fed all my babies so now it's just sitting around until the sun goes down when I can start drawing. How's your day been?

Well enough. Watching videos about Polybius.

Is that anything like Polyphemus?

Probably not.
Polybius is an urban myth in arcades.

Oh. Polyphemus is the cyclops son of Poseidon and Thoosa that Odysseus blinded.

I thought Nobody blinded him.

Sure, it was Nobody. Don't want the 5-0 getting wise.

is it fool

To be honest I don't recall a whole lot from any of those stories.
Greek and Roman mythology never really was something I took up interest in.

While fool's beard would be a nice comfort

I think what I need rn is a warm curry daddy


I had a class on it in highschool, more exciting than you'd imagine

My beard is soft and warm.

I love it. I read a lot of that stuff and still am obsessed with certain myths.

I used to have a lil facial hair but I've been rocking the stubble look recently, its pretty comfy and low maintenance

What myths interest you the most?

Destruction man is sleeper op btw way

Some of them are fun.
I tragically enjoyed video game lore as a kid more.
Still do, but I'll never have my answers.

Generating a case sensitive POLYBIUS trip is going to take ages.

this is also a lie.

Do not reply to this post


happy christmas





tanku tho c:

I have him filtered. Fucker isn't ruining Christmas for me.

You mean the can't commit to having facial hair look?

Theseus and The Minotaur interests me the most, followed by Prometheus, the war with Typhon, Sisyphus, and some others.

Some of that lore is interesting. I was into The Legend of Zelda when I was younger.

Hey loco what are some more of your favorite Greek myths

That's right you recommended me a book based on the minotaur myth, I still remember from years ago

Zelda is fantastic for that stuff.
I really liked the Stone Tower Temple in MM.
The tower of Babble theory is one of my favorites. If I did a stream of a Zelda game would you be interested?

Thats not a real holiday.


The Minotaur Takes a Cigarette Break? That's a really good book.

I would be, yes. I haven't played Majora's Mask in about a decade.

bd what did I complain about?

I'm not particularly busy if you'd like to do that now. Otherwise it would be on the coming weekend when I'm off work.

I like Persephone. I think it's pretty nice how it's about like the recurrence and necessity of sadness and stuff.

And Chronos devouring his children. The Goya painting of that is i👌

Yea I'll keep an eye out for it now

Goya's black paintings can be considered the earliest foray into Modern Art. They are mesmerizing. I went and bough a very expensive book that reproduces all of them.

Sure, I can do that now.

Hahaha joke's on scoots I actually did filter him


Ah her suffering brings us winter and her joy warmth and growth

They just reprinted it not too long ago. Should be easy to find in your local bookstore.

I will grab it, for sure


Alright. I'll have to figure out how to set this up. I'm not sure how to get the sound to work in a call.
It would play me through a call and the stream with what I have set up. So if you don't mind muted gameplay then we could do a call.

That I agree with

Now I am the dead one.

Albert Camus was planning on starting a new cycle of works based on the myth of Nemesis.

Sure, we could do that. Let me grab my headphones real quick.

why would you say something like that and remove me

jesus christ

I don't fucking deserve that

Alright. Let me go find a link for my Twitch server.

i'm really sad rn gaiz

You removed me first because you didn't like what I had to say, then you readded me because I publicly am demonstrating how effective ignoring you is to say "really?"

Post logs like you did with everyone else if you want, I do not care

I personally would not like to see this escalate more than it has.

now this, this is making my head spin

keep going

squash please, just stop. I don't fucking care if I lose someone that already hates me, but I'm sorta not wanting to lose someone I care about.


You know what really makes my head spin? Dantes epic Inferno

Then you will shut up and you will stop and you will listen to me without argument

I'm actually taking your side right now in saying I don't want more shit thrown your way after today.

You think there's a circle of Hell thats just an endless debate with

Or maybe that would be too cruel

you don't have to talk to me that way

Griffin, if you just stop and come back in a few days, make conversation, be casual, you will be accepted back.

I do and you will submit to me publicly, you aren't allowed pride if you have no shame


Bad Dog, why are you talking like this? Can you explain what the hell I did to you?

Can I join for Rust if that's still going?

Can you not bandwagon or powertrip on this, dude? That's kind of over stepping.

Holy shit.

this is a mess

He isn't posting logs for a reason, ignore him just keep topic off it

Is canadanon still kanranon



Judging by the typing style, yes


There was a cool game called mage quit at the con that I think some guy there made, I think you guys should check it out

Geez oh man

I really enjoy the prospect of people making their own games and bringing them to demo.

I make mods :D

It's fun watching Kanra come to the realization that everyone thinks he's an insufferable cunt. His over inflated ego is finally catching up to him, maybe now he'll realize how tiny his intellect really is.

That's a good one. Asterion is a character featured in the Seventh Circle.

Turning to him, my sage cried out: "Perhaps
you think this is the Duke of Athens here,
who, in the world above, brought you your death.

Be off, you beast; this man who comes has not
been tutored by your sister; all he wants
in coming here is to observe your torments."


Mods are as a great contribution to gaming and playability, I modded the fuck out of my fallout? What do you make mods for?

Really makes you think about bullmen doesn't it

helo sex open cloth i pee in you're vagene

It makes me think about animalistic behavior.

Oh shit I got confused my bad fool

Yea I forgot we were talking about that, I need to sit and properly read it but all the art is amazing and very well done

whts the drama fill me in



Sounds like a fun and whacky thing to mod hahaha


Someone post the picture of Mario going to lick a dogs asd

my biggest mod is adding steering wheel support and manual transmission in vehicles

I thought this was Jeb Bush wearing a guac bowl on his head.

bd, obviously I don't want to be your friend if you treat me like this, is that why you're doing this?

That sounds really cool and complicated, you should show me how it works with like a video, I like gta5 a lot

You got confused by what?

I read it in its entirety in high school. My copy is fully illustrated by Gustave Dore. I have a few collections of his illustrations.

Basically Kanra is a cunt and everyone is tired of his shit.

and then you ignore me, and start posting in the threads, because you know it'll fuck me up enough to make me come here and ask you what the fuck?

and then you taunt me to post our logs?

I hate you people.

People don't like him and it's our fault

jesus christ why is he still going

In all honesty I got caught up in what I should have been ignoring from the start, unfortunately people love talking here even if they dont know what they are saying and it can be confusing and misleading, and that's really neat I'd love to see it if we end up in a call some time soon. I'm very genuinely interested about the ideologies shaping those times

We hate you too, you mother fucker.


Because he's such a great guy and we're missing out by not liking him

Now now fool, don't make the same mistakes I have been making

You've lost me.

I've always disliked Kanra though.

Oh my God is that you??? That's so fu king cool!!! Ur gonna make Dallas cum

nope it's the one and only TAMER ELSAWAF


so same situation as the previous 5 years nice

I want a wheel so bad

Good morning friends!
How are you all doing?

Just the sort of stuff, that like, the religious persecution you know? Being there when it was law





I was asking if the video was you!! And Dallas looooves initial d and eurobeat

Is Kyle's stream laggy for anyone else?

oyosuka poon punch was pretty good anime nice tastes

Thank you :3c

Basically, only more.

Oh, Gustave Dore lived in the 19th Century.

I just mean kind of reading the thing and looking at the images and trying to imagine what it would be like from our foreign perspectives

Granny shiftin', not double clutchin like you should, you're lucky that 150 shot of naws didn't blow the welds on the intake.

Yeah that's me, but who's Dallas?

okay schumacher 👍


dude seems to hate it too 🤷

its okay im used to my work being hated on

That's Toretto to you, hombre.


Was for me too.

Nah he's just a hater, I bet he likes it


Oh, well the illustrations were done hundreds of years after the poem was written. So there is a lot lost in the translation between the two.


I got black in my voots
My name Toby, like I'm Roots
Grab that bat, Babe Ruth
Swing that bitch might lose a tooth
She suck dick with no tooth
My nose runny like "achoo"
With that pussy, I got coins
Might insert right in her groin
It's like jelly, ayy
Dick right in her belly, uh, yuh
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You got taxed, yuh
My head lookin' like Bratz, uh, yuh
Dump that bitch, yuh
Who gonna hold my racks, uh, huh

I think he was criticizing your driving

Not the mod

Oh come on! It was a Fast and Furious quote! A joke, my man- It's a neat little setup, especially if you made the mod to get everything to make nice together.

See ikt

We're all friends

it's hard 2 measure time, its a sensation i taste

See that's a bit of a bummer to me, I hope most of the conrebr was kept intact but that's hoping for a lot. I still remember that one image of Dante's inferno being one of the most striking images I've seen


wow thats an oldie

Glad I am not friends with loco.

I feel it physically.

The illustrations are still gorgeous.

Guess I'll have to return this Christmas prezzie I bought you huh

Don't make it gay.

Nice bluff

what does it feel like?

It feels like hard rubber being dragged over my body.


i just woke up.


oh fucc you guys still have 3 dimensional forms here huh

Still playing Rust?

Good morning


Want another person?

Cant currently, its a limit of 6 to a clan



Sleep well?

a little

Sleeping well is hard

...oh well.

What are you going to do tonight?

sit here
and hope for the best
even if it never comes

Want to play anything?