Wow so epic

wow so epic

such a legacy

a worthwhile gaming experience

changed soo many lives, all over the world



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i can rest peacefully now

nini thread


Sleep tight Luka

Goodnight Luka.

good night



Put your dick in both


true but they are very nice to have

and implying i didnt already

I'm sure you did

getting a mercy and a lucio same game tho


there was this guy doing mystery heroes at the con and i was talking shit about him to my friend while he was playing genji and then he died and got reaper and i can't even describe to you how many assholes he ripped open without invoking eldritch tongues but it was a lot

we got the four ps4s there rigged up to do team games with four of us and two randoms and it was a really good idea, there was people in the game room around the arcade who developed and were promoting there own games there

eventually quick play was kind of silly and we started doing competitive games and drawing a small crowd when there was a game that went back and fourth like four times


someone get in discord voice i want to flex my whisper asmr skills

i would but im listening to a video in the background right now

vocaroo example

I'm bad at overwatch

ill play with you anyways

vocaroo has terrible quality noty

asmr is about HIGH quality...

Vocaroo is a proof of concept. Otherwise who knows what croaky evil voice you actually have.

we git a stickler


you can find out if you sit in discord voice

just mute ur mic if u dont wanna talk.

otherwise. ur gonna miss out !!!!!

my voice sucks

talking with others, maybe later.

[spoiler]I once won a Halo tournament at my school, a game I've always been good at.

one of the people that joined was a couple grades lower than me, and I forgot I had beaten him.

outside the room where we were doing the tournament, he approached me...
I forget what he said... but it was something to the effect of, "Congrats, you mustn't have a life to be that good at Halo."

He put out his hand for a handshake.

he said it in a way that wasn't actually congratulating me,
he was saying I won because I played too much, which was untrue.
But he had a couple of his friends with him, and I remember that tripping me up
So I shook his hand and thanked him, and he probably felt a little proud of himself. [/spoiler]
nobody has to read this

yeah thats we what call

sore loser who tries to insult the winner.

he was competing. he wanted to win. if he won he would've been the one who played too much.

cant let stuff like that get to you thems is lamers

its the classic

anyone driving slower than me is a grandma and anyone faster is crazy

LoL won't give me my last fucking S and it's driving me nuts.

This is asmr?!

the part that gets to me was that I knew he was doing something... trying to get at me or bullying... I didn't know the word for it

it was surreal, and I remember thinking he had to put effort into fucking with me, and I remember knowing he was only doing it to make himself feel better

but I still get mad at myself for shaking his hand and giving him what he wanted.

this tbh

I wasn't really bullied in school. I was friends with enough of the people that eventually became the popular kids that depsite being bulliable, they mostly ignored me.

but a new kid was around one day, and he was sorta popular.

he played the drums, and so did I. I had been playing for years, and formed a band with a couple friends.

we would practice in these practice rooms a few lunches a week, and one day he interrupted one of our sessions to say something to the effect of, "Wow, you two sound good! Except for the third..." and then left.

he said that why? it's very subtle, that kind of fucking with someone. my bandmates were compelled to thank him, because he complimented them.

A few months later, our band played Smells like Teen Spirit in front of several grades. We had been practicing like crazy, and it paid off.

one day, weeks after we played, a friend came up to me and asked, "Do you really hit your head with your drumsticks?"

I was confused. when was she talking about? did I throw them and accidentally did something someone saw? I tried to remember hard if I ever did. I asked her what she meant, and she said the time our band played, that I was hitting my head with my drumsticks. At other times, other friends came up to me and asked. Someone else mentioned it to me, and I denied it, but they didn't believe me!

turns out that this guy had been telling people that during that performance months ago, that I had been hitting myself in the head with my drumsticks.

and this was how many people remembered me, convinced that they remembered me playing that day, going so hard at the drums, that I ended up whacking my own head with my own sticks.

Years later, I would have people ask me if I really did what they thought I did. I'm not sure why the rumour caught on. Maybe they felt it matched their perception of me.

is that kanra again

When is it never?

maybe is wish



some people here believe false things about me,

and tell me to be different and people will stop.

This infuriates me, because there's nothing I can do that will disprove something false about me.

maybe improve

What if it's Chiri.

Lacks snails.

Doesn't post any more

Ikt, have you ever tried snails?

Is that why you left?


I left?

No I wanna keepit that way

Subtle kun

You did, but now you've cum back.

What special dishes do they have in nether-ever-lands?

I'm not a culinary person!

Hai domo

Maybe I was on holiday or didn't feel like posting, idk

So what are you bringing to the picnic?

Same tbh.

Die homo?


Wannya play league?

Subtle never plays LoL with me.

Sushi and bitterballen.

Did Emma leave perm?

I actually do, but I cut up my laptop charger a few weeks ago so I would have less distractions from drawing. Thanks though. ❤️


Subtle never plays anything with me.

What is bitterballen?

Een kroket maar niet echt.

i want a good music

I don't know what that means so you'll have to teach me.

Would be a lot easier if you were on NA :c
Then I could get you an S every game

I think so

You're still here so I'm not sure how 'less distractions' is working out for you..

We could try PUBG later

*were on EUW

I am on NA though.

Ew no.

I havn't played that in forever. I could give it another go if I'm not busy tomorrow or w/e

loco, can we talk?

it can be brief. I want to get over you. I hate playing your words in my head. I dislike the fact you're a person on this planet that continues to exist, despite intentionally trying to hurt me.


What've you been playing then?



of course nobody wants to be exposed to my personal drama, but the problem is that the people that are mean to me are mean first, say some final stinging words, then remove and block me in private.

I'm going to learn how to let this go for myself.
but I can't let it go if they want me to.

I want to get over this.
but the people that hurt me don't want to talk to me one on one.

Squash lied about me.
He hasn't taken it back.
I even let him go through and post chat logs to prove he wasn't lying, or to prove I was.

it's possible that Squash will never take back and apologize for what he said,
and I don't want someone that tells lies about me to get away with it,
and because I'm handling that by posting incessantly,

this may eventually result in my being banned.

People are mean to you because you harass their inbox and act like a victim.

You aren't entitled to closure or hearing people say what you want them to hear. Acting like an autist is why people don't like you.

I accidentally some words but good enough.

Brogramming nerds helpppppp

Yeah, what's up?

Does this ring a bell?

From a crash dump/strack trace

every fucking time you say the same thing

okay, so people are mean to me because I'm an obnoxious, overbearing, endlessly anxious, unfiltered mess towards them

do you lie to me because I'm an obnoxious, overbearing, endlessly anxious, unfiltered mess towards you?

Install Google Chorme.

I actually can't program.

do you really believe what you say?

I'm going to just ignore your existence now.

I know you will, because you don't like being made to apologize.

but I will still give you the chance to take back what you said.

:joy: :gun:

i'm also saying i'd be very emotionally grateful if you could take back the lies. you can stand by the rest, but take back the lies.

Yes. Your view of the world is very sheltered if you think you are entitled to an apology every time you believe someone wrongs you.

is it my fault for caring whether you lie? yes. but that's not your call.


Entitled to apology? no. idk how that even works. I would very much like some awknowledgement of the act, and how it was wrong.

I very much hate it when someone wrongs me.

Even more when they lie about it.

Even more when they do it because they know it wrongs me.

What would you do in my position? One person tells lies about you to you and others, and another says things to you specifically because they know it'd hurt. Would you deal with this all by yourself, or does your solution involve those that wronged you?


a m e n

I can't sleep

Should I just pull an all nighter?


Move on already. You refuse to see anything from any other perspective and realistically you care more about being "right" here than anything else. It doesn't matter, the outcome is the same. This shit happened like more than a month ago and you refuse to cut ties and move forward for some bizarre reason.

I believe in Individualism

So you're not a bad guy in my eyes Canadian user

so that's what you'd do

one person tells lies about you, the other sorta lies and says things that they know will fuck with you, and both go out of their way to wrong you

and you'd swallow your pride, move on, and let them get away with it?

I wish I could play the victim too.

thanks. I try not to be, at least according to my own morals.

Squash, are you okay with how you are towards me, because it's me?

Or would you tell lies about other people that annoy you?

"Get away with it"? You are incapable of enacting any kind of retribution. You refuse to budge on your stances at all and you've already burned any bridges where you could have met in the middle on whatever lies you are always rambling about. You're just wasting your own time trying to validate your own opinion amongst strangers when it shouldn't matter what anyone else thinks on the subject in the first place.

lmao is that Kanra?


I'm ok with it because of how shitty you treated me when I actually tried to help and you made my life shit for over a month.

Get over yourself.

some fucking morals that let you pull this shit with me for a year and a half and talk to everyone about how stupid I am and how I don't know books and how I'm unattractive and how I'm bad at drawing and music and harass my friends and blackmail me

And then play the victim

I don't know why you two bother replying anymore either.

you still haven't told me what you'd do.

it shouldn't matter what others think.

so do you not care what others think, and you'd just find your own closure within yourself about those that wronged you, and move on?

what? okay. loco,

if I told you a whole bunch of what you said was wrong, would you stop believing it was true? if I could prove otherwise, would it matter?

or will you just continue beliveing lies?

You either forgive them for being flawed and make ammends (this option has long passed for you)/cut ties, or you don't forgive them and cut ties. Dwelling on literally nothing for so long is fucking retarded. I don't know what you're hoping to accomplish. I'm not even sure if you do at this point.


Is it morally ok to threaten suicide to someone?

Morals aren't objective in the first place and arguing about them like they are is fucking stupid too.

I think loco is just waiting for the next chance to fuck with me, if his last post wasn't an attempt to.

for the record, I'm willing to discuss this in private or here.

is anyone open to being convinced?

look at this nihilist right here..


You've already convinced us that it would be an awful idea to talk to you in private.


I'm going to kill myself now.
MY blood is on your penis, IKT.

This turns me on btw

in fact, Squash will lie and do whatever it takes to fuck with me, and he says he does it with glee.

loco has talked himself into more concrete reasons, some of which are true, some are exaggerated, some are lies, and he doesn't care to distinguish the rest.

so you'd just move on?

why are you avoiding telling me you'd follow the advice you're telling me to follow?

I like to call it "common sense".

I want to kiss Ikt on the cheek

Then maybe grab his butt

I'm not going to reply to this anymore because you're either retarded/autistic or pretending to be.

Let's not forget Kanra said to me he just wanted Loco to die in call before. Morally upstanding guy.

Oh golly.

squash, you should feel a little ashamed for constantly referring to what other people feel about me as a reason for how you treat me.

own your actions, Squash.

that works

it's more fun to see people argue about morals though


I did say I wanted loco to die.

I said it'd give me great relief if he just, died.

At least I wouldn't have to know someone that hurt me without remorse no longer existed in the same world as me.

In fact, I'd be incredibly sad if he did. He knows this.


I want loco to die from suffication between thicc anime thighs

do you even know what the word complex means, Squish?

or did you just hear the words 'victim complex' once and now you're repeating it?

I would smush Loco between my legs.

you tried to tell me once you were more like Mickey the Dick than your other ones. but I didn't believe you.


I understand what you were saying, user.

I also notice that you not once told me whether you'd follow your own advice. Either because you know you wouldn't, or you think ignorance is a good way to avoid feeling like a hypocrite..

it may seem like I'm brought squash down to my level,

but lying and hurting people on purpose and refusing to own up to your own actions, and justifying actions by saying other people feel the same,

is pretty fucking low.

not that anyone cares. not like that stops me from caring.

You said all of that PUBLICLY, here. God knows what you've been saying privately. Apparently that you'd like to see me dead?

Except for the blackmailing me with suicide and self harm. You did that in private.

I'm not trying to make myself out as a victim. Just pointing out the delusion and hypocrisy and irony in what you're doing right now. "Everyone is liars and bullies and hypocrites!"

Get a fucking grip.

I would bully Kanra.

I don't even enjoy this shitshow anymore. This is Sci levels. Just ugly and gross and maybe deserves to be banned. Idfk.



either you're lying and you know it
or you're lying and you don't

but what you do, because you suck, is not care about whether it's a lie or not, because I'm the only one that will care if they're lies, and you know that, which is what really makes me scared of what you are


I would kill for a sausage egg sandwich.

How can you lie and not know it? Isn't lying the act of purposeful deception?


You are so out of touch with reality it's not even funny

i think im getting a cold

i hope it gets over soon i have things to do around thanksgiving

So far the only thing I lied about was playing by his rules for the logs because he wouldn't give me my proof otherwise.

either way, he's saying untrue things.

but I think he knows that.

I think he might be saying it because he knows I kick up a fuss about people saying untrue things about me.

Kanra never apologized for accusing me of conspiring with Loco.

skrrrahh, pap, pap, ka-ka-ka
Skidiki-pap-pap, and a pu-pu-pudrrrr-boom
Skya, du-du-ku-ku-dun-dun
Poom, poom,

Is IKT sending a fax?

That rant from two days ago where you mentioned my name 40 times included a line about how I'm not pretty enough to be flirty

I would grab all the shit about my drawing skills or how you know more books bigger books the best books than me from the archive if I were on my laptop.

I can point all this shit out to you o show you you're a hypocrite piece of shit, and your response is "lies". You're a fucking joke.


He's the SCATMAN

what do you get out of saying things like that?

Well if he's saying demonstrably wrong things get out the receipts to prove it, mother fucker. Or is he saying what he thinks? Like when I say I think you're a little whiner?

I'm not hot.

me too

but his dick is huge

Holy shit, now I see why people were a bit hostile to me when they thought I was Kanra

Drop your innocent façade, Kanra.

I love the overwatch community


OH. okay, so you do think you're being honest. at least you claim. so let me correct you.

I meant not pretty enough to be shit.
I don't think I've said a single negative thing about your drawings. I know for certain I've said positive things.
Very certain I never claimed anything of the sort.

Hello goggles

You can't disprove a negative, mother fucker.

If he's saying what he thinks, he should just say that.

Goggles is a girl?


We're all girls


Shes my Girlfriend

Oh shit it's my gf Revy

If somebody says, "Dallas, you've never said a nice thing about me!" But I go into steam, find when I said "hey, I think you're a good person and people say nice things about you," did I not just disprove them?

so loco either believes incorrect things about me, or knows the truth and just says incorrect things.

if his actions are because of incorrect things, he should stop them once he knows they're incorrect. otherwise, and this is entirely possible, he doesn't give a fuck if they're incorrect, he just want to fuck with me.

I think he wants to fuck with me, but that he's honest enough to change what he says based on what's true. This would be so much easier if I knew he just wanted to believe what he wanted.

squash does believe incorrect things about me, but he's made it very clear he prefers to, and he takes glee (his word) in acting based on a mix of true and untrue things, and doesn't care to tell the difference between truth and lies.

Well, no. Because you did it after they said that.

You know this.

You are a hypocrite.

I'm getting the distinct impression you enjoy being a whiny little faggot if you are reaching this hard, Insider.


like who is the real bully here kanra


I was the bully all along.

hold up

how am I a hypocrite

also, you said

you clarified with

I said you don't read enough, which is not the same as me saying I read more.
I said you didn't draw anything good after all these years, which I take back. I think a lot of what you draw is good, and your ethic towards your work is admirable.

I said you weren't cute enough to say the things you do, you thought I meant flirty, but I meant an asshole. Beautiful people can be terrible because they're beautiful, and I was sarcastically saying, "What's Loco's excuse?" because you act like you're a beautiful person.

So if I'm a hypocrite, tell me what I said, and how I broke it.

It's been a while since I have seen the threads be this autistic

Damn you, Dio.

The mental gymnastics at play here

Truly a work of art

If only you could make art like that, Loco.

Squash how could you


I am a litany of sin.

I'm going to go.

Reflect on yourself, kanra. You're not living for your purpose. You're not living in God's love.


I dislike you both, and I know you both take pleasure in playing up a fake tag-team dynamic, but it still hurts.

loco, you were wrong in what you said.
please don't think that if I did say something wrong, that I want to stand by it.

if I said something wrong, or untrue, then I'll own up to it. but that's not what you're on about. some of the stuff you said I said, I didn't. I can own the stuff I did, but not the stuff I didn't. I will admit everything I said if I can remember it, and will own it if you remind me.

but that's now what you're doing.

It's sad.
You claim you'll change if you're wrong, but you'll find every excuse to be right.

It doesn't matter if you believed it or not. The point is you have one set of standards for yourself, and one set of standards for me.

Bob the tomato and Larry the cucumber.
Guide me in this time of strife.


Holy dogshit I have more on the old hard drive than I remember.

Wastelander was a fucking retard.

At least you never had to watch bibleman.

People on overwatch are bullies

You called?

Not this time, Pastor Jack.

Google shows him with a lightsaber though.

i like.... veggietales....

I wish Loco was dead.

He fucks with me on purpose.

He enjoys it.

I hope Squash feels some remorse for fucking with me.

He even admits he takes pleasure from it.

This makes him a bad person.

How did that fucking song go?

"If you like to talk to tomatoes... Something something can make you smiiiiiiiile"

Maybe if you weren't such a loathsome individual, they wouldn't take pleasure in it


loco fucks with me by saying a mix of true and untrue things, saying I'm delusional, and calling me insane or changing the topic when I show I'm not

squash fucks with me by saying lies about me, repeatedly, and telling me he takes pleasure in fucking with me

the pleasure comes from thinking I'm loathsome, and their own insecurities.

they care just enough about what I say to validate what they want to think.

they literally stop talking when I don't.

It's too late- You hear it too, don't you?

Kyle did lie, and he does want to fuck with me, and he says he takes pleasure in it. I wish somebody other than me cared.

I need to get more kms pictures.

like to
talk to tomatoes.



W A L T Z WITH potatoes

up and doooown the produce


Sorry. Had to go for a sec. Our dog was oozing blood and we might have to get a vet to take care of him.

It's like poetry.

Eugh, my condolences, hombre.

Does a squash make you smile, Dallas-kun?

Kyle shares lies about me. Do people believe him? Do people not care?

He knows that people will believe him if he says it, he wants people to believe lies about me.

Will he continue to tell lies if he knows they're lies?

He says yes. He thinks I deserve to have lies spread about me.

He was breathing really badly last night.
We thought it might be a tumor or something. He just had a massive growth on his flank. I guess he ripped it open or something.

It's odd how quickly he comes to new conclusions without any input from me.

Oh yes, yes indeed. I think I rubbed off on you just the right amount.

I'm cold and hungry and I have like 12$ in my bank account and I don't know when I get paid

Now you just have to rub me off.
Honestly if I met me from 5 years ago now I would be terrified to talk to the me now.

pastebin our log, Squash.

it'll prove my honesty and show the people what you really are.

Friends had an old retriever that had a big lump on his side, turned out to be a fat deposit, but hey, I'm not a vet. Hope things turn out alright.

You'll twist it anyway.

it happened over night so it was just worrysome as to how fast it developed.

how the fuck

can I twist raw evidence that people can see for themselves

Trying to have a moment and you go making it FUCKING GAY. God dammit Kyle.

You have already every time I posted caps.

Want to have a 3 way with me now and past me?

Anyway you have fun stewing in whatever bullshit you want to perpetuate, Kanra.

I'm tempted to say yes just to find out if by some reality-warping faggotry you could actually pull that off.

squash, I think I'm right (I know I am) and I see how you can think that those caps show me calling you an asshole for not standing up to loco,

but they objectively don't.

what you did was equate
"I think you're an asshole for constantly saying 'X is not my job"
"I think you're an asshole for not doing X"

those are two different things, and I stand by calling you an asshole, because you are one, and I think you are one for what you said, which is why I want others to read it, but I NEVER said you were an asshole, or even a bad person, for not standing up for me.

I'm sure I could figure something out.


Please get over yourself

Eh. Let him think what he wants.
It's no skin off my back.


what a way to spend a morning.

I do wish loco was dead. not actually dead, just no longer existing.

he is a person that hurts me and fucks with me on purpose, and goes out of his way to tell me I deserve it.

can anyone say they wouldn't feel like someone that does that to them, that their existence wouldn't phase them?




I am right!

I'm not saying I'm so smart and that's why I'm right

I'm saying the fucking logs PROVE I'm right

and the fucking logs PROVE Squash is extrapolating a lie!

Can I do embeded vids and an image?

Nope. Guess it over rides it.

this is the cap that squash posted

squash says this is the post that proves I was lying

the lie he accused me of?

"I called him an asshole for not standing up to loco when loco was being mean"

which I didn't. I fucking didn't. none of these posts show that.


Hey Insider, news flash- You are an asshole.

and? I still think you suck.

did you for a moment think I actually wanted someone to cut themselves? did the person I was talking to for a moment think I wanted them to hurt themselves?

yea, I was playing the role of the edgy, unfeeling asshole.

Is that ks/b/?

It's ok if Kanra is an asshole because he was only pretending.

nothing in this posts shows me calling you mean things for not standing up for me.

it's just me saying I think you suck, and that I felt sorta betrayed that you didn't say more to loco when you saw how he was talking to me.

I don't feel as betrayed by you doing your thing with loco now, because it's a little pathetic.

Or how about the entitled brass balls on the little faggot?



Oh look, we went from bringing things to the thread, to having a victim complex, to being on the moral high ground
Truly an intelectual

Can you imagine how I feel when people harassed me over the last few years and you never stood up for me?

Let alone with just one person.

You said I suck because I didn't do anything about Loco for you.
Grow up.



You get the idea


how about you fucking post exactly what I said

instead of lying about what I said to my face

I think you suck. My reason is that you saw Loco tearing me a new one, and you said nothing.


Bring himself down to your level, folks!

Paraphrasing is LYING



that wasn't paraphrasing

when you paraphrase, you keep the same message or tone or meaning

do you think what Squash said and what I wrote have the same meaning?


Many many times. You even posted the cap of you calling me an asshole.

You literally posted this yourself
By my count, you call him an ass hole four times

Holy shit you're dense

here's the full thing. squash is taking things out of context for a reason, and that reason is because my words in context don't prove his claim.

hi, it's Kanra.
I don't want to spam you. people hate that. so I'll get right to it.
I think you suck. my reason is that you saw Loco tearing me a new one, and you said nothing. he's done it many times. It makes me sad. and angry. I hate him for it. you saw it, and said we're both to blame.
I accept I am to blame in some ways. but you threw a lot of old stuff at me. and defending myself would just make me look more pathetic and ashamed. but I did it anyways. I said you were right. but that you weren't completely right about everything.
I'm upset you and so many think I'm a bad person. I'm angry how people didn't tell me how awful they thought I was. They all just took for granted, talked themselves into this idea that I was as arrogant, as cruel, as dickish and annoying as I am in the threads.
and that's scary.
because I know I'm not these things.
so that's why I poke you now in private. Because I think I understand how people ended up thinking the way they do about me, but I don't want to assume. I think they were going off my recent events, off my general patheticness, my general endless angst, and their own desire to see my as worse than I am.

I can't think of a time you ever helped me out, Kanra.
And yet I've spent countless hours these last few years trying to help you with your shit with Wastelander, Loco, Fool, Wallace...

Kind of makes you wonder why.

He doesn't want to assume, yet he threw accusations that I was talking with Loco about him behind his back.

But we have
You are arrogant

maybe not loco, I suspected it was loco

but it must have been someone

I am convinced you were talking others about me behind my back, because of particular things you said


you cunt. you're lying about me. that's not the same as honestly telling me how and where I'm wrong.

you're fucking lying by saying that I said he sucked.

you're fucking lying if you're saying I called him an asshole, or any names for that matter, for not standing up to loco

squash u suk


Nah you just said I suck for not doing it.

yes, because of how you framed my behaviour, I think you talked about me behind my back.

So you made an assumption.




"I think you suck. my reason is that you saw Loco tearing me a new one, and you said nothing. he's done it many times. It makes me sad. and angry. I hate him for it. you saw it, and said we're both to blame."


Honestly Kanra, this is sad.
Maybe you shouldn't post if you take strangers on the internet in suck a way.
Talk to your therapist. Get your IRL shit together. Move on from here. Because it obviously isn't doing you any good.

The instant you close out the threads for good is when we stop existing in your life.

It's that easy.

if I assume you did, what you say makes sense.
if I assume you don't, then I'm confused.

but yea, I don't think you came up with the thing I'm thinking about by yourself. it wasn't an original thought. it makes more sense that a couple of the opinions you expressed, were because others expressed them to you.

I'm digging the new method of obtaining friendship, kanra. I think this will be really effective.

what an IDIOT

That or you constantly follow the same line of thinking and act out in such obvious ways.
You even straight up told me you acted in a way to garner pity from Loco instead of either ignoring them or approaching it in a healthy way.
You're transparent as hell.


two * before and after words = spoiler

Kyle ain't talking about you behind your back. The little fucking boy scout has actively refused my giving him drama shit on you and Wastelander just because he doesn't want to be a petty fuck. You're barking up the wrong tree.

you should post our logs squash

just do it

no cherry picking
no bias
no room for lies
no twisting

just my raw patheticness, and your raw youness.

succ my way bby

No surprise there.

You can if you want~


no u if you want

eugh, it's you

If there's anything I regret is that I didn't make 3 grilled cheese today instead of 2.


heck off.

w/e nerd. POST OUR LOGS.

nah, I don't think so.

I used to think he was a boy scout too.

Try asking him again.

What kinna bread u use fam?

fuck you kyle now I want a grilled cheese


I really don't give a shit either way, dude.

You did
There's literally a screenshot of it

Literally right here
Third message
First four words

He isn't the one talking about you behind your back.

Yes sir sorry sir

it might be time to reread your copy of "how to win friends and influence people" eh kanra?

cupcake:*i lick your dirty paws and whimper in anticipation. my diaper crinkles as i move my hips against the wall so the shit smears down my legs*
Kyle: haha lol rad dude

fuck you not that one. you said that would stay private!!!


2 slices of dried and compressed dog feces.



this is a no kinkshame zone, buddy.

om nom nom gib me ur nummy poopy

yeah that's right fgt.


You mean this

hi, it's Kanra.
I don't want to spam you. people hate that. so I'll get right to it.

I think you suck. my reason is that you saw Loco tearing me a new one, and you said nothing. he's done it many times. It makes me sad. and angry. I hate him for it. you saw it, and said we're both to blame.

I accept I am to blame in some ways. but you threw a lot of old stuff at me. and defending myself would just make me look more pathetic and ashamed. but I did it anyways. I said you were right. but that you weren't completely right about everything.
I'm upset you and so many think I'm a bad person. I'm angry how people didn't tell me how awful they thought I was. They all just took for granted, talked themselves into this idea that I was as arrogant, as cruel, as dickish and annoying as I am in the threads.
and that's scary.
because I know I'm not these things.
so that's why I poke you now in private. Because I think I understand how people ended up thinking the way they do about me, but I don't want to assume. I think they were going off my recent events, off my general patheticness, my general endless angst, and their own desire to see my as worse than I am.

are you really going to accept that my point was saying he sucked?

do you think that is a fair paraphrasing? even if you take that one line of of context, it doesn't even say he sucked.

I gotta get some taco bell first.


it didnt work

I mean, you literally say he sucks
So yeah
Funny thing about saying things, they're said

Daddy always Pampers his babies.

nom nom

I can feel the gay radiate from my screen. Stop it, Cup.

Yeah I could see you doing that. Whatever gets more of the dog inside you, right?

I'm sorry that was too mean

wtf no bully emily

u r one sick puppy

so he, out of nowhere, said something untrue, without any input from anyone else?
and the thing he said just so happened to be a specific untrue thing that people say?

kyle needs to be stopped. he's gone full bully.

God. I just want to get fucked by a Gshep now.

How dare you post this out of contest!

wait what contest? did I win?




Holy shit dude

oops. mislink.

but the fact you jumped at a mislink is telling.

even when I change my name to stop confusing people they get confused. there's no winning with you people.



I can't say for certain on this particular squabble and if you ask me from what I've seen it's a gay mincing of words. I'm just saying, as a guy who has the mother fucker's phone number and posts here- He doesn't talk about you behind your back. But others do.

That or it lines up with your paranoia.

Honestly the most I really told anyone before this all became public is that I was tired of Kanra waking me up at 2 am and spamming my phone, but I never got specific about anything.



There's even more evidence to prove you're lying
Literally your own screenshots prove it

what did he mean by this

alright I'm done teasing you now. one last post for you, then I'll just ignore you like you're sure to ignore this advice.

go to bed. sleep this off. calm down.



CLAIM: Kanra said Squash sucked

EVIDENCE AGAINST: cap of Kanra saying that he felt Squash sucked for saying Loco and Kanra were both to blame for Loco's words


Dallas is a mean bean.

Hey Insider, Squash is going to bat for you even now. Appreciate it, shitheel.

y u gotta be such a meaniehead clint

Hey, can't teach an old dog new tricks.

*Scratches ears*


should be mean to people who enjoy it.

Sit stay and bend over is all you need.

Honestly I like when Dallas abuses me playfully.

I am not going to colon-three arr pee with you.

CLAIM: Kanra called Squash an asshole for not standing up to Loco

EVIDENCE AGAINST: a picture of all the times Kanra called Squash an asshole

Yeah. He only does that with me.


well then what the fuck good are you


The entire conversation you're mad about is you talking about me behind my back though

Why is it always okay for you to do it

pst i heard loco was gay