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so soon?

I'll be your Nightman if you'll be my Dayman

If you have Destiny 2? I'm playing with the boy and we could use more people to help us collect tokens on titan qq.

What were you thinkin of doin?

Nah, I think you're cool!!



Beating the raid in Destiny 2 pretty much means there's nothing fun left to do in it other than grind out the raid for more gear or Trials.

Unfortunately not.
Games are fine but I that particular one I do not have.
Only like; league, OW, SC2, the most casual things you can think of.
Oh and got into dying light recently since SD bought it for me on sale and it's been pretty fun so far.
But we can just, you know, talk, share thoughts, get to know each other

Champion of the sun!

Well thanks

nah m8




But you're right here.

You're a master of karate!

Hello, Tsuchi ^~^

We don't have enough people to do a raid yet, so I've just been grinding gear.

All of it looks pretty good on hunter.

I have OW, if you wanted to play. and yee that'd be lovely!

If you ever wanna add me on discord, I'm a dirty neet and I'm around too much!

Daddy's Whore#2001

I like talking to you, so all conversation is welcome!

No broblem dude, you really are cool
plus your voice is smoother than butter.



I've been told it's calming :3

It is!!!!
You could read boring wiki's to me and it'd be nice just to hear you talk

I feel like this happens every time :(



Too much is always better than never at all

Don't disappear Luka.

I need to make a folder of this character.

I will do that for anyone if requested

Well yeah, because you never come in and say hi to me


Yo Echo are you e-plowing Rin nowadays?

Yo you still poor? You owe me birthday kbbq



PS4 or PC?

what now?

Like holy shit she's a goddess


Hey there Echo. How's it been?

Stop being so invisible or something idk.

How's it been? Haven't seen you around in a bit.


You're so fucking far away dude

Bring Isla so I can make him cry again lmao


You know I'm not an extrovert, I need to have you initiate conversation every once in a while

Nigga come to LA and tell me when, I'll be there

I'll do it if you do




What the firetruck is that abomination?

Took you a while to catch up on that.

Wait what? We were friends on steam, did you remove me you asshole

Pretty good actually.
Probably best couple of weeks in like...shit, years.

Fran from fffxii. She's a Viera.

One of these days please read out the fitnessgram pacer test shit.


Been pretty fantastic for the most part as I realized I can somehow become both far more social and far more misanthropic simultaneously.

What's been up with?

I can vocaroo it if you link it I guess

Looks absolutely horrifying.

Test has been the only person I've had on Steam for like over a year at this point and that's only because he's my shota trap gf.


mfw I see spectre posting~

Idk what to tell you. I'm not on in long enough spurts to not simply hit End then Page Up to see who's here right quick. gomen gomen

Pretty much the same, actually. Feels surreal to say that isn't it? Maybe it's just me.

Glad to hear you're doing so well^^

Please elaborate. That seems like an interesting take on masochism lol

Not much, got done with all that wedding jazz, started back up at the old jorb and trying to get my shit back on track. I got big plans for next year so I gotta start the financial foundation for those^^

How's your knee btw?

I rarely pay attention to threads nowadays lol
Hopefully Subby ain't jelly

I usually post like once or twice then close then lose interest and go shitposting on my other board

I'd be down, I'll tell all the nerds too so we can make a commotion and be loud and shit
We got shabu shabu the other day

I was so drunk I couldn't use chopsticks for a good second lmao

Congrats, dude.

No problem, I like giving you some sass every now and then :3

How are you?

I saw, fucking lol

Get all the nerds together man, it'll be fun

So many dots.

Oh, I have it on PS4 because it's what most of my friends have and it's easier to drunkenly play everything since grinding is the only real content.

A mix of jobs and personal life has made me have to be outright social far more often and it somehow made me far more misanthropic but I still feel obligated to go out with whatever.

What sort of plans?

Same as usual, really. Still just basically ignoring it and running regardless.


I'm, totally not jealous at all..

She looks like the type of person that nothing is ever good enough for.

Waddu Bardo

It very much does, I am expecting a plane to fall on me any day now to even out the karma.

Oh I'm sure he'll manage.
What's the other board?
For a moment there I was worried you might actually be preoccupied in real life.
Silly me.

Oh thanks, I'm ready for everything to collapse on me any time though.


She's actually very humble in the games. Soft-spoken.

...oh well.


Shame I'll get to experience it since MMOS ARE SHIT

Hi Hi I just got done watching the fights itwas exciting how are you u doing?


Test does seem like the type of nigga that gulps down Tsuchi's daddy cummies

I know man, you should feel honored you didn't get kicked from the group chat
we purged out a good amount of people and kept it to the group of close friends

Poor guy, now all he has left is leeg and osu

I'm afraid I can't tell you that

Well Im always going out irl too but I assume everyone in this community should have a job and be going out by now assuming everyones in their like mid 20s

Except for the newfags which are all like 19 and traps for some fuckin reason

Soraka's Giant Horsecock

It's okay, sweet cheeks, put the skirt back on.

Everyone should be.
Test is the perfect gf.

the worst of the worst
guess only newfags would be into that shit

LOL, even though I never chatted in them? Nice. Kinda honored tbh

Dont u RXme

Pretty great. you?
What fights?

Oh, woops.
Everyone is playing xiv I got a little confused.

And desu.
is it /a/? I hope it's not /a/.
I work nights so I'm stuck with people from other timezones and neets unfortunately.

I should've tried harder with him.
Oh well, let me know when it blows.

He's like an adorable tsundere.

Good UFC fights tonight!
Georges St Pierre Came back and whomped on the champiON And won and Cody Garbrant got rocked by Tj Dillashaw !

and I'm doing okay I got to see my friends tonight so I am happy


Just my type.

Oh, I don't into ufc much.
My experience with it consists of watching random matches drunk with a bunch of friends in Ireland.



Try to get in his tiny pants.

Play dying light with me and SD

I wouldn't know where to start though.
Any advice?

I went and saw these gys with my drummer buddy in Cedar Rapids!!!

They were prettygood I've never been to a metal show before

Teens nowadays are all fucked up
Everyones special snowflakes now

Yeah dude, they all really like you

The video of you shouting NIGGER out our hotel won their hearts over

You mean liliana lmao

Well that's only when a new ep comes out I shitpost on there for a good hour or two
It's some other board, I tend to keep this community and the other one seperate
Last thing I want is mixing them up

I thought you lived like in the US or someshit
I thought your flag was just a meme

Computer can't run it :(

It's pretty good.
Why are you up Bard?

i ate. two cookies. and now i want to

vomit. goodevening

fixed that for you

sounds like you're fucked mate

the frying pan isn't clean enough.

Wasn't it confirmed it wasn't desu in voice or something?

Do you have any respect to lose in the other one?

What made you think that?

Fucking hell Ian.
Give me a list of things you can run.

Greetings, Liliana.

Yo you need to eat more

I just finished watching the exciting fights!

I was a lil dissapointed because most of the fights were all standup punch kick fests but at the end there was good ground game from GSP and I'm still excited and hyped!

also my friend was gonna come back around and hang outtu but he ended up getting tired cause its bretty late so theres that

why are YOU still awake?

just like make a sauce with it my dude

Post Soraka penis my dude

I KNOW you have futa in that folder don't FUCK with me


im reheating some food now. i woke up and saw. cookies on the counter and i just. ate them.....

Nah, that's just extra seasoning.




Bard wat

Google it yourself you cuck

How's you?

Quite a list.


Are you serious???

He likes to be treated like an underage schoolgirl.
Go nuts.


there's nothing there...

it's bacteria
i have to wipe it off.

See I knew it
:ok_hand: tho

cs:go? Dark souls?

How does one treat an underage schoolgirl?


Post Soraka penis my dude.

Never said I didn't have it

Never tried CS:GO

Never tried Dark Souls, tried 3 and it didn't work

Overwatch works


the fuck are you doing with your pans?

You just pretend his retarded and fuck him regardless.

Don't leave shit in the sink.


Is it seperate from the other images or do you just casually mix it all together

It is separate.

sort of better than 12 hrs ago.

still kinda moody




I have a set of instructions for you
1. zip the soraka futa
2. send to me
3. open bob
4. show vagene

it's something I guess..

Oh, okay.

What happened 12 hours ago?


1. No

i was awake and felt not good

helo !!!

Understandable, have a nice day.

Kill yourself and you'll feel amazing.

that will literally never happen

Might aswell vomit

I want what you're smoking

Oh really? I missed it
I guess it is some new dude

Yeah, quite a bit
Ironically people think I'm a really nice respectable guy and I don't bully anyone there so like I don't want them finding out about this board cause Im a complete ass lmao


I hear it works wonders


That's a game changer

nothing at all

the sink isn't prepped yet.

im not a tranny. thats the catch u ding dong

Wait so you're just a boi?

yea what would allude to me not being a boy

What does that mean?

The world would be better if he actually did.


it means i'm still sitting right here.


Your name

All we can do is pray

Go clean ya dishes.




yeah that makes sense.

i just like the name a lot

Spec where can I find a greasy, smelly, autistic 30 yr old girl NEET?

There is always Tsuchi~

lmao you're fuckin weird bro

Praying to Naruto Jesus only gets us so far.


Obscure Japanese MMOs apparently.


Rolled 20 (1d20)
says you

naruto jesus guide my nat 20s

He can't even pretend to have a vagina. What are you talking about?

Thank you, thank you. I likely won't be here all week.

Are you ready for all the NTR doujins?

Soto is into that boipucci. So it's chill, dawg.

Calm dooooown.

Naruto Jesus is the one, true God.


How is Huuuu?

Only if it's MoriMori-chan getting cucked by Lilac.



Yuuta doesn't deserve this!

I am chill though

It'd be funny tho

Good boy/girl. You may earn head pats after all.

Bit tired, just woke up.
How's you? Been a while

That rabbit girl is pretty cute

It was sorta working its way to being canon anyway.

She reminds me of Dawwin!!

I'm not really into manga and I havent seen this anime but everybody's talking about it so I looked int othe wiki and learned a little about it and I feel bad for her '~"

Been buuuusy and lately a bit sick. Actually was about to sleep but decided to drop by.

Saw you post and here we are~

Other than the sick stuff though, been okay.

Soto, did you ever watch the super shitty/amazingly awful "Tokyo Babylon" series?


The MC is black
Instantly dropped

I see.

Can't say I've read it, though I'm lead to believe she was never a she

Aww ;-;
Starting to feel any better at least?

heh, just like last time~
Okay is something..

It's like two OVAs from the 90s that played late night on Cinemax, I think.

It was fucking atrocious.
Also, he's not black.

It was just one of those shows that a lot of random weeaboos have mentioned watching.

nanachi's gender is never revealed and they speak in gender neutral pronouns
here is human nanachi before she beame a bunny girl !

Yup! Though I should probably get some sleep to help it along. Gonna try to pop in a bit more often. Missed sayin' hey. :3

what has Eba been up to?

Mirror mirror on the wall

I feel like a fucking dog

Something this depraved is not the product of a loving god

Male human and male rabbit. Anime makes rabbit a girl cause anime is degenerate

Sounds like a good idea. Can't keep being ill.
Please, only pop in if you feel like it~

there's no way a male could be so cute ;~;

Congratulations, you're a faggot now

Work and girlfriend stuff~

Okaaaay but only if you have a good day cutie!


this is your fault

you did this to me'

Is Sunday, so a day of doing nothing. Those tends to be enjoyable~
Sleep well, and feel better

I'm sorry but you can not be allowed to exist and spread this filth

reeee normie

Is alright Bard, I'll die soon anyway

Wait that's not okay.........don't go without me ;~;

Hand in hand, then drop off a bridge?

I'm afraid but.....but okay!!!!


ahh hello friends I exist again


Like tellin me to or?
What time is it in daneland

As in sleeping cause it's late~
Currently 7:35am. Early over here

It's only 1:40am it's not that late!!!

Good morning! I hope you have a lovely day :3c

It's very, very, very late!

Did your day turn out better than your sleep

In some ways yes! being able to hang out with the boys and watch stuff with moog is always really relaxing.

Also being able to talk to you lovely people is always really refreshing!!

Sounds pretty comfy.

heh, shame not that many people are present right now. Even more reason to sleep~~

To someone who goes to bed at 9-10pm, 1:40am is pretty late :3

Yee, it's been a strange few days so being comfy is kinda nice.

Sleep is for the weak!!!! 1:40 isn't so bad, my bedtime is like 3am but I end up breaking that too much too. Insomnia is awful sometimes qq

blend-s is super visually appealing.

great colors

Hope your days and nights soon become better again.

Nothing wrong with being weak~
a-aww ;-;

Ye but if you're weak you aren't strong!!

also thank you! I hope you have excellent days!!

Then you can be overpowered more easily. More fun that way :3


fuck you're right






my tummy hurts...

Shoulda cleaned that pan better.


it's clean right now

and very hot

and it taunts me with all the frozen stuff cooking in it.

Hey, I just cooked frozen stuff too.
What's cookin?

winter veggies
chickendogs abosolutely halaal


Woooooow, fuck Mohamed for not allowing pork.
Sounds pretty good though, I had something similar.

Look of Bard.



i cook the eggs last
so right now
the frozen stuff is just frying in the buttery pan
slow and low
once i smell the chicken dogs frying, i do a golden check on the frying stuff
and drop some eggs in the mix with spices to add the final emulsification

I saw that


I cook the eggs in a separate pan most of the time.
What kinda spices you throw in?

Because. Pls come to MechCon, we promise it won't be shit like last time.

they don't count if they're black

I mean it didn't seem that bad. It was a small thing and not really worth traveling just for that but for a small franchise specific thing it seemed fine. Though that was helped by >fucking MW5 announcement

i stir the egg in so that it sticks to everything
i used:
lemon dill
assorted peper spices for zing
garlic powder
ground dill leaves

Wonder what we'll get this year.

Ah, see I didn't like the egg sticking to everything, then it doesn't look right.


i'm not OCD about my eggs
they don't have to be in their own special plate cooking all by themself.
just so they can look sunny side up.

i just eat the egg however its shows up.


You have to eat all the eggs Luka.

I meant to say they don't count if they're a trap*

t-that;s not a trap/.....

how is it not

that's a female....................


I wanna see storyline footage for BT.
Wonder if that thing's even gonna have like, cut scene type shit, or if it's just all comic-book-y like the teasers.


What are females but dickless traps?

yeah can I get one trap and make it uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


i wouldn't mind having as many eggs as that meme
them eggs cost me personally alott

What... aren't eggs like really cheap?

I think mostly either comic-book-y or standard dialog boxes. You can't really do 3D without a HUGE investment in creating good looking 3D that you're not using otherwise; they're not Blizzard with a damn animations department. As much as I think the franchise is just perfect for it and it'd work, you really can't do FMV. 2D stuff it just about all that's left.

That said battletech stuff normally isn't huge on 'cutscene' type stuff like that. Especially since the whole mercs shit gives a certain degree of nonlinearity at least.


I mean yeah, MechWarrior was never known for cutscenes until Mech Assault. Or really, really cringy live action stuff.

Oh man, they should bring back live action cutscenes to games.

The mech commander games' FMV was absolute kino you fag.

Oh. Huh, well rip.

That sounds like hell
Poor luka, stuck in nowhereland

$4 for a 12 pack


that's TWO whole twoonies....

that's a lot to me.


google it....

you'll see.

if only

Oh, I used to have one of those.


i used up mine........ for eggs.

rip bear coins

They're like $2.7-$3 a dozen here. That's really not that much, compared to most other forms of protein and for how filling they are.

no more for another two weeks...
i don't know how i'll survive.

Without eggs, that's how.

aparently canada prices are similar expensive to aus dollars

but i've never seen a full 12 pack for less than $2.89

what if....
all i have is the eggs?


woof woof

Are you gonna eat a dog?

Speaking of not being able to buy food
kill me

That run-on sentence makes me want to kill you
I couldn't even stand reading that shit you kangaroo fuck

*grips & sips*

You should want to kill Squiddy anyway, but whatever pushes you over the edge man.

Let's kill him together
It can be a family bonding activity


You ain't my real dad.

I wrote it out properly.
Then deleted it because I'm retarded.
Then rewrote it as a run on sentence because I knew nobody really cared and I just wanted to bitch about a minor annoyance in my life.


You're right
I'm your bruv

I WOULD have read it all the way if it were formatted.
I do care Squid, I care about you DEEPLY



squids lover?!

he toothbrush from the inside

Hate it when that happens.

I'm an only child.

Holy shit I hate you so much

Yes. It is I.

You need an adult. I am an adult

That just makes the deep gayness better.

Alright, let's get this over with.

brain teethbrush in your nose

add more meme emojis to that emoji for maximum meme

do lovey dovey stuff with squid in front of everyone

luka when are you gonna brush your brain

I don't know enough about emoji memes for that.

i'd rather keep my brain intact

no vegitable in a care home for me.

Why am I still squiddies god damn it FIX this

combined the emojis

It actually doesn't.
Please die.

Uh I have no idea what we're getting over with
I'm winging this conversation from my pinkie toe honestly

Ask him if it's okay first

magnifying glass egg emoji

same tbh

I'm not seeing the problem here. You're just making this better.


he said it was okay

go ahead~

And now we've stalemated

The PROBLEM is that you're N O T dead

So fix that.
With the deep gayness.

*kisses you*

How's that?


Nah, I claim this as my victory.

yay!! squid x user

I take exception to that but I have no way of refuting.
Wanna show me your boobs as a consolation prize????


Damn, I assumed you were going to make luka actually ask me, and I'd have called your bluff.

If you're going to kiss me you can at least tell me who you are.




It's lloyd

weird.... yours turns into a pic
mine is all text

Can't hand that out to minors, sorry.

Bitch I'm 21




BITCH I'M 21!!!!!

Mislink don't worry


Yuo r babby.


Is that really your face when?



Oh fuck this is a trip

And now it's out that you were gay all along.

Nah I ain't gay
See I was the aggressor here, which is entirely masculine. As we all know, gays ain't masculine. but is entirely within a gay's domain to be receptive of shit like kisses no problem.
Ergo I ain't gay but you are fuckin rip


lmfao is this lloyd

Punked out like a bitch.


You know it

been on fire tonight but i thought that was in overwatch not irl too, whats happening my man

i sleeppy now, since i just finished my meal.

Yeah but you're the one who'll be taking the dick so shit son you gay

Filthy heteros

this but (un)ironically

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