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next time we should make sinni do it


No stob I don't know how to make new threads



its honestly pretty impossible to fuck up

I miss Yan

even if people do fuck up we just save those threads and use them later or let them get burried

george hasn't even taught you how to make a thread??


Yan doesn't stop by anymore?

yea i guess i havent seen them in a while



sorry :(

What's a thot tho?

I saw her a few days ago, but I wouldn't post from my job ;~;

Sci is fucking retarded, but in general I don't really like many people here. But I don't really dislike too many people.

anything you want it be

that's what i thought i figured i remembered seeing them around

yea the way i worded what i said at the start was a bit vague, my intention was to get her to want to post threads if she sees it is needed, not to hijack someone elses thread there and then

I think Sinni should be allowed to hijack the thread if she wants to

George hasn't taught me a whole lot

I'll hijack ur thread~

i mean when scoots hijacked my thread, offended is pretty far off from the word i would use on how i felt

Thread hijacks are only fun if you do it for petty reasons.

Why don't you leave...?

Do you think she'll come back to us?

you killed my dog and you destroyed my family

i am going to hijack your thread

Good morning Blood-chan!

all things happen in cycles, the circle is ever-winding and ever connected

G-good morning ^^

we are here forever~

Who are you again?

Oh. It's the retard. Thought it was Erio for a sec.

Ikarous, your friend




meant to post this used keyboard to get to image

why? i love you



is that why you just counter served them

That hoe over there

wow he didnt even filter me, he must be really sick of your shit

I like to see what people are talking about when they make fun of you in call is all.

BC is just inconsequential.

She only likes furry-anons

How are you doin?

im glad you guys have fun in your secret clubhouse

why do you even refer to people as a she anyways?

It's mostly me just eating on mic and Sinni being adorable.

the first rule about secret clubhouses is don't talk about the secret clubhouse.



i am appalled

It's a private fucking discord fuck off

I like to show Sinni what wonderful things I cook each day.

BD just got dunked.

well i dont need to eat now

Tonights meal is salted capers and sardines.

but why? i keep mousing over it and clicking and it won't let me in :( squash told me i have to click it 1000 times but i lost count

i vomited in my mouth a little then swallowed it then had to go get sick for real

Click it 1000 more times.

Pretty good actually, I've been having a great day. What about yourself?

Force of habit...


It isn't my server anyway.
Not going to invite people.

no no everyone knows the default pronoun is he, you're just trying to be contrarian

its gueros i know its kay

Doin good! playin destiny with the boys, it's been gr8

It's Oobles.

im scared to look up footage of destiny 2, i remember playing destiny 1 and having a lot of fun with it and i dont want to lose more of my money

my bad i thought george said the private voice chat was geuros either way i was just making banter

was I suppose to follow norms?

what's that? a vidya gaem? i'm not much of a gamer... do you have a strong computer to play it?

they were supposed to be viciously raped into you

that bores me.
why are you fighting people here?

fighting people...? even squash is-acting lukewarm at the moment

who am i fighting right now?

i heard you argue with people here... why?

i heard you make vague dumb accusations that more or less apply to multiple people that you aren't referencing directly, why?

because you don't understand rick and morty...

goddamn at least try

Because it's the internet

Try what?

Lol Canada

talking to blood-chan is a bit like trying to have a conversation with melting silly putty

melting silly putty that wants to wear your skin

get fucked

in any case just leave my bard alone

rememebr the video of that parrot fucking that guys head

what do I get my gf for her bday?

drugs and sex and rock and roll

iPhone X


don't green text cuz you can't afford it

bitch i make more bank than you

People who buy Apple products deserve to be swindled.


HA no. We're android folk.

This is more likely. I wanted to be all cutesy though idk

deserve to be lynched*


Kind of miss my slide phone, but I murdered that in a glass of Coke.

no this is where you're supposed to tell me about all the buko dollars you get selling peoples skin online to the black market

Ohayo Bardo

me cutesy, set up some candles for her and a bath, set up a surprise, scenarios can get you more reward than items a lot of the times

Unless she a basic hoe

Wow I feel sorry for you...


Like, we did that two nights in a row last weekend at the inn tho

Over a phone? Get over yourself lmao

Sinni didn't approve of the meal I made.

so you've done romantic, you've done sexual, all you really have left is something unexpected, take her out somewhere and go wing it!

Its the best phone I've ever owned

You're really missing out

No, not even close.

hi there

AHH What's that mean!?

if you're really a girl who is going to trust you on tech anyways

hmm it' always morning for me when I wake up...........

That's dumb.
You're dumb.
Bard is dumb.

it's a kakapo


you don't know what it means that's what winging it is, the essence of winging it is to trust the day and your gut, and just have fun! ask her what she wants to do but if she doesnt have a firm idea just go do something! action will lead to more action!


I'll try. She might not even be down for a bday thing this year cause she thinks she's old n stuff :(

oh god the streamer i was watching just showed the one image


what the FUCK

you take that back I am a soldier of God


specy come back

He'll be back soon, currently showering


didn't even take me

He'll take you when he gets back and fill you real good




so my girlfriend just told me she ate those little tiny pieces of cheese with the wax on them without taking the wax off


w-what do you want you monster

why do people act cute?

I seek the Holy Grail.


American scientists say cute things cause aggression.

hello madndos

Let's get this flippidy flappidy fashizzle on!

i have a tummy ache 2 day ;~;


erio was wondering how the dogs got let out so someone show this to him later so he stops saying it like its a meme

Drink more. Hair of the dog.


What's this about dog?

erio likes to say who let the dogs out whenever a lot of furries were posting, so i figure if i post a segment of a video detailing the origin of the domestication of dogs, where they started, it would effectively kill the meme

ugh alcohol makes me feel miserable


i guess referencing would be a better word than detailing



you bored as shit too

Not enough to open a dialogue with you.

i can try

living makes me miserable



flood prevention



i actually didnt notice the Holla Forums thing was an 8 turned sideways till just now

next thing youre gonna tell us is that you always said eight-chan instead of infinity-chan?

yes i call it 8-chan

infinity chan sounds kind of autistic


I call it 8gag

do the mario

I bet you go on 9gag all the time.

i actually dont like memes in the context of the standards internet definition


Why do I always happen upon you posting or saying stupid shit.


Don't patronize me.





Morning and shit.

How do things go?

I keep forgetting, you work second shift or some shit?

Nah. I just had a nap.
Feel groggy.

Good! Hanging with mogo.

How are you doin?

I don't know why, but people under the age of forty taking naps is really starting to piss me off.

You know I have issues with sleep.

Have beer, heat and nicotine, so things are well for the time being. It's a shaky affair.

I never said my view was particularly considerate- Then again your employer probably isn't either. The world ain't fair.

It's life.
I'm thinking of applying for a second job at Walmart.

If forty a week is running you ragged, tacking on the extra hassle of scheduling at another place is exponentially more difficult for less return. You would be better served trying to just straight up get more hours at your current employer.

It would just be part time.
I can't get more hours at the moment.

Sounds relaxing? I hope the rest of your day goes well.

Part time tends to not be worth the stress of finagling shit around an existing or "pillar" job, especially for barely minimum wage at a whip-cracking horseshit shelf-stocking job like walmart.

Fuck, when I was pulling down 70 hours a week or so at the machine shop, that was barely worth it even though I was making almost 1000 dollars a week. And that was concentrated at one place.

It would just be until I can pay people back.
I barely have gas money this week, but things will be alright once I hit pay day I guess.

Bah, keeps me centered! It's something, more of a distraction than anything.

Kyle don't do the multiple jobs thing again

It takes a lot of wherewithal to do that sort of shit- If you have the presence of mind to truly let slip the dogs of war and unleash Hell so be it. I'm just relaying my experience that; it's hard even in ideal circumstances.

Can't stop won't stop.

But it's life.
Gotta get at it, ya know?

There's difference between working hard and beating your head against a wall to knock it down.

It's not gonna end good for anybody

tasty tasty poopy

When you're so drunk you can even use chopsticks



what's his stand?

That's a wimmin

That can't be right, that's clearly David Bowie.

nope she's a wimmin
probably a lesbian though

Nah, I see nothing womanly about him.
Video related, it's Bowie.

oh god why

what now?

That's just what people on 4chan call it

but we're on 9gag

How could I forget



dead in here



Good morning


This doesnt look anything like Jade lol

that part wasn't part of the crazy joke. I think the file name is a year old now

she around much these days?

Hello are foxes allowed here? If it's too weird I'll go.

Oh Alright. All women are crazy tho do it may still be relevant

Not in her computer, nah. Active enough elsewhere

So* on*


You're cute!

Get out you fucking weirdo

jk hi what's your name

this is a goat only zone

I can't get that last fucking S on Twitch.
Anyway, how is everyone?

Sorry I'm new to tripcoding I'm usually anonymous all the time. I like to do occult stuff so maybe Magic would be an okay name?

Hehe thanks ^.^

Magic is fine!

Occult stuff like...?

I like your name too!!

Hi I'm Sinni, how are you doin??



/fringe/ would be my best guess



Oh good at least I didn't mess that one up. Tarot cards, sigils, yoga stuff. I'll try not to be so...strange

Hello Sinni. It's a pleasure to meet you! To be honest I'm feeling a bit nervous. Are you doing okay?

It's just what I have on right now while I chill in my room.
How's the call?

What are you nervous about?

I'm doing ok! playing destiny and hanging with the boys.

What's your favorite food?

Just chillin really

right or left
important question

Sounds fun.
Also I'm a bit under the influence at the moment so I might randomly dip. But not for a while I don't think.

What got you squashed today, squash?

I'm just high is all.


Yeah. Sadly weed doesn't really do much from me aside from helping me mellow out a bit.
So what are you up to? I'm not distracting ya am I?

Sounds suffering, hopefully you get to chill out?

Just playing destiny, jumping around collecting tokens which is mindless nothing, so you aren't! The rest of the boys are playing rest and talking.

I've been chill for like, 3 hours now.
Tell them all I say hello.

They said Hi!

and sounds nice? I'm straightedge so I'm not familiar with the feeling

Just not used to social situations. That and I kind of sort of changed this timeline after doing a rather advanced ritual.

I suppose chicken is good.

I'd rather not be bound to the dichotomy. We are all one for better or for worse. Regardless, I invoke the Angels of the Celestial Spheres to keep my path benevolent. I don't want to hurt anyone and I practice healing work such as laying on hands.

Just a bit light headed and shit.

I'll let you get back to your game.

Give me a tarot reading dude

it's night time.

im a good lulu


again, it's barely busy work, you're fine.

I hope you enjoy your blitzing.

Can you elaborate? I don't understand.

What kind of chicken?

im bored
im lonely

Could join the call that's up.

i don't own Rust.

Join the call anyway.
You don't need to be playing to hang out in call.

I figured you'd just woken up

I wish I could join the call :(

Um... usually I have the reader physically touch the cards first. I don't think it works over the internet without some personal lock of hair or fluids or something to tune in to.

I summoned an alternate me through a portal and switched places with myself. It's all rather disorienting like I'm not supposed to be here.

IDK chicken that keeps me not dead? Sweet potates and chicken keeps a fox foxing about.

Time to sleep.

no inv to call

Good night wolf guy.

after my youtubes sure

ive been up for a while (8 hours)

nini :c

the larp is strong in this one

You wake up a lot earlier than I thought

Sounds like something out of bioshock or pathologic, cool!

sweet potatoes are good! You have pretty good opinions, Magic.


who is this plutia cunt

im powerful

Are you?

im just hungry

What's on the menu?

That pic reminded me of Aokigahara haha...heh...oh god

I know, makes me want to kill myself too.

i dunno yet

???? eggs hasbrowns brocolli ?
oh cheap packs of fake hotdogs i got for a dollar?

healthy as fuck

idk what that is?

That sounds somewhat sketchy

that would imply that there are real hot dogs

sup bois


all i can do is add spices...

yeah ;~;
its all bottom of the barrel cheap stuff :(
cant afford much....

aparently the brand name is HALAL


I know the feeling all too well
Also I don't think halal is a brand name

Please don't. I will snuggle you to keep you from dieing ;_;

It's a not nice place.

maximum comfy

how u doin


Doesn't seem nice


It's halal meat is why
Just means Muslims can eat it

if its halaal it should be whole chicken, no?

halaal meats are usually higher quality than non halaal or non kosher

thats the spirit

Why can't indos eat non-halal shit?

it weird

they slit the chikns neck and let its blood drain out?

They think eating the wrong food sends them to hell or something.

Doesn't need to be whole, there's just rules around how it's done
All I remember for certain is that they can't eat meat from a animal with cloven feet or something like that

Isn't Islam big in Indonesia?

Not any weirder than anything else
Just a different way of doing things


because islam

not all of em are muslim though

yeah, also the only animals used are healthy ones

The pork around here is cheap because no none wants to buy it. Put some neck bones and split peas into a pressure cooker and you got bone broth infused mash.

haram / harambe?
Halaal ?

i wonder why its cheaper than other meats then? :\
healthy =/= high quality ???

that sounds actually amazingly rich

supply/demand maybe.

also maybe the chicken was halaal but it still uses hotdog parts of the chicken that are a bit lower quality than breasts or thighs? idk


Kosher is for Jews, Halal is for Muslims, and haram is just a word for forbidden for the Muslims
If I got it right anyway

Oh yes indeed it is. Eating that stuff after a 24 hour fast makes me feel like I'm on drugs.

the ingrediants say mechanicly seperated chikn, and "chicken"
also eggs in the ingrediant list
with a buncha different types of sodiums

why are they weird about it?

why do you fast for a day?

yeah..fuck nitrites

my food has nitrate in it.... RIP nitroglycerin

Why do religious people do anything? I honestly couldn't tell you
It's just some religious law or another


oh well... food is food i guess...

Pretty much

Fasting every other day heightens insulin sensitivity, lowers chance of stroke, helps to eliminate toxins, and makes it easier to go into a trance.

What's this new nitrate meme?
Is it a detraction from BPA and pesticides or something?

sodium nitrate preserves food?


I know that but the "don't consume shit with nitrates" fad that's starting.

Hey, Alex Jones.

it causes cancer

Well, it sort of makes sense.
Not eating every other day decreases the amount of cholesterol that could build up forming a clot that can travel to the brain, not having food to process means insulin can build up more in your pancreas, and if you're starving you're more likely to get into a trance.

everything causes cancer

What doesn't these days?


It's a nicer way of saying it makes the pooper clean. Patients mustn't eat for 24 hours before surgery for this reason.

How is it pseudoscience when there's published studies on it?

have you heard of someone called foxy danny

cancer is dangerous :(

Foxes look so cool

Vaguely defined use of "toxins" to mean "anything I can sell you as being bad".


He's someone who used to post foxes on the animal board on 4chan if I'm no mistaken.

Yip! ^.^

How do you sell eating nothing at all?

I might be doing a bit of a curl and squint in a bit.

Hello ♥

Hello friends!

Give sheep cheese pierogies

I don't come face to face with sheep very often believe it or not.

Yahallo Daia
Yahallo Echo-chan

any relation?

Sheep cheese seemed to be a sort of regular thing in food there though

It's good

Hey, how was your day? ^^

Much better than yesterday
What about yourself?

Oh that's what you meant.
Oh yeah it is.
I thought were you saying like, I should give cheese pierogies to sheep.



Waddup hoe

I'm not a hoe :(
Watching NGE and going to bed soon

For fucks sake, one night I'm free, everyone's either doing something or going to sleep.

I'm here!

It is almost 1 in the morning

Pretty good

Went to a family thing earlier; it was mostly tolerable

The best part was solitude feeling even better after


No, I just love Slovak food

Probably partly because it's similar to German food. My grandma made German food all the time when I was growing up

Good ^^ How's your night going?

No. It just so happens there's a plethora of fox pictures to choose from on the internet.

That's when I should be awake but I can't sleep :

Oh no
Fuck family things


Yay free food though


Not worth it tbh

This is when I usually sleep


I don't know what you mean

But it's saturday!

I'm still tired :


What are you doing tonight?

Oh wait, it's midnight
Thanks daylight savings

Off the top of my baked head, a bunch of kinds of sausages and good baguette sandwiches and stuff

The national dish with the dumplings/sheep cheese/bacon is pretty good

Ohh also that thing that's like round pizza dough and you put ketchup and cheese on it is also surprisingly good

And you have these things that she just called "pancakes" that are a lot like crepes?

My aunt brought her cute dog too so that was also a plus

I don't like dogs that much
I'm more of a cat person

It was a cute quiet little sleepy dog

The streets are least inhabited during the early morning so my dog and I can wander unmolested. Sometimes I like to imagine us traversing an apocalyptic landscape in search of the last remnants of our survival.

Well, nothing right now, trying to figure out what to do.

literally wat

Oh yeah pancakes are basically crepes and actual pancakes are uh...crumpets?

Little dogs are the ones I dislike the most

Midnight wandering seems like the best tbh
Can't do it here though

If I hadn't already taken my pill, I'd say lets do something
But I'm on borrowed time already trying to finish this episode

It's like, just the bread part of a pizza, and there are different toppings that you can get on it. It doesn't have to be ketchup and cheese; there are other options I don't recall. Idr what it was called

And oh

Well they're kind of better than French crepes in a way cause the pancake part is thicker than in French ones

Even if they're just quiet sweeties?


that sounds like ass
thank goodness you're not stuck with that shit

Good!!!! Sorry I was getting mad distracted.

How is everyone's night going??




-pets your hair- :3

Like I said, it was better than it sounded

It's not one of my favorite things there though

It's okay; it's easy for that to happen on the internet ^^



How was your day gurl?

Not familiar with that.
How long where you here?


How's Sinni~?

I didn't really do anything...


40 days

Travelling is great when you have a free place to stay


I'm sorry you feel like that,
though these days feel kinda grim recently.
I hope you feel better soon!!

How are you doin?

I'm good!! How are you doin??

Do stuff with me.

That's a while.
She must have made quite an impression on you.

Not bad, not bad.
Slightly bored though.

Oh, did you do a lot?

Sentiment: appreciated

Shut up Sinni

What kinda stuff?

Any games or somethin to play?
That or watch a movie! I've been wanting to watch Last Holiday recently.

Shutting up

Didn't mean to be rude


Plenty of games but I don't wanna play alone.
And watching a movie drank would take all the experience out of it.
I have a list of stuff to watch but I am saving some of them to watch with friends and others alone when I'm in the mood and have the time.

Super high

Kind of sleepy

Apparently 4pm was too early for me to comfortably wake up

There's also the fact that I wasn't sure what I wanted to do next in life and I'm still not sure

Probably going to default to being an editor online for now I guess

Went to a family thing

I'm glad it's over

You gotta pay the troll toll if you wanna get in the boy's hole.

You don't like your family?

That sounds nice.
You are a lot easier to like now than you were when we met.

But I miss you so bad.
They left me in the darkness without your sexy hands.

You weren't, I'm starting to appreciate your sass

Only thing I'm really doing at the moment is harass Ian, but it's only a matter of time before he gets tired of me.
We could do something together, hey.

Sounds like you need the Dayman.

It's kinda part of how I am, I never mean to be abrasive but some people take it that way :(