New thread hype

new thread hype

also i gotta say guys Youmacon was pretty awesome, having a 60 some story hotel attached to the building the convention is in is really awesome

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i would fuck this boy


I want to suck on trap bulge
no homo tho



You posted anime girls.

Fucking gay

Yeah I'm sure you're the only one.

probably gonna go


cya later asriel shitposter that isn't me

thank you

Not a long time ago

It's not gay since i'm a gril. duh..

the asian boy is going to fuck you with his femmy dick??

i'd watch

I wouldn't let you watch.

tfw no one here loves you
why live?????

attempting to stop me makes putting out illicitly gotten recordings more fun

Who knows. You should go kill yourself now.

whats wrong with ammmmmmmmm

You do not though. That's all that counts.

But pretty sure that means we can count that picture as a girl too, making it gay.


gay is only bad when its men though lesbians are fine even southern baptists know that

fucking hetero-cis get out of my thread.

I wont kill myself till I can kill you
with my ass

boredom and drunkeness on a friday night


I can't believe goggles is fucking trans now.

cool i got pretty drunk at a convention and didnt do anything ill regret for years

so it was a good day/night/morning

this is a good point....


you heard me, fag

thats good, conventions are traps of the soul

what convention?

Nah, that's too gay for me.

Leave me alone.

Excuse me a blank post mindlessly calling things gay is my shtick, please don't use it.

Until you understand the truth, that the gay is the one who observes the gayness, you will not be a master of gay-fu

So basically, what you're saying is that traps aren't gay. Only people who like traps are gay.

So you're just regular gay, then?

Why must you have the need to label everything as gay?


It's vaguely entertaining and I have no other points of conversation because I'm horribly boring.

Youmacon and it was a fantastic convention, it was very alive and in an active and alive part of the city, metro detroit is active as it is at night throw a convention on top of that and there was quite a bit going on


i dont know why im saying was there is still two days left

how mean



Get a personality.


give me green bean

NO, post more tummies

are you going to go to the detroit furcon?


I have one, it just makes people hate me that doesn't mean I have anything to talk about.

[another one[

I'm not mean

i think you should go to sleep....

post tummies

And you should follow

i didnt know there was a detroit furcon so im going to have to say no

i got up. at 8 pm. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it is 4:30 am

well now you know
so now the answer is yes, right?


it would be hilarious, friend

then you go instead

tomorrow (saturday) is a big day and I'm super anxious so I can't really sleep

might just pull all nighter

big day ??

whats goin on !! is it like. a good big day or a bad one ?

driving a couple hours to see my brother. I've never been to his place before and I've never driven so far by myself

I know it's literally stupid as I've driven 9 hours without stopping before with my family but my brain is stupid

delet this


its not stupid to be anxious or nervous about traveling for the first time, you have to be responsible and its good you are taking it so seriously

i'm here

get used to it

oh !!!!

well. try your best to get atleast some rest. it isnt safe to drive drowsy or sleep lack. be safe please.

*toilet lid clacking noises*

I can only afford to go to two cons a year, and I dont plan to go to nigtroit.

i dont even go to cons regularly, Youmacon just literally happens right next to me and some friends wanted to go

and clearly your brain isnt that stupid with those k/d's

sure, thats why you went
you fuckin freak

there was some weird people dressed up as furries doing tug of war with another team of like weird anime cosplays, even they know to segregate them

loling at the literal subhumans


I know my limits well and I will drink an energy drink
I'll be fine

why live

ur drunk

should do coffee instead of an energy drink excessive sugars with no sleep isn't a good idea


You're a furry though. The fur hides the skin colour.

I would be on my third four loco right now if the only gas station within 30 minutes of me that sells beer past 9 PM sold them
instead im stuck with shitty 8% steel reserves

*screaming outside ur window*

:lll man i dint want no fucking ebonics furries

i wish i had more alcohol i will have to buy some for tonight i just got super baked instead

you better be fine !!

if u stink yourself while youre driving im gonna arrest you. i trust u to know yourself though. just be safe...

tomorrow is saturday, I plan to drink a bunch of four locos cus im poor but like being fucked up

What did he mean by this

sure okay ill get some four locos and we can drink and play overwatch together

can't arrest me if I'm dead :^)


(thats the joke u ding dong)



I guess this is except able as long as you dont mind me yelling every time I die


same but this will ironically be me too


good, yes
we can invite other shitlords like subby and cait


we might end up getting a full party, i kind of already indirectly invited some other people before talking to you

..n-no randos?

I have awoken.

its OBVIOUS u cant be arrested when dead. this is the joke. do not sass me


y tho

Good job
u did it

it's a joke
I'm not acttually a cat

I feel so betrayed.



Like excuse, cat.

randos are knot allowed
they will RUIN IT

It was a difficult task.


fists up we're fighting !!!!

Karma mid ?!


RIP skt1 worlds

i started reading about the lore about this manga/anime

it's interdasting

Also I watched that show stranger things today

that show that everyone is talking about

tfw i knew galaxy was gonna win since the beginning

crown and ambition are too cute to lose !

This new season is dreadful.

ruler is also cute too so

3/5 cute boys compared to 2/5

SSG LuLu x SSG Xayah skins !? HYPE

skt1 just won, you IDIOT

i didnt have a clue what was going on but there was a scary tornado monster and cute gang hijinks


skt1 cant lost luka
its the riot LAW

I will hold your hand through the spooky parts.

ssg about to take back the cup

using a Crown and a Ruler

Faker got tired and old ;~;
barely fighting to stay in the game...

that's actually very sweet ; ~ ;


I will also hold bards hand!!!!!!!!!!

skt1 will win with OP saber class

Shut the FUCK UP ZAC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

cute pic

TUCK ME IN YOU FUCKING FAGGOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

at least i'll be getting my

PROJECT: Xayah & Vayne

*tucks you under your fat rolls*

*is cozy af* thanks babe

Oh shit, Nezi 2.0

Long time no see

get a job lol

soto more like asian somehow functioning alcoholic
how are you doing friend?


perfect gf

bean gf:

feeds you green beans.

loves u.

wow rude lol

Been good dude, hbu?
How's life and shit?

has a bean*




I work in a factory to pay the bills, but it isnt a hard job so whatever
I drink almost every day, but life could honestly be worse
how about you, you spic fuck?


Is that better than the gas station?

pays more, people are better, consistent non changing hours to make planning outings easier

so yeah, id so say*/

You go out?

very rarely, and now that its winter probably no more than once every few months

And then I wrote a post and didn't hit submit so I'm doing that now.

likely excuse*

I'm sure
I mostly just wanted to meme that image at you because it amused me.

SSG world champions

skt1 all the way

faker devistated and crying

crown is so oooo o o oo o ooooo cute he literally cannot lose

he cant lose till he does
then hes just dead doublelift or faker
asians past their prime

needs more broken arma text to speech

200 meters.


hey any san fran animus kids

go to the tekken world tour finals for me. the tickets are only.... $5

youll have fun i promise.


Much better!

delet this

...go FOR you?



I can't believe that luka



AM is a drunkard deadbeat piece of shit

yes go FOR me


God I'm stoked.


ill stroke your rat
if you know what I mean


what's the point in that

what's the point of things like these anyway, it's not like you can just flip through a card game

it's a cute little gif though thta'ts for true



hmph, i dont get it.

Yeah. Me and Tristan are playing to get my rank 7 shards.

getting s+ rank sounds difficult...

did tristan tell you about the time like a month ago where we ended up in a game together?
he was just as much of an ass then as he was in the past

Just have to get at least an S.
I'm 2 shards away.

This laptop's speakers suck.

i only have one s+ on trist
and S only on vayne and lulu, sivir, Azir, udyr

the rest are S-

ew cute anime girls

maybe you should fix that

what laptop's don't?


Rly doin' me a thinker here.

You'll get it eventually.

i'm a cute anime girl in both spirit and mind

id like to kiss someone one day thats not a girl.....

taking volunteers !

ey bb

It's pretty mind-breaking, I know.

I mean that's not my problem, is it.

I mean what else matters?

Hah, gay

you're the only one who understands.....


who even

you called?


I'm not sure anyone did, in particularly.

Yeah that one's fair.

I want to suck manakas belly button

this is what i get for trying to be funny :(

You need to retake "where to put your lips on" class!

Gee now you're just going to make me feel bad for my mindless meming.

as long as you teach the class ill take it over and over again~

he said
and i was like
you called?

that makes me the slut!

what if my job is only to supervise the final exam?

I didn't even notice.

To be fair, as I tried to imply to him, that's basically replying to most of the thread.

you're such a no chill!

you can supervise me licking your final exam, baby
or something

I mean, that's not wrong but like...

For saying you're not sluttier than the rest?

only if you pass the requirements, which involve not licking another person's body!

well.. i do post less
that makes me less slutty

*hugs sleepily*

You whined first, you made it a problem.
you did this.
It's all your fault.

then why would I even take the test, think with your head mananananananananananaka!

to learn that when you meet someone you know, the proper reaction is to give them handshake!
or brofist
or high five

not lick their bellybutton!

That's not really saying much. Besides, you're apparently complaining about NOT being called a slut, and that kinda says something.

Shit I wasn't expecting this sort of resistance

LIKE i don't mind anything

but what hurts me is you're not even laughing at my attempt to be funny
or just smile

well maybe you shouldnt have such a lickable bellybutton
its honestly your fault....


*falls flat on my bed sleepylike*

my goal in life is to find a nice boy. to feed.

Trap dick





thanks.. i do take care of my-
UH that's not the point!

I can sleep happily now~


nini thread.

this is not lewd


I'm so kind, I know, I know.


Pretty sure it is


Trap thighs

You'd lick one

not rly

How are your thighs?

Being dense makes dumb conversations like this fun though.

I'm not sure you can just list these things without examples.


mister squiddy i'm surprised you prefer that approach instead of being drunk!

Not trappy.

Show thighs.

I miss my bookshelf speakers already.

Do you want magic pills for them?

*tucks you in*

No thank!

You want a girl that has magic trap thighs?

Girls aren't traps you silly.

Who wouldn't like a Megumin?

It's like being drunk but with more lowkey making fun of sluts.

Man I wish I had those old pictures- I mean nah.

Get new ones.
Unless you mean speakers that were bookshelves, not sat on them.



so smooth and clean, you are just a belly button whore arent you?
Im on to you, slut!!!!!

hygge is nice

no homo btw

Are magic trap thighs like a magic wand except it's a traps thigh?


what is that asterisk


magicc trappu thighs

tfw u have skinny boy thighs x.x

brb grabbing some hrt

post thighs

first of all. no. that is inappropriate.

2nd of all. i only post pics of myself. on discord. never on the board. sorry !

r u a girlboi

no just a boy

I'll just have mine back by the time new ones arrive.

Why do you not have them now?

My computer is out of house to set up for a group stream - and we're probably using my speakers.



It's not christmas yet. Not even close.

It's kinda close. It's close enough for Christmas tits.

Man. It's kind of dead as fuck in the mornings.




It's just the people who aren't in America though.
And I don't even talk to most of you guys in other countries.

Tell that to all the stores, lol

Also this

At least partially because you've not talked to those people as much.

Also because they're not gay enough for you.

Well, I don't really like many people here in general.
Let alone enough to hold a conversation outside of arbitrary shit.

And nobody is gay enough for me.

i feel so dumb and useless 8D

that feel

That's what like, all conversation here is. All the time.

oh boy time for some sames

A well of conversational ineptitude.

the only issue with skipping sleep is.

the longer youre awake.
the increased chance you have to think about,

things that make you unhappy,


I don't find that true.
The more I stay awake the more obnoxious my memes get

i am inverse usually

To be fair they are pretty obnoxious already.

There's a reason I said more

Does that mean more or less green bean?

obnoxious memes until everyone stops talking to me and i'm alone with my thoughts

i tend to distract myself with.

events people places things

so that i dont pay attention to. intrusive thoughts.

if the distractions disappear..


Anything but more of this green bean nonsense.
It's already infested the Discord.


Ding dong

These things I put my penis in. Nowhere to put my love.


Squashie, what kind of meds were you on that caused your 'lapse in judgement' that day to talk to me?

put it on a card and I'll put it in my pocket

What about lasagna


I wonder how Tokai is doing these days

Put what on a card?


Tokai's gone into politics.

Loco's moist poo.

if that's what you call your love


I call it poison.

sakurako is also B

i think im gonna "go to sleep"
i dont wanna be emo and post. it makes for uninteresting annoying '

goodnight green beans

is this real

No it's cg

hmu on discord if you have the phone app

warm soft hugs for loco

This just looks like someone in corporate forcing company moral through "team" bullshit.

I can't believe grim is trying to fuck the new guy

if I wanted to fuck the new guy I would flirt with him first, no ?

Do they also force retail to smile always and act too friendly?

lmao horror

Have you worked retail or food?
It's horrible how much of a false front you have to put on.


no one will have sex with me. i do not like sex.

sorry pedos.

i worked at a grocery store as a (stock clerk) and after like a week of working you turn on auto pilot around customers. you dont even notice them half the time bc.

youre just. programmed to say anything i can help u with and be smile.

i didnt really mind it unless i was depressed on whatever day.

okay this is actually my last post.


There's an orb spider dying in my room so I moved it to the sill of my window.
Not sure what's wrong with him, but I figured it be better to die there where it's warm.

any plans for weekend?

tbh I never went to the US but from the horror stories on reddit it sounds rather alien. People here are just.. neutral?

could be doing that in private

I don't know that spiders can feel heat. They don't have brains.

could also be doing it in public too

I don't know many people in that line of work that like their job.

And yet I'm about to try and get a second job again at Walmart.

I'm probably going to draw a lot while listening to Ta Nehisi Coates talks and sleep. Maybe I'll masturbate.


I read one of his books in school. Interesting guy, but I don't exactly agree with everything he says, but he did open my eyes up a bit to issues that pocs face today

I'm probably gonna hunt for a sushi-rito since im in the city for the weekend

kinda getting into an old guilty hobby of mine too, but the thing is on a waitlist so hopefully I can snag a preorder later this week

Is this hobby the one you were telling me about in private where you and some friends would rent a van and go to a gay bar and pick up a queer and beat the shit out of him, and drive him to some fucking desert in the middle of nowhere at night, miles from any road, and take him out and burn him with cigarette butts and kick his ribs and then drive away and leave him there with no water?

Or is it a different hobby

loco wtf.


That's actually based on something a poster did way back.

no way?
whats the story

He and others tortured and probably killed a guy in that way after the guy did a thing. Allegedly.

I seem to be the only person that remembers him admitting it though. Never seen anyone else bring it up since.

who was it


I'm no snitch.

you know him and have talked to him though.

Loco. I want to know.
Tell me who it is in private.

Uh-huh. Sure sounds legit.

This was 4-5 years ago

Then we all still probably know them.


Back in a bit.

:joy: :gun:

what do i get for buying game of the year Overwatch as opposed to regular overwatch?


he just said he basically wont tell anyone

aho ka?

who really hates gay people

Spicer is the only guy that comes to mind

nvm im not paying real money for skins

Spicer is fine with me and knows id fuck a dude, if he hates gays he isnt very dedicated to it

old spicer vehemently despised gays back then
thats my reasoning

how do i download overwatch from the site after i buy it, it's telling em to og-in again

nvm i forgot i had it downloaded from the free to play weekend

I don't think he was implying it was because of the gays. The gay thing was a jab at you. And really, anything Spicer said 5 years ago at fucking all shouldn't be believed.

Also it's obvious bullshit.

this is such a pretty fish


i wish i wish i was a fish

Also spicer doesn't live anywhere vaguely near a desert and is too much of a pussy bitch to ever do anything

I'm back. At least for a moment.


Nevermind. Looks like it's back to work.

It had nothing to do with gays. It was a personal thing. I just thought YOU hate gay people.

I used to be afraid of them a little but never hated them

Oh squid already said it. Okay.


i think it takes a certain kind of courage to admit you used to be afraid of them, it as least implies you have since gained understanding that has changed your opinion


It was really thoughtless to bring it up at all. Sorry.

Also gays are scary. Too many teeth. Too many legs. Awful fuckers.


gays ares not to be trusted


boston mackerel

I guess so

Yeah. Lifting a one ton deck is a 3 people job so we're waiting for tomorrow when we have more help.

Anyhow what is up?

ever had a sushi burrito squashie?

the thought of eating chunks of raw fish is a bit daunting,but one can trust businesses to use the freshest of fish, right?

Mackerel is delicious tbh

Gay drinks

Drink the gay away.

Actually, now that I think of it I still have a bottle of Smirnoff stashed away somewhere.

And even then I hate the taste of it after that night at the hotel...

Det var en han

one of my old middle school teachers told me she still can't drink jack

I can't either

there's a small list of things i cant drink by now,, but even still, plenty of alcohol left to consume

speaking of supposed to get drunk with AM and play overwatch tonight

Maybe I can abuse prescription meds instead of drinking.

Sounds like a healthy alternative

oldie but a goodie

Most I'd do is pain killers.
And really just so my body doesn't constantly ache.

Did you watch the new one?

Sup diggies~?

IIRC you work far too much. Proper rest would probably help you ache less.

which way is down?

i try to keep up on all the new videos on that and a few other channels, but if i miss something please let me know haha

heeeeeey how you doing you green queen

Yeah, which way is down
Kind of fucked up when you think about it

I“Rectal rehydration,” also referred to as “rectal feeding,” involved inserting a tube into detainees’ anal passage and “feeding” them. Sometimes this was done in response to a hunger strike and at other times was used as a means of “behavior control.”

God bless the USA

I prefer to work. Sitting at home makes me restless.

If I eat with my ass can I poop out my mouth?

Digestion doesn't work backwards, so no

Don't listen to Duke. Try it.

it is but then it isn't

down isn't really anything more than a conceptualized reference point for direction, but when you make a system you are thinking more about efficiency than how it actually reflects with what we ultimately understand

anything can be deconstructed

I just want to eat shit.


Direction is a social construct

You can use nembutal, shit is easy to get. Acts like a drug and antidepressant at the same time. You should try it some time.

eww, scat fetishist

I think I'm going to stop talking

to anons

expanding a little further, i think it might just seem fucked up because it highlights how little we really truly understand, shows you where all the gaps are that we filled with science dirt till we can figure it out later, and just generally makes you feel more insignificant than you previously thought possible

unless i know who they are.

socializing is a social construct

gib me ur poopy

Impossible, I already think of myself as more insignificant than people can usually comprehend

unusual levels are subjective around here I think, the more you understand your situation the more you have perception on it

to feel like dirt best you must see how you truly are one with the dirt

Good morning!
How are you all doin?

Dirt serves a purpose

hihi I'm doing okay.

Decided to be an adult and use my afternoon to do my finances shit before work lol

Sup witchu?


My toes are going black and the nails are falling off. They're twisting into horrible shapes and I can feel the bones in my joints rubbing against eachother. The agony is unbearable no matter how little I try to move them and it looks like blood and puss is leaking out of the pores. But I've hot cocoa and a blanket so it's not all bad.

Good morn! How are you doin friendo

Sounds like you might need a doctor?

Though hot choco and blankets are good too, I hope you feel better!!

But it's shit!

just fine actually. Slept well?

Sounds pretty fine! I hope you have a good day uwu.

I didn't! but it's just sleep and I have an entire day to make up for that.

yum yum poopy

Not too shabby. Kinda hungry though. Whatcha up to?

and eventually you will serve that purpose to

you should be happy to even know you will one day be as useful as dirt

(see thats how you think small)

The only purpose I see for myself is to eventually die

oooh do I smell existential crises?

Layin in bed, chillin and listening to boys play league & talking with you all!

When boy wakes up I'm gonna snug & play destiny with him.

It feels like today's gonna be kinda cozy & slow


Not really

someone else make a thread i dont want to do two in a row

i think its time for the thot to contribute and make us a new thread


new thread