Just found my blood type. Who here knows theirs?

Just found my blood type. Who here knows theirs?

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Why a new one

ono based grimu

so soon?


grim can do whatever the fuck he wants

Why would I be raiding something I'm always in then?

Eh, it works itself out
Going to a doctor for something so small would be a waste of their time

It's not out yet




300 replies/ 200-250 images is usually nuthread condition

how is everyone tonight

Throwing up and sweating a lot is not small, I think only coughing is small, but that is something worth of having checked out!

It's pretty normal for a flu

i donno

i would raid your cancerous home thread

it would take 3 seconds for your whole crowd to be like

yeah you know what

we do suck a lot


dont matter/count
its just text

People don't know their blood type?

It is cancerous
And dead
Raiding would make it actually lively and sort of seems counter productive

I don't
Don't really need to know it


text replies take up load time as well.

if you want to test, it try it with your last thread vs this one.

a lot don't


It isn't!
Normal is just a bit of temperature rise and coughing/runny nose.

I already told you that I don't know.

Oh wow.

images are more

text is less


how do you find out

just saw this

this is terrible


pm me yours ill pm mine


There's no release date for the PC version yet

That sounds more like a cold to me

I've had lots of blood tests, but it's not really something I need to know


someone should make an animu irc

not even joking

Aren't there lots

no lol

They're both the same.
Vomiting is like up-scaled and probably a virus-based symptom.


It's in your medical file?

It this a secret thing?

I thought it was a normal thing to know.
Ah well.
I guess it isn't too too important.

They're not the same
And they're both virsuses



It might be a normal thing to know in Europe, but I don't think it's super common here
You can usually figure out what type you have from your parents' blood types though


gonna look up our blood horoscopes and see if we're otp



its not

but on a real tip

what the fuck do i care

take my suggestion and live

don't and die

fuck if i care

Perhaps a normal thing to know in Asia where they use it for dating.

Can also be derivatives of an inflammation anywhere in the body, at least cold is.
But puking is like a heads up for you to visit a doctor!

I'm hyped for it to come out

I'm young and generally in good health
It's not something that is really worth going to the doctor over

im lookin forward to dual blades and switchaxe on mhw

good thing they removed styles

adept was cancer



I'm B.
Go nuts.

Blood test then.

I don't even know how I know mine, I just always knew.

b what.


Are they keeping the switchaxe? It seemed really fun in Tri but I never really got into playing that one
My favourite weapon is t he hunting horn


According to all of the charts I've seen, I'm either type A or B



bruh I tried SA since tri, used in in 4 and theone that came after 4 too

love the reach and massive explosion

lol rich kids

reeeee i don't identify as male


You still should, puking isn't the usual thing you get with it.
I mean, if you still do it, visit a doctor, I'm a bit worried by this.

Perhaps someone told you?
I was never told whenever they took any blood tests, and I had many of those during my childhood due to whatever tests and heart defect.





grim you are blowing it

fucking dropped



gonna just kms now

it was nice knowing you

I have MHFU and MHF for PSP. Tri on the Wii but I never got into that one
So the switchaxe is kind of a novel idea for me

I haven't thrown up since this morning, and vomiting is a common symptom of the flu

so nice seeing you though

Blood type slut.

I wouldn't call it common, at least I've never had it and nor has anyone from my family during flu, unless it has been like bird-flu or swine-flu.

Make sure to go back and tell reddit first.


Common enough that its listed as a common symptom /shrug

It was just joke

who is this, bd?

You hear of this one before? It's pretty cool

I guess the joke was that you're not actually from reddit, but chose to use their terminology anyway?

i missed you grim

Probably for folk with other things going on for them too, or medications.
But I'm just a bit worried that it's not.

How do you feel about xxxtentacion BD?


missed you too my sweet

I didn't know that was a reddit-specific terminology.

my blood is rare

No need to worry

kms and kys are two of the most reddit of terms

Should still visit a doctor if it persists.

i bet it is

Like I said, haven't thrown up since this morning, and I'm not feeling feverish at all anymore
I'll be fine

Live action mario party


I think ppl just use it a lot there. How else would you say it?
I'm the only one who would say self terminate or something along those lines.

If you say so, but I just meant if it comes back, try to visit a doctor, please?

I'll think about it

so pure senor :)

These people are good people

How about you don't shorten it?

man i don't even want to fight luka anymore

she finally gets it

You better mean it and not just be saying things.


Won't know until I get sick again
It doesn't happen that often

its a legit waste of energy

anything and everything is subject to abbreviation.

Well, you never know to be honest!

Yes but the one thing reddit uses most is the abbreviation of kill your self.

i honestly feel that anyone who goes to an anime con is not actually a good person

His entire shirt is hentai caps

So overruled

But does he know what doujins they are from?
If not, he's not a real doujin master like Soto.

bd why are you there


I guess not

I want to go to one

This computer runs worse than I do.


what's it like

want to go to one with me?

Can't you guys give people anything

Shut up tp

Well, try not to catch any illnesses as impossible as that sounds.

That's an unlikely event


ok sorry lol

I can, but I've seen that exact same shirt being sold somewhere, so it's not really an unique product of his own genious..

Boom, his shirt, first search on Google for "ahegao shirt"

Fair enough

ahegao shirts/hoodies are lit

It's practically a meme at this point.

Kind of want to own a weeb shirt/hoodie, but the feel of guilt for having one.

exactly the same w;me as well

Judging by your image I must be B or AB.

that based grimu tho

Like, sure it would be neat if I was to visit weebcons and people wouldn't judge, but otherwise it's redundant.

desert island


who do you eat last

Blood type is AB+

Idiot's back, god or the universe or whatever wants to test my patience this week, how is everyone?

you can probably guess mine from it


SD and I would eat everyone

maybe i'm some kinda AB

tsk tsk

kanra you are not canaan

please stop

This game of musical chairs has broken ribs and knocked teeth out


Who the fuck is Kanra?



get a fucking grip kanra

you need serious psychological help

like you locked an autist in your basement lmao


What does that mean?

Only ever went to one, and it was by request, and even then it was more like a merch-thing and full of AoT cosplayers in the year of our lord 2014.

The most weeb thing I own is my Superdry red hoodie, which I consider to be a weeb thing because of moon runes on the brand.

who do you eat last?

No because if you know those words well enough, all four describe the same kind of person.

maybe you are retarded too

you just now realizing this?

Dipshit, I'm the guy you were giving shit a while ago when I mentioned my plan to move back to Schaumburg (which I'm not doing anymore seeing as the person I was going to move in with ended up almost getting killed in a really bad roll over accident). Who the fuck are you talking about?

I can't eat myself, so Grim?


I was just saying I'm B or AB because my boyfriend is B and B is most compatible with B and AB.

don't move there

According to that image.

ree dipshit doo de doo

you are a horrible human being


i dream of a day when kanra doesn't have to fake to stay relevant

bye dude

why is kanra not insta banned?

because the mods/admins here are furries and stupid

I'm not anymore, pic related.

Yeah, I know. But to be honest, I also just don't like you.

TP, stop being an autist - Kanra isn't here.

How do you even do that?
Are you fucking retarded?

oh crap

god forbid the biggest attention whiny bitch in the threads doesn't like me

what ever will i do

please fuck off

lol who is

tell him i said that though

i got hot

Pendulum live was lit though.

now this is shitposting


I'm going to bed.

oh no

Not mine. The Jetta was the daily driver of the girl I was going to move in, and honestly I don't know how she fucked that up but because of the cost of her getting a new car on top of medical expenses moving into a new place was just off the table after this.

Pot calling the kettle black.

Sleep well.

kanra please i just type

you beg

Ahh, I see now.

everyone pretty much sees kanra as a emotionally unstable predator

not even sure why he is here

who the fuck is kanra gonna predate on tho

where do you think we are

I'm only on here a couple times every every 2-3 months, what the fuck are you talking about?

Yeah, pretty much...

good point

you are a predator

please leave

i don't want anything to do with your dirty shit kanra

fuck off


like fuck off kanra

we don't want you here

here we go

you can fuck off too manaka you shady mother fucker


He seems to only post when you're here


no one likes you manaka

we figured you were a FUCKING SCAM

And you're a (probably intoxicated) moron. Filtered.



NO MORE FAKE FILTERS noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

remember when like grim was really hot for mana?

i kinda felt bad for calling mana out as a slut during that time

More than likely.

Remember when you weren't making 50 consecutive posts?
That was nice.

19 irrelevant user posts

stay jell bee



Grim how old is you and you didn't know your blood type?
The fuck


this is my shit

Been a while since I've seen you around. How are ya?


Why would anyone dislike Manaka?

i think grim is a virgin lol


Seems I'm acquimilating haters.

You have seen me? how come it's my first time seeing you

I eat their strawberry

so icey

Long ass time ago, yea. I used to go by Akai or Bard 2.0 once upon a time.

ok user


Gucci mane.

i am a hater

i say what i want alicefag

akai... bard 2.0
all of this seems foreign to me ;-;

either way, hello again
i guess

when someone is eating a cake and saving the strawberry for later, i steal and eat it

he goes my right level of hard

manaka why do you post alice

That's something I hit people for.

you're just doing it to instigate at this point

and when they cannot hit me, that's how i get all the hate!

that is a novel idea

manaka as the aggressor

it's true

Manaka I heard you broke Archives' heart.
Is this true?



So leave the strawberries alone.
You dick.

Yeah, I'm not really surprised. Apparently I'm rather forgettable, though I was still just a kid way back then (not kidding, I was like 15-16 back before animus got purged off of Holla Forums) and honestly I'd rather forget my younger self too...

manaka is seriously really retarded

also very malicious

No bully Manaka.

What does that mean?

Grim pls

no sorry SD manaka is trash

i will bully that piece of shit all night

it's as real as your love for posting


you know.. they say picture speaks thousand word and maybe posting avatar of what you used to post will help refresh my memory

Well then.


Damn why you did that

like the way manaka played with grim?

that was cruel to say the least

manaka is a sick malicious human being

ban him while you can

that's what you get for not eating the strawberry first!

it's what i do

I'm still impressed at how far his English has come though

Pic related, save yourself the trouble here.

Slight problem with that, I used to post with a stolen copy of Bard's Yui folder which has long since been lost due to at least one of many hard drive failures.

he learned the word alice

slow clap

he is literally cancer

What you been up to? The same shit and just not been here or you busy?

so you used to post Yui?

manaka we don't like you here

can you please fuck off you whore

Long time ago, yeah.

Also, Seagate and Hitachi hard drives are shit.

don't encourage him kanra

you are equally a whore


I have a gf
i'm just kidding

mostly, I cannot post because I am a robot and cannot get past captcha

how dare you to mock my favorite brand


well you are a whore

so your opinion does not count

I like Manaka

There is not even anyone here with a Canadian flag

Guess that's why you have a american flag

I'm gonna try it

Hi Manaka

it's really funny when like beepop tries to correct me

like you are the epitome of creepy

i am so sorry dude


Oh man you're breaking new ground dude

but I've stolen strawberries

nooo, i dont know why i have american flag i'm not using anything weird i swear

Click of death when the first sector can't be found... Music to your ears?

Ehhh, who am I to complain though, I unironically like Death Grips.

I don't think it worked



you even made up what you just said

you couldn't even be truthful here

honestly guys manaka is trash

and lies all the time

please shun him

Pretty sure proxies are allowed dude
I don't think you're ban evading

Give it a sec

It's going to look bitchy if he ignores me

The world is watching


I will tolerate it so long as SD compensates me.

well.. they have good warranties, right?

i'm noooot baaaannneeeeeeedd
or am i?
wait, am i?

with vodka?

manaka if you're still lurking:

you should be fucking ashamed of yourself

being a lying bitch like this

Honestly, I can understand why he'd ignore me

I'm kind of intimidating, you know? :3


the mastermind


I can't answer that for ya bruv

Looks like he's not phased.

With vodka and strawberries.
Strawberry vodka is also acceptable.

I was meme-ing

Honestly I can understand why he'd do this and I just wanted to see if he still would


Tbh there are like four other people who it would be completely reasonable for them to ignore me completely

Is it your aura?

bye bye

only one way to tell, i'll try other board

is strawberry vodka like
make strawberry juice, then pour vodka over it?



thank god

please never come back you piece of shit

Not really. Most of the ones I've had tend to fail a while after the warranty ends.

My most recent dead disk, a 1TB Seagate 7200RPM drive that I used to use for my main HDD in my last PC build, ended up developing unreadable sectors after it being about 2 months out of warranty. And since it was my boot disk it caused all sorts of weird issues regarding Windows stability and performance.

Old stuff


manaka and kanra are alice cancer

I think it's just raw vodka with strawberry flavor
Strawberry juice with vodka just sounds like alternate screwdriver...hammer? wrench?


Doesn't Smirnoff make some shit like that?

there's a lot of vodka manufacturers that produce flavored vodkas

I guess.
Smirnoff makes all sorts of shit, I'd be surprised if this wasn't one.
But I don't generally drink vodka.


What a player

Makes sense. I don't drink, I don't know this shit.

I used to work for Kroger not so long ago. The shit I always saw Smirnoff putting out was always so weird to me. But then again, they're the Bud Light of Vodka here in the states so they have to do weird shit like that to remain a top seller.



Alright, I have to get up for work in about 6 hours, see you guys whenever the hell I remember this place exists.

I have not heard coolio since I was like 6

I mostly only like old rap, with some exceptions


I used to like this meme

There are very few old rappers I enjoy. What don't you like about modern rappers?

oh wow

The main reason is probably not being exposed to them or taking the time to seek them out

is death grips an exception?

Sort of

This is also an exception:



It feels weird that I still remember his phone number

mike jones tho



also stocking a lot of these regs are pitches

no playful challenges

It's probably the same for me with old rappers.
If it weren't for Fantano I wouldn't have like 75% of the music I do I'm bad at getting music





delet this



delet hu


no u


I didn't do anything

Is it dead?

It looks dead

Dead is good

Dead is not good.

the foreigners killed the threads lol

i would like to.

interact. with people here.

don't interact with cato

it is amazing that dude is not in prison

is true, dead is great

hi hu


hi hi

You've done things

In the past


you can always be a failure!
that's a pretty easy goal~

fish get outta here lol


honestly though

besides having wierd tits and being annoying

i don't get why people don't like fish


it's probably because I'm annoying as fuck

also I used to attention whore HARD

anybody else been watching this? Pretty neat little show, kind of disappointed there's no actual yuri though

someone here should be thread raped

raped by thread? I think fishing line would be far worse


makes sense



Left is better tbh

How can one man be THIS wrong?



Jesus that looks disgusting. Like visually.

That said, looks like there's actually going to be a variety of height and some mixed ranges. Which it's about time for god damn.

Yeah, it's fucking baby shit brown and ugly, but man that vertical play gonna be fun, especially for lights with lots of JJ's.

Then, BIG CITY map Soon™.

Is my slow reply comfy?

Yes, it's actually adorable.

Waaow, actual usefulness to jumpjets. Does kinda look like a "medium lasers rule supreme" kinda map on a bit closer inspection though.

Literally just turning river city on it's side when?

It still has sight lines of over 1km on the map though, there'll be just as much opportunity to snipe into the mess of buildings as there will be to brawl inside them.

River Shitty without the river WHEN.


River could be fine if you're not forced to fucking cross it.

tbh I just miss T5 river city
It was like, chaos. I remember my first game on it I charged my madcat up just north of the fortress, chased some guys through buildings, then went down through the tunnel and up to snipe from the bridge. It was like, actually dynamic, shit happened. Crazy I know.

You don't have to cross it, it's just that because of the Citadel, and the shitty placement of buildings people just routinely try to capture it and trade blows around it.

You can still get really crazy games on it if people fight behind the Citadel, or in upper-city/airport. But it's so rare because lemmings just all waddle down to citadel.

I want to lick kokos tail fin

I didn't do nuthin




why even live