Im gonna live a long long time

im gonna live a long long time...

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i know i've blown it a few times

but i really hope nezi replies to me again

just ignore me when i'm blacked out like everyone else


It's great entertainment when you're blacked (out)

mooooooooooooooooooooooooooooorrrrning !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Please stop confusing me with Bad Dog, TP.

ilu ;;

how do I know you're not Bad Dog?

no it was with that horned user

I just saw something about my moniker.


this dude

hard fake filter

nice nezi


Yes. Bad Dog.

Yes that was the joke!
Who dis?

Likewise my dude. How are you tonight?

oh he takes his name on and off?

such a BITCH

there's two of us


All those things only postpone the aging process, not stop it

three if you count alchemist


have you considered that maybe he's just not posting currently?

wow food.

im eating..... pulled pork right now ! scrumchious

oh he did post

Look I can't be expected to recognize nezi NOT posting gay shit alright?

i would ignore you because everything you say to me is mean

but i don't want to be mean

so hi


Use those eyes of yours.

Post pone aging for HUNDREDS of years

how you been?

sounds good

we bible now


and he posts meat to irritate me more

well played nezi

well played

Baseless assumption on the amount of time. The video only said that it helped spruce up the mice and extend life a little bit. Not "hundreds of years"

Is that brisket


your wrong!

i mean bottom line is no one in their right mind is filtering me

if you hate me you still have to see what i'm saying

nice fake filter for sure

No I'm not. The highest figure he said was "30%"
That's not "hundreds of years" by any stretch of the imagination

Alright. In game so slow replies.

sorry to disturb you queenie


it cure

we all live a long time, but i guess you don't want to. ;~;

RIP you

In what way are they curing the fact that things died

new things grow

i'll tell you what though

the more i drink the more i don't feel my back pain

my ass

just become an alcoholic

whatcha drinkan

They're not new though
Just slightly rejuvenated

Its' k


downed a bottle of merlot earlier






old broken dies off correct way

new fresh grows

cycle of life


If you want to believe in an impossibility, you go right ahead

Might get me a glass of Kraken in a bit.


i usually do jamison but very sparingly

i can't really do hard anymore

hurry back

Enjoy the movie

idk, IS IT?

nezi please

we could be having a rad convo right now

Be nice Nezi :(

clean slate on this end

I'm not trying to be mean I was just posting more meat pics with some emphasis for dramatic effect

Brisket and Rib are the best cuts of beef
prove me wrong
pro tip: you can't

Are you including every single type of rib in that? Or are you talking about rack ribs


lol come the fuck on

TP post meat

i think nezi knows that i like the fake filter

i think i'm a masochist tbh. like mildly

Be my friend


all kinds

No argument from me then
A marinated flank steak is still pretty fucking good though

We're not friends already ?

how much food pictures. do you have ??

oh fine

I hope so :(

remember ninjah

when echo was new he had this swag typing profile

i'm not gay i swear

swag to the max fo shizzle my dizzle

remember when tp was drunk that one time

What's up fags and fag accessories

Trying to get rank 7 on Twitch.


not gay


I didn't know Twitch had ranks, but I hope you get a lot of followers

Yeah okay bud. How ya been?


One of us made a joke, the other did not

i don't see why two dudes can't have a dick sharing platonic friendship

oh man so much happened

tell me about yours

i'm exhausted

There's no reason they can't have that kind of relationship, it's just a gay one

Mine was bog-standard work, you know how it is

Didn't think you actually would.

We are.

That's what he looked like?

Well it was flattering.
In a very unorthodox way.


When do we cyber? OwO

A large folder.



Get in line bitch, I have seniority

Choke on a dick bitch, I asked first

I think that would upset certain people though..

See above.
jk, get on discord uwu

I see how it is


No thanks, but you can choke on mine~

This is mostly a way to assert my dominance over Duke, I wouldn't do that to Rin


it's like how i got obsessed over dar

i would have shown him my dick too

ha ha

No thanks

I'll pass

You've never heard that phrase?

I wasn't giving you an option.

And I didn't give you control

Wouldn't you?

You were ovsessed over him too?
I don't feel so special anymore..

J-Just kidding.

Too bad, I took it.

Eh, if she really cared about it.

It's okay

nah dude i'm like 35

oh for sure

my first true man crush was dar

you were my second

It's not some meme or ebonics shit like... it's an OLD phrase

Ask for her permission.
Kinda curious what she'd say.

Getting straight to cybering right after establishing our friendships would be unhealthy and rushed though.

Wow. ouch.
Why even?

God damn, Starcraft pros are nuts

I don't think it works that way on the internet


But you said we already were :thinking:

That's not really something I'm comfortable with asking

...while I'm this sober

It works this way everywhere, whore

We were, it just wasn't official, just implied.

Drink with me tomorrow?

darwin's typing profile is very attractive


I am tonight, but sure por que no los dos

But on the internet, you have nothing over me :thinking:

I see :(

High standards right there TP.

Well drink more, then ask her, then drink again either to celebrate or drown your sorrow depending on what she says.

Games when?

I don't know
What games?

God damn it you fucking fun ruiner

LOL, I suppose that's... some sort of plan?

Watching OW?
It's USA vs. South Korea now

ornette dude

it's kinda a shame how no one knows the jazz musicians\

who influence the rock and blues musicians

it's too late


thanks again for that folder.

The Walking Dead was never good.

The twitch i laned with was super mean and bullied me

the Vi bullied me tooo....


did I upload it? nice

We can play after this ARAM.
I'll treat you right as Twitch.

when i get a job we should go get a big. tasty meal. i would like to eat out.

I love me some jazz musicians mang. I just think Jazz as a genre is kinda falling by the wayside in popular culture unfortunately

Luckily, most musicians know jazz pretty well because there are some fucking legends in jazz


Everyone bullies everyone in League


You could call it that.

Can't, I'm at work, I am keeping updated on /owg/ though.
gimme your gab folder~?

yep. Sometimes I troll by posting it. It's just no one knows. I troll people's bellies.

What would YOU call it?

this is the mean twitch i reported...

Let's play Minecraft
I run a Christian server, so no swearing!

...b-but i was the support

i've been watching the new season and am like

so we are going with the comics


if rosita dies i am dropping it

i mean even the rap idiots who steal their shit from funk icons don't rep the jazz icons

basically black people are dumb

Support best role

Good rappers do, look up Lupe Fiasco and Robert Glasper

So you're on mobile..?

Nah :3

that sounds nice

good luck on the job hunting :3

im Lulu

That is amazing

Never played Lulu

lulu op

Is she?

do you think i am a retard

look up your ass

rap is terrible these days

it's all trap

she powerful support


I kind of gave up playing League again

that's where you're wrong, kiddo


No, I mean the collaboration between Lupe Fiasco and Robert Glasper. Robert Glasper is a jazz pianist, they did a song together.

An idea.

How ideal.
I already never swear.

I have laptop with phone internet.
But I keep running off regularly.

I'll buy you a sub

Don't what?

Good, swearing is bad


honestly gucci is a genius


right now. i think. my best bet is just... get a temporary seasonal job. so i can sort of..... not be a leech to my parents and also still be able to go out. search for something permanent while at that job.

ganbarimasu !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's not an answer

oh sick

damn that came in hard huh


nezi no ;;

no u

you the food poster on Holla Forums?

you could always try uber or uber eats

nah. i just got this kick ass folder from nezi.

or is it nezi

that is like referencing rosa park

the cause has been so lost lol

based colin k tho

Good for you man

i think i might be a feminist

When are you going to get a job Ian


I have one???

I wasn't answering a question, you were supposed to

u were


I wasn't though

no I actually did upload it




Again, don't what

oh thanks

also what you been up to beepop?


dont do it

Just don't, k?

Don't do what
Don't quit? Or don't play


I have one???

the native americans are particularly susceptible to gambling and alcohol

hella sad


Why wouldn't I quit playing? I don't enjoy it

It's ok though, that's what the majority of Native Americans make their money on.


real q

are DOA and luka dating now?

i don't know how fresh to get with either now

We aren't dating as far as I know
What made you think we were?

beepop why do you always use that meme face

i love you so much

TP you wouldn't happen to be drinking by any chance would you

you guys are HELLA comfy is all

We are?

:^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^)

:^) hella :^) hella :^) hella :^) hella :^) hella :^) hella :^) hella :^) hella :^) hella :^) hella :^) hella :^) hella :^) hella :^) hella :^) hella :^) hella :^) hella :^) hella :^) hella :^) hella :^) hella :^) hella :^) hella :^) hella :^) hella :^) hella :^) hella :^) hella :^) hella :^) hella :^) hella :^) hella :^) hella :^) hella :^) hella :^) hella :^) hella :^) hella :^) hella :^) hella :^) hella :^) hella :^) hella :^) hella :^) hella :^) hella :^) hella :^) hella :^) hella :^) hella :^) hella :^) hella :^) hella :^) hella :^) hella :^) hella :^) hella :^) hella :^) hella :^) hella :^) hella :^) hella :^) hella :^) hella :^) hella :^) hella :^) hella


yes i am drinking

seems like it

i think luka likes you a lot too

because i have one to paly with ;~;


calm down beepop

good thing you arent a mod lol

i do not want to drive an hour to get to a place where im gonna put even more miles on my car x.x

uh.... thanks.

a big part of it is just sorta acting like i am excited to be putting in effort to get a job. that way i can you know.

fake it til i make it heh. job i need one

I still toast the user who DOXed him.


Employers want to see enthusiasm so good


You're awake when I'm asleep though 99% of the time

Could've saved it for tomorrow.

Worked for me



i will have the most terrible headache tomorrow

Do you want to play something now?


echo how do you feel about DOA

Where has Bard been to lately anyway? Or have I just not been around when he is

yeah that's true

I mean it could be good while you look for another job

idk just a thought


Do you have any fried tofu?

bard got pissed when kerm and his alice crew started raiding

but if brad is brad he will post


Poor Bardo


you don't wanna play what i wanna play

and i don't have the games you have


i love brad so much

such a hot head

He's alright.
Why ?

Are there any games coming up that you're excited for then?

It's not that bad

He is

oh he seems to "want you"


here's what I think of your tofu

Looks good

yes ! i have a lot of this. sometimes faux... but it doesnt matter.

what position do you hold ?

yeah you do have a point.

Telephone interviewer

DOA's job is spamming your phone

you still love him luka?

i do

Echo what do you think of Alex?

I do it for the gov, so at least spamming your phone will do something

Starcraft remastered playing on Blizzcon

I don't have a computer rn so rip me.

It's running for a little more than an hour still, I think

no joke like rin how do you feel about stranger things 2

imma ready to drop it

enjoy your gynecomastia then

It's shit
somehow more shit than the first one

As long as it tastes good
How do you feel about fried eggplant?

did you like the first one

cause i did

this season is TERRIBLE

except the nancy

Yeah well who doesn't.

It's not riddled with xenoestrogens if you don't use shitty pesticides on it.

Maybe I'll take my dad's tab after all.

Haven't watched it yet.


TP you're reading into things too much

Do you enjoy it?

destiny 2? is the big thing everyones playing now? besides pubg?

Oh I like Alex.
Though a bit too slutty maybe.
Not that I mind.

Destiny is pretty fun, I'm kind of waiting for people to do the raid with though
Then I might be a bit less into it for a while

J-Just kidding.

who are they anyway
are they new

what are you getting at?

Just asking

Just because you see a special side...
Also I don't want what I already have.

fair enough

i feel like millie brown attention whoring

ruined the series

oh hey muu butt


S2 could use more spooky parts instead of just the psychological horror it enforces.


As it so often does.

I don't have images and it's so disappointing.

What up SD

Good morning friends!


You can describe your reactions.

Good morning Daddy's Whore~!

Good morning Echo! How are you doin?

You know, S2 so far has been dumb jump scares and nothing real to fear, but S1 had that demo-gorgon thing going around actually being a threat.
On ep 5 of S2 and so far it has just been that kid going full Exorcist saying satanic things.

Eh, weekend, music and alcohols.

Weekend, getting rid of the last bits of sick and Blizzcon

I am tired as hell but I besides that, feeling pretty good.
And I will rest soon anyway, so nothing to really complain about.

i want freinds to play with.....

you lost me in the s's

Oh, what has been bothering you?
Well, I'm not really too much in-the-know of all the cons, I think I only follow E3 for the game releases that I want to see though.
And even then it's from Youtube after a day or two from the initial stream.

i'm not an autist and i don't play video games

sorry bro

S1 = Real threat
S2 = Psychological threat
So, eh, boring.


Pretty good! Playing Destiny 2 with Moogs!

I hope you have a good sleep when you decide to turn in!


He's got a point.

see horn guy is definitely poor and has licked ass for money

which is?

sounds something someone who's autistic would say



I would have doubts about the autism part as well.

sorry i totally missed this lol

I want friends who enjoy playing the games I enjoy playing

Think I had the flu or something today
It's just Blizzards E3 essentially
The new World of Warcraft expansion was announced


That one really cute gif you asked if could be us with LO and Accelerator.

oh i am totally autistic

when you are in tune with our mind you realize how banal labels are



It's simple

Yeah that one was pretty great.

Do you play any of the Monster Hunter games? Monster Hunter World is coming out soon

I'm confused why I got tagged into this though

They really need to speed the S2 up for it to be more entertaining other than small revelations about the plot.

Ah, did you drink tea with honey and sleep enough?
Isn't that like.. 7th or something expansion already?

luka how did you feel about john wick 2

ive never played a monster hunter game

it was ok

but you like it right?

I did a lot of sleeping, but no tea
Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King, Cataclysm, Mists of Pandaria, Warlords of Draenor, Legion and now Battle of Azeroth

They're really fun!



Ah, well, that's good to hear.
Did you take any meds to help it?
So it was 7th, what a lucky guess.

i feel like me, DOA, beepop

should raid the waifu threads

whose down


are they multiplayer?

Nope, didn't take anything

I'm a regular poster in /waifu/ and I'm posting there now
I don't think I would be a raider of it

you liked it lol

There's 4 player coop for it, yeah
Unless they expand it past 4, but I doubt it

Ah, didn't even visit a doctor?


Nope, just threw up, sweat a lot, slept a lot and ate toast and soup

I thought you knew I was from there


oh i did


That doesn't sound too healthy..
You should visit a doctor next time such thing occurs.


how do i get it?