Fuck niggers

Fuck niggers

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i want to make a new thread this one has the worst

kanra and loco stfu

And you stfu


We exchanged some words in PM's tho

I don't really know what's going on between you and squash but I don't think you're helping the situation. If you don't want someone to do something you probably shouldn't taunt them about it.

But I'm just an internet frog Idk shit lol

You’d whine anyway

liliana seems a lot like Desu for the three posts I've seen.

but like an unironic version

They actually are desu

i dont like irony !!!!!!

i am all about.

neo sincerity !!!!!! irony is abused !!!!! its okay. in some instances. where it makes sense. but a lot of people are scared to be..... genuine and sincere and hide behind irony !!!! i dont like this.

Someone gimme the run down of the Squash/Kanra drama at the minute.

I want someone to punch me in the mouth.


People need to see our love in public.

Have you considered not being a fake as fuck person?

nope !

the situation is helpless.

squash already said he's willing to lie and treat me like shit, and even betray his own moral code, because I used to vent a lot of random unrelated stuff to him over the years without giving anything in return.

Squash is the sort of person that thinks morals don't apply if the person is a dick.

I will enjoy your short and shitty thread life. You do not have the make up for the long haul.

ofcourse not !

why would i stay here for a long time ?

noun: irony

I will savour your inevitable breakdown.

um, squash said I lied, I said I didn't, I readded him on Discord so he could post proof of where I lied, but the stuff he posted didn't prove I lied.

the lie in question is whether I called him an asshole (or some version of an asshole) for not standing up to loco when loco was being mean to me.

the posts that squash posted were of me calling him an asshole for different things.

All take.
No give.
Prideful to the extreme.
Naive in its purest.
Ego to the max.
These sort of people make for pretty shallow and tiresome friends.
Those sort of people are beyond aving.

yes because i will breakdown in public and make a large post annoying everyone instead of leaving without bother ing anyone. sounds like me !

(this is an example of well placed sarcasm)

This is why you are little babby.

what are sign post tones

well, he did give more to me than I ever did to him.

in fact I still feel I owe him for the stress, and the times he did help me.

I hope he realizes what he did today was a mistake.

Oh how we stew in our own ignorance.
Blind to the paltry inaction of our lives.

omg is it (pseudo-intellectual) poetry time ALREADY !!! !!!

black. all around me.

darkness. i cannot see.

where am i. i dont know.

i am blind to the world. i cannot see.

wow gay!
look at this guy with his feelings for other people.
Call the feels police ;_;

Whew well alrighty, I already regret sticking my nose where it didn't belong.

I hope the dispute is resolved peacefully without any hard feelings between either party!

Are you ashamed of my love?

Also going to be in game.
Slow replies.


Liliana is fake as fuck. I do not like you. You are fake as fuck.

I'm genuine.


I go to make breakfast.

1) Kanra you need to stop being a self righteous leech, and actually become a friend to people then they will be a friend to you.

2) Liliana is fake as fuck. You have now been amrked. I am going to make it my while to bully your entire existence.

Is it so hard to believe
I just wanted to help

Maybe you don't think you deserve it


All I want to do. Is see you turn into...

Everyone thought that until they got him in voice in your discord.

Squash being Squash
Kanra being Kanra


I never thought it was desu though.

Look at this fag, not bandwaggoning and mindlessly believing what everyone else does.

a huge lady


Not what I wanted to see.


Don't trust Liliana.

I don't even read what they post.

im hungry. i will. go to the kitchen,

and make some. eggs in a basket ! very delicious breakfast.



Do you have a maid fetish Spec?

If she got big boobs and silver hair, then he does

That is why you switched?

It got him to post, did it not?


That's sort of adorable but it also makes me sick.

Faggots are terrible, aren't they?

A little bit.
Maidos are cute.

I fuckin' will.

im gay



Absolutely. I wish you happiness regardless.

They are okay.

He's gay

I was thinking of posting that too.

Down on your knees


i didnt make food and im still hungry wow its like cause and effect

Being sick sucks

good morning Holla Forums

You are okay.

help make*


its not bullying if they are blushing its flirting



No touchie.

We both know that is a lie.

I can't judge the character until I actually know the character.


Her dress is too short

how does thread usually take its coffee?


Not at all

Take my word for it.

League getting a legit loli champ :o


too hot that it burns my tongue, leave it to cool down a little bit, forget that i have coffee, get awful cold coffee


Some people here would like that for sure

black is the correct answer but i can also respect people who don't drink bitter bean water for life force

coffee isn't bitter. It's tasty gold

Triple Triple, or Double Double half hot chocolate

No such thing.

I'll trust it, if you tell me what you prefer instead.

this happens to me a lot when i have coffee that i get in those paper cups but usually i make it in mugs at home and that lets it cool off quick enough for me to enjoy it

try dumping your paper cup coffee into a coffee cup while at home

big & strong & black & inside me

I never use papercup! It's always ceramic mug or insulated stainless steel tumbler

Time just passes quickly when i have hot coffee in my desk.

I guess the phrase "time flies when you're a faggot" was true

I take my coffee like I take my women.

Ground up and shoved in the freezer.


i think someone here made that phrase up

this actually isnt a bad idea to do with pre-ground coffee, the cold helps it keep better while you arent using it

it was a greentext from 4chan

can you tell me about the same and the desu and the roody-poos

No catface. No class today?

What I prefer? Over maids? Kemonomimi.

First you have to know what is a candy-ass and then talk to newt-gingrich

remember when people would unironically make Desu posts?

i dont think i have enough points for that yet i still need to win three more battle royal threads

what where source

Nope, just groupwork, and am done for today. Weekend now.
Soon dinnertime though

it's called hungery games you n00p


I sort of forgot what time it was for a minute.


Kemonomi- oh.
Those are cute too.

how do i tell who OP is they were called battle royal threads on gameFAQs

you can tell by the most butthurt person when you say the "OP is a fag" magic word

MAN i remember the last time i visited gamefaq was to find cheat codes for some old game called urban chaos or something

gross its western

i actually joined a site called cheathappens back in 2007 when it was still relatively new, i made friends with one of the moderators there and he's done DnD games and crap with me and he's gonna be one of my Overwatch pals when i get it later today

i left because the community went to shit but really it prepared me for online interaction where as before i was fairly atypical of your rage posting shitter on some game forum

probably one of my closest online buddies

Manaka give me a hug.

manaka give me more word hugs

talking with you is always fun

my usernames was Fault2k i have over 2000 posts there

you can probably look up my entire post history on there

what is the matter with youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

you want a squeeze with that?







What is for dinner? Doing anything over the weekend?

The most cuterest.

Pancakes, and nope, nothing at all.
Got any plans yourself?

Now I understand why you like Hu posting Momiji.

It's familiar cause it was my skype

Nothing fun planned. Just obligations.

My secret has been revealed. Are you intentionally posting them for me too?

I like them also. And Granblue is full of waifu material.

Good morning friends! How are you all?

Still alive

That's something! I don't think I've seen you around before. I'm Sinni!!

I hope you're havin a good day so far.

Nice to meet you Sinni. I'm MrFreeman. I used to shitpost regularly but it was too high in calories so I quit for a while.

Still dead


What a helpful catte

What kind?

Freeman no longer has a tummy?

wear to cop that shirt !!!!!!

ver u cute.

wish I had bought more tbh

Whats dat


samalex, notorious CSGO trader, literally bought over 12,000 of them

holy fuck


party party



300 iphone x's were stolen from a delivery truck parked outside of an apple store today, worth $370,000

thieves were wearing hoodies and got away in a white van

this makes me giggle

the fuck is wrong with you people

Color me impressed.

you literally bought an iphone from me


an apple a day

loco is a lying toadie, whatd you expect

I think it's more that that would mean each iphone costs something like 1200$.

shut up rin

you are a tranny with a melted brain

My brain was melted long before I was a tranny, thanks to the EDM.

Shut up, fucking slut

Tranny hell

melts their brains
fucking trannies


ooey gooey


im it

To heck with Calicucknyans.



For like 40 bucks

What kind of hell on earth is this that the new flagship of the most popular phone in the world can be priced at $1200 and people still buy it?

It's a fucking phone. You can get one new for $300 that would only be a slither worse. The fuck.


Welcome to capitalism, people pay for names not practicality

Said the rich mammies boy




my tummy is hungry

I literally live in poverty

Like my dinner tonight is going to be plain rice with chicken broth

Maybe I'll eat that last slice of bread in the cupboard to treat myself


I was trying to get with Yuri and that dumb cunt killed herself lmao

I bet Pearl keeps her gash clean as fuck.

Don't be a dick, watch the spoilers.



lol sucks to be you

ello hu how is your day?

i just woke upnot long ago and my leg is mad sor

It's too early in the day to be jacking off so don't be talking about pearl's shiny smooth ivory vagina ples

Poor babby starving to death

Day been alright, quite tired now though.

Damn, that sucks. Slept in a wrong position?

*Slurps her pearl*

mybrother kept trying to Heel hook me last night when we were rolling and i can feel it in the muscley part of my knee ;~;

I've been sleeping a LOOT only have one more hour before my free time is gone and I need to go be a slave to the system

I meant to get up erlier so I'd have more free time but the sleep wrapped me up and dragged me in

do you have anything fun planned for the weeknd?

A voluntary slave system however~

Yeah, I do. Plan to do absolutely nothing

I wish only to feel her nubile thighs around my neck.

I wish we could 'freaky friday' into each others worlds so i could steal your leisure weekend


Brb 15 minutes






big version


i located the source
then doubled the resolution and quality

Post the full image

lone gone

dont do it luka

I need to see the text bubble

Is it porn






Damn, lucky nigga



I had other things to do , then slept

Woah, I didnt know Luka was so into futanari on trap porn.

I'm sad I opened at least 5 that I got from drops instead of just saving them

I even made the mistake of searching the exhentai for the yuri tag


What game are they for?

Time to go to an animal convention


You guys are going to eat me alive

pls spare the doggos

new overwatch hero!

Freud was right.

the most broken early access game that's supposedly releasing in completion at the end of the year and on Xbox

I'm ready to watch the shitshow


I'll buy the game after I get home

Sorry but this hilarious joke was once again brought to you by phone autocorrect

you're home!

New WoW expansion!

Oh for fuck sake
I forgot it was ESPORT READY

don't judge me I totally saved that doujin it's pretty good

I don't like the character design this time but we'll see how she plays

headshot (no helmet) and 2 body shots = no kill

8km when I jumped out

Only in my heart



i've never played WoW before

i wonder if WoW classic will be free?

She edgy
but hopefully her skins will fix that
otherwise her vampire zen healing hyper beam kit is kewl


I imagine they'll want people to pay for it



I'm wondering if they'll make you pay 2 if you want to play on live and classic

e......? so, sorette.....
ochinpo***nokoto, nano?



If I need to choose, I'll probably pick Classic though


How am I supposed to give it to you

and what's it all mean?

Huh... ... ? Th-that... ...
"Penis Milk" thing... ?


Par troll

so ochinpo = ochinchin ?

おちんちん is more childish afaik, but yes.

Both are colloquial anyway.

Shitposting using a surprisingly large amount of my battery

I'm so glad we could have this moment between us where we discuss the proper form of "penis" in Japanese.


also shouldn't it be そう instead of そ

The proper form would be 陰茎 if I'm not mistaken.

Read いんけい

No - it's それ but the character's stuttering, そ、それ

Rin loves penis milk

I don't hate you :(

I am a pure and chaste maiden I just lifted it from Kemyuu's freaking porn thing that he posted in Ban's discord.




you're...giving...kanra...your boy puss



hes gay

yes he can have it



"I am a pure and chaste maiden"


Who's that



hey cutie

Hey shut up that's private!



Rin you would like the generic boring child-like tsundere archetype

"Hey there, miss. I was looking the site for a while and I stumbled across your profile. I looked over your character and she's quite interesting. Do you want to chat and get a roleplay going with filth, slob play, maybe microphilia, and any other things you're in the mood for tonight?"

Don't be a gross bully.

I wasn't even being gross.


Waiting for monorail at Youmacon :V

Cirno HD-ifeid


Man with TV on head

Went to comicon
There was at least two pickle ricks on saturday, I swear, probably many more


TV with man attached


But who is Zoe, what is she from
Not from League, is she?


New league hero as I hear it.

she's from league

didn't you notice the dead tristana?

HD big

Jesus christ that looks like an even bigger aids than Lulu

I was going to play her.


I wasn't sure it was related. Didn't know they added a new champion

she's a burst mage!

pew pew

she dashes around you

she steals your items active abilities

and she attac

I'm happy to see bamboo tank

they just released her teaser trailers

That would explain it

add me on league and overwatch

You don't even play the game.

Get this disney shit off my league.

I'm not allowed to take an interest in your hobbies?

She's tottally SUPER disney ikr!!!!

I do have you added on both

You are, but you might regret this particular one.

Way too much disney.
more disney than actual disney characters.

u be dead & you rage quit ?

rin and you should play together!

Are you a salt factory when you play?

Zoe & Moira

both have HeteroChromia ?

coincidence? i think not


both released around the same day? by the two biggest games?


Nah. not usually

Well sure, why not.

it undulates with stinkwh

what anime is this from


Here's a noobie con goer tip baddog

Don't ever go to the table top gaming area

The people who play trading card games don't seem to know what deodorant is, and then they all gather in a small room

I can literally smell your picture lmao

why is that bitch wearing a green onesie

like what even


Oh wait it's a cafeteria

holy fuck


eerie af dude


Sup TP


Also on Discord and Steam!

not much

i think i have back mice though

A back mouse is a fat mass that protrudes abnormally through the lumbodorsal fascia. The lumbodorsal fascia is a big diamond-shaped sheath of connective tissue located in the lumbar (low back) and thoracic (mid-back) areas of your back. Back mice also occur in the hip bones in back, as well as the sacroiliac region

I don't understand this post but I appreciate it.

Furries playing tug of war and it's not even a furry con

im bored


you were at a con i take it?

i can almost guarantee they make jokes about the knots on each end

fucking deviants

That sounds really unpleasant


Hit ~ while pressing shift tab


Kanra is my boyfriend now

Thank you

How'd ya do that

I told him I had books

Am at it right now these are pics on the fly

The Holla Forums aesthetic

Works, every time.


I've had a cold for over a month. Time to see a doctor?

4 more hours
until i go see thor

See Thor?


sorry, my dad called to talk about my back mice

yeah it's really painful

so far it only flares up periodically and hadn't for awhile until a few days ago

but it sounds like i'm in for a world of hurt

how's it going with you

oh shit nice



yeah dude

i'm calling mine monday about my back mice

my dad convinced me

why fart around

luka is thor dope?

What movie do you mean

Had to call sick to work today. Had the flu or something

Yup the movie!

it's not out yet

oh wild. hope you feel better

i haven't called in sick in like 15 years

never been too sick to work


I can do both

your and DOA's exchange was confusing

in that case

more traps in cosplay

you know what we like


Didn't know what this was and until I Googled it I was picturing little mice crawling around on your back

I don't watch movies very much

It's not so much that I couldn't work, as much as it was I didn't want to make other people sick
Also vomiting when my job involves talking all day is not an exciting prospect

gimme detiny!


The new Thor movie looks good but I'll probably get triggered by it not being quite apocalyptic enough to warrant the title "Ragnarok"

I don't have money


what do i do now?

Just saw a midna but it was dark

p confusing love

yeah somehow idiots become scientists

who would have thought

yeah i'm joking about being a pussy

just i don't really get sick

and when i do it's usually a cold and not stomach flu or something

but i legit have never used a sick day at my current job for 3 years

I'm not sure what you want to do. I'm getting kind of hungry, so I might try and find something to eat


Was she short????

At least I managed to go 2/3/2 in a difficult game as Ekko.

I want Surtur to scorch the heavens

At least you don't have a condition that involves this:


Give them some cheese so they stop nibbling on you



i want freinds to play with me :(

eat tasty things~

bam that udyr ran up to the overextending teemo
and bam that trun trapt teemo with pillar

EZ gank

lol that Azir fail ult

jinx was playing fir fire too much bot ;~;

teh penguin of doom

made real

Were you spectating?

who? what?


if you leave i will be upset

only the first 5-10 minutes i think.

Ah. Yeah, it went to shit pretty fast.

yeah they had quite the gold lead top & jung

the enemy lulu was super agressive bot lane!

and jinx didn't respect sivirs push until it was too late.

"Surtr moves from the south
with the scathe of branches:
there shines from his sword
the sun of Gods of the Slain."

(Marvel's Surtur is in the new movie; I saw him in a preview)

Well I'll probably go get food in about 50 minutes, but you said brb and not bbl, so it should be fine :3

Oh well. I was at zero LP and I don't plan to play more ranked anyhow until next season.

Pretty short

I wonder if that text worked better as a poem in Old Norse

Hire me as an Anylist! i alalyze you gameplay~

i dunno what that is lol
but cate blanchett is super pretty with long dark hair!

too risky!
I wanna play one single Draft game... since i'm bored.

Why draft specifically?

Apocalyptic fire giant from Norse mythology

And yeah she seems like an okay edgy Hel

can't palce control wards on aram

oh so that fire monster hulk jumped at in the trailer!!!



Is no one else doing anything right now? I'm playing with a friend already :(
I need to figure out what to eat still

what the heckie



Everyone else is playing Destiny without me....

What was the name of this doujin again?


boku no picu


got that icehouse

going semi ham tonight



this image reminds me of my back mice

pls spoiler


Now that's quite the bladder infection.

I'm just sitting here, doing nothing.

I always have the best headaches after a night of pure icehouses lmao


do you genuinely enjoy doing that?

cause i sure as hell do

I'm probably going to play some to get my last champ shard tonight for a champ.

I'm glad the Marvel cinematic universe is almost at Infinity War though

I successfully stayed

How was your week? :3

you can't prove that

oh yeah my head is dunzo tomorrow

but i have nothing to do and a solid quad to rip


1500 for mystery shard?

i wanna see!

kinda wild

brought my cat to the vet

then i thought my other cat got sick from that cat

then i brought my car in to the shop for a simple window fix

and it turns out i need a whole new transmission lol

add the back mice to that and it was pretty rad


i would recommend learning to enjoy it tbh


I need like 400 more.

Same, it's been a long time coming

It better be completely over the top and ridiculous

Are your cats alright now at least? ^^

I've mostly been smoking weed and messing around on the internet while occasionally writing poetry

Summon blood chan

3 games!
and you do it!
or one fwotd and a second win

you should go

Pretty sure she's at work

Maybe I will; I still don't know when that will come out actually

I think I heard next year

Oh boy what's happening here?
Oh it's friday, right.

I also didn't know it was Friday night until I saw TP

but i mean it's not like you're not doing anything, right?

you're talking to your internet friends. you like doing that

and you're probably doing weird steam/discord shit on top of that

maybe watching some weird twink porn (not sure what you're into. no judgement here)

yeah the one had an ingrown nail, which has happened before

it's hard to describe but he was born with deformed arms so he doesn't get the same traction as a normal cat

but it's such a pain in the ass to get that one in a carrier that i put it off for maybe longer than i should have

lol he was like a rhinoserous trying to bust out of the carrier this time, then when we get to the vet he's a big scaredy cat

but like when i got him back like not only do they do that weird i hate you now thing

but my other cat's one eye like started to squint and water like crazy for a couple days

she's weird though and it seemed to have since subsided

i really don't see how people have kids dude

Pretty much. Personally I just forget because it's saturday for me.
Like all of it.

nothing's going on
same as it ever was

im going to watch it in 4 hours


Well, yes, but you know. Sometimes there's at least some shitposting to enjoy.

Well cats can be crazy little demons, but I guess so can kids

You just need to show that pussy who's boss


I meant Infinity War

Maybe I will see the new Thor soon though

Ignore the second one


luka should i sign into steam?

is anyone cool even still on there?

can you tell squiddy to not be so nasty to me?

he is a real nasty nancy

watch thor

I seem to accidentally link TP twice a lot

He's a big fat attention magnet


You should make a Discord; we're mostly there now. There's a group chat and everything

And okay

no bulli tp

i like them ;;

not even darbear?

My mislinks?


like what does the download look like if anything for discord

i don't like downloading anymore

i'd rather irc tbh

It was probably originally on saturday, and you're all just backwards. Including he himself.

No Youtube videos?

the double attention

that fucking sucks dude

Wait what
Since when were you here

Sorry, missed this

Anyway, I'll surely watch it eventually

You can use it in your browser. There's a program you can download, but there's no need for that

Sometimes it's observed until early morning on Saturday so I can understand ur confusion



do you know anyone in the LA area hiring stylists/hairdressers etc

my idiot friend moved there and his dumb (hot tai) wife needs a job

Just this one:

The cure to aging.

Very soon People will age less

and live longer


im waiting for you~

oh i donno anyways

i like that i can pop into an irc or something with no commitment

Isn't that the guy that made the "drumpfk is behind global warming" video?

luka sometimes i picture us having sex

sorry but it's true

who? what?

I was wrong
he made the "anyone who opposes the european union is a biggot" video

dude no politics here

harshing my fucking mellow

probably owns a grip of guns lol

All day on saturday*

weird mixup

everything is political

I was thinking about minuitephysics










I don't think it's possible to prevent aging, or slow it down

lol how you been tho bro

I don't think beebop was an asrielfag.

soo many science channels on youtube these days...

ur wrong.

was he posting whatever that is?

beepop WAS a lot of weird things

oh god sorry for some reason when i saw that horned beast i saw kyle's moniker on the post

i think i'm a little too high


new thread

new thread

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new thread

It's not like that in all places.

In one of the conventions I go to where most of the people who go are middle-aged, the tabletop area is where most of the young adults are, and I wouldn't say it's a necessarily stinky place.
But eh. I don't know.