You'll never shine if you don't glow

You'll never shine if you don't glow.

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I can't believe Goggles would betray me like this

hail hydra

*Screams outside ur window at 3 a.m *


oh hey fool is here



It says no Squidd'ies'. We're allowed to have one.

I can't believe Goggles would fucking betray me like this.


wow gay

gimme good website to reread punpun, my shit got flagged on my chrome

betrayal is inevitable. single-minded devotion is unwise

Is that why you've lost your wife?

o snap


canaan is trapped in the old thread.



god you're a faggot

and this is relevant

same tbh

Girl on the shore is such a good manga!!!!!!!

Okay well clearly I'm still an idiot.

Oh, one of those chink GoPro clones. Did you set it to overwrite old video files? Tried swapping a bigger MicroSD? Or just another MicroSD in general?

Its not all that bad tbh



vroom vroom

would it upset you to know i hadnt a clue it was from a manga?

no, it isn't
but I'm wholly undeserving
genetic wise and just being a shit human being

never change

Nah you're fine, but you have good accidental taste!!!

Girl on the shore is an A+ mango

Am I?

wow, wonder what other nuggets of gold i have in this random folder labeled "clean this shit up"

it's been overwriting old video files for years
I'll try another SD

but honestly I opened the SD card slot and the inside looks fuckin warped, probably from sitting in a hot car year round

and yet luka will still not have me... the world is full of mysteries

Are you?

luka is going to be my heal slut tomorrow

Selling my S14 was a mistake...

See, that's what I thought about myself too up until recently but by some bullshit I managed to get a coworker of mine interested me and we've been dating for like a month now... I dunno dude, shit can happen and flip your life around before you know it.

Yeah. Chances are the MicroSD is fucked from constantly being rewritten to (the fatal flaw in flash memory tech and the reason I'm still scared to use and SSD as the only storage disk in a computer)


its okay other asriel user, i like you, even if you are a living trash person i will give you (careful) hugs

such horseshit

I'm not sure.

what's that?

let me know when you figure it out then.

oh luka, hit me with your mercy heal beam~~

My old project car. 1997 Nissan 240SX, S14 generation. Blew up 3 motors in that fucking thing before I sold it as an empty shell to someone who ended up fucking destroying it and just buying another Nissan S chassis shell to abuse once more.


I think that'll have to be left to you.

Also I have work in like 5 hours so I'm fucking off now. Nini~

put a wide body kit on it

and drive it around like its a NFSU car


That was my plan originally. I was gonna swap either an RB25 into it or a 1JZ and then do a widebody kit to it (Not a rocketbunny kit tho because the V2 boss kit is weird and Greddy never made one for the Kouki S14) but again I sold it because I thought I'd me moving back to Illinois and anyways I need to sleep...

figure out if you are there? but how can i tell you that when i don't know if i am here

or where here is
or "what" I am

i wanna see it with a rly kewl tall spoiler on the back!!!


or what "I" is
can we really be sure?

Can we even be certain of certainty?

Actually, I'm just going to address Loco and Squash attempting to talk about me, and having to resort to bending the truth in order to make their points.

This post is Squash saying I said mean things to him. But did I? No, he's mocking the fact I said that he said mean things to me. The only recent post I made about him was this one. You can decide for yourself if any part of it could be called mean.

This post is Loco calling me unwell. He says he partly blames himself, but says others shouldn't be. Me feeling unwell isn't his fault at all, it's mine for choosing to stick with being unwell.

Here's Squash conflating the couple times I messaged him at 2am, to the times weeks earlier that I called him out for something else, making it sound like I woke him up at multiple early mornings for not "yelling at Loco", which is bullshit. The couple times at 2am

Here's Loco conveniently leaving out his words. I did write a few walls at him. After I wrote a long one about how I've been terrified of life for months, and I'm not sure how to start being less terrified of life, this followed:

For fuck's sake.
i sure do love seeing you masturbate everywhere. this is great. thank you.
And I'm not reading any of that. Fyi.
I'll kill myself if you don't.
you piece of shit
I don't mean that.
Fuck off.
it's not masturbation. It's an honest explanation.
You just lost any right you had to my attention. If it weren't for the fact I can honestly see you killing yourself I would remove you.
no, please
You can either make an effort not to clog up my inbox or you can fuck off.
I'm sorry
I've done it before
there's nothing
even your hate is something
I'm not enabling that masturbatory bullshit.
you're not enabling...
it's not mastubatory...
i'm seriosuly in tears here
please dont misunderstand me
I skimmed. It's masturbatory.
Learn what I take issue with and don't do it.

I should never have said that I'd hurt myself. but did Loco ever really think I was a danger to myself? of course fucking not. not only did I tell him earlier I wouldn't ever hurt myself, but I doubt he'd egg someone on if he thought they were truly going to self-harm.
so I did assure him earlier that I'd never hurt myself, and what I meant in this case is that I was desperate, and his responses made me more anxious than I was. He felt he needed to punish me for being what he called 'masturbatory' by being a dick, despite saying he didn't read any of it. So he said he was going to make a judgement on something he said he didn't read.. why?

In fact, after this, he decided to post in the threads a few times calling me a terrorist, and a blackmailer.
Just calling me a terrorist.
Just calling me a blackmailer.
More than once, taking the time to spell out that I deserve everything he says about me, and that I'm scum.
This is the sort of person Loco is.

Well it's very simple. You start at the beginning. The first maxim is know thyself.

didn't read

Jesus fucking Christ, dude.

i tried



but if you know yourself then why are you asking me if you are there.

absolutely without shame.

I know myself, but I don't know yourself.


No, there's clearly shame in there.


Story of his life tbh.

I'll be your friend, Kanra.

I actually won't. You should probably take Loco's advice and fuck right off.

oh certainly, I felt shameful for saying I'd hurt myself. it's a pathetic tactic for attention.I got too upset by someone calling my honest words 'masturbating everywhere', when those words were a depressing summary of the chaos of my earlier life.

he could have said nothing, but he decided to say it was masturbatory, sarcastically thank me for sharing.

I felt like there was nothing to lose then, like now.


You know what I would recommend
not doing that

You do have something to lose though, Kanra. You have what little good will people still have for you.


what does where i am have to do with where you are?

I can't think of a good reason to stop.
Nobody likes me anyways, or ever will.
Certainly not the unobjective people I'm talking about.

I kept asking Squash why he was apathetic to Loco being shit to me. In fact, he's putting more effort into calling me out now, than he did for Loco's attempts to actually hurt me. But Squash has to misrepresent things in order to make a strong point.

Squash saying he stopped reading the words. Funny how Squash doesn't mention that he said he agreed with the words, and I should be open and receptive to the words Loco was sharing. I don't even think Loco is cold enough to suggest I embrace the shit, awful things he says, but Squash suggested it, at the same time saying he didn't even read the words.

Loco says what I say about him are exaggerated. I think nothing short of posting the log will show that I am not exaggerating when I say Loco was a shit person, and a bully, that went out of his way repeatedly to fuck with me and hurt me. This is not an exaggeration.

I will change a previous claim.

Bebop is no longer the poster most likely to shoot up a school.

It's Kanra.

Can someone shorthand me the whole kanra debacle?

Not to make light of it, I'm just stupid and need a catchup or summary or somethin

You could stop shitting up the thread, that's a good reason.

Guys shits his pants with autism daily in thread.
Repeat ad nauseum.

the sexy goat is right

Test what the fuck is this
Explain this to me

Because everything is in relation to something else.

Kanra is a moronic cunt that everyone hates, and he thinks that everyone is wrong for perceiving him as being exactly the moronic cunt that he is.

i want freinds


You really think someone would just do that? Just go on the internet to argue?


Luka wants more
greedy luka

but my here should not affect your their, at least in any way you'd be capable of detailing it. in any way humanity would be capable of detailing it

for that we need exact stationary points in spacetime and such a reference is impossible to acheive

i didn't say you werent


H-haha, who would argue on the internet, r-right?

This is insufficient.

It should and it does. How one thing is effects how another thing is. Always. It's the butterfly effect.

i think thats the wrong effects for this context but i make that mistake a lot too, that being said many effects that happen are relatively well understood, its just some are still not

oh yum

my fish tempura Tendies finished cooking.

affecting is the right one

There are so many capable points in punpun.

Why did I decide to reread this beautiful beast of a mango

It's not the wrong affects for this context. Your specific gravitational force on the earth and whatever, the air you are breathing, etc. affects the rest of the world. Maybe in an insignificant way, but still an affect.

Is that a bad thing?

because its amazing

yea but you said effect not affect just correcting the grammar not a typo


It's not but I'm like overwhelmed how good it is.

BD gave me one that's translated differently so like, recapping stuff is a valid thing I can do!!

I'm no a writer.

fair enough

the translation makes a really big difference its important to keep moments impactful with the right choices of wording

Gravity isn't real.

I wonder how long the textwall Kanra is about to post is.

If I could marry a mango!

Yee I kno, this one has different translations for stuff than the one I read, but overall still impactful all the same.


It's a full length novel.

What's it even about
All I know is the blank face thing and the bird things that I'm not even sure if they're from that.

tfw space

tfw t ime

everyone knows that

This novel, in particular?

I don't know that feel, please explain it.

Traps are also not real.


I can.

Loco and I are alike in many superficial respects, and that made me think he'd be able to understand me. A couple months ago, I shared with him a recording of my dad being abusive, just verbally, and Loco was very kind and patient and understanding, and it felt good.

Everything since then was me trying to find a way for him to be nice to me, keeping in mind the only time he was nice to me was during something particularly fucked up. I felt fucked up, and fucked up was the way to get attention.

Then he started saying the only reason he didn't remove me, is because he thought I'd hurt myself. I asked him if he'd remove me if I could assure him that I wouldn't hurt myself, and he said he didn't want to be my free therapist.

So I spent time online and offline, thinking about how I could turn his help into something more positive, with forward momentum. But each time I said something positive, it was met with indifference; each time I said something insane, he'd at least reply with more than indifference.

All the while, he kept saying negative untrue things about me, which I went overboard saying were objectively untrue, and went overboard with saying that I try to have an objective view about myself, but he considered anything positive I tried to say about myself as 'masturabotry' and a symptom of my overinflated ego. He didn't want me saying anything positive.

My ego is not overinflated.. idk what it is. I don't feel pride. In fact, I know doing this, ranting like this, makes me a worse person than most.

as for Squash? after the whole Loco thing and he removed me, Loco then went into the threads to call me a terrorist and a blackmailer, repeatedly. He went into the threads to repeatedly tell me that I was human scum, and I deserved everything he had to say about me and more, on multiple occasions.

I got at Squash for not saying anything, because I thought Squash was my friend.

in the end, I realized that Squash was very stubborn about not wanting to stand up for me, and our conversations changed topics. It was a range of ups and down, but on many occasions he said shit that he thought about me that was untrue. We didn't talk for a couple weeks, but when i brought up him saying what he did about me to me a few days ago, he removed me for being so insistant that he answer for what he said about me to me, or at least explain to what extent he believes what he does about me.

now, Loco is annoyed that I've figured out that much of what he criticized about me, were insecurities he was projecting onto me. and Squash, well, he hasn't taken back or addressed his lies about me, and has added new lies to the mix.

I'm not in direct contact with any of them, and I'm not sure what my end goal is here. I guess I expect Loco to continue to be a subversive, mean person, and Squash to be a dense, indifferent person, but not indifferent enough to not say mean untrue things about me.

He said shorthand.

hehe durr look at me im kanra

*pet bart*


A boy with a lot of problems grows up into an adult with a lot of problems.

It's a really strange plot that's helped along with a lot of strange symbolism & the fact that everything is super highly detailed except for the main character that is drawn like a small bird.


I'm going to attempt to read that entire post

im really hungry

Good luck

recognizing your problems doesnt excuse you from making them more

wait I need to put on some classical music

The metal makes it hard to concentrate enough while this high but I think classical will accent kanra's post well

Nailed it.


hehe careful I might bite

he was replying to sinni, aknra was

i mean ill still pretend ur a girl


"I was an anxious nervous wreck to Loco, but never mean, although occasionally indirectly offensive, so Loco gave himself license to be actually mean to me on a psychologically effective level, because I let myself be vulnerable to him."

"Squash saw Loco being these things, and merely said it wasn't his job to stand up or do anything. I said it wasn't his job, but I wanted to know why he didn't. Turns out it's because he believes what Loco has to say, some of it anyways, because Squash admitted that he didn't read any of it anyways."

"Now I'm calling Loco out for projecting his insecurities into a toxic ball of meanness towards me, and Squash is making up shit about me, but I don't think Squash is as bad as Loco even remotely. And I really am sorry for putting him through my anxiety and nonsense, and I'd like if he stopped making up shit about me and calling me mean."


i'm lonely... pls play games with me....


This entire thing sounds like a real big mess, honestly.

That being said, I don't know if any real solution is gonna come from this, so why not just bury the hatchet and try to focus on making yourself happy rather than waiting from justification from people you know aren't gonna treat you right.

but that's all I'm gonna say on the matter, my 2 cents don't belong here.


then stop shitposting worse than scoot does


Hey I read this entire post and I can tell you from experience that the correct answer is to ignore that drama and move on


Kanra, you are a mean shitty manipulative person with an over-inflated ego.


I'm glad I'm listening to Mozart now

Thanks Kanra

Mozart sucks.

you are like a little babby

chopin is better

i like sythwave

Chopin sucks too.

All music sucks.

you are just an awful person fool

I usually feel the same way, probably partly because his music feels too light and airy for me

But I'm very unsober right now so I guess my opinions are dumb

I just searched classical on Youtube and clicked the first thing I saw, lol. I've listened to some classical before but I'm baked out of my mind and all my effort was being devoted to reading that post

I know.


good as long as you know

i am too

Mozart and Chopin twinkle on the keys. If I wanted to listen to homosexuals playing the piano I would listen to Elton John.

I can never remember the titles of classical music I like

It's a small mess, mostly in my head.

Badness doesn't get punished if it isn't exposed.

I feel Loco is bad, because he wants to hurt people on purpose, and puts energy into it. At the same time, he wants to pretend he's innocent, and a good person. Until he explains or apologizes for the unecessarily awful things he said about me, because tbh some awful things he says are somewhat warranted, I'm going to keep bringing it up. Obsessive is what I do.

thank you

and thank you

yea. I will.

you dont get to judge what is bad or not

you wasting your time and our space is what is most "bad" from everyone elses perspective at this moment

I remember all classical music I like.

This is pretty good

No problem ♥

The only good piece by Mozart.

If I'm manipulative, at least I'm not subversive.
If I'm manipulative, at least I'll be honest about it.

okay, then forget 'bad'

'someone intentionally tried to hurt me, multiple times, and I hate them for it.'

that's as bad as it gets in my books.

his Etudes are magical

Who's subversive here? You've never been honest.

No. No they're not.

my fake hate you for doesn't come close to the hate I feel for someone I trusted that spent energy trying to hurt me.

Oh, Kanra. Your words hurt me.

no one here cares, keep it in private

guess what we told loco to keep it private too

you are not special and you never will be

you arent even special in how they dislike you

quit not liking things I like

Then start listening to good composers.


extremely on topic song wow

I'm not very knowledgable of most classical compoders

i love to listen to old compoders at night

I am somewhat knowledgeable.

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who are some composers you enjoy?

god im fucking high

Bach, Beethoven, Verdi, Schubert, Schumann, Tchaikovsky, Mahler, Part, Schoenberg, Strauss, and Shostakovich.

do you enjoy Rachmaninoff?

Tchaikovsky is fine for me

and anything you'd reccomend?

I can hardly name even the most popular of most of these

okay roll call who's still here lurking

im in a discord video call with someone i find cute so im not posting that much ..

Kill yourself, Desu.

it's me btw

desu loves me

i believe it

Some of his work, some of Liszt's work, some Brahms, some Mendelssohn, some Handel, some Grieg, some Smetana, some Gorecki, some Gershwin. I could list more, but I won't. I listen to a lot of classical music.

It depends on your mood.

I don't feel much of anything right now

i listen to trashy garbage music a lot

its great

Then listen to Mozart or Chopin.


i got something thats been badly stuck in my head for you to hate

No thanks. If I wanted to listen to self indulgent garbage I'd listen to anything by Emerson, Lake, and Palmer.

too bad for you im familiar with them too

i have a few albums

As do I. I like Emerson, Lake, and Palmer. Hence my saying I'd listen to them instead.

i cant say i like all of the beatles but i cant say i hate everything they do either

the song i posted has particular significance to me anyways

P a t r i c i a n

This is now /prog/

there you are fagboy, post some tunes-

oh cool

No Prog discussion would be complete without Yes

why dont you just play roundabout so in can start posting jojo memes


This, AToTT and Selling England are the three greatest Genesis albums, prove me wrong.
Pro tip you probably can, most of them are great

oh man i dont know if i can do genesis

I can't say I hate everything The Beatles do either, but I don't like most of what they do.

Red is KCs masterwork. I would be re missed if I didn't post at least Starless.

thats why i sent one song instead of most things they have done

What do you like music wise, there's probably a genesis album out there with your name on it.

classic rock with a nice hard lean on a good guitarist and singer and great drum work

Gentle Giant did it all though, they're the undisputed kings of Prog.


That's not one of the songs I like.

Most of their post 80s and onward work is up your alley. Try out ABACAB first, maybe Genesis skipping Mama as it could be a bit harsh to the uninitiated. We Can't Dance might have quite a few songs you recognize weather you knew it was Genesis or not, and Duke was the start of their 80s sound that evolved. If none of those satiate your thirst, try listening to the first track on A Trick of the Tail at least, it's an excellent rock ballad with everything you mentioned.

what the fuck does that even mean, it's like a migraine, how does that affect you emotionally lmao

fair enough

i dont think i was ready for the windfall of music you brought to me


regular migraines can affect you very emotionally


having diarrhea once a day shouldn't affect you emotionally

it's like eating taco bell every day


the fuck?

stinky poo poo make a stinky man upset

brain is soup

thats a lot different than a migraine

it would also put possible limitations on your living style


Soup is good food.

oh no my poops aren't as beautiful as they used to be

10 minutes of my day ruined!!!

now try that 8 to 9 times a day in public

or try it with migraines when you get regular cluster headaches like a friend of mine

why are you still talking about Y when the whole conversation is about X and I just (admittedly) used a bad example of Y and have been trying to get the conversation back on track but you have autism so you can't let go of Y.

There's a reason I had you filtered. I should have just insta-filtered on this new profile.

sounds like a pretty aggressive way to be wrong

it can still cause problems for peoples days, you're upset over something as inane as my post



Should I read any of that


Okay. Well if anyone wants to bring something up in private they can. I'm not sure I need to say it but take any shit he throws with a grain of salt.

i dont have any questions at all

i dont think anyones going to look at you any worse because of what they are doing so i dont think you need to worry


i would really like some food

You don't have to read any of it, but maybe this one of me asking for an apology, and admitting that some of the shit you say isn't entirely unwarranted.

I make the distinction between you honestly calling me out for my bs, and you lying about me, and you bullying me. Sometimes they're related, but the actual meanness and meanness, choosing to call me a terrorist and a blackmailer after it was all over, proves you were being flippantly cruel.

Nothing justifes being a bully, and your intentions were to make me feel confused and ashamed. Knowing that you exist in this world, and you tried to hurt me on purpose, repeatedly, is something I want to forgive you for, but I can't if you lack remorse.

I'm sorry. I've gone overboard with you at times. Please stop bullying me.

do you mean it? is this a trick?

Dude I straight up told you to stop spamming me with 30 fucking messages at 1 am and refusing to let me sleep because you wanted to go off about Loco for an hour. Get over yourself.

Not only that but you left out how you constantly called me an uncaring asshole and that "oh well you SHOULD have been mean to Loco for me. I would have defended you if people were mean even though I don't."

Then you spam call me over and over even after I tell you not to fucking call me over and over.

Not only that but I straight up told you that Loco and your shit wasn't my job. YOU came to ME. You spammed my inbox constantly. You got pissy because I didn't message you daily to make you feel better.

I just responded to him assuming what he said was true

I don't know shit



Stop skewing the situation so it fits your pitiful need for public empathy. Own up to the shit you do for once in your fucking life because this shit is why people find you to be a psudo intellectual train wreck.

That and shit like "oh maybe you're just not smart enough to understand."

Sleep well ♥

dude, I'm sorry for being an anxious needy mess at you without consideration for your time. I know that wore your patience down almost instantly.

post where I said should, or even implied it was your obligation.

I don't think I ever said should, Squash.

I never said it was your obligation, or that you had to at any point.
In fact, I even said it wasn't your job to, and I said it wasn't your obligation to.
I don't think you're lying right now, you're just being forgetful.

NOR did I call you an uncaring asshole for not calling him out!
I called you a normal asshole for saying,


but again, I don't think you're doing this on purpose,
but I'm confident that if you go back and read the chat, you'll realize you're lying.

And I only snapped at you after a week of your unrelenting bullshit.

wow, so you just make stuff up

I'm giving you permission to post whatever I said that implies or proves what you're saying

Tbh I'm confused

You said you'd take my advice about just ignoring the drama and moving on but you're still here making the drama

No you're not.
You don't fucking care. You just wanted me to agree with all your fucking shit as if it was my job. Every time you "agreed" with me you just slung back a "but" and proceeded to tell me how I was wrong and that you didn't actually agree.

If I didn't remove you off my chat logs I'd slog though all your self absorbed bull shit with glee at this point.

Every time I said it wasn't my fucking job you lambasted me on the grounds that I still should have regardless. You legitimately came to me from the start because Loco was mean and I didn't fucking stand up for you.

You constantly called me an asshole.
Add me on Discord. You're about to eat your fucking words.

where the fuck have I ever said this

or even implied this

if anything, I tend to think everyone is smart enough to understand if I explain it, which is why I never stop explaining things in an honest and fair manner.


i'm loling at you

Add me.
Because we're doing this.


Pin that asian femboy down and shove that dog donger right in

Anyone who has Kanra's Discord give it to me.

Same shit as Squash pretty much. Down to putting up with it for a week and then telling him to fuck off. For the record.

but somebody is wrong on the internet...

I can own up to my words. Can you own up to your words, and current lies?

Fake news. Biased media. Highest IQ!

Add me on Discord so I can get my fucking proof you goon.

His IQ is so high he can transform reality.


You have 2 min Kanra.


Current thread theme



loco, don't put yourself in the same boat as Squash.

unlike him, you actually did want to hurt me. you didn't just lash out of frustration, you put thought into it, and made the decision on multiple occasions to fuck with me.

not sure if Squash means anything he says right now.

if either of you want to argue details, sure.

but neither of you want to argue at all, so why pretend to start?

Holy shit he won't add me.
What a twat.

And no. I want to do this.
Once I get your fucking discord I'm going to be posting A LOT of shit dude.

Give me your fucking Discord you lying sack of shit.

I don't trust you. I think you wish to hurt me.

Can't say I'm quite looking forward to being hurt.

You're going to go about this all irrationally, and I guess I don't trust you care about being fair or reasonable, and you don't think I'm trying to be, even though I am, and you're not going to own up to your part or anything. You're going to cherry pick, and everyone will ignore me because they dislike me far more than you, and nobody will call you out for your lies because it's more fun to pretend they're true.


You have one more chance to add me so I can get my proof before I get it from someone else and really have a go at your sorry ass.

Is that anything new? Kanra is wrong all the time and will never admit it :^)

And maybe people trust me and Loco on this more because we don't have a history of making up personas and lying about who we are constantly.

How about

you list to me right now what you think I'm guilty of

then I add you

and you have my permission to post ONLY towards what you listed beforehand

do you trust you know what you dislike about me, without the log right now?

because you seem convinced of something.

It's not really worth getting defensive over things here, imo

No one really cares about this stuff beyond a meme-ing level

No. You fucking add me and I get to call you out on the shit you've posted here in thread.

Even if he is a sociopath, why would that prevent him from following basic logic? I wouldn't have brought it up again if he hadn't actually said he'd take my advice, though

He seemed like he needed a reminder

I found it, Kanra.
But I'm a nice guy. So I'm going to give you a chance. You add me yourself before I add you on my own. And if you do I won't be an absolute asshole about this and actually try to be rational.

Ok? This is your last chance so you better use it. Otherwise I'm going to really get nitty gritty about this.

So you tell me what you think I'm lying about or being wrong about now

and whatever logs you post have to pertain to those issues

does that sound fair?

Call me out?

For what? What have I posted that you feel I need to be called out on?

If you're talking about what I posted, indicate the post.


Here's my ID one more time.
Because I'm a nice guy.

This might be the case sometimes, but here I don't think anybody else is on either side; it's too incomprehensible. We're just watching from the sidelines.

If you want any chance of me trusting you again you'll take this one time offer.

if you're a nice guy,

then you'll find a better way.

I'm currently scared. I know how people can pretend to see things. I think you'll warp the truth. Then I'll have to spend more time posting more logs to unwarp it, but people won't want to listen.


Squash won't want to prove himself wrong,

or doubt his conclusions.

Nobody will want to, if they confirm their own biases.

Do it anyway.
I'll even play by your little list of rules you posted here.

But only after you add me.
If you really aren't being a lying piece of shit you'll prove me wrong no problem.

What a shitshow

Refusing to give me access to the proof you told me to give is only making you look like more of a liar.

okay. play by my little rules. I'll add you, and you can tell me in private what you want to share.

please trust that if I am lying, it's not on purpose, and I'll change whatever I said that was wrong.

Nope. This is public and now that I have the logs you don't get to make demands.


Here is just a few times you dropped I'm an asshole. One specifically about you quoting me when I said it wasn't my job to defend you from Loco and you called me an asshole because I didn't.

What else would you normally be doing at this time? Also post it.

bring it, ponyfucker

at some point Squash will have to prove I was lying

those watching, please keep in mind that he's doing this to prove I'm a liar, which I'm pretty sure I haven't been

at some point, if Squash is true to his word, he'll indicate somewhere I told a lie

but what I suspect is he'll just random stuff to embarass me because he thinks I deserve it.

Hell. Maybe I should just pastebin this whole chat log so people can see for themselves.
Then it's all impartial.

Half trying to write something, maybe

Who are you? And I'd rather not subject the people of Holla Forums to that

Just keep giving Kanra attention

Good poem

Very freeform and avant-garde

Here he is accusing me of conspiring with Loco.
So there's another point.

squash said many untrue things about me, to me.
he vaguely apologized once for losing his temper, but never took back the specific shit things he said about me.
rather than let it die, I demanded repeatedly that he either clarify why he believed those things about me, or take them back.
he did neither, instead he kept distracting, and said the 'real' issue is that I kept pressing him to own up to the words he said to me, or explain them to me.
In fact, rather than keep asking without result, I asked him to take his time and read our chat history where he said shit things to me. I said he could reply in a week, or months.
He suggested I just remove him rather than wait for him to be decent. Just outright refused to even remark on the words, when I copy and pasted them directly to him.
I felt like I was doing nothing wrong, that I wasn't being evil, that I wasn't being mean, I was being pathetic and needy, and he decided he didn't like me because I pressed him so earnestly.
my blunt insistance on things makes people feel it's okay to be overtly mean to me.
and it's just speculation, but I think Squash developed this conception of me over time, by talking about me behind my back. I speculate this, because the sorts of untrue things he said about me, were the stereotypes you'd think of if you thought of Kanra.

Oh boy. Here's a fun one to pick apart. Let's get started shall we?

so at some point

Squash is going to show me where I lied
or I mislead
or I skewed

but I predict he's not going to do that, rather he'll just post random stuff to embarass me becuse he thinks I deserve it.

for the record, Squash already did lie. he said he'd only post things relevant to what he expressed as greivances towards me, but then quickly said

"Nope. This is public and now that I have the logs you don't get to make demands."

for the record, this is easy evidence of Squash lying, and excusing his lying because he feels I don't deserve honesty.

Come on Kanra, even you know better than that.

A brown package inside a brown package.

idk.. it is fair to call me out for lying if I am, otherwise I'd be a hypocrite.

and I'm sincere in saying I don't want to be a hypocrite, but I just don't trust the public to be fair.


Where to begin where to begin?
Oh this looks good.

The irony being I straight up apologized 3 times. And specifically I even said I was sorry for being as volatile as I was after I lost my shit at you for harassing me for over a week and waking me up morning after morning where I'd wake up to 30 fucking messages from you.

But no. You decided that it wasn't enough. And you wouldn't shut up about apologizing.

Oh golly. The REAL issue I kept bringing up was that you came to me about Loco, and then went off calling me an uncaring asshole because I wouldn't stand up for you. You also reasoned that you would have stood up for me. But good lord you didn't have a lot to say when I straight up told you to name one fucking time you did. Where were you when I needed help, Kanra? How many times have you ever stood up for old Squash? Huh?
Could have. But you didn't. And yet you held me to a standard you don't even hold yourself to. The issue was Loco. And you wouldn't stop making it about me not getting involved.

Do you get how much shit you've done to people here?
You harassed me and Loco, threatened to kill yourself with him, treated me and my time like shit after I told you many times not to do that.
You're delusional. Like, beyond reason.

You know what's funny as fuck? I was the ONLY person who defended you when people in our calls would shit on you. I would always say that I still liked you and people gave me shit for it. I actively made sure not to let people skew my view on you.

I told you that you had one chance to add me. You flubed it and made demands so I decided I was going to get your chat either way.
By my own post I no longer had to play in private after you threw the chance away.

squash, you have the logs

now you can post the evidence that proves your points

so why aren't you doing that?

wow, squash just said AGAIN that I deserve to be lied to

dat moral compass

Let's see the proof, Kanra!


Here is Kanra saying he will self-harm if I don't read his textwalls.

Dat moral compass.

You can't just assume everyone has the same fetishes as you.

Loco. Top 3 of these.
I told Kanra it wasn't my job to defend him from you and he called me an asshole.
That seem right to you?

You've asked me many times not to mess with him though?

Oh god. You're right.
I have defended him, haven't I?
I even tried to add you during this all to ask you to leave him alone.

I come from the depths of hell to lmao at this, lol.

Also to say hi to this adorable mutt.

I've made my point.
And I've said my piece.

He can wallow and call me whatever he likes.
I no longer care.


so squash is going to show me where I lied?

and loco is just going to post what he thinks will get to me the most, even though I admitted to it myself?

real big guys you are.

it's amazing how far people will bend their own morals when they feel justified. I expected that from you loco, but not from squash.

I honestly feel a little bad for being as hostile about this, but a man has limits.

I'm a big guy.
For you.

you should have stopped if you felt bad about it

but you ignored feeling bad

because... I'm not sure.

Go to bed, silly pony

-pets you- ♥

Lmao, guilt tripping to the max, aren't we? You poor, sad excuse of a human being.

Are you the alicefag?

sad and pathetic... yes, I am those things

but at least I'm not a liar

or try to hurt people, let alone take pleasure in it like Squash

look how proud he is of what he's accomplished

No, not particularly, but I know who is Alice.

He doesn't seems very happy with the outcome to be honest, and it's probably your fault too.

I am entirely fine with the outcome. I don't particularly revel in it, but at the same time I am beyond done with it.

I just get heated sometimes.

so squash in this very thread

tried to hurt me
told me how much pleasure he'd take in trying to hurt me

just imagine if I did those things. You probably find it easier to imagine me doing those things than Squash, even if he did it right in front of you. Because you people are sheep, and truth doesn't matter. Words don't matter.

Loco, Squash lied. If you care about truth, you'll read what he posted, and realize that none of those posts prove his claim. So you can continue to think I'm a liar, and Squash is right in calling me a liar, and perhaps you will.

Constantly harassing people and calling someone an asshole repeatedly who did his best to maintain civility with you almost certainly makes you mean among those other things. You've gone out of your way to not reply to any of his other proof so far in this thread as well.

What did he lie about?

Worst part is knowing in a month or two I'm going to try and make amends because I'm bad at being mean and maintaining it.

1. he said he'd list to me what he thought I was guilty of, then I'd add him, and after I gave him permission, he'd post things only related to what he posted beforehand. But as soon as I added him, he took back his word, and said

"Nope. This is public and now that I have the logs you don't get to make demands."

2. he said that I called him an (uncaring) asshole for not calling loco out for being mean to me. the posts he shared that he says proves that, don't in fact prove that.

I said if you didn't add me right then and there I was going to go all out.
So no, I did not lie. You are just easily duped.

I like how he ignores the post about how he ignores all the other points brought up against him.

I will let him defend himself on the first point.

You're playing semantics on the second. You didn't use the word "uncaring" though I could see how Squash could remember it that way because the message before you told him he "barely" defended him even though he didn't have to at all.

How did those logs of you calling the doggo an asshole not prove you called him an asshole?

Cute doggo.

The uncaring was due to him telling me constantly after attempting to assuage him near daily that I didn't care about him.

the 'him' after defended should have been a 'you'. My bad.


Does your name start with a J? That will tell me all I need to know.

Okay, I'll reply to what he called proof.

first post: me saying I think he's an asshole, because he gave a lukewarm 'gaiz stop' to loco for being mean to me, and said that counts as home calling loco out.

second post: me saying I think he's an asshole because he says shit like

"I am going to repeat this again.
It is not my job to defend you."

third post: me saying he's an asshole to me, because he keeps saying


to defend me, his friend, from loco, who was being targetedly cruel towards me.

fouth post: was me calling him an asshole for saying stuff like this

how can you justify something like that

Let's not forget that I told you to stop telling Loco all the shit that he would use against you like your relationship with your father when you admitted to me that it was to try and garner pity form him and James so they would stop being mean to you.

squash claimed I called him an (uncaring) asshole for not standing up to loco

I did not, and I said I did not, and squash said that was a lie

nowhere in these posts did I call squash an ashole for not standing up for me, rather his "it's not my job" statement about why he didn't.

hi kyle

This is like a court trial where the jury is just quietly snickering and doesn't really care



Lick after you chew.

Uuuuh, no? And who are you exactly?

Maybe I should just paste bin this all.
Post it publicly and let the peanut gallery look at it.


Hey cutie, how are things?

You're up early.

I am up at 4:30 AM daily.

Incredibly busy.
I will be up all night

I don't believe you.

I've already been up all night

Which reminds me, I should sleep. I have to be somewhere at 5PM in a couple of days

Goodnight ♥

Sleep tight.

For works?

You're trying to figure out if he's Jan, aren't you?

Yeah. But my weekend just started today.

Ooh, nice. How many days off ya got?

go ahead

but stop calling yourself a nice guy

you're not allowed to call yourself a good person if you do bad things while knowing they're bad

Nah, I'm almost certain he is the Nep that hangs out with your gang. I would post his first name/what I think it is but that would be impolite.


lols @ u

Also I was going to trash talk him and post his dirt for sticking his nose where he shouldn't but I'm bored of the idea already.


see how little the truth matters?

even though squash is the one that lied,

and I didn't lie,

people are going to consider me a liar.

because people suck.

Ah I see, I thought that's what the J was about.
Some user lately has been posting in Alice's threads harassing her about stuff involving Jan from years and years ago, but it's all non-drama.






I forgot Jan even existed.