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so soon?
I was just having fun


christ a new one already

truly horrifying

just more of the same

Seems like business as usual, or at least as of late.

All are good :3c

and sinni is totally into that everyone surprised raise your hand

what? nobody?


not a bad thing

Sinni is thread thot at this point.

i think we forgot to cover bdsm play and bondage

Please cuddle me in your hedgehog kigarumi!!!!!
gets down on my knees and starts kissing your dick

True facts, but that's why I usually carry a gun, and a knife, and a knife, and an extra magazine.


i really want to reply to what you said you said to me but all i can say is you like penis

-1 you said*



How ever did you figure that out?

no seriously who does the winking frown


its like a confliction in emote form


Sinni read a good manga like "Onani master Kurosawa" not that bunk ass Punpun

thats not appropriate. no cuddles for you...

i very clearly see a smile there mister

oh no you didnt

I recognize the name, but I don't know the mango itself, what is it about?

LMAO Griddles

Public ERP is a classic

im pretty sure i found out why he wanted you to read this

Guy jacks off in the girls bathroom

Its great


i really am scum

actually pretty catchy for kid shit

Your life is a joke.

kinda cute deutsche beyatches

you know what you need to read instead
the bible

that too


Sci is user posting again?


Looks cool.

I'll give it a read after I reread some mangos I've been meaning to

cute boi pic.

I am so sorry, please don't be offended by my lewd behaviour, starts sucking your dick you never did tell me to stop.

Gonna kick it when I saw what you were packin' gonna kick it out the door.


Doubling down

What is with you fags and literally eraping any person who so much as pretends to be new?


I can jam to that.

I have abstained


*nibles ur thighs*

Who's pretending to be new?

Desu will always be new in my eyes

i think its just a meme now


more like
ur just a meme now

I'm new; I've only been here since 2011

I can't imagine anyone being newer than that


im glad to be new !!! (im not new that s the joke!!!!)

Soto when i came back so many people were like who the fuck is this new baddog guy?? are you gayfox???


shut up sci


There are people newer than that, I assure you.

I mean, he's been posting for, what, a month?
That's pretty new, y'know?


I feel complete

Oh, how's the second episode?

Yeah, that was just an awful shitpost

He's just BD samefagging

What religion is this?

no actually now i feel kind of bad for even comparing you to them

come here let me hug you :(

hi green beans!!!

woops forgot to change my trip and throw on a proxy


hungry girl

damn, he saw through my disguise

im going to give you a hug even though i dont know how to reply to that okay? ready?


If you say so.

The second episode of that show, the first was great, and that image must have been from the second, so how is it?

oh idk
I tried watching shoujo shuumatsu but I didnt stick it out past the first ep

The girls are just adorable though :3

Respond with confusion.

I want to feed her food

I mean my post that you were replying to was an awful shitpost

Why are you giving me "if you say so"? Rin please :(

kind of what happened

she is my spirit animal;

I thought this was Bard's spirit animal.


My spirit animal is a goat wolf with laser eyes

blueberry bard meme forever relevant

[revving noises]

i'm a cute hungry anime girl

Goats are filthy disgusting creatures


You have the munchies?

Rude :(


goats are pretty dirty animals though tbh like they have goat pens in greenfield village by my house, and yea

They are infact adorable, the first episode was great.

I thought you were saying mine was a shit post, I guess it was though because I knew I was replying to a shit post.


I've been eating alot recently
I put on 10 pounds in the past week or so


Trying to thicken your thighs for me, oh bard, you're so good to me.

Goat is delicious.


yeh I'd eat a goat

absolutely, theres a Mediterranean place by my house that has great lamb sandwiches too, which i think is much better than goat

lamb is one of the best meats

I was trying to remember the name for young goat meat.


A true gyro is a great sandwich!

How uncouth

it's 'veal
' dumbass

better than a Gyro. it was a nice shish kafta sandwich with pita

That's young beef.

Young goat is just "kid".

thats cow meat, dumbass


veal's beef my dude

Daily reminder that lamb is the worst meat.

nice of you to make proving you have bad opinions easy for me

t. pleb

yeah okay

what are you

k i think I know what veal is i watch south park

I have a meat 4 u

ive never tried vegemite mail some to me goat hand holder

ill try it on video


Oh, I've never had shish kafta, so it's just ground meat on a stick, I prefer a slow roasted leg that's just sliced as the sandwiches are ordered.

They sell Marmite and Vegemite on amazon.

Are you daggy?

you need to they are great

yea but then i have to spend money on those shitty weird foreign spreads

do you buy it online??


also daggy is for sure not an asrielfag

im only just now realizing the true brilliance of sending Mr. Bones to erio


They also sell the Japanese soy variety of goddamn cup noodles on Amazon but you sure as shit shouldn't pay $5 for fucking instant ramen.

we used to make ramen in like huge batches and just say fuck the instructions and dump a load of crap in there

You're right, it could be mutton.

It needing to be young to even be edible should say something.

Vegemite is shit

This is like
The opposite of true.

I don't pay that much attention.

Dude he totally is an ausfag though, he's a welder for the mining equipment there.

It's a big slab~

adult lamb is fine, there's nothing wrong with the meat at all

when you talk i just hear a toilet lid clacking up and down

not ausfag, asrielfag


Bard, I want you to beat me up and pin me all sorts of ways with your jiu jitsu moves!

Oh, idk, I still haven't played that game.

its a shitty meme game and you arent missing out on anything

"Lamb" means young, "mutton" means old, though.

I already bought it though.

oh i was joking, you'll like it


my knee is sore from getting heel hooked today ;~:

There's some in the local supermarket, I get it there.
It's great.

old sheep

whatever, how can a lamb be old if it wasnt a lamb first

shows you how often i eat it lmao

i have never tried it but i would lightly spread it on some toast and try it if i saw it

play the demo and forget the full game exists

I know I'll like it, I just haven't played it yet, I do need a laptop that will handle some high end CAD shit so I might just get a really good gaming rig.

If you want to make it lewd, your ankles will be even more sore from squatting on my dick.

lmao you wouldnt even be able to shitpost right now

are you secretly really a torielfag?

well you definitely won't need that to play Undertale, you could play Undertale on a cash register screen lmfao

i recommend building your own rig. i did

>There are people that unironically like Undertale

They wrote out the best character in favor of le funni pun man.

Building a laptop though?


no you cant do that i guess

have fun deciding :D

i have no problem with canon sans its the fandom you have beef with

Or I could just build a desktop, I never take my computer out of the house any way.


yea no build a desktop

I'm pretty sure I do have a problem with sans. He's a blatant replacement for Flowey because toby was a lazy fucker and didn't want to give him any more attention.

Not to mention that the game was fucking underwhelming game-play wise.

actually i could bring my computer with me when i end up popping by when you move out

i disagree with you on that, i don't think he's a replacement character for all, if anything i think he's a stand-in for gaster who would have played a far larger role if they still existed, instead we got alphys

character at all*

But the fact remains that he's a "lol meta" character for nearly no reason because toby forgot to elaborate on Gaster, and he already had a good self aware character with a fucked backstory that he leaves fucked over in every ending.

As soon as I'm in my own place.

yo fuck alphys

ruined the entire second half of the game for me


Before they did that song at the concert, he said when he first heard the music he said it sounded like a dark, 70's, funky, sexual music. It's about trannies he always sees walking down a big road in Hollywood that are looking for a "gig"

i mean i totally agree that its not a fully realized perfect game with all of its shit together but the fact we are even having this conversations says to me that the game did its job pretty well

yea i think it would have been better if there was an actual competent scientist guy to study you and shit instead of a skeleton taking you to lunch and telling you shitty jokes, but that's not what happens, half the reason the idea of Gaster is even so cool, in my opinion, is through some of the stuff we see with sans

Are those sex noises I hear?

a truly happy ending

its matying season

I'm still mad 2 years later.

She suffers the same fate as Toriel where she becomes a worse character the more you know about her, but her crimes are far greater than abandoning her people because her husband didn't want to annihilate the entire human race and you can't even kill her.

Bard stop mate-ing everything

you think the game would have been better if they got rid of sans, kept papyrus as a single character, and replaces sans with gaster?

me too


wow yes that would have been better

I'll be your maty if you'll be my tae!
Seriously though bard, I want to fuck you!!!

it's been a challenging mating season for bard person

And give Flowey more screen time other than twice in the whole fucking game.
Instantly better story. I bet they could even throw in better boss fights for both routes by changing that up.

its not gay unless the balls touch

i mean im kind of cool with flowey just sort of chilling in the background

its pretty clear they did more right than wrong pic related

is tragedy not part of the attachment?

what a coincidence
i wanan get fucked

Instead of an info dump, why not have his backstory learned through dialogue throughout the game with him slowly building up to a mass of tragedy that bursts when all the info is revealed?

okay but it would have been kind of awkward to have him keep popping up through the game, i think all the coy shit throughout the game is balanced out pretty well when he starts dumping everything, same with the line of monsters and junk

Lets fucking do it then, you ride my cock and I'll make you awoo!!

coy shit being stalking you like a little fuck

It's possible to work out a way of him effecting the game it's self without him just popping in every now and again to tell you your sins.
Imagine if he actually fucked with the characters at points, sealed off places until you did something specific in battle to encourage you to kill. It could be more fun with that shit going around.

like i said it wasn't a fully realized idea i mean it was an autistic kid making a game, went pretty well all things considered

when people just expect more i look to the past of what i have experienced and i see games that took inspiration and stride from other projects

i think Undertale will serve as a good inspiration for future games

but i will never forgive toby for goat kid


I don't know, when I played the demo, and I saw the potential in that game coming on five fucking years ago I think, then he fucked over the character that sold me the game in the first place to the point of almost writing him completely out of the game, I feel like I was played. It's like going to see a movie called Blue, and it uses nothing but the color red.

i just realized i bought a book called "Bag of Bones" and a book called "The Bone Tree" today

make him keep responding or else hes gonna hide

hes shy


fair enough, i actually did not play the demo, and i can't pretend to know your pain, but at least you can rest assured knowing many other people feel your pain in the first place regarding you know what (Griddles has not played it)

and hey you wouldn't have strong emotions about it if you didn't like it a little, it's not like he was expecting all the popularity and critical eyes he got

If you want me to get really real with you, i actually like it this way

Flowey was watching you the whole time right? This was his world, maxed out time file, who knows how long they were actually there. Undertale takes like what, 7 hours for a competent person? He was watching your playthrough, that was just to gauge what you did vs anything they would have expected

thats just me though

id spoiler this shit but its super vague and griddler has been on the internet before

wow, my coworker hid in the back of my car and scared the shit out of me

thought I was gonna die for a second there

You forget the part where he tells you that he wants to do stuff, and in the genocide path he deactivates the puzzles for you. He's still a character, only not the main character any more.





okay no i get it i remember that stuff im just saying if you look at it from a different perspective its pretty clear the angle he was going for with his limited budget, ability, and personal manhours available

and work ethic
it took him until just recently to even announce that he was finishing the clock

...well i guess it would be nice

young autistic boy is lazy with games

big surprise

if i could touch your body

and when the FUCK are we getting an official comic

oh no not everybody has got a body like you

I've got bad news.



we were promised an official undertale comic and its been two years

he has fucking and that shithead crapped out 8000 pages i dont care what it is just give us something

fuck yourself now you got me upset

me new name is attack on titan

faith, etc... boredom...

what have we here

Am I going fucking crazy? I've noticed this shit happening a lot.

o hai bby

what did he mean by this

fuckin white people

same with blacks
you name it

how does fucking soto do it.. asshole. fucking always gets the dudes naked

it's mating season


Toby Fox is friends with Andrew Hussie


I blocked that shit from my memory

you cant fully purge yourself without death


pure sex

hard sex

you guys ever played live action mario party at a convention before?

its really fun

rough sex

raw sex

all you need is 600 people in a room split into four teams, 4 team captains, and vaguely sexual minigames for people to play for an after dark version

we have a legend called Banana girl where the objective was to eat a banana as fast as possible and this one lady, she swallowed the whole thing in one bite, and then she said "yaaaaay i did it!!" and EERRRRRPPP burped a whole banana out on the ground


swear its a true story

the mans got sauce

ooooh who gives a shiiiit



Doesn't seem too hard if you have no gag reflex.

prepare for my chocolate sauce...

didn't know we had a chef in the audience

#creme fraiche'

#sauce tomat


I shouldn't care, but boy do I hate liars.

cook me something for my food hole


somehow worse than what I've been posting

It's true


grill cheese with american mayo and tomato...

someone will appreciate this

is that how you excuse your gotelust?

whats non american mayo look like

hey hey... calm it.... untwist yer knickers and fondle my nutsack... yea thats nice

Still not dead, surprisingly.
How's Animus been doing in my month or two of absence?


it looks a little like semen

never would have been worse

glorious (like id know)

or is it could have

quit yer bitchin and give us a kissie wissie

more active than you would expect lately

why is user_sama so horny

I blame [Nerve Center]


thats a good bit coming from the lot of you

I dunno. This board could have disappeared entirely for all I knew.

Uhhhhhh new phone who dis?

Huh, well that's good

i mean i generally do a pretty good job keeping my deviancy under wraps, but when i see cute little pieces of meat like you walk in talking about rough sex...

Holla Forums's sort of new overboard feature
every time someone bumps the thread, it gets bumped there


we chewed through the last thread in two hours

like 340-350 posts



oh okay, that would explain a lot really



what kind of seasonings, daddy


some ancient stuff. would be nice to have more. I like the colorful TC's.

pls call me papito

Define hellfire.

gotta see some footage first

literally too lazy to dig for that shit tho

Post it.

Yeah, we need some new people to come and like entertain everyone.

i cant think of a single double entendre

this will do

could always you know make some instead of forcing it

aiiii papi

can't. it's against my religion.


grazi ragazzi mio figlio

Aight. Just so you know you're talking to a dipshit white boy who hasn't had enough coffee to save his damn life so sorry if shits just going over my head

You are a gentleman and a scholar. My nigga, I could not praise you enough.

are you going to woo me with your italian~

dude like they're so epic xd
I listen to them while browsing reddit
that's where I get all my dank rick and morty memes

passerò il mio seme nell'orifizio della tua bocca

hey its all good... were all dipshit (read mad) here


here's the thing

I can just, post the logs of me being autistic and a nervous wreck, desperate for attention, because I can own up to my own shortcomings. also because I'm utterly without shame.

but if you're going to make shit up, I feel compelled to let you know that you're lying, or misrepresenting things on purpose, for effect. I don't need to misrepresent your words to think what I do about you.





i think im a little too tired out to properly appreciate this shitpost but grazi

You're cute

Top kek

But realtalk though, they're like a musical Jackson Pollock. Its all weird and unpredictable and very abstract and subversive at times and that kind of aesthetic shit gets me off because art major. It's either one of those things you get, or mock because its weird and you'll never understand it beyond memes... Also kinda like the second gen Subaru WRX.

Nigga what the fuck you going on about?

You're alright with me...

then wake up asshole... get some coffee and QUIT BITCHING ABOUT IT

grumbles.... you really think i should make some coffee? this late?


It's a hell of a lot more structured than Pollock
you're thinking of Merzbow
They're more like Picasso, with different albums resembling different periods of time in his life.


It's never too late for coffee.
What beans you using?

So how are you doing?

Point taken.

I really wonder why squash isn't being accurate in representing me. it's almost as if he doesn't care about accurately representing me.

why wouldn't you care if someone did this regarding you? would you really be so apathetic?


people being mean to me.

im doing good man.... each day is a gift

hakune matata




do you feel annoyed and betrayed at first, and learn to deal with it? or do you feel nothing to begin with?

fuck you guys, horrible influences, i just mad e ak-cup i have for a rig, i have another proper coffee machine but this was just for a quick fix

its not bad but just some generic dark roast

The latter


pic related?

french press nigger pleb... get on my fucking level with your fucking keurig pussy roast

what a shame

have you ever had prolonged, thought out negative feels about someone?



That's nice and all, but moka pots are superior.

you know me too well user

true true...

very funny but no one of those dumb machines that brew coffee one cup at a time

That would imply I actually know people to feel negative about.

factually wrong
you can get smaller french presses and moka pots
git gud faggot


Mkay... I don't get what the fuck you're going at exactly but mkay...

Better than my outlook on life as of late. Though, my outlook on life right now is just "I'm 20 now and everything is weird and I don't know what the fuck I'm doing"

I wouldn't mind that tbh.

me either by god

or in the past

really? never?

Flood Detected. Post Discarded.

I don't even know half my family.

when your dashcam hasn't been saving any videos since 6/5/17 even though it says it's recording

fucking normee get off my thread

am i a normie?

Goggles is the normie-est

Good morning friends!

How are you all?

What dash cam you got?

At this point in my life I'd say I'm one of the biggest normies here. So probably not in your case.

so maybe you can't empathize with my situation,

but essentially, I went full tism at people, but a very sincere form of tism, and in return, they were explicitly mean, misrepresented me to me (and others), and continue to.

asides from freeing up time, why should I let it slide? people that wish to hurt others on purpose should be recognized as such. especially if their words don't match their other words, making them hypocrites.

you've never in the past been upset at someone's hypocrisy?

Squiddy no squiddin'

kinda miss swedish fish...

you're hungry too arenty ou

everyone is dead

o hai

have a (you)



dude... even ramen and hotdogs sounds good

I think I get where you're coming from now. No to the last part, but I've left many autistic communities after I shit them up and realized I was no longer wanted, hadn't ever been. I've just never been stupid enough to attach a name to it for a long time.


Rip Dip Potato Chip

weve "met"

Nah fam, make yourself a good burg and then you'll be happy.

Pro tip: Season your burger patties with kosher salt and fresh cracked pepper while the beef is still raw (assuming if you're like me and make your own burger patties), also brioche buns lightly toasted in butter or bacon grease are worth their weight in gold.

New thread.
No Squiddies allowed.

that was oddly specific


it's the only way to make a burg

well, I don't have to do what I'm doing.

some part of me finds it theraputic to hold people to their own words.

but even now, I find it hard to continue.

I know. I'm very picky about making burgers, and at this point I've almost got it down to a science.

Toasted buns are best buns, user.

ded thread


Oh, one of those chink GoPro clones. Did you set it to overwrite old video files? Tried swapping a bigger MicroSD? Or just another MicroSD in general?

*holds ur hand*

Go here



good job nerd