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i want to play it because its easy to be good though

I will gouge out your eyeballs and SKULLFUCK you.

ill still buy overwatch on friday


at least im being honest


whats this I hear about murder getting the permaslap

add me?

oh shit the mod police are here

ill add you when i get it

im jc goergie

oh shit the thot police are here

not quite accurate, test banned him, he would be policing the admin

do you feel better being this insufferable.

it helps sometimes when daddy is ignoring me

post bread, that'll throw them off our crack dealing posts

I hate when daddy ignores me too :C

well he sure seems to like attention so im not sure why he'd do that~


that thing should have exploded ages ago

He took the time to individually insult every person in the thread, declared himself the most interesting person there, and said the only reason nobody likes him is because he doesn't suck dick, not because of his vapid, insufferable personality.

He said he only cared about himself. It was taken to a vote. Nobody else cared about him.

You're a day late with that.

How are you doin?

i voted to ban him despite not having strong feelings on it one way or the other

you dont have strong feelings about mosquito but you still use mosquito nets

aweh its okay, im tough, i can take any abuse from mean ol georgie haha

im doing alright tonight, just crackin some salt and peper pistachios, what's shaking with you?

I can take his place with insulting everyone, not so much the rest of it because I'm human filth.

insulting people is wah we do but we just don't pretend we're better than everyone else all the time


no replies....




The dicksucking is the biggest hurdle.

your gay


yea if you dont pander to test enough he'll start secretly harassing you over discord threatening to ban you. why do you think im nice to the guy.

the biggest


ban green bean

This but unironically

Hehe don't worry, he's not that mean.

I'm doing good! We're watching eraserhead

ban everyone

I can't believe Baddog is the Dark Souls of autism - Test


Darksouls isn't even hard, if he wanted to make me a high level autism he should have called me the itel world in Disgaea

item world*

That doesn't help your case my dude

He really is the Dark Souls of autism.

pretty funny how you don't reply to my funny jokes but you reply to test's bad ones


My jokes are nothing but meme remixes and that's why Squid appreciates them


easily digestible ay?






Did we break bad dog?

this is why 4chan tries to stop you from doing the same post

woof woof

-pets luka-


there was actually a guy who went into paint and made a folder of 300 images with one pixel changed just so they could shitpost the same image over and over again, back before you could do it the lazy way


You don't say


What's up?


George went to bed, gonna do ??? now.

What's up with you ?

you would be a cat


i wanna play!!!

bitch you stole my meow

just saying cat fits you pretty well, as like cat person or dog person, don't be gay





Weren't you gonna watch a movie or something.


We got through part of Eraserheard, earlier we watched synecdoche new york


pls play with me!!!!


yea that asshole made me watch that movie too, and then never watched my movie


Who watches part of a movie?

tired people


It's a great movie!!!!! I really love surrealist shit, esp when you can tell it has like passion behind it.

When you can pause a movie, you can watch parts of it.


flood detected?

get that fucking shitter to watch sunshine of a spotless mind with you, its a great couples movie too

Yeah but then you're like breaking the flow

Not really, besides you can always just start from the beginning.

Nah I have to get him to watch my movies first, who else is gonna watch last holiday with me??

missing out on a really great and well structured movie im just saying, its about a guy who hires a team to go in his memories and erase memories of a girl he used to date


Yee but the theme is surrealist movies

Noting, last holiday isn't surrealist but fuck is it a good movie

what isnt surreal about someone going in your head and deleting stuff in your brain? i mean it gets pretty damn surreal i was aware of the movie theme

deja vu

I've just been in this thread before

Idk man, I've never seen the spotless


woops pressed reply like an IDIOT!!!

idk man, never seen the movie so idk if it's surrealist or not.

Is it on par with synecdoche

vroom vroom

to sum it up its basically about a guy who's trying to see if he would fall in love with a girl all over again even if he didn't remember them


Seems neat, but idk

the more someone pushes you towards something the less you want to actually do it =P It's okay, I'm like that too, but I can't recommend it enough.

enjoy whatever you watch

i gotta



greentext using rottentomato ever

i knew it would trigger someone but i wasnt expecting to bait a green bean

little did you know....

i am secretly (cinephile green bean...)

fuck SD was here earlier and i missed my chance to trade music with them

yea rotten tomato is all over the place, some reviews and opinions are really great and i like them but sometimes i read a page and am like wtf were these people thinking

it almost makes me want to stop watching new movies entirely

just until i can be sure if something is good or not before i throw ten bucks on it and pay like an eight of my paycheck for junkfood

while i am here

check out my cool letterboxd account

there are a lot of movies i have seen that arent added bc i forgot their titles.....
i also

need to rate more things. my liked page is my favorites...

ok i did that



the fuck is this gay shit.

the place you chose to post


its U



i am a pair of hot lesbians

just because they're posing together doesn't make them gay ya FAG


why is anyone straight

it just leads to anger and sadness...

that doesnt mean i cant hope

i want fun things

did I thought you crossdressing was just a meme but then I SAW PICS AND THEN I GASPED

nail polish on point

and kids


thanks for the bday wishes

Because butt babies don't exist.


Test tube babies when

Test's post actually gave me a headache.

Test tube babies when



i dont want to deal with any more babies after homestuck


oh... uh . thanks !

the only pic in there with my nails painted is. not very good nails. if you wanna see good ones... i can show u.

but. thanks yea i really do .

kids are okay for some people. who make it work. and really care. but this is not the majority.

if everyone wasnt straight we could figure out how to reproduce without male/female sex

there's a birthday somewhere?

show me red things

looks like its still happening in your timezone!

oh sure i mean we kind of needs kids to keep existing as a species, we don't need as many. it would be more practical to have only good genetic parents breed and have a large group of people dedicated to raising those children with their time, rather than it being so divided, but ideologies like that have caused wars and are impractical and unsustainable anyways, and also impose unjust situations upon undeserving people.

>Test tube babies

no he did that joke too

ban all straight people from earth put em on mars


lets put them on Olympus mons

what is?




oh well...

Maybe next year.


next year what?

lets kill hu

kill is a strong word

Can we just struggle snuggle them

Maybe you'll wish me!




is it?
will you tell me or not?
why don't you say anything?







gn grim

Sleep well

I approve of your taste in pokegirls.

She's pretty great

Hello friends, I should hopefully be able to pay attention now for once!!

How are you all?

Kris is original best gril tho.




i forgot to eat today!!!

is the quality on this shit or is it just me?

low bitrate blocky video
even on 1080p60fps

It's shit.
Too much busy, rapidly changing shit like particle effects rapes compressed video.

youtube doesn't play nice with super fast noisy scenes
and downgrades the quality


it bothers me that eggs arent a dairy product


idk its jus youd think they would be

cow eggs

yeah theyre usually kept with dairy products in stores....

call chicken and see if they can. turn it into a dairy product !

n no I mean chicken eggs should be dairy produts ;~:

bard eggs



I'm not sure that's the correct response to that



stop asking people to control you, geeze


I dream of a world where anime picture chat shitposting is active 24/7


I mean it almost is





my pizza is done cooking

it just needs to cool off now

mm gimme some.......

15 min 'till I leave for work.
Thank god it's the last day until the weekend.

just enough time to address the things you said about me




Go seek pity from someone else.
We aren't friends anymore nor will we be again.

Morning, Luka.

are you hungry today?

Yeah. I don't eat until first break though. That's around 7:30.

Anyhow I'm off to work.
Have a good morning, Luka.

that really hurt

I want to be mean back, instead of sad, but fuck I hate you right now.

good luck out there!

i have. a pimple right near. my lip and it hurts..... rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

rip that's the worst

shouldnt u be asleep !

squash said many untrue things about me, to me.

he vaguely apologized once for losing his temper, but never took back the specific shit things he said about me.

rather than let it die, I demanded repeatedly that he either clarify why he believed those things about me, or take them back.

he did neither, instead he kept distracting, and said the 'real' issue is that I kept pressing him to own up to the words he said to me, or explain them to me.

In fact, rather than keep asking without result, I asked him to take his time and read our chat history where he said shit things to me. I said he could reply in a week, or months.

He suggested I just remove him rather than wait for him to be decent. Just outright refused to even remark on the words, when I copy and pasted them directly to him.

I felt like I was doing nothing wrong, that I wasn't being evil, that I wasn't being mean, I was being pathetic and needy, and he decided he didn't like me because I pressed him so earnestly.

my blunt insistance on things makes people feel it's okay to be overtly mean to me.

and it's just speculation, but I think Squash developed this conception of me over time, by talking about me behind my back. I speculate this, because the sorts of untrue things he said about me, were the stereotypes you'd think of if you thought of Kanra.

who, me?

what about you!


ive only been up 11 hours....

also im playing pubg !!! i cant sleep if im gettin shot at !!!!!!!

i died making this post....

well go to bed after your game :x

sleeping after being up for 11 hours !!! thats. not good ! or something...

im not tired

okies, well I'm gonna pass out soon
been up too long

nini nezi bub !!

rest easy

so squash wanted to hurt me? the healthy thing to do would be to be the opposite, and forgive him.

I wonder if I can do that eventually.
rn I can't.

You are absolutely crazy.

the healthier thing to do would be not to care.

to not even care what someone I thought was a friend would want me to feel. at least I can rest assured that those that hate me would like me to continue caring and feeling shit, or to stoop to their level.

I'm not sure if I've ever been truly mean, without first being capable of apologizing or having my mind changed. I'm not sure if I've ever tried to hurt someone on purpose.

loco, what I am is absolutely anxious.

and it causes me to obsess and find the wrong in things, constantly.

to accept that there wil be more locos in life, and some people's locos will drive them to be locos themselves, thus perpetuating the cycle of being hurtful assholes.

It's like the axiom of all your thoughts is "my feelings"

"My feelings are hurt so loco and Squash are evil bullies"

Take a step back. Stop pissing in jars. Get some help.

there was a satisfaction in discovering the things you got at me for, were almost exclusively things you repeatedly expressed insecurities about.

but it didn't fix the confusion and betrayal of knowing you actually wanted to hurt me, especially when you told me in various ways that I deserved it, and it was for my own good.

I need to accept what you are to me.

What you need to accept is that me and everyone else that is "mean" to you has a reason to be. That's the shit you're not addressing.

Squash isn't as bad as you. Squash doesn't realize how bad you are.

My axiom aren't my feelings. It's your words, and the reasonable interpretation of your intentions for saying them.

what you're doing is called gaslighting.

you get used to seeing it when you've been abused before.

You want to try being honest for a change?

Having a bad relationship with your dad at 20+ plus isn't abuse. You shouldn't say it is in a community where half the posters were molested.

I'm being honest. You have an inflated ego. It comes out when you talk about Neuroscience or Chris Hitchins. On some level, you know it's bigger than it has reason to be, and you're insecure about it. So when people come in and point at it and say "your ego is too big, you suck in this way and that and this", you flip the fuck out. Because you know they're right. And you need to convince YOURSELF that they're wrong. So you make textwalls dissecting the accusations. Then you say they're based on false information. Then you start attacking the people who make the accusations and questioning their motives. Even when they're not around to listen, when there is no one around who cares or is reading your posts, because it's just yourself you're talking to.

If you admitted you may have acted awkwardly and dumb to yourself, you'll open the vulnerability up in yourself to accept the criticisms people make of you. And then you'll be able to actually parse through them all and decide where someone has a point and where they're being mean. And this will stop being an issue.

it wasn't a bad relationshiop.

it wasn't us fighting.

it was the fear and anxiety he reinforced under his roof, while driving a wedge between me and my sister. it was the reality that if he wanted to vent his anger, I was vented upon, and resisting was not an option. it was him getting his girlfriend involved, encouraging her to say shit things to me as well in her Eastern Bloc accent.

you're intersting, Loco. I'm not sure if you actually believe what you say. I should learn to not care.

I'd reply, but you're just waiting for the right time to vanish.

I could tell you the things that you just said that were wrong, or the ways that I know you're right, or the limitations to what can be said about what, but maybe you say incorrect mean shit in the first place, is because you're willing to bend the truth in order to hurt me.

That's the sort of person you are.

Proving my point.

your point is that I delude myself.

there's nothing delusional about saying you twist the truth because you want to hurt me.

because that's what you're actually doing. unless you're convinced you're telling the truth to the best of your ability, and you're actually trying to give sound advice... yea fucking right, man.


If I wanted to hurt you you'd be a lot more hurt than you are right now.


"you're scum and you deserve everything I say to you and more. deep down under all the shit you pull here you're still a scummy person and you disgust me beyond my ability to make myself say. you absolutely suck." - Loco

"If you admitted you may have acted awkwardly and dumb to yourself, you'll open the vulnerability up in yourself to accept the criticisms people make of you. And then you'll be able to actually parse through them all and decide where someone has a point and where they're being mean. And this will stop being an issue." - Loco

Someone post cock.

Let the record show that I didn't lie, and that Loco did.

That Loco objectively tried gaslighting me by saying my perception of him bullying was in my head, and continued to insist that I was delusional and I deserve and should embrace the objectively untrue, intentionally hurtful things he was saying about me, to me.

you know what'd really fuck me up right about now?
if he just started being nice out of nowhere.

honestly, I think I'd trust him less if he weren't being mean.

inscure people can be very mean.



what happpeneeeedd to falling asleep !!!!!!!

im telling

delet this

testing testing 1 2 3

is it working. i dunno. maybe i messed this up.

i messed it up.....

Are you testing tripcodes or something?
You've got a secure one, so whatever you generated won't work like that.

test number t w o !!!!!

i think. itll work this time.

lets see.

AAAAAAA IT WORKED IM COO L !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah, I put it through a tester and was like "It should work?"
Then saw it out of the corner of my eye.

wow rin
fucking stealing grean bean's tripcodes

no !!!! she was helping me out...

im a noober.

I can't believe Rin stole the newbie's trip, what a cunt.

I'd never have guessed.

When are we gonna excommunicated that fucker, seriously.

**>not making this post with said trip
Step up senpai.**

is that not spoilers? fuckshit?



I don't think I wrote it down unless it's still on my clipboard.

I think the meme-ship has sailed.

Yeah, I'm a freaking failure.

i disgaree

How the FUCK could you let a meme just slip. Utterly unbelievable.

I'm sorry, please forgive me oh great living meme.

Man it sure is great having complete domain over all memes.

I can't believe Squid's finally lost base with reality.


Yeah, I meant to imply that was why you lost base with reality.

Oh crud, I think I might be late.

I just wanted to post the image
Is that so bad?


i like playing rhythm games. why play anything else !!!

To get actual gameplay

Because playing the same simplistic mechanic would get boring after a few days.

i disagrreee !!

but thats okay. i dont know why i posted my post in the first place.

I mean you say that, but some people seem to like grinding.

Let me correct this.

Because playing the same simplistic mechanic would get boring after a few days - and anyone that actually sits there and goes through with it for very long periods of time just don't have anything better to do.

Because people like to express what they like

what they enjoy*

i meant more.

i dnno. i guess i just wanted to.....

stir up conversation

Yet you seem to play an awful lot of Arma 3~


Instruments are basically rhythm games

i guess pianists are plebs for liking their single simplistic mechanic

It is not repetative. Nor is there any grinding.

I mean, yeah.
I guess that's fair.

But how many notrussians can you really kill?

I like my grind with graphical improvement instead of just numerical.

With community made and imported mods, quite a lot.

If the notes are demarcated where you can just make one movement and get the same note I could kind of see that in a reductionist sort of way- Now brass players and fiddlers? Those are the musicians you wanna fuck.


simplistic mechanics =/= boring/repetitive gameplay



You can enjoy whatever you want, I was just under the impression people here were over the age of 18- Shouldn't you stop playing with children's toys when you're an adult?

yes !

What is normal adult entertainment?

Going out to a local brewery with a group of friends, sample some beers/food. Then maybe head over to a Sports bar or like a Round One/Dave and Busters then play some games/billiards/bowling etc.

Or at least that's what I do with my other group of normie friends

Alcohol and self-loathing.

implying that modern multiplayer games aren't toys for adults

Why did I only ever hear twelve year old cockneys talking about how they were going to fuck my "Mum" in them, then?

hey who let a redditor in the thread

still involves videogames kind of half way :D

Because you SUCKED too much to rank up and face the cooperative teams of people in their twenties with no job and living parents that somehow don't despise them yet

I don't like alcohol though

in all seriousness though i think toys are for whoever wants to play with them and can afford to do so while also supporting themselves and whoever else they are responsible for

its choosing entertainment over these responsibilities that makes one childish, not the games themselves

You srs hombre?

absolutely, i very clearly remember that your reaction time isnt the greatest, you probably suck balls at shooters

Reddit thinks cars are wasteful and problematic rape instruments of the patriarchy. My life revolves around cars, therefore, I can't be a redditor. :^)

You don't have to like it for it to be necessary.

stumped me

But it doesn't change anything

I do suck at shooters though.

no you said it, i thought it was weird too, i wouldn't make shit up about you. we were talking about fighting games and you said you sucked at those too

but on a suck to not suck level i suck at shooters and fighting games too

and i did have more fun with games when i was a kid but who doesnt

It makes you feel better about nothing being changed.

Yeah, you're what we call a boring person.

It's for all ages though

To be FAIR cars are unnecessary.

The idea every person needs their own person ton of metal to travel around in is ridiculous.

personal ton of metal*

I'm not saying you made it up, I'm saying I probably spat out something kind of convoluted and we got to where we are. It happens.

oh boy squiddy

Computers are unnecessary too. The idea every person needs their own worldwide communication and computational device just to entertain themselves is ridiculous.

certainly happens to me a lot :^)

I'm not sure if that was a dig against me or yourself.

im..... boring ? :(

But that's the most efficient way to control the drones, not the least.


both really


Oh? Are we solving mathematical inequalities now about efficiency? Aw shit, I'd love to know the calculations you're running for this sort of thing, because I thought you were just mouthing off greenie liberal talking points that have been beaten into your head as an Auscunt.



I need to kick your ass for posting my images too, it took me like 20 minutes of wondering the other night only to figure out it wasn't me who posted this but you.

squid bruises easily, if you beat them too much they'll just stop replying

What a fag.

Nobody said anything about mathematics. Just basic logic

You say that like our country hasn't currently elected like the absolute biggest extreme of "fuck the environment solve everything with coal" governments in the western world, my dude.

Also I'm pretty far from a liberal.

its not my fault i live in michigan too :^) you can't take this from me Dallas, I relate to it on a deeply emotional level

This is so far from the truth it's not funny.

why am i laughing then. don't drop the soap

are you saying that if people beat you you just want to make more noise because that's just taking this in a pretty kinky direction

One of the great mysteries of the universe, my dude.

the mysteries of the universe pertain to much more interesting things like how many of your moms ive slept with

american public transportation is awful yes it could be reformed but until it is we mostly need cars here, if not for live for happiness

many things in this modern day are not necessary but we choose to do them anyays


Oh no, you hath beaten me too much. I will now stop replying because I am just so afraid of your unbelievable wit.

You said efficiency- Efficiency is an engineering term based on a ratio of most received from what's put in. Ratios are mathematics so cut the bullshit, faggot.

Nevermind that you opened up with a notion about "necessity." Where most people don't use a computer for much more than entertainment, that's pretty fucking unnecessary- Unnecessary electricity usage when you're playing video games, posting here, looking at porn- I didn't know things had to be predicated on "necessity" to be fit for the general public like some kind of fucking pinko state.

hey i was just making a passing jab at you, it's not like i told you to take it seriously and stop posting

i guess we should only predicate things based on necessity now

party like its 1686


how the fuck did that turn into predicate phone????

new V-sauce video be back later

Oh please. It's a word with general usage, engineering or not. Also, we both know full well that you can make general assumptions without a complete and explicit set of data for things so clearly different. I don't need the fuel-efficiency of a modern train on hand to tell you it's going to be better per person than the hundred cars needed to transport all the people it would.

Entertainment is absolutely necessary for keeping a populace content though. And yes, that's necessary by any standard of necessity, before you go complaining about that. In any case, the point was that cars are not necessary for personal transportation (in addition to them being inefficient, which might as well be self-evident). Unnecessary for it's goal, where you seem to be making the point that the goal of computers is unnecessary.

does anyone here think I'm a pseudointellectual?

could they explain what they mean by that?

i think your sense of timing is possibly one of the worsts

if its an issue thats bothering you you should work to come to your own conclusions on it rather than trying to drag answers or apologies out of others

It means your effort spent on appearing smart is excessive.

I can't come to my own conclusions about what other people think.

this is why you think I'm a pseudointelectual?

I don't care enough to pass judgement.

then interact with them in ways that are tolerable to them

if you have to learn how to do that, then do it

i think Dallas had to go take care of some problems he was having, so im not sure if you'll get a reply

Oh no how will I live not continuing this

not the point i was just telling you cause he didnt

ty for your honest attitude









You know, I probably could have figured this out.

Loco. Top 3 of these.
I told Kanra it wasn't my job to defend him from you and he called me an asshole.
That seem right to you?