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remove danes when

Same day the Aussies get nuked



You'd need a lot to nuke all that empty space


You don't even have to waste nukes on the non populated parts

So you would only need like 4

don't die on me pls car

on the upside the check engine light can also never turn on

check the fusebox first before you panic and think something super expensive is broken~

Dying battery?

The world has plenty



Whatcha up to?

Battery OK
Fuses probably okay. Thing is dashboard lights had been dead for a while, fuses are okay, lights inidivudally were ok. idk probably a dead ecu?

fuck, they're onto us

world has plenty of gay danes too
let's just strap those to a missile and fire them off

How old is the car? Could just be faulty wiring, or loose and/or old alternator. The latter happened a couple times to me with old Saturns is why I ask.

You're so good with cars :D

1994 Peugeot 306

Suspect is wiring. Dash lights have been messed up for a while now but at least the low fuel/high temps/[STOP] lights work. Low/Hi-beam lights used to work but stopped working recently as with the center console lights (temperature/blowey knobs, and clock backlight).

Probably RIP wiring. Mechanically the rest should be fine as battery charges normally and it's got plenty of juice because the starter works great.

Welp, sounds like she died the way she lived. rip Not sure getting some specialist to redo wiring on a whole car is worth it tho never had to go through with it :(

Ah well thanks :3

Good morning everyone!
I hope you all had a good halloween!


I bought a small bag of Haribo gummi bears for myself. Then heard about how Haribo gummi bears are made by slaves.

It was real spooky!

2 more hours and I'm free. ;;

Haribo is the best. I don't even care if they're made by slaves.

Closest to morning you've gotten so far :thinking:

Khorne needs a word with you.


There's a brand in the UK called Natural Confectionary that does the best gummies.

I like the ones shaped like dinosaurs.

mail some to me


Doing nothing atm. Slept well?

Sounds like a great plan to me, when do we start?

Remind me in a week and I will


hey cuties

You're the cutie




For what?

I'm the cutest

Just evaded my Permaban



That Law Abiding Citizen was the peak of Gerard Butler, he will never make a finer movie.

Lesbian innuendo.

Have you ever even SEEN a movie?

False news.

1) Does it star Gerard Butler


2) What is the plot? and when was it made?

whose nintendo

1) He makes an appearance


2) The movie is a series of exceptionally unfunny comedy vignettes and was forged in the heart of a dark star in Hell before time was a thing.

Robert L. Nintendo invented video games and tribbing.

Then, from the evidence you have provided me, I have to tell you that OPINION DENIED.

LAC is still the prime Butler movie.


I think you'll find I was the person to invent tribbing while playing nintendo.

What about The Ugly Truth? That one got snubbed at the Oscars. It's a crime.

So YOU'RE Ronald M. Tendo! :O


Link me a trailer and watch me deny you... once again

How's pod racing?

Scoot, Sony Pictures has never steered me wrong. I know the movie looks like a mess of tired cliches and forced awkward romance, and yes, it is, but um...well, I don't have to explain anything!

haha they've been broken for a while now :(

Youve found me out. I am, the tribmaster.

Also I made Knack.

How have you been, cutiepie?

Oh, Well, I do remember that one. But like. It does look amusing. RIP Hudson's career.

Her career was so RIP I even forgot her last name.

I've been busy busy as usual, but I think I'm going to cash in all the vacation time I've saved up soon. What happened to your drones, Maddie? I know you put so much work into them.

The rumor's always been that she was a mess to work with, but in light of recent revelations and judging by the way Sean Young was run out of Hollywood back in the day, maybe she got the short end? It's hard to say.

Sweetie, that's not something you tell other people. Just change your undies and pretend it didn't happen.

Do remind me of the whole Sean Young incident, safe me the google please.
I mean, she couldnt be any harder to work with than Julia Roberts(bae)

Please don't. I had Kanra here the other day going on about how I have a mommy fetish. You'll give him credence.

Fuck, dont let him even catch a whiff of being right

She played Rachel in Blade Runner and had a bunch of other acclaimed roles. In the late 80s and early 90s, there were rumors going around that she was stalking directors and fellow actors and generally being a crazy person, and that she was "an impossible woman to work with". It's difficult to pick apart the fact and the fiction in the case, but it does raise questions. Michael Caine came to her defense once after the two made Blue Ice together, but he was kinda shushed and told not to talk about her. It was all very weird.

Nooo! I thought "knack" was a euphemism for poopies! I was being highbrow and sophisticated!

Wait. Didn't she play DICKGURL in Ace Ventura?
Interesting. To be fair it isn't too wrong to assume that there are cunts in hollywood just as any other career path.
But were they essentially buried by the "higher ups" for being so unruly?

Don't let him know about my crush on Christina Hendricks either.

Or my huge collection of mother/son incest caption pics


Henlo bardo

hi scoot hoow is your all saints day coming

Oh yeah. She was in Ace Ventura. I haven't seen that since it was in theaters. I don't really know what to make of her case. She seems to have exhibited some unhealthy behavior, but that's par for the course in Hollywood. And a performer having a breakdown isn't unheard of. Margot Kidder struggled with some mental health issues too. :(

Bep, did you make these comics?

Is tiring! I might grab something sweet now though, ive eaten savoury meal so sweet would be naisu
and you? been busy?

It is indeed an unfair fishbowl of a place to live in and around, just look at Harvey and Spacey. Shit is seedy and murky. But we always knew as much.
Hence the success of things like Neon Demon and films akin to it.

hiii sabrina happy late halloween!

I mesed up myschedule and slept from like 8 p.m last night tolike midnight or oone and then had another sleep atlike 4 a.m to 2 p.m

I woke up to some bad news and heard my grandpa is in the hospital with kidney failure

He's like 4 years deep into cancer and overcame melanoma in the past so I'm worrid for him : (

God no. They're Kate Beaton's. She makes Hark A Vagrant.

They look a little different because they're quickies she made last Christmas while she was with her family. They're up on her tumblr if you want the rest. They're all pretty cute.

I thought the Hollywood machine might crash under the weight of endless sequels, prequels, spin-offs, rehashes, reboots, and remakes, but this might give it a little more of a bump. Maybe we'll see some sort of Renaissance!

Ditto, Mr. Bard. I'm sorry to read about your grandpa, dear.

I see. Well, they seem like somethin' you'd make too.


That sounds hard my dude im really sorry that you got that news :(
Shit is hard man

Perhaps. Perhaps not. Who knows. We can only hope for the best really. I am getting mighty annoyed and blase when it comes to libtard SJWs complaining about hollywood. I just want good movies.
Just gibe good movies and art like La La Land and Suicide Squad.
After all, if cinema cannot provide, Netflix will.


i'm not old enough to be a mister yet come on ;.;

thank you guys
it's a little worrisome I would like to go visit him but I work today and dont drive so I'm thinking maybe tomorrow or the next day I would like to get a ride from my father or something

it's just that everyone has to go sometime you know?

when he dropped his diagnoses at christmas a few years back I was preparing for it to happen so I dont orry about myself feeling bad but I'm worried for my grandpa's comfort and I really really worry most about how my grandma is going to do
she doesn't drive a car either and he'd give her rides everywhere they needed to go so I've been worrying a little bit about how she's going to get by

It's going to be okay I just wanted to get this out so thank you for listening ;~:

was this ironic

Yeah I get you, we all have our day to pass. But it is never easy. And especially to someone close to us.
We just have to make do with the lot we are given when it comes I guess.
I am relatively lucky as to have not had much experience with relations dying, but my grandmother passed with lung cancer some years ago and I am not going to lie that was a extremely horrendous event. But, you know. What I remember most when thinking about her is her laughing and her banter. Old school northern woman that gran, drinking ale and smoking like a chimney, watching football with me and screaming obscenities.
You remember the good times, you do also remember the bad times. I cannot listen to Rumours without skipping Songbird, it was her funeral song and it is too painful to listen to.
But overall, after the heart wrenching hurt you remember what/why you love them.
It sucks you , your family anyone has to go through this.
No words I can put here will really ease the pain but, rally to Bardo family, be together and savour what time you have... hopefully years.

Ya jus got bamboozled

suicide squad was awful

i watched 20 minutes and wanted to kill myself non-ironically

well said scoot, sorry about both of your grandmas, i'm glad you got to spend good moments with them

Hi Mister Bard.

You make cute stuff. How's your day going?

I'm surprised Bladerunner 2049 turned out as wonderful as it did. Have you seen it yet?

Senor Bardo!

I am yet to give it a go, but judging by your tone I probably will love it, given how much of a prude and move shrew you are.

By give it a go I mean have the time to see it.

the new bladerunner movie turned out great, it was nice to see an extension of the universe set in the future while still seeing tie-ins to the original that felt organic instead of like nostalgia cash-in

You got me. I fell for it due to your unironically bad tastes. :^)

The movie never felt like it knew how to start. The whole opening where they introduce people and just straight up explain them and show how many songs they could afford the rights to felt like a slog.

thats because it was, it was just stupid masturbation stuffed into an uneducated presentation by people who didn't know how to do anything but masturbate onto a script

like imagine us writing a movie except we're all at least 30% stupider and rap stars now

REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I guess, I mean I do unironically appreciate Ricka nd Morty, so.

rick and morty is actually good though

I dun make cute stuff. I'm too shy to put cute things out there.

And. Pretty shitty. Still no money. So. I'm not doing great. Which I'm using as an excuse to be kind of relaxed and lazy with my drawing. I've Ta Nehisi Coates on in the background.


cute stuff would probably get you more attention at first, like i know its not that easy to just overcome shyness but just saying, one of my girlfriends was able to start out doing like 5 dollar commissions for cute stuff

girlfriends friends*

Holy shit a wasp just landed on my head and I'm inside fucking shoot me


you're fucked, it's going to find you when you sleep and lay eggs in your eyes


erio has been sending me the rick and morty pasta almost bi-daily for like three weeks

No... y-your face

Sounds annoying. Why not just block him

You are like little babby.

i removed him from discord... which does nothing, so yea that's the next step if they don't stop.

i'm also rather hard to annoy and mess with them in my own way, so i probably deserve it

I jumped out of my chair, shouted, and made my peace with God


you know the worst part is wasps dont lose their stingers so they can sting multiple times, just be glad you aren't a spider :^)

also god is dead and we are shitposting on his corpse just so you know

Erio would have wanted me to say that for him

I just have no truck for sloppy movies, Scoot! But I can't recommend BR highly enough. It's far better than I expected and worth hours of conversation.

My first thought at the end of the movie was, "I'm actually glad this exists." It's the opposite of how I expected to feel. I worried it would be a nostalgia piece with no substance, but it managed to be its own thing in that cinematic world with a lot of valid questions to ask about the value life, empathy and compassion, systems of control and consumerism, agency and free will, etc., and all without beating you over the head with them. One scene in particular stuck with me because it was one I expected to roll my eyes at. When the Joi hologram points at K/Joe, I thought it might be some dumb throwaway scene to show off the special effects and colors. Instead, it was the movie kicking that character right in the gut when he was already at his lowest and calling into question the nature of the one good thing he thought he had in life. It was heartbreaking.

I'm working on a report for someone, and then I have to work on one for someone else tomorrow. Exciting stuff. :(

So... You are saying... If I see BladeRunner... we can talk about it for hours and hours?

yup and i totally agree with you, i couldn't properly reply without throwing us into spoilers territory but you said the important stuff already, the movie was fantastically realized by a developed and talented director who has had plenty of experience, and the actors and writers got things across without it feeling like an excuse to throw some money at special effects like you said, and that's what i think is most important at the core of a movie, especially a sequel or reboot, and that's caring about the material instead of just throwing money at it


That's what I'm sayin'!

Is it bad if I like K/Joe far better as a main character than Deckard?

no not at all, Deckard has been tired out from all the initial fan controversy when the original movie came out, if you think about it, not only is there more room to explore his character in universe, but also outside of the universe when discussing it with other people, Deckard kind of feels locked into his position a little by circumstances where i can see the argument being made that K/Joe feels a little more naturally portrayed

Is Gosling good?

Gostling did a good job i think

I was readin this thing about leadership the other day. It was about how CEOs don't really determine how well a company does. It said real leadership is a process, and the people in the company that make it work are the emergent leaders who have tasks cluster around them because they're known to be hardworking, honest and reliable.

so. You're the best and most important person at your job, for what that's worth. According to the thing I read.

I saw a piece of erotic fan fiction with Gosling in it recently. He was good in that.

I mean, I get that they're coming from different places with different goals, but I feel like K/Joe made the most progress as a character. In the end, he chooses not to allow himself to be used by the police, the rebels, or the crony capitalist, and he does it knowing that he won't gain anything except the knowledge that he did what he believed was right because he's come to value love and life.

He did a great job. If I have a major complaint, it's that Hans Zimmer's score barges in to ruin some scenes that would have been perfect with either very subtle music or no music at all. There's a particularly intense scene in which Gosling was perfectly capable of taking us where we needed to be emotionally, but they cheated with the soundtrack, trying to up the intensity of the scene. It didn't need it!

Aw. Thank you. That was a confidence booster I needed today!

Also, stop reading my erotic Gosling blog!

Stop writing such cute things about Ryan Gosling's goose juice, then.

thats sort of what i mean when i say i feel like he has more freedom as a character, because he doesnt choose to go along with the force that has been established in power in that universe and instead pursues his own personal goals with his own personal questions, such things are worth more than money to get answers to

That sounds crazy, Hans is usually on point. Maybe the mixing team did a boo boo.
Aw, i wanna pirate it... but then I dont want to be that guy, I want to pay for it so the people get money for good work.


didnt mean to link you, but its a good song


you mind posting a tune? i got an itchy ear right now for some grooves

I'mma pray for you.

Remember when Harrison Ford makes that dumb face after punching Ryan Gosling? Apparently, he actually punched him and they left that look of shock in there.

I still think that scene was pretty goofy, but maybe the movie needed a goofy moment. I'll have to watch it again and decide.

Pay for a ticket online, don't show up, then pirate it. Then you can say you bought a ticket! That's perfectly ethical, right?

OH! This is why you are the best... This logic I can get behind... or maybe I go early on saturday before work, go see it then go to work

i think moments like that actually at character

have you even seen the hateful eight? there's a scene where a guy smashes a 10,000 dollar guitar not knowing it wasnt a cheap prop and they leave the casts reaction in the movie

also thank you kindly for the tunes, you too scoots

nevermind only thanks to scoot

Holla Forums theme song

I went early on a Sunday and there were only two other people in the theater. I was sad it didn't have a bigger turnout, but happy that it felt kinda cozy.

A friend sent me that and it caught me off guard. I laughed way too hard at it the first time. Like, the kind of laughter where you're convinced you're going to die.

I haven't seen the movie, but I know the scene you're talking about! I was watching an interview with Jennifer Jason Leigh and she talked about Kurt Russel not knowing the guitars hadn't been switched out, so she was genuinely panicking when he wrecked it. The look on her face is priceless!

its great to have friends like that where you really get each others sense of humor, sometimes convincing yourself you wont laugh just makes you want to laugh even more, it can be its own kind of torture -nod nods-

yea exactly, sometimes little bits of genuineness mixed in with all the fantasy helps layer the lore and really gets you a different and more genuine experience

easily worth the loss of the guitar if you ask me

I prefer empty cinemas, then, as you say, i can get comfy and just immerse myself in it.

"The Martin Guitar Museum will no longer loan guitars to movie projects"

im crying

I went to see Spirited Away Monday night and I was surprised by how many people showed up. When I saw Naussicaa, there were maybe three other people. The house was packed for Spirited Away, but it wasn't bad 'cause everyone was there to really enjoy and take in the movie. No talkers, thankfully.

It's also cool seeing Jennifer Jason Leigh freaking out. She does such a great job acting, so if I hadn't known the guitar was actually an antique, I'd have thought she was just that good!

Also, I love that David Lynch reunited her and Tim Roth for the new Twin Peaks!

Wow, it seems quite a few weebs from here caught that show. Maybe I should start collecting Ghibli.

yea shes a fantastic actor anyways, but it feels like you can definitely sense the genuineness in her voice when that happens, it definitely does not sound like an on-set freakout for a movie, it sounds like a mom freaking out in a youtube video XD

There is nothing sinful about Gosling's seed.

Gosling's seed
at slow speed
travels in the air.

A Kleenex to catch
in lieu of a snatch.
A shame I wasn't there.



Name fell off.


its because you were hopping around so much

Nah I'm in the library, left for a while, just logged onto the same computer.

why are you hanging out in a library


lmao did it win

I'm at school all day on Wednesdays because shitty scheduling. No class for most of it, just occupy my time in the library. Don't get home till a little after 8.

It's still in here presumably.

I forgot that I didn't like working

Oh hey, Luka.

Test. Where is everyone in the Discord?

I'm not at home and my phone is off, dude.

Ecks dee

Useless admin.


oh the wasp is in the library, i thought it was like in your home

It's ok. I still love you.

I literally said I logged onto the same computer.

But what if your friends want to send you trivially stupid shit in the middle of class that?

We left because we saw you come online

i didnt really know what that meant in this context since you didnt really explain when you left the first time

Interacting with you makes me sick anyhow.

I would very much look at that trivial shit and usually do. I forgot my phone charger.

It's always shit you really shouldn't be opening with people able to see your phone.

Also happy November 1st.
May Paula Dean smother your life in butter.

It's not that hard to keep your phone out of line of sight.

Get fucking rekt nerd GG cunt


I feel like sex with Paula Deen would be worth it for the number of shitty, food based puns she would constantly spew.

translation bug me in class im usually bored


Most of my classes have been in the larger lecture halls or otherwise awkward places that guarantees there's someone behind you and beside you so you can't really hide your phone screen without looking like some sort of spaz.

Paula Deen's cream.


I feel like she'd say "eat my biscuits and gravy".

so just hide it from the teachers right? whats the chances some asshole student is going to make a fuss about it? college or not beat that guy up after class

Ah, my university is smaller, there's no classes that big.

this is silly

I want stick a whole ham inside her.

Half of my conversations in class are just a mix of ironic racist shit and otherwise stupid shit that obnoxious white girls thinking they're saying the world from some tyranny bitch about, either to me or the professor, never administration. I was sitting in a courtyard on the phone and jokingly saying similar shit while doing some random coursework and ended up reported for it. Literally none of the people other than the bitching parties cared, though.

The smallest class I think I've ever been in was 30ish people.



God damn it.
I get 4 hours a night to relax and LoL is lagging.
Fuck country internet.

Good morn. My brain don't work too good today.

How are you?

I once attempted to play games on a satellite internet connection with a 250+ ping.

And an upload speed of like 200 kb/s.

I'm at 180 right now.
It's funny because that's what I started at 5 years ago, but then I got to experience a ping of 21 and now I'm at 70 here in Alabama.
I miss my old internet sometimes.
Me and Snuffles are going to get a new router eventually.

I've had a wasp land on my head indoors, I had to write a 600 word essay in 45 minutes about shit I don't care about, I'm hungry, I'm tired, and I'm at school until well into the night.

So basically, as always, I just want to go home.

Dude, fuck wasps.
I take no greater joy than in killing them.
The south is fucking swarming with them.

The world would only be better without them.

Spray them with WD40.

Good morning.

When I lived rural, tethering would actually end up better for playing games most of the time and somehow had less latency than the wired connections.

That sounds awful.

The best thing about wasps was they would swarm the shed in the backyard as a kid so we'd just get aluminum baseball bats and play "home run derby" and hitting them as they came out.

just burn down the shed

It made the most satisfying noise.

oh man, i forgot how PC things have gotten

this is the proper way to deal with wasps and pest animals

not my being afraid, but by asserting dominance and expressing your right to harass anything else in the world with little to no consequence other than pain if you fuck up

being human rocks

Hardly around here, mosquito swarms are another thing though.


mosquitoes are even worse than wasps to be honest

always there, always hungry, wasps only want trouble if you fuck around their areas usually

i like the user who suggests he use the gasoline as is

The worst part is that it's hot in the summer, and you want to open the door a little bit in hopes of a fresh breeze of air, but nope, you get mosquitoes from the forest.

You fucking firebug.

thats why you gotta have a screen door xP mine usually does a good job of keeping them out but i dont think they are as thick here as they would be where you are


its true, i am

i havent even watched that movie and that even bothered me

they should mail him 500 dollars for fixing the animation

Sounds like the truest suffering.

I'm proud of you for workin so hard!! Hopefully eventually you'll get home and can slip into the void of sleep.

You should watch it.

Why your brain don't work

The 'tism.

i know i know its a classic and i keep meaning to, i think ill hold off in case it gets streamed or something and i get to watch it with people

Those aren't really a thing here, but I've got that sort of screen stuff on a hatch next to a window.

really?? it seems like such a simple concept, i guess i get complacent with all the handy things i find around me and assume that they are everywhere

i couldn't live without fresh air and no bugs with it

just can't piece together a thought today, like part of my brain didn't boot up in the morning.

yee pretty much

Not really too many pests here, and I think the market would be bad just only to prevent mosquitoes.

i felt like shit this morning too, i had to go home early because i was in the bathroom like four different times

Sorry to hear that, I hope you feel better.

i mean not really think about it, you got a screen door and a storm door. the storm door is solid right? screen door has glass and a screen on it, glass up in the summer and storm door closed in the winter, even leaves a little in between room

im at home with thai food and a little smoke so i think i already do

I should know this.

Can't say I've seen contraptions like that here, just generally a very sturdy wooden door.

I prefer watching good movies alone myself but fair enough.

Yeah but that's a given here.

Coffee helps unironically.

hey i only almost lit the house on fire with a trashcan and a match when i was like five its not my fault

yea im pretty naturally introverted, but recently ive been trying to shift that a little bit

i have thai food and a little bit of


i forgot that first reply went through and thought that post was from test

im confusing myself with my own chara posting




like i havent noticed how many images you've been saving~

I just haven't gone to pixiv in a year is the thing.


be back later

that sounds an awful lot like an excuse

and cya

Who will I talk to though?

Good question.

hey man, you dont have to talk to me or anything but i just wanted to apologize for giving you shit about the stream thing, i didn't really know what kind of situation you were in and i made a bigger deal out of it than i should of

Oh hey. How you doing?

sup nigs

Been worse, things should be better tomorrow- How about yourself?

That's hombre to you, hoss.

Going through shit, but it's life.
I might have figured out my money issue for rent, but my insurance kind of canceled so I need to fix that. I'm working 4 people's jobs at work now. So that's fun.

just got some thai food and trying to decide what to do with my night while im still sick, cant get rid of a persistent cough and its really annoying

You're sounding more like my workaholic brother by the day.

doesn't your brother do it because he wants to do it though? you must respect the guy a lot

Yeah. Thank god I only work 4 days a week.

He does it because it fuels his other habits- Which some people would no doubt view as "work." I'm not sure many people really work a dayjob because they /want/ to. Ye though, there isn't a person on Earth I regard more highly.

Oh I see, so he only views work as a means to get money for the habits he wants to spend his spare time not working on, this just leads to more than one job or lots of hours.

And I don't know, if you get a profession doing cool stuff for people I'm sure you enjoy it till you start to get sick of it.

Well that's three more days you could be working! Take that overtime, hombre.

i envy your respect for your brother Dallas, mine never set a very good example and it's cool to me on a pretty personal level to hear you talk about him

I've been having a lot of pain in my chest so I'm trying to take it easy. It's been worse than it use to be.

That's hell on the eyes for clarity, so I'll put simply- He works on automotive shit for a dayjob to make money- He finds it interesting and useful, but he would rather be doing work on his Camaro, or my Dad's Vette, or our cousin's Nova, or our next mutual project. Work isn't necessarily a dayjob, I suppose is my point. I think plenty of people enjoy work, but not dayjobs. If that makes any fucking sense

you know you lead to a very important point in human nature and it's just a necessary thing really, if you have skills to apply you'd rather be applying them in more personal ways like on your own car or a family car, or a car you are really excited about working on, when you have to fix up someones shit heap then yea it turns into a day job

sometimes it's hard to remember that even if you are doing something you like you'd often rather be doing it in a different context

Pain in your chest or heart attack pain? If the latter- Urgent care you fucking nonce. Otherwise, think very carefully if you've done certain movements or certain tasks. Like I was running an impact and had to use my chest to put my body weight on it, bruised the FUCK out of my sternum. Though I was having a heart attack when my arm when numb and chest was sore, then remembered what I had done earlier.

One time I stretched muscles in my stomach and then kept re-straining them every few weeks for a couple months

that was fun

It gets even more egregious if you knew what my brother did, because it's more than just "fixing someone else's shit." But that information is classified, gunny, I'll have to tell you about it some other time.

I have a shitty heart. It's always hurt, but more so now because stress and bad eating. I know the signs of a heart attack and how to at least have a chance of living if I'm alone for a while. So I don't think it's that quite yet.

???? well if you say so, you know i am more than patient for our personal little exchanges that i have grown so fond of over the literal years


The conversations are strange handling now- Get ahold of my in private where I can better parse this bitch,

i gotta grab my phone, steam runs like shit on this craptop, sorry for embarrassing you or whatever~

I suppose it will give me time to cap Lagosi while we talk.



Yo, Courtney is bae

Oh shit I'm too late


wat happen in dat pic


a bump happened


Sweet sweet chocolate

sauce on the orginal clip plz

Houseki no Kuni


Hardness testing.

conclusion on hardness test?

i wanna see!


Hard as dis dicc.

Go watch it then! It's good!

link plz



you can slice diamonds on dat dicc

what is that?

none of that makes sense

Its uhm... links for the XDCC bots, for the horrible subs IRC.



i would like tea. but.

what kind ? black.... or grenn.

wat is xdcc


what is iirc?

gween tea

...where do you usually watch your anime, Luka?


i watch anime sometimes.

sometimes i watch the occasional youtube vid clip from a random anime that starts from a random point in the anime

and other times i lazy search google for a watch online free link



Ah. Hmm.
Uh. Idk then.

send link to the scene with sounds PLZZZZZZZZ

you should make me some blue tea !


which ep

how far into the ep

Uh... I don't remember. 2 I think?

before a bride can be given away, before bells ring on that blessed day, before a man can give her daughter today, an unspoken word must be shared

the world is cruel and often unkind, it's all too often we wish we could rewind, but if you always lend an ear and hand I think you'll find, that you'll be okay with her.

you'll want to give the world to her and that's alright, but it's a certain road you must walk with certain things in sight, and if you ever lose track of that while these eyes see light you'll get two barrels right in your face.

now don't get too antsy this is just a warning, i don't want to give the wrong impression in turning, but these are important lessons you ought to me learning before you go off with her.

life may have a lot to offer but it certainly won't without a lot of hell, and if i can read faces i'm sure you can already tell, if they smile too hard they got something to sell, but save it for your happiness.

To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Rick and Morty. The humour is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of theoretical physics most of the jokes will go over a typical viewer’s head. There’s also Rick’s nihilistic outlook, which is deftly woven into his characterisation- his personal philosophy draws heavily from Narodnaya Volya literature, for instance. The fans understand this stuff; they have the intellectual capacity to truly appreciate the depths of these jokes, to realise that they’re not just funny- they say something deep about LIFE. As a consequence people who dislike Rick & Morty truly ARE idiots- of course they wouldn’t appreciate, for instance, the humour in Rick’s existential catchphrase “Wubba Lubba Dub Dub,” which itself is a cryptic reference to Turgenev’s Russian epic Fathers and Sons. I’m smirking right now just imagining one of those addlepated simpletons scratching their heads in confusion as Dan Harmon’s genius wit unfolds itself on their television screens. What fools.. how I pity them.

this is why we can't have nice things

how far into ep two?

Watch the show or don't

It's not worth all this effort to dissect the show to rewatch one scene with fucking sound.

Luka... please.

What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills.

I am trained in gorilla warfare and I’m the top sniper in the entire US armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words.

You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You’re fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my bare hands.

Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the United States Marine Corps and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue.

But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it.

You’re fucking dead, kiddo.

so you're an equal opportunity shitposter huh

whenever I can
I do


its worth it! Dissect it!!!!!

i'm bored ;~;
im hungry... im lonely....

i am also
and loneley

That's not an excuse to bother someone about it though.


test I’m bored ;;


if only people wanted to bother me... ;~;

just so i could feel wanted... u_u

me too ;~:

me too ;~:

me too


me too ;~:

You can't even meme it right come on

that's not an anime....

sure now you reply

she looks cute with long hair

I'm watching uchube confirmed not bored baby




Because you tried. And failed.

squiddy gimme your attnetion ;~:

bored animus

if you dont like gender confirmation for chara then you wouldnt like a lot of the other art by this artist


you're right
trick question actually, chara's an algae

[ Confirmed ]

and you failed to get bit my something poisonous today so you didn't have to post, but you don't see me throwing it in your face

i dont even want to know how luka can confirm this

She's a little short for a dude- oh wait.

anytime baddg makes a post I can feel my brain cells committing suicide

watch more rick and morty to counter-balance this


I'm aware. I've forgotten their pixiv but I saved some of my folder from it before you were really posting.

Wow didn't notice that was a thumbnail into the trash it goes.

Found the actual one anyway.


Yea, some people actually freak out about that stuff and try to avoid posting stuff from artists who do porn but you know, fuck it who cares really. Cute art is cute art.

"image for ants"

nice thumbnail you fucking mong

talk about slow

Oh yeah, it is.

i'll play mercy

A fuunny funny frog girl!!!!

woof woof


i think delaying mercy's rez was a good nerf



Nice meme.



Hi bardo

Board animus

Thumbnails a post<
Me making the memes<

Sure okay


oh come on, Overwatch isn't that bad if you're just playing for fun and not trying to win every game like your nutsack depends on it

hehe hello squiddy :3


bard don't be GAY

what luka said

oh come on, Big Bang Theory isn't that bad if you're just watching for fun and not trying to win every laugh like your nutsack depends on it

I can't help it it's mating season ;~:

lloyd what the fuck

thats not even a fair comparison, overwatch is actually fun to play games in, Big Bang Theory has a laughtrack

If it made you laugh I done my job


you can't blame the easily amused

you're really busting my balls here

do you own it?



Overwatch has a lot of personality to make up for A W F U L gameplay.
Big Bang has a laughtrack to make up for lack of actual comedy
Ya see, it's like apples and oranges my guy

i'm jelous

No wait, it's not like apples and oranges.
Don't pay attention to me I'm ashamed.

But it's just a service goyim, you don't own nuffin.

No. They are a genderless blob don't be a bigot.

*Sits outside your window and screams at 3 a.m*


it doesnt have bad gameplay though, the controls actually feel really tight and solid and i'm usually pretty engaged when im playing the game. i dont have a high rank and i dont play a lot, i am not some white knight for the game, i just think its fun

stop being bad and taking it out on me

Same, I want a floof.

so now you have someone who sucks at the game and someone who is near enough to top 500 telling you that its fun


I mean he's not wrong

that's the autoaim and fuckhuge hitboxes for you


I'd say the game sucks if you don't put the time into learning all the heroes and their abilities and how they all interact with each other. It might be frustrating at first because some things seem unfair or unbalanced until you learn how to play around them.

But once you understand everything that's happening and you can make better decisions, yes it's a fun team based game.

It's just different than your typical shooter because it has MOBA elements.

Takes time to get used to it.

i say that overwatch is NOT fun

that's 1 more person saying its not

add me on Overwatch

some of the ults just flat out give you aimbots

yes because its a vote and not a demonstration of opinion across a broader audience

You know what's worse than bad video games?

People that want to shit on a game to get to people.


It's like you don't chan culture or something.

i pop soldiers ult and die all the time before killing anyone

i know this is exactly what's happening but im bored goddammit and im buying the game this friday, i want to defend my purchase

brushie brushie

I don't have Overwatch...


Does Overwatch function like a video game? Yes.
Does it have other glaring issues such as balancing, the community, etc.?
Also yes, but like, 10 times more.

This is just friendly banter though.

I, sleepy and I’m going to bed now everyone

its almost like you dont have to play games you dont like



He been around lately?

Cuz it costs monie$

nini saffy


Does that mean I can't have an opinion about the game regardless?

i dont think HE has no, lots of other people but havent seen them

LOL I bet Ethy won't come around.

its affordable to you~

I mean it's not like I'm sitting here talking about how much I don't like the game while also talking about how I spend 7 hours a day playing it lol. I don't even know if I got OW installed

you i know what you're doing but i can't possibly fathom what you're trying to do, if the game didnt have huge hitboxes i couldnt hit anything

! It is?


and you get to spend time withe me

playing together!!!!

Jealous...... /!!

You lied to me.

I'm shit at games but at least I can hit shit with smaller hitboxes.
Sounds like either the game is shit and they're compensating, or you're shit.
I'm more inclined to believe the former.

its not very often someone is willing to defend my competence for the sake of shitting on a game, it seems like you are more invested in ruffling up anyone who likes the game more than taking this criticism in any specific or productive direction though! you should make it less obvious when you are shitposting~

why don't you list some shooters that you play for me to try out?



overwatch is a pretty popular game, do we have any images of character models with hitboxes colored in the picture so they are visible in a clear way?

perhaps in a gif form so we can see moving animations

It's still 40 bucks girl. I literally only have like $17 right now, and $15 of that is in cash.

Unreal 4
Unreal 3
Unreal 2004
Unreal Gold
Quake 4
Quake 3 Arena

does that one at the bottom actually use a different engine?


Is this because you grab-dealed?

not sure


I don't even have enough to grab-deal Black Lanners.

And no Q1/Q2

There's a good reason for that.
I haven't played them in a long time

grab the deal!

I played them through for the first recently somehow. Q1 is the best singleplayer FPS ever made. Q2 is generic and disappointing.

I just wish aus had enough people still playing these old things to play some arena shooters occasionally.


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Luka don't encourage him.