Happy Halloween freindos
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early af

i am not fond of gold even as trimmings i just think it's an ugly color

How much did you pay for it like 1500 dollars? i mean i was just joking at first but yea that might be a little much for a precision watch

but in all seriousness people pay for status symbols all the time

too each their own of course

I’m not gonna say but you’re not even close


well certainly dont care enough to keep guessing

also to*

when will you learn you sjw.....

eeehh and I don’t want you to guess either, but yes, it was a lot of money

why do u know AP if you don’t like luxury watches?

i demand justice!

i never said i dont like expensive watches i just thought it was a lot of money for an ugly watch



ur rich?!
gimme kewl stuff pls!
i wanna be happy



Status Symbol!!!!

Luka, can I give you a $100 Subway giftcard in exchange for your soul?


no bully

-hugs warmly- :3

It's light teasing; I consider you a friend ♥

But okay~

this is like only 165 and i think it looks nice

you said “don’t you have a cellphone” lmao

Which implies disdain for watches in general, but go ahead and create your own story

Let’s see your nice watch?

Sure give me your address I’ll buy you some pibsa or something



Dude and my watch is ugly? You need electroshock therapy and lithium salt

no it implies a disdain for people who spend money for the sake of doing so

happy halloween!

gimme a treat to eat tonight~


and you need a hug and a better watch

the casio f91w is the most a e s t h e t i c watch obviously

I've seen better looking twenty dollar walmart watches, tbh.

Which is not what I’ve done here at all

But again feel free to create your own story for me and imagine my motivations

What should I buy you luka? Video game on steam?

must be a difference in aesthetics, that simple design goes well with solid suits and stuff like that


feel free to keep withholding information about the price of the watch so i can create my own story

Don't joke about electroshock therapy

Trump is the one thing standing between it and the anuses of you and every other subby gay boy

Happy Halloween ♥

-tries shoving a Reese's peanut butter cup in my laptop so I can give it to you over the internet-

uhh.... ummm... do i deserve anything? ;~;

Yeah gurl work it

i got one of those in front of me irl for real! thank you~

why does trump want to shock our gay anuses

It was much, much more than what you guessed that’s all you need to know, you could figure it out yourself if you’re so curious

I’m safe in Canada ;;

you deserve the world luka

i could but really i just wanted to give you shit because my brother likes watches a lot and its practically in my blood to give people crap about rolex

i also live near detroit so you know, you can imagine ive ran into a fake watch salesman or two

No problem ♥

How's your night going?

I said Trump is the one standing in the way of it

Don't you remember the meme about Pence and electroshock therapy?

Ask the middle east if that's true :3

Strong American men are going to come liberate your boy hole

I love the term "boy hole"; it brings back memories

not really i havent heard about electroshcok therapy since i was taking psychology classes in high school


Audemars Piguet are excellent and I was very close on going for a royal oak but I ultimately decided against it, maybe in 5 years or something

i dont even get it, thats how little i follow politics

phone posting fml

yea i was really just giving you shit for not going that extra mile, plus i want to at least consider you might have been ripped off just so i can see your reaction and how confident you are it was a legit person

you dont even know how many stupid people ive seen

Hello friends, companions!
I return from a game of DnD.

How are you all doin?

-huggu- :3

Supposedly he advocated for electroshock therapy for gays but I think that's actually bullshit

Pretty high, you? ^^

My avatar is on point for tonight

Kinda tired, gonna try and see if I can set up my laptop to play destiny 2 in bed!!

I always appreciate your avatar, she's really cute :3c

i think its a pretty funny concept since it wouldn't work at all lmao, just sounds like something retarded that would be used for slander

I need someone to protecc me

They are similarly priced watches, what I have and royal oak... if the royal oak is mostly stainless steel as well, that is

I’m completely confident in it being genuine

I’m watching someone play scary game what’re you doing rn?

if they are similarly priced i feel pretty validated in giving you shit, you gotta admit this looks fucking awesome

You mention that game a lot; what's it about anyway? I don't think I've really heard of it from other people ^^

And yeah, I mean she looks really Halloween-y though, so she feels extra fitting for tonight

Yeah but Holla Forums embraced it and the memes were good

IIRC the truth was that he advocated public funding for conversion therapy that gays could opt into if they wanted to (with no mention if electrocuting them)

Just smoking weed, shitposting, and listening to Avenged Sevenfold again for some reason

What game? ^^


even then its pretty amazing that it needs to be mentioned, like the asinine fact that gay conversion therapy you can choose is something we really need to know about just fucks my head up

i posted the shitty Fossil just to be an asshole LMAO

I think the "public funding" part is the issue

i think the still trying to convert the gays might be a problem too

Having not played the first one, and barely paying attention to the lore of this one. Humans get cool tech and everyone else is really jealous.

So humans try to defend their tech while the aliens try to take it.

I love Satania, the true halloween girl

Of course it was my decision to make and I gave it lots of consideration, extremely happy with my choice~

very fun process researching and deciding

meee tooo except for the avenged sevenfold thing, but they’re great!

and it’s outlast 2, but streamer sucks he keeps dying

i bet it is! would you mind telling me some of the details you took into consideration while making your choice between the watches?

It's 10pm and feels like 3am, but I'll muscle through friends!!

just get to bed early homie

Nah man, sleep's for the weak.

Nobody actually wears a wristwatch outside of money flaunting Jews like Matt Farah.

yea you say that now wait a few years

yea i think they can look cool but i don't actually like own one

Yeah, but pocket watches ostensibly /look cooler/ and I guarantee your ass doesn't own one of those. Something is telling me you won't be doing a daily steampunk cosplay, though.

Yeah, and at least without public funding, no one's hand is being forced to support it

It actually looks pretty good from Googling it ^^

And yeah she's my avatar waifu

Today is the day when spookiness fits in

Yeah I've been listening to a lot of songs of theirs that I never really listened to before recently

I don't see the appeal in watching people play games, really, but maybe you like it because you're a sub :3

damn fucking right i dont own a pocket watch. you dont buy those you inherit them from dead old people

and you were right steampunk is retarded trash garbage 99% of the time

It took me about a year of saving, I researched that whole time off and on. I won’t go into super detail... but, yeah, anything you could imagine yourself comparing is probably pretty close to what I did

I’m too beta to play my own scary games

I have to watch big strong alpha males play it ;;

how so glad you left that super vague so i could like, imagine you doing research on it instead of actually hearing anything useful from you. thanks of much for that!

so much*

Hopefully in a few years I will have either slipped into the void or George can like inject me with extra strength sleep meds and tuck me into bed.

It's really nice mechanics and customization, I'm a bit obsessed atm. Plus I get to play with mogo & friends so it's pretty nice.

Anime waifus are the best.

And you don't buy wristwatches either, you inherit them from grandparents instead of great-grandparents. Your phone is a more accurate and convenient timepiece 99.9999% of the time, millenials like you are checking them every two seconds anyhow and they're automoatically calibrated. The only time I wore a wristwatch was in a chrome plating line where the air was corrosive enough that whipping out my phone would have probably ruined it in a month. Wristwatches are for dumb stupid assholes like Fatt Marah.

I need your best high quality asriel

what do you want to know man?

i would recommend just getting like those little pink benadryl pills to take at night and just be dependent on sleep aids
i wouldnt recommend letting moog get needles anywhere near you he's probably into weird medical torture

ending uh, on that same point again huh

why did you pick one over the other? i mean i can understand if you think the rolex looks better even though i disagree, i just don't see why it's hard to at least give one or two things you liked better about the Rolex

I have problems with the fat kike, okay. It's a point worth stating twice.


prety sure the AP was slightly more expensive actually

here ill post it one more time so you can compare it to the picture of the watch on his hand in the last thread

The rolex has the name prestige then- Nobody gets robbed and shot in Detroit for their "AP" they get nigged for their Rolex.

nah, can't be the only reason

thats because they are too poor to even know about AP, jsut because its the most well known name doesnt mean its the most expensive name

name recognition=/=most expensive

I suppose could always be simple things like looks and whatnot if the pricepoint was similar enough- But for something as useless as a mechanical wristwatch? It's "bling" for Jews.

god i love charlie from always sunny

This has a better engineered and designed case in terms of hardware reliability and durability

I also like that this has a smaller face and is a pretty low key style without the big edges and screws

This model of Rolex is way rarer than your average royal oak and that was appealing to me as well

There’s a couple reasons shooting from the hip

its that time again

The reason I did not go into detail the first time is bc walls of text suck

*smiles happy and fulfilled*
honestly there's not much i want, just those rare AAA titles every once in a while, OH and my crunchyroll animes~

Before I go attempting to chew your ass- The fuck you want a wristwatch for anyway? Especially a mechanical one- They're finnicky to wind, you have to remember for daylight savings and leap years, and depending on demarcations you can be viciously off, not to mention repeated winding, one session of which if you forget you have to reset everything. I'm not some kind of asshole to say "outdated or outmoded technology must go," I still run fucking carburetors on 3 of my four vehicles- But like a wristwatch, really? You're not actually buying it to tell time., are ya man?

i suppose rarity is a good enough reason on its own if pricing is similar, i mean if you're a jew and want an expensive watch

i really dont i was just arguing with them about wristwatches

OH FUCKING BOY- Tell me about this /better engineering./



really i just wanted to get them talking enough to get dallas involved now i can just sit and watch

all me tbh

You have a phone and are probably a neet and also a millenial who already checks it with alarming frequency means you already have what is probably an accurate internal sense of time.

i liked LISA


i have an accurate internal sense of time with the sky

>not even using a cheap watch


good I’m glad you are content rn

Oyster shell case makes it 100% waterproof and it has a life time warranty, mechanically it works perfectly and likely will for my whole life

I haven't been here for like five days, you're pretty good at chess but not 4d.

yea but once i knew you WERE here, i started it back up again, it was pretty dead already

i dont think much more will be said on the topic anyways

grimmu did u see my story

SC story


i want big gamez!!!!

Checking your time underwater often, eh? I didn't know Canadian neets did much pearl diving. I have some shitheap ATT 100 buck smartphone, pitched the fucker at a wall myself and still got it replaced for free.

That's all feature shit, commercial talking points, not engineering. Talk engineering, pussy- Unless you're talking out your ass like I know you are. So you could just level and go "yeah it's a fucking status symbol bling piece" and stop blowing smoke up your own ass, or you can sit here and try to bullshit. That's the fun one.

Like when did everyone turn into a Swiss watchmaker, a beer expert of wino or whatever- Or a former special forces soldier, all of whom have to justify their purchases or investments with some half-baked horseshit? When did "I like it because I like it" turn into a bad thing?




The only watch I give a fuck about is a stopwatch and that goes out the window when timing equipment gets involved.


holy good god what is your major fucking malfunction brother?

mfw yfw mfw



Don't make it gay.

I bet you’re an engineer with social skills like those

You don’t think Rolex watches are well designed and engineered? xD

mfw yfw mfw yfw




mfw yfw mfw yfw mfw

yeah, I'm gonna pull out my phone every time to check the time when I can just flick my wrist, okay.

There's a reason why they lost almost all their business in the (80s/90s, can;t quite remember whic) and had to rebrand themselves from a utilitarian to an "elite" piece of equipment. They a wristwatch like a Ferrari is a car, and Ferraris are not well put together, license much of their suspension from General Motors, and have a notorious issue of randomly catching fire. Rolex watches are engineered to accomplish a single goal- Liberate people from their money in a very efficient manner. Insofar as that being their design document? Yes, they are engineered VERY well.

you asked me to explain what I understood about the engineering and design - which I stand by what I said

I don’t see you saying what’s wrong with it or how I’m wrong in praising its engineering

mfw yfw mfw yfw mfw yfw

mfw yfw mfw yfw mfw yfw mfw

mfw yfw mfw yfw mfw yfw mfw yfw

jesus christ

ok fuck one sec

mfw yfw mfw yfw mfw yfw mfw yfw mfw

I wanna listen to what you have to say, as an engineer, but to say that makes you sound silly, it’s patently untrue. This brand is renowned for its reliability and craftsmanship

No mother fucker, I didn't ask what you understood about it being "better engineered." You said it was better engineered hard stop. If you have to add the caveat of "what you understand" then you don't fucking understand it and your praising it is like you praising a pickpocket for his ability to steal you fuckin wallet. None of what a Rolex does is revolutionary- A low tolerance cog mesh system acting in a semi-watertight casing isn't amazing. There's electronics that operate after getting wet, engines that will run submerged. You've been HAD.

smh mfw yfw mfw yfw mfw yfw mfw yfw mfw yfw


It’s only one aspect or many (the engineering of the watch) that I enjoy about it

I’ll remember engineering is a trigger word for you and make sure to bring it up more often

I’m 25 man, I haven’t been had I’m having the world rn

I don;t give a damn what they're renowned for- A constant acceleration sysetm via a set of constant mesh cogs (with energy supplied by a wound spring) is not an engineering marvel. What it takes is time and patience to assemble. The design is like 200 fucking years old, and not terribly complicated. Pocket watch makers in the old west put watches together. Rolex were just the ones who had the presence of mind to market things correctly.

i win because i quit

tbqf imho smh

did you save all those from my old folder when i posted them? who are you? is this Lloyd?

I fly off the handle for way less, but the more you say the more you get back to the "I like it because I like it" thing I already brought up. I don't have a problem with that, just don't try to blow smoke up people's asses under the pretense of something you don't understand.


oh nevermind

is that all of what i think it is or is it the whole cast?

10 gigs are the archives some faggot saved two years ago and I found the link to
the other two are of him

thats still probably more than i have

the worst part is we arent even the only two people in thread with a folder

Idk how I feel about that movie.

Good night.

its november friends

good night i guess you big weirdo

Oh, but that's the best part.
I can identify who is who from a year of shitposting with them since there's not many of us on this website.

i think thats just something you adapt after being here for long enough, i can generally do that too, that how i know when someone is user posting with no images they are trying to be careful

dallas you never post ur folder with us, dont you want animus to collectively hate us all

thats how*

I think you misunderstand
I'm one of the other ones

I thought I shared my "I've lost control of my life" folder with you a while back- Or am I missing something?

oh i understand

i definitely understand

i dont think you've actually send it to me i was just updated on its existence and growth


I see, I misread your post.

thats okay, i still got to make ominous insinuations

Oh yeah

Is the count, how bout you?

I dont Have to completely and entirely understand every aspect of somethings design to appreciate the thought that went into it

Every day ppl can appreciate good design and good engineering, perhaps not to the same level you might

shit now i have to be honest

its not quite that high on this computer but ive been raiding some pretty good sources like entirely of content lately, and if i combine all that with the harddrive on my old laptop that im going to be stripping and putting in here later its probably pushing 2000

Truly, a monument to all your sins.


it's not even christmas yet OwO what's this?


do you have the other one thats done in this style but is just a blank stare? its one im missing from my laptop, ill trade you more stuff for it :v

and yea i may have a small problem

One thousand three hundred forty one images.

mercy muff

you are like baby
nearing 5k

haha, y-you weirdo..

I might, it's been a while since I've dusted this folder- I might be able to be convinced to send it to you, once upon a time. Most of my shit is from early on, mind.

brags about image count
doesnt post any good content

thats fine its just this artist but like a smug look

Yeah I basically bowed out of consistently doing and sifting there for a while- Could be more crazy if I had kept with it, but not exactly a bragging point.

I didn't say any of it was good
Gotta sort shit and resort shit

yea no you had a lot of other things to focus on and be crazy about especially at the time

i just want this thread to suffer at this point

Proto engineer this dick you alcoholic social delinquent

Matthew, I appreciate it but- Don't you have anything better to do?

Those aren't adequate design parameters.



ana damage 60 ==> 70

mercy takes 1.75 seconds to rez now with 25% movement speed, and rez can be interrupted by stun (flash), knockback, and hack


I see, I have absolutely no clue what game you're talking about.

i have to be careful what i click on this folder is unsorted


That can't be right, Overwatch isn't a game.

Come join the club.

of course you're too lazy to sort all your stuff too hahahaha

its not even that this artist does really bad stuff just.. well look

Fucking slopes. My gut tells me this is an Evangelion reference, too.


yea people dont play overwatch to have fun they play it to be upset


seriously?? just what the fuck did i miss skipping out on that show???

i AM selective, it's just I mass download folders and then delete what I dont like organically through just seeing it

thats just a good absurdity piece

You missed a prick getting eaten by his wife- Who is actually a giant robot. But is also actually an alien... Who turns into god.

yup, that's genuine anime

yeah, riceniggers piss me off

but their art tho

idk I just went like 47-5 with all golds

felt pretty good carrying with hog

What do u work on?

Two ppl in my family are engineers one works with building systems in big commercial buildings and the other one invented mining equipment

kill me now

Top end design for internal combustion engines.




you must be smart ;;

what’s top end mean in this context?

Valvetrain and head port flow- Sans intake, that's a different department.

It also happens to have the most beautiful ending to any show.

do they pay you lots?

have you been working in your field for some time now? I’m just curious I don’t mean to seem nosy

Very recent graduate so they're barely paying me more than my intern wage, and without any benefits is the real killer- But I sorta shafted myself since I heard General Motors was like this but sorta just said fuck it. About 6 months deep now.

when shadowplay not working and some indian lady helping you fix it

echoooo ;;

hmm I see well thanks for indulging me, I hope you find your work interesting and challenging

It sounds like a cool job


so many crossovers


choose one

pretty sure test is going to ban all the furries after this thread



the what??

maybe there are some things i dont know about test



you both started talking about CHAD at the same time

The correct phrase is video game monster character viewer
not furfag
come on now, I thought every Asrielfag knew this

okay we're definitely getting banned now

getting banned is part and parcel for posting on Holla Forums
Why care, you can get banned for less, so there's no need to shitpost to your hearts content.

oh no im joking entirely, i just meant that whoever see's this is going to fall over from the sharp increase in autism levels and have an aneurysm and we might have a lawsuit on our hands

like they say, can't take the fire, don't set yourself on fire
I think

i mean i did kind of start it, it would be a little lame of me to back out of it when im not even that tired

that's the spirit

the twitter user still posts in the generals but he doesnt usually have much good goat imo

i disabled the Nvidia Telemetry tracking in my registry
and deleted the folder containing the EXE files that auto run in the background in my task manager that say telemetry on the folder name.

so my PC is safe

^ w ^

erio ;;






All the links means "I agree".


Do you even have any actual technological knowledge or do you just spout misinformation bathed in ignorance?


ur mean bully user hiding person.... meanie Tsushi

we got some savage people popping up tonight

Savages!!! the lot of em!!!

all me tbh

did you just touch me

did you just touch me



tfw luka hits u up in DMs and wants to erp

you dont want to touch me, im one of those filthy furries


yea touch them instead


even the asrielfags are disappointed in you

gote is not for sexual


fluffy soft fur


luka is pure and not into boys I’m just teasing y’all


slandering poor sweet innocent luka like that

I had to do it to ‘em

jesus christ what the fuck

the absolute madman

lol he dab



i dont know what to put here besides a shitpost

you could post more images like that one

maybe a few, but i am actually getting kind of tired now



grilled cheese cookie

allow me to contribute

you too?!


me what

*i was actually looking for that one before you posted it*

all this pressure not to go to bed and shitpost... i don't know if i can handle it

that's good


is it really user?

i need to go now before i get too hungry

yeah, it means something's working
I don't have many similar images even though they're the most comfy

one more just for you pumpkin


i want that







*carefully pets your head*


kitty luka



luka sleepy

come snuggle with me


what's there for me~?

you stay warm and have good sleeps and nice dreams ^^

show me pretty and cute things

so i can dream about epic fantasy worlds?

:O maybe even love!?

(and avoid spooky halloween nightmare dreams? ;~;)





Why live?

Why live?

finally taking the time to get screenies of my avatar

prepare for professional posting. from here on out.

You should kill yourself instead.

whys that !

Cyanide laced green beans.

omg sounds yummy !!!!!!

Cyanide laced cock

You'd wipe out half the thread

Are traps gay?


First real day of work
Time to spill all the spaghetti in Italy





delet this

delete me


time for me. to sleep.

goodnight green beans. luv u.

y tho

because Ive been playing doki doki literature club instead of working on a paper

(this was a good decision but im asleep)

Isn't that game like an hour long?

aw I just finished my first playtrough and now Im sad

Idunno it took me like 1,5~2 hours and I dont think I finished it yet

I mean, it being longer is probably good. Except it means you're not working.


omg i need to. stop replying. and sleep.

but it took me..... 3.5 hrs ?


idk. time sorta went fast. good game. now i have to sleep. gn

why this


oh yeah, I like thats its longer but it also means more suffering
rip my OTP...

why is my brain so shit

OTPs are for nerds anyway

what it do tho

not understand assembly

rude! I'll smack you

I mean I'm pretty sure it's biggest defining trait is being hard to understand

I don't understand IDA so I just use CheatEngine but I don't know which function's instructions I'm using but it works so eh

How is that rude?!
I'm just stating an objective truth.


I mean, I guess that means it's like... technically double-hacking, or something.
That's gotta count for something

every normal person picks people they want to be lovey dovey together when playing a VN!

I think those damn normies just pick a waifu they want to fug.

It's tidy now though: github.com/E66666666/GTAVManualTransmission/blob/master/Gears/Memory/VehicleExtensions.cpp

No more walls of offsets

All those innocent offsets

damn normies!

time to be productive, bye

Good luck killing normies. That's what I must assume being productive means.