Halloween PART DOS!!!!!!!!!!!

halloween PART DOS!!!!!!!!!!!

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first for bully

I’m not gay


hey don't use my images

I'll ace u bby



imagine if we all sent each other our folders and posted as each other for a costume party

lets not

okay this isn't cool you stop this

seems like a lot of work for such a small payoff...

I am on new IP and using 3 VPNs
Please do not sexual harass

like I would do that to you LOL

it would just require prep time





Those are the only two I had, I told Hu to give you some I found, dunno if he did.

I think you know exactly what that is supposed to mean

he didn't. more kukuri images? I mean what the heck could you have found that wasn't from me? I'm the one capping the damn show.


well hi there mandy.

Fukken spooky
Am hurt

Transparencies like what I posted there, some reaction images.
If you're the one capping the show, then are all the reaction images I see in /vg/ threads you too?

truth hurts sometimes buddy. I mean it's not all bad. you have a great personality.

Are you sexually harassing people?

I don't post in /vg/ so I guess not. care to link me a thread with some of them? I mean she has amazing faces, I wouldn't be terribly surprised if other people have grabbed a screen or two here or there, but I highly doubt anyone has over 500 caps with only 6 episodes like I do so far.

this one I got from a Holla Forums thread, or maybe on Holla Forums? I dunno. I had capped this face obviously but didn't have it transparent.

Hard truths cut both ways... that truck stole your personality

well I wasn't, but now that you're here I might have to get started~


are you implying I had one to begin with because that's hilarious

Link mandy ffs


Sure, when I come across 'em. What is this show anyway?

it's fucking amazing is what it is. cute. funny.
well, mainly just those two. but still.



Well if the party is getting started....

He knows that post was for him.

the party is always started when you show up, babe

Not when I don't recognize your trip, hun.

Well I do usually bring it around with me.

it's ur lover, squash.

I know, that was what I was saying gosh

“I’m going to ban you now, bye forever” - Test, from steam.
Bye forever.
Ni ni

Rip dip

Oh, it's from last season.
Aight. Maybe I checks it out.

lol bye faggo

it's 14 episodes in and apparently gonna be 24 total. very good, I can't recommend it highly enough if you enjoy comedy and cute.

Maybe I'd have to show you something you'd recognize.

beer check

pistachios check


kinda gross

Cute and funny is okay I guess. I'll add it on top of the like, 20 other things I'm "watching" right now and probably never actually get around to it.

I just like saying it myself though. I am like a rockstar of love and good times.

A big bear belly?

it'sso fantastic out tonight
I got to see all my friends and the town wa buzzing with activitiy
everyones practtically gicing awaycandy!
I rode passt a house and I saw a kid call out t from the door 'candy' and I went up and trick or treated and played some guitar for him

I even saw some cosplauers at my work

the air is thick with festival joy and It's hard not to smile

*Sweats nervously*

beer and nuts are great what the hell is wrong with your tongue

hey man only cheating yourself here. no skin off my nose if you miss out on one of the best new animes.

damn skippy. now come rock my world with ur love.

beer is gross and pistachios are edible but one of the worst nuts that can still be eaten.

Why am I so bad at this game?

canadians are bad at everything don't beat urself up

I was handing out candy, I'm glad you all heaped love on my name in my absence.

also speccy link me a damn /vg/ thread where people are posting my girl.

oh okay, you just have horrible tastes


If I do that I will destroy you for every other future lover.

don't the kids ask you why you aren't out trick or treating like them?

test is a BIG GAY


little gay*


right now it's kinda looking like I don't have any future in that department so I'm a-okay with that.

well the way i see it as long as we all have something to enjoy it all works out okay

Yeah every single one teehee

I bet Test's costume was the prettiest little princess.

no I want everyone to be miserable and hate things I hate.

wow okay no need to fly off the handle there bub


can't see new threads if they're filtered

I'd never.

Doesn't sound like nothing.

Well why is that?

at least we can agree on that much, its fun to tell people how wrong they are for liking something

I can't believe Test banned Nezi for posting in the wrong thread.

I dunno man you seem kinda quick to anger

just is what it is, mandy.

see I knew you'd come around to the correct way of thinking

that's pretty fucked


Test is a monster

what are you talking about, I'm not banned


I missed you



the correct way of thinking is telling everyone else how incorrect they are


yes that is what I just said u nerd

Fix that then.

I don't get mad I get even.

We're nibbas


you don't FUCK with someone goldfish

No need to be so short with us.

hard pass lol

revenge is a dish best served always



don't act cute with me mister

They popup in the fuckin' Granblue thread sometimes, feck off, I'm playing Dudesex.

link me the thread u fuk

act?? :o


I'm onto u...


My love is vengeance that's never free.

the snack that smiles back motherfucker well whos smiling now

pfft your love. like your cold cold heart is capable of love.

I have little idea what you're talking about.

Go on...

Well who says you get a choice.


color me intrigued. go on~


Hey guys I heard on Halloween night if you do this spooky ritual where you slit Cupcake's throat you can summon Yan to the thre-


I'm already here


if this is some sick ploy to garner sympathy with me well let me tell you buddy it's working ;_;

will i get banned if i make a joke about the limp biscuits version being superior

man don't tease me with lovely thoughts like my throat being slit.

It's honestly fair

implying thats a joke

I don't feel like going back through 8 granblue threads to find the ones posted.
Have an /a/ thread instead.

Is Cupcake really just a transgender ballchinnian?

i definitely dont think its better but its not that bad

its okay

Is there a banishing spell?

man you just love being terrible to me don't ya...

Do the same but backwards.

u r better than this

Honestly I'd be surprised if you could even find Cups neck.

No, I'm really not.
You should know this.


No because Cup hates women because they're mean to him like everyone else.




does cup have a mysterious neck tumor or something

No, just, like, 9 chins.

wtf bard apparently this character is the one in this picture you sometimes post.

You can't slit his neck. Not by the hair on his chinny chinny chinny chinny chinny chinny chinny chinny chinny chin.

XL cup

you're right. my bad

so come do it then you faggot

s-stop that.


when did tsuchi get so many proxies and new tripcodes?

tfw you'll never suck dick for a burrito bowl

if we beat them with a stick will candy come out


As if Tsuchi could beat his arthritis enough to samefag this hard.

Why would you want to?

no Yan is fine Yan should stay

I am far too lazy.

You're not lazy you're just tired from rat-racing.

Yan is leaving.

Spooky boo-bye

be less lame next time you come though


LOL i never would have Made that connection in a million years

I guess that is the choco girl huh

what's her name?

kukuri. this choco pic is from the 1994 version of the anime. the one I post is from the 2017. pretty crazy though. here's another screen from the older version that would have been way more easy for me to spot.

we didnt get many trick or treaters cause it was cold and shitty out :(

Lucky you

It's more about the thrill of getting something in exchange for sucking dick

doesn't have to be anything actually valuable, could be a favor or something else

I just like burrito bowls

i wanted to see more cute kids dressed up actually, but the costumes i saw were cancer, there was like a toddler who couldnt even walk in a sonic the hedgehog costume and a little boy in a Bonnie mask from five nights at freddies :lll

Good choice
Burrito bowls are delicious

what a cutie

Did you ever used topost this girl (nekomusume)?This smug catgirl makes me remember uhh

nah, never posted this one. she cute tho

If anyone gets their dick inside of me there better be a ring on my finger.

buy you a ringpop got it

I couldn't fuck Rin.
She has a bigger dick than I do.

Dudesex makes me feel like more of a retard than I already am...

setting the bar nice and low

gotta be pretty smart and sophisticated to appreciate the deep complex plots of those games

I have a decent sized penis.
You would know.

so we're just calling any ole thing "decent" these days huh

Worth at least three months' pay.

It's surprising because I'm not even a shower.

You guys

It's nearly christmastime

what are you some kind of jew

Ah, how cute
lemme see

that's pretty gay tbh


already doubled my investment boy-o

That's for the Commander's eyes only

No it's fine.
I'll say no homo and make it not gay.
It's perfectly fine, senpai.


might as well just go play fallout again


that just made me laugh seeing it again

Oyasumi friends




btw that was just a reference to this which i was watching earlier

how the fuck do they produce ramen so cheap?
it works out to like 10 cents for a pack of ramen noodles with chicken flavored seasoning

you're telling me they can produce a block of noodles, include a pack of seasoning, all the plastic packaging for it/labeling, the product development costs, AND make a profit off all that costing 10 cents?

the fuck?

a dime used to get you a dinner with potatoes and vegetables and a rather large piece of fish like close to 100 years ago

I know, right?

It's even funnier when you remember that the story makes money off it too.

Good morning friends!

I hope everyone had a good halloween

hi sinni we are just appreciating the miracle that is mass produced garbage

But it's evening.


be yee a pirate or be yee a ninja


It's always mornin somewhere!!

i have given up on calling Sinni out on her morning bullshit

oh god damn it

I knew I forgot something

that's insane

stop being a raysis


I am NOT racist.
I just hate spics and niggers.

It's always morning when you're around, Sunshine.

I there are three traits I hate in a person.
1. Racist
2. Inconsistent
C. Canadian


My gosh.

no its okay i hate americans too

you're a nigger faggot

I know - it's a crippling problem that keeps me from work.

I'm working to overcome it.


put that down forks are dangerous

Did the rest of that list go over both of your heads by the way?

I can't tell if we're being ironic anymore.

well aren't you a dumb cracker eh? you can't even make a proper list can you nigger, eh?



When did we stop?


It was a good excuse to dress as a slut

i love everyone here very dearly except for loco and bd and i hope you all had a nice hallows eve

it's 9:30 you thot

Oh, okay.

How's you?

fug u gay boi

*hug* you 3

You seem nice guero and I hope you had a nice Halloween too.

show up more often if you love us so much

no he's not go away

i only show up when im bored enough

its easy to mistake pretending to be positive just to say something negative for genuine niceness

it shows

that's the most retarded thing i've heard from you today
step it up

the most retarded thing in the most retarded place

fair enough

yeah i spend expend most of my effort talking to people who arent insufferable

anyways ive been getting along fairly well with everyone today

spend and expend are similar words, you probably don't have to use both of them

maybe like spend/expend would have worked

i couldnt decide whioch one i wnated so i put both

thats how sex with your mom went

I can't believe BD freakin' DP'd dad's mom.

This is bullying.

no its okay im good

(and who cares about loco)

you're a bully, fuckin bully

isnt it weird how i singled out (doubled out?) the two internet pseudo-intellectuals

nope not really, you missed at least like three more

yeah but kanra and tsuchi arent posting right now lol

loco has been lurking for hours how the fuck did you even know they were there

oh nevermind i just didnt notice them post

I'm nothing if not polite.

Seems like you wanted to pick a FIGHT, PARTNER



Idk why I put runes I'm reading into my subject field.

My girlfriend sounds like an asian girl whining when she gets "excited"

im not bored enough to argue with dum dums tho

Mine does too. It's kind of annoying how high pitched she gets sometimes

When test senpai is protecting you


I'm just having a giggle, though.

You're a dum dum.

yea that was unrelated to the part of the post i linked for you, apologies

well i'd hope you don't actually think i'd need defending after landing a successful mom joke in 2017 ;o

That's me.

I still like Guero.

Ohey so does mine.

i dont get why people are pretending like i dont like him too

Yours also sounds like an Asian girl getting pleasured if she stretches just right wrong.

When test is your high pitched asian girlfriend for the night

We need another drunk test TC.

I thought that meant I was gonna get the hammer but test was vouching for me. I'm a paranoid one.

Straight out of them, um... videos that you find on the internets.


I wouldn't come riding in and die for m'lady's honor either way, and guero's a big man, he'll just grip my lips and shake me around a little bit.

i dont think test is actually ban happy lmao the only reason murder got banned was because we voted it

I'm a little less loud when I drink these days.

come on man mom jokes have to be quick and in the moment there's no room for lead-up on a style of joke that old anymore, that was flawless you're just hating

it's really just nice to see so many people that apparently hadn't been posting stopping by

ye but at least i'm self aware

why would you
we have nothing in common and I have no reason to think you're worth even talking to based on the shit you've said/done to my friends

Which friends?

everyone says loco is a total batshit sociopath and i havent heard anything they have done LOL

nah, i didn't think that, I just thought I might have been seen as that bad. Just paranoia

Maybe you just need another Marie to get you to yell at.

I don't even know who you are.

uh you have to try really really hard to get banned here, i dont think i can clarify that enough

i mean i feel like this should be pretty obvious

No, let them all fear the wrath of God.

Test you know what else is Green and Short? a Leprechaun


Green Beans are also green and short.

I am test and this is my avatar, green small kid (with beard)

i cant really think of any of them that you haven't shot random shots at when you're being a twat
that in combination with the shit i've heard in thread just makes me wary of you as a concept

I don't know what kind of powers mods have. I think some places have ip's that show up and some people track IP blocks and have a good idea of who's who. It just shows how paranoid I am sometimes.

just paranoia.

I eat



Test x Green Bean is the cutest couple tbh.

oh god i havent heard him in voice for a while so i totally forgot how cute he is

Looks to me like you were taking random shots at me a few posts ago.




hehehehe anons with dirt are pretty dangerous huh

I think it's MFF. I haven't seen't him in a while.


Great stuff. Things change too quick.

If that's how you want to interpret it

Test doesn't sound anything like that these days.
He tries very hard to sound deep, don't bully.

I refuse to watch any of these, fucking shoot me.

Or six years of smoking actually DOES do something.

lmao thats only like 2014, that was when i stopped posting as much but id still lurk and see all your fucking tinychats

i am at a friends and some strangers have arrived and its weird

2014 was 3 years ago

i know shut up, im coming to terms with how long ive been coming to this fucking stupid things

give me a second okay


Well, yes, or that.

no bully

I like it even though it's old and things are different these days.

I don't save for dirt but like journalism.

that's a diplomatic excuse and i like it

Test you smoke cigarettes?

Or my balls finally started dropping in 2016.

l m a o that's like 23 to 26 to me i look no different from three years ago

life can be monotonous. The good times are always great to remember.

well actually thats a lie my beard is fuller now

i definitely agree with you there, you certainly brightened our days up with that

thank you

Or the smoking dropped your balls

sure is a lot of talk about testicles right now

yw. I try sometimes.

Yeah. I've tried to quit if only because they stink, but meh.

What if I told you my name was short for testicles the WHOLE TIME?

naughty naughty boy test, i only smoke cigs when im drinking and smoking pot, so i usually bum them off people for quarters

My DICK is short for testicles the whole time

The easiest way to quit cigarettes is to get bronchitis


im glad someone saw where i was going with that pun

test pasts the testes test

Of course Test's name was short for something.

My head-canon is that Test's secret true name is Betty

I would treat betty gently

Yeah after I saw that webm I'm trying to decide whether or not I'd do things with him

My head-canon is that Erio's corrupted everyone and when he rises to power I'll have to fight against all my friends and loved ones.

Fucking hell

My true name is Moloch, thank you.

Then I remember I have no friends here.

pretty sure they are kinky enough to take multiple partners at once and we know each other pretty well erio

id share

I'll be your friend-oh

i actually think you're alright

test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test


Test said boob.

Only if you promise not to ban me anymore.

Oh, well then.



The phase of my plan where I make Test my subby pet has just begun

-huggu- ♥

I guess that works, there are two holes

Life's so EASY

I'll promise to try.


yea test thanks for not banning me

guys he hasnt banned us cause he can't reach the ban button

he lost the little stool for it


And yet he'd still need to reach less than you did for that joke.

sorry i should just complain about not having any friends like you

post bob



open ur pant

isnt australia a prison continent dont you have like cell mates

fuckin gay and lewd
where the bobs u nerd
show me ur bobs

The cell mates are monstrous wildlife

sure got quiet

are u proud of me Holla Forums ? 😫


keep selling fake rolex's to fund are secret plots to shitpost eternally


Of course it’s not fake why would I wanna brag about a fake watch

good job buying an overpriced time keeping device faggot

dont you have a cell phone

wHAT the fuck kind of faggot buys a rolex



a gullible faggot

I like horology and I like luxury so it’s right up my alley

friendly note

there is enough gold trapped deeper towards the earths core to coat the entire planet in inches of gold

Are you upset my friend?

only at people with horrible tastes

stay mad

i think its a bit gaudy but if you like it and it was bought with your money i dont see the issue

im going to

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

It’s s a pretty subtle and classic design and is made of mostly stainless steel

if you think that’s gaudy I dunno what to say

why are you showing me AP when you think expensive watches are stupid? Also Rolex is overpriced.... ?