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big boobs are ew

Then they go perfect with Halloween

i know a 16 year old who couldnt run properly and had back problems because of her boobs

whats wrong with people having fun and trick or treating, halloween is great in america

Did she get treatment for it?

The fact the rest of the west is adopting it like a bunch of fucking cucks. I don't really have anything against the holiday personally, but it should stay the fuck out of muh country.
Same with Valentines.
Some people are even now celebrating Thanksgiving, Christ Sake!

oh...oh im so sorry

i dont know i lost contact with her, but when people in your country are celebrating OUR independence day its pretty clear something has gone horribly wrong, and i can totally understand your bitterness

what the fuck???

Oh, damn.. Hope it's not a problem anymore at least.

What the fuck indeed... At least it's not yet acknowledged in the same way Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Halloween and Valentines are acknowledged, but it wouldn't surprise me if it would be in just a few years

Merry Hallow

that's not culture, that's not culture at all

it's very annoying when things catch on just because they are profitable, it's easy to see how consumer driven holidays make people wary to celebrate anything to begin with. but i'm not gonna let it defeat me and make me have a miserable time dammit!

Hi Sinni, no work again because we are slow there

hey man, it's your holiday, so it's fine, don't let it drag you down

Hiya! I finally hit the hay a bit ago and now I'm awake to play destiny with mogo!!

not really

halloween stems from all hallow's eve which isnt ours, america is a country built on stolen traditions and i have come to accept this

cool, have fun with that, im going to have some coffee and sit down with a video since im still getting over a pretty persistent cough

That's what happens when you're a country built on immigration.
It's not stolen, it's imported

true we won our war fair and square, pretty impressively actually by all historical accounts, but it still miffs me the mutt religions and ideologies i see flung around all the time

What's your power level?

is it really called power level?





like 169 or somethin, I'm still doin story missions

if you start reading the comic again find a place to read it online so you can take caps

you'll be amazed at how many pictures you want to take yourself you will find and a lot of times they make much better reaction images than stuff you find on google images

also im like 70 chapters into re-reading it

its not super easy to find this place just googling different mangas to read but i highly recommend giving it a try



i personally like mangasee more than kissmanga or anything like that and its never really let me down for anything big


It's at 173 now!!

260 is soft cap

I haven't worn any clothes in like 12 hours now it's been pretty fun ^-^/


I haven't worn any clothes in twelve days now

I think I may be going feral or crazy because I can't tell which stains are blood and which are pooo anymore



i absolutely love the smell of my own balls

Happy Halloween


i want candy

oh I've got some candy for you~~~

its coffee time


it's in my pocket, I brought it just for you~~~

No lewd


here you goooooooo~



here have more~

i should check out what my local bakery next door to me made today!

how are you supposed to eat it while its staring at you

good luck ^^

you bite its face off for a quick and painless death


this is how you kill and eat snakes as well!

snek is innocent, snek is pure


there's a really cool halloween theme'd thread on Holla Forums, i mean i-if you guys want to go check it out



It might be site wide - it's on /vg/ as well.


Rin what are you dressing up as for halloween?


You asked me what I was doing, like, yesterday and I said I was dressing as a Miko and wandering around giving people chocolate bars and saying "Keep it safe, lest the spirits pas judgement." and then walking away like nothing happened.

i was linking the comics not spooky dancing skeletons, just to be clear

if the comic is on there too then coo

-considers tormenting the children by blasting weird and edgy music out my window-

Oh, no, I was talking about the CSS.

Do it

we must eat the kitty


n-no, poor kitty


Man, you're weird lol

Probably, but I wasn't serial.

At least not this year.


have pleasant kitty eating dreams

Holy shit grim went postal


Sleep well ♥


Why did I not get an emergency SMS alert

Oh, New York shooting

Nice shit right there


It makes me think of this

I guess that kind of goes for a similar kind of feel in a way

Just on a vastly different wavelength

I'm mostly referring to the staticy opening

I'm baked and still listening to what I linked you and it feels like eldritch abominations are gently making love to me

Pretty good

I'm listening to what you linked me too
I'm not baked though







Haha. Murder got perma banned.
That's fucking great.

it was a pretty unanimous vote

I didn't pay attention


more or less

Another terror attack?



I liked murder.


murder wasnt a large threat but they were an eyesore, they were 100% not going to add anything worthwhile to any discussion

im gonna listen to sunn until tomorrow exists


happy haloween americanos

Does anybody else pronounce it "an-ih-muhs" instead of "an-ih-moos" in their head?


Annie. Moo.


lmao some car just gg'd our patio

that doesnt really sound like a "lmao"

holy shit son

Soto is just like shit im glad i wasnt leaning on here getting my dick sucked when that happened

I pronounce it like psychology.

You guys can't afford to get rid of anons when this place on has four active posters

actually we've had some pretty good activity spikes lately, without you too

i like your tripcode ! (names that start with lil tend to be nice)

oh brother

this is blood-chan

What band do you mean by this?

Hopefully this one:


Muder posts once a month.
We lost literally nothing.


even Time magazine is more reliable than that

Oh no.

Well that's good at least. People can rot in here much longer then


No... Sci?


I was in love with murder, and you took him from me.

Liliana has top taste

ay gurl how u

i remember when people thought we werent even going to make it to 1,000,000 posts

now we are closing in on 1,900,000 and i'm fairly certain we will make it to 2 million

Hey cutie I've missed you~

Maybe it wasn't meant to be.

i crave candy but i dont have a costume ;~:

Good for you.

hey there BC

I saw Erio posting so I decided to come here

I don't get why you fucks don't go back to 4chan. they don't ban these threads anymore, bebop isn't a Holla Forums mod anymore either

Hey cutie I've missed you~

can you not see my name ?


liliana !!!!!!!!!!

captchas are a good enough reason to stay here if you ask me even if the character limit is kind of small for real shitposting

I think maybe the extra candy at stores goes on sale after Halloween

Not sure, never checked, but that seems logical

Feels weird that I haven't replied to one of your posts yet, so here

I don't really care about the house tbh, that shit's replaceable and the lady fucked it up so it's all gucci

I was worried someone was hurt though cause she had 2 young kids with her and like her airbag even went off

I was chilling outside with the firefighters drinking tea assessing the damages and we were like "yep, it's fucked lol"

What chu been up to?

Hai Nezi-cake

yeah I gotta wait til tomorrow or the d ay after to get that :: ~~ ;

I wann a nana toofbrush pastry but its cold

Bebop was never a mod.

yea okay if its family and everyone is fine thats totally cool stuff is replaceable i didnt know if this was some random fuck crashing into your house or what so i was just making jokes, glad the lady and the two kids are okay

Don't you have to get ready for work?

Are you saying you want to sleep but it's too cold? Just get under a lot of blankets :3

no I mean I wanna eat a shit ton of pastries

Stop implying I was doing dirty things to begin with, why would I have to stop being that, what was I doing to be a pussy mouth to begin with ;3


like green beans.
and music and dancing and dressing up in women's clothes and doing both of those at the same time.

film is nice. im young (soon to be 19 in december)

fighting games are really fun too... and going out and about is lots of fun. meet new people. interact !!!!!!!!!!

thats sorta me in a small sense

are you gonna dress up for halloweens?

~ ~

They ban the waifu threads now. They'll ban us too. And like BD said, those captchas are a fucking headache.

I am currently wondering why I humor you at all.

Meeting people is the exact opposite of fun

Sounds like you have the munchies

Managed to get weed finally?

if SF wasnt such a sperg you would like them lili

I've meet like 10 or more of you. I've enjoyed it.

who is S(an) F(ran) ?

Never humor Erio.

Oh no, I didn't know the lady who crashed lol

SF is subjectivefag and he likes melee a lot, but he's also nearly impossible to have a regular conversation with

crazy ass woman drivers

I was talking to Blood-chan, though.

Blood-chan is the whore

I'm the beast

melee isnt a fighting game: the novel

written and directed by: liliana

Your name means outside.

actually yes
finally ;~;
how are you celebrating your favorite edgy pagan faestival

Don't humor erio, though.

that just makes me want to see you two interact even more though

I'm Jesus


外(そと) means outside, or exterior

Smoking weed and listening to eldritch metal

I found out Liliana actually already liked this music so that's pretty amazing


oh gosh im blood-chan ur guys board is so slow because ur a bunch of losers ;(

I want to meet you next ! ^-^

Going to work, bbl


"I want to meat you next ! ^-^" - Neziwi

I'm gonna do the opposite now.


Can we ban BC next?

if you missed me so much you should have deleted everyone from discord and steam literally the day after i decided to add you again

you miss me? come find me

shouldnt have*

Can we ban furries next


Good luck at work; feel better soon ♥

"Moloch" is the most fitting thing that came to mind cause he's the archetypal tyrant

what happened?

yay :3

what's wrong with meeting people?

Can we ban ikt next

aaaa !!!! :( i hope you feel better soon thats really stinky...

i am very extrovert. i used to think.
when i was younger that i was an introvert bc i liked games l o l.

but now im well aware that is not true

Yeah that's cool

ban me next ! me me me me !!!!

Can we ban test next?


Ban everyone we don't like.

I want to meet you next.

ban everyone

I can't look it with the "muhs" because that's way too dam edgy for this place even. Too negative.

I guess....


Can I have a DARKNESS EVIL DEMON name too?

Liquid Demon Seed

Then meat


That's not even a name.



Good job!

This weird foresty hill near my ex's apartment in Slovakia reminded me of that scene from Fantasia where the Slavic dark god Chernobog has a black mass or whatever

So u can be Chernobog if you want


it is now

your name



That works.
Beats Liquid Demon Seed at least.


Put it in your name field, pussy.


Chernobog the womb Destroyer

Like this?

Can I have a DARKNESS EVIL DEMON name too?



Coldsteel the HEDGEHEG

Anyhow I'm out of my game. Whats up?


Ty senpai~

I was forced to change my name by our abusive admin.

I just realized how perfect this is for Halloween, too.

That was not the intention since the get go ?

this is the Abrahamic angel of death and i dont even have to break theme


The idea just seemed funny to me unrelated to the date.

You're hitting a level of unironic here.

i can tone it down a little if you want boss



Nah it's all good baby

Administration abuse of power



Yes fuck you

Will fuck admin for abuse.


This is my first time in this community
Is the admin abusing their power?

tfw a slut mentally but shyboi irl

he literally never stops.


Give yourself a name full of DARK POWER and RUNIC MEANING, Scoot



no here let me edge it up a little


you better not try anything if we meet up again nezi !!!!!! im a pure boy mentally and a loud extrovert pure boy irl

teehee xd

we all halloween names now or somethin?

Test just told me Scoots' i.p. in call.

He told me to DDoS it but I don't think that's legal, someone be my moral compass.

eww scoots...

It's illegal if you get caught.

yes and if you dont you get banned


Satanic mills

wtf that's abuse


Test literally gave my car keys to some random Irishman.

Cupcakes aren't spooky


abuse gets results


this one is shut up

run. RUN.

yeah well ur a nerd

abuse me daddy uguu~

1893756 get,

Test literally stole Lloyds joke and told it to a random Canadian.


you gonna get gakked son

well you did get it

Prove it
Spook me


go gakk urself



That's not spopy though

been there done that

Why aren't you COLDSTEEL


that's all I got...

wow lewd

I'm not an edglord sonic fag.

Whaddiya gonna do about it, ban me?


That feel when its time to quit
Bye forever
Test ran me out
He did a bebop on me

we'll lewd later but right now it would ruin the mood

shouldn't have crossed him desu

I'll hold you to that.

Original the Hedgehog. Do not steal.


whos going to hold who

Pls rember me

Wait, Cupcake told me recently he hasn't even played Shadow the Hedgehog

Fucking POSER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm not proud of how many hours I wasted in that game and Sonic 06.

you can't make this shit up

why even live tho...


literally already forgot who you are.

I told you that in confidence!


He is Sonics perfect clone.

um no that's me.

How could you forget



just in case someone has not seen this

Post your Sonic diaper pics.
I know you have some.



forb this post !!!!!!


it would appear that I actually do not.
just looked through the folder.


Test cares so little about the energy of his bans now that he can't even type them properly.


I gave up on 06 but I played through all the routes in Shadow the Hedgehog and beat the final boss

Download a Shadow the Hedgehog rom and don't speak to anyone again until you've finished the game


I haven't played 99% of video game classics

metal gear
you name it I've never played it

This slothful 👨‍💼 admin

Mine's all year 'round baby.

It's okay, me neither

Aren't you, like, 18 though?


as a gay guy I'm glad to get kevin spacey but I feel like his timing was pretty bad what with the "turns out you kinda molested a 14 year old" thing coming to light at the same time.

that actually does sound like test. lazy lazy test.

hahahaha yeah no.

all year round gay as fuck, yeah


That is what everyone is saying... like come on, frank... we knew

My brother and I beat all of Shadow together.

Fuck you.

I actually didn't know he was gay, but I don't really pay much attention to celebrities outside of the work of theirs I enjoy. although sometimes you just fucking knew already, like with ellen page. when she came out I was like "uh...duh? I thought she was already out"

what the heckin' heck is this?

Will anyone weep for the whistleblower?
Will they rember the elite justice warrior known as Ol’ Scoot?
Will they hang test and moogs?
Why did it come to this?
Why am I in exile.

yeah you would cuz ur gay


test can you just ban this loser already?


back when we used to post on 4chan i ran into an user that was legit in love with shadow the hedgehog, and also a christian, i ended up wasting time for whatever reason talking to them and later they went from identifying as straight with a shadow fetish to homosexual and like, some sort of japanese religion shinto or some shit

real story

Eh whatever
He was 14
He was practically asult
He should stop whining
Take it as a compliment
Its frikken spacey
Spicey spacey
Soace racey dick tracy

that's what homosexuality does man. it ruins good, honest christian folk and turns them into degenerate cartoon loving sinners. smh.


my main problem is this

1. why the fuck did you wait 30 years to say anything man? come on

2. it was very inappropriate if it did happen, but because your dumb ass waited so long, now it's a he said he said situation and we'll never know the truth of the matter so maybe just chill, huh?



we can be uncultured swine together!

should ban all the gays tbh

he dropped the shadow fetish as soon as he came to terms with his homosexuality actually and then acted embarrassed as fuck when i trolled them about it forever because of course im going to

Inrember i met cupcake when 14
They made pony advance on me
Now am famous poster
Now inam vourage dog and can talk
Gibe cry
Not ma faul

I'm the same age too
Almost 23 though

shut the fuck up I paid you off and you promised never to speak of that again.

also you are older than me

he deserves it. never let him forget that.

Atleast spacey fulken humble apologist
Fucking shillingbthe dumbass shitshow theyre on Netflix tryna get sympathy views

if i still had them on skype id harass them every day about it but they drifted off and started college and not being a loser and shit, at least some degenerate recover at least...

how drunk are you right now? you're typing like a lunatic.

also now I need to get alcohol.

Reeeeeee stop reminding me

Im at work.

yeah the only games of this that i can stomach are the new ones
botw wasnt great
mgsv was suuuuper fun
sonic mania is nice

well that's a damn shame that

he'll never truly recover until he prays that gay away.

mgsv felt way too empty for me

Have alcoholism for me. no hitting on loco, thats my thing

yeah literally no worry of that happening. even I have better taste than that.

Ha ha ha me too ha

its funny after he stopped believing in jesus i continued to use them to harass them for their gayness

they were pretty alright though they liked F-zero GX and had an alright taste in games

lol haha

you're a true hero man. bully all those stupid people who believe in things.




‘’Fukien aced it’’

me too

I really wanted to play the Uncharted series and some other PS exclusives but I've never had Playstation :'(

you're like the only person i know that says botw sux so I'm s k e p t i c a l

sonic only seems like the old games were good, and new ones are a joke

There is a new thread