Just making sure speccy doesn't get it

just making sure speccy doesn't get it

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Am the worst


They're genderless constructs that are shaped into the form of human females with really odd proportions by another construct after humans are wiped out.

already knew this tbh




Sounds complicated. I guess I'll watch it at the end of the season or if i drop another airing show.

Fuckin' Cup.

Aight. What are you watching now?


you wish



Kanojo bitch
Imoutou sae
Just because
Kekkai sensen2
Blend s
Mahiutsukai no yome

Im thinking of dropping the Kanojo bitch one because it has 2012 animation and theres no plot

I liked bitch, I thought it was kinda funny.
Imoutou sae is great.
Kekkai sensen and Animegataris I didn't try out. Those any good?

muh gender





gender is a social construct


I like the osananajimi but the little sister is annoying. Thats saying a lot from me considering im pedo.
Ill probably finish imouto sae ireba ii no matter what since its this seasons meme tier anime.
Kekkai sensen is really good but you probably have to watch the first season
I haven't started animegataris yet so idk. I just figured why not because the other anime with monogatari suffixes are pretty good.


don't link me u filth





Gap a little too big.


meooowwwningggg !!!!!!!!

what is up my lil green bean babies !!!!

piss off

I'm not a baby.


l o l

idk, just is. looks wrong

I mean.
I'm far to old to be a loli-dom mommy.


She's a wolf with huge tits!
That's what's wrong

Flood detected, post discarded


Just finished eating and going back to Destiny 2

I've spent long enough in this character editor that I thought that said "Flat Chested, Post Discarded" for a solid moment before I looked back at it.


Nah, that's everything especially right with it.

there's gotta be some middle ground between those two things


gl hf


vagine > penes

night night


lol furfag~

You'd like it, don't lie

I think the middle ground is you admitting I'm not a baby.

Nini, Hu.
Give ikt a good tuccing in~


When does ikt get a fursuit?

afraid that isn't gonna happen.

go to bed nerd

sayori better PUT natsuki down !!

also i guess. youre not a baby. thats a fair statement.

so next time i say green bean babies u can know i dont mean ur a baby !!

You're wrong.

It's fine they love each other.

Nah, Hu's the one that puts on the ears and tail.

Ears and tail aren't furfag.

I need a name that sounds good when paired with Neuwahl and wouldn't sound out of place in an eastern themed setting with italian/latin names being the common-place.

I was kind of going to use Emilie but it's taken.

I don't want to get banned, guys.

I need people to do some of the things I have left though

do emilie anyways its cute


I legitimately can not create a character with an occupied name, so using Emilie is impossible.

CockSuck- God damn it ikt.

Nah, totally is.
Also I can't read this.

Liliana is a pretty nice name.

lielie for short

I'd be sour if you weren't legitimately correct.

Shut up, lielie.

um thats liliana not me


That's the best part.
I legitimately like the name Emma as well

oh i didnt know it was

like something that had occupied names.. my bad.

yes use my name !! its a good one. and it fits.

But not Alexandra am I right?

I'm naming my Tamer in BDO.

I mean, it's alright, I guess..

why dont you use alexandra !!!

I legitimately think of Liliana Vess first whenever I hear the name, tbh.

It's a cumbersome one.
One of the ones where the petnames both sound better and are funner to say.

Alexandra doesn't sound good with Neuwahl.

You know I like it.

That image would have been far more fitting if they didn't include the ending.

idk if any of these work or are appealing






Oh, duh, I'll name her Theseius.

Thanks Theseius.

who or what?
show me




I know, children are terrifying.

oh :)
i wanna play! (just to create cute characters)

the eyes look scary
the face too

help its claiming my soul



I want to actually play and be the best Tamer NA.


is it fun? how is it fun? what's the gameplay like?


Gameplay is flashy and cool
Everything else is shit. just like every other mmo ever

I just saw it on fb lol

why play then?

To make cute characters, duuh.

gimme cuties!

So what's this girls problem anyways?

I can't.

why ;~;

Am on laptop.
Don't have BDO installed here.


i want bdo just to make a cute character...

i have a really cute femroe on ffxiv !!

bdo stinks though

its on sale for like... 6 dollars right now... and i have $8 on steam..

Yoo what class/server?

how are you supposed to play with rin then? :O

All mmo's stink.

I have other ways to play with her.




but also i am no where near stormblood... (i am at level 50 main scenario quests)

and also i would need to resub with money i dont have..

check out my super duper cute femore !! shes the cutest !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i love mmo's !! very fun and nice to meet people and ffxiv is a lot gayer than other mmos so theres a lot of gaybos. and faerie server is the ultimate gay

Whatcha doin?

I like playing MMO's

I guess I'm just shit outta luck then.
I have to yet to meet a single new person from any MMO I have ever played.
Matter fact, even my *cough* actual friends *cough* don't play with me

sitting here alone and bored ;~;

I liked dungeon runs and raids in WoW but that was about it desu.

You're in a voice chat with 6 other people.


hey what voice chat with 6 other people

am i being something being something being something hidden from me ?

is it not ?

i always hear it is.. cactuar is p gay too though..

What do we do now?

I'm alone too

I did those a lot, but got kind of bored of playing the game
Started playing Destiny 2, enjoying it so far, though I really can't wait for Monster Hunter World

Idk, I haven't checked out the ERP scene



Wow I don't know, what DO people do in voice chats? Honestly I've no idea.


Never tried either, can't comment.

not just erp !!! i dont like erp...

just gay in general.

where is this secret voice chat ?

Hidden behind the waterfall.

What else?!!!!


Christ alive.

I'm kind of getting bored of video games again, so I'm really looking for something to spruce me up again

Sounds right up his alley.

Play ddlc
Then dying light.


oops capslock


What is DDLC?

Doki Doki Literature Club


I still need to make a comfy spot to play it in


You being here isn't a treat, so I'm guessing trick


here u go !! one bag of cold green beans, and also here is some hi-chew !!!!!

Test didn't wanna reply to me...

60hz is literally cancer

;~; i use 60

So liliana are you mtf or like what even

I can't afford 144hz

No vido gam. Maybe later.

oh okay~

what brings this up ?

ew a tranny

stinky tranny

gtfo tranny


He only likes feminine penis.

I am always a treat. Most interesting person in the threads and such. I actually do something with my life

Not hah at all

What in the fuck is hi-chew

Sup Squash

Sleep soon.

Then why is it that nobody would miss you if you never came back?

What you did there is exactly why you aren't a treat

Playing some Destiny 2, dunno for how much longer though. Might watch some anime soon

im not...

not appropriate.

this is hi-chew !! very tasty.

Tranny is worst

*pets* good boy

what monitor do you have?

you can get a 144hz monitor for stupid cheap on black friday


What anime?

I have the same Dell monitor that I've had for 8 years

Gonna finish Hibike! Euphonium tonight probably
From then, I don't know yet

at least my screen is

:relaxed emojii:


guess I'm using firefox now

Sounds fun.

well if you play games I highly recommend 144hz

the difference is insane

I'm using 24"

lol that's a TV bruh

u need to update ;~;

my tabs lagged in the last update
but this new update fixed the memory thingy
now everything is smooth again

a rly big TV !!!

so i can see the BIG picture in life


oh okay ;~;

RIP your computer i guess...

how far away are you from the screen? mine is like 2 feet from my eyes

smh i been on firefox since

8 years !


I'll try uninstalling and reinstalling

I used to be a firefox fanboy too

I even used Rockmelt for a while when I still liked Facebook

I forget why I switched tbh

i'm half way below my screens center viewing angle

and about 4 feets away from it.


Good luck ;~;

even with 20+ tabs my chrome is running good on my 16GB or ram

I enjoy that sort of anime

I played CS:GO on my friends 144Hz before, I know exactly what I"m missing
It's depressing

I'm just asking

144hz is nice for games and stuff but I prefer my 60hz IPS for videos and anime

Because I am mean and I don't care about anyone other than myself. The "good" posters here are just the ones that suck everyone's dick all day, everyday. I am not about that

You just proved my point that I was making to Test

That looks awful

Whoa wants to do some Mafia when liliana shows up?

oh you're here

Do some Mafia?

well... im giving you some for free... just try it !!

yea the online mafia web game

If your point was that you're a colossal faggot that most a lot of people don't like, then you're right
You sure showed me!

No, it's because you don't provide anything to a conversation except sucking your OWN dick. You don't have anything of VALUE to say, because you're NOT interesting. You're not free of some deep flaw that makes us all cocksuckers, and thinking that you ARE doesn't make you interesting, it makes your every post a drag. Some people here are helpful, or nice, or insightful. Your personality and your every post is intrusive, annoying, and pathetic.

You're not interesting. You're just an eyesore.

what did i do ;~;

Test is literally sucking my dick in the freezer aisle of Wal-Mart


Yeah I have good specs too

reinstall of Chrome fixed it. same build too??

idk what happened

not too bad I guess

no job?

What do you mean, 60hz IPS for videos and anime?

I don't get what this means.

i always thought murder was amusing just because it was always so evident how unsupported all of the posts they make are, it's like having a tsundere loli posting again

Slurp slurp

It's so cold he's trying to warm things up a bit is all

`bigmoji :angery:

honestly test the level of effort you're putting into telling them off is just validating them so if you want them to keep stroking with those keystrokes

oh you banned them too

No I didn't

You know what, you're right
I should appreciate him more

then why did you respond to them with slurp slurp and they have a different IP? if thats someone else your disses are getting kind of confusing

Are you fucking drunk


All these sticky anons

must've been a weird update that borked your install


yea, i could always switch back to my 27" computer monitor at any time
but i used that' for the past half year, so i'm trying my flatscreen instead now.

read one post but missed the other, i just saw where he was talking about murder and sucking his own dick

i guess test and penis just come up a lot together

Ban on anons when

anons confuse us old people

Up to you.
I say just kill this shit show of a board already.

buuuurn it all to the ground

You need a nap, dawg


I kind of just need a hug honestly.

You know, except the other way around.

Maybe I need a nap too

maybe we all need to take a group nap like in kindergarten


sleep well Test~


I don't wanna


Most people can't accept that there are those above them

Oh, I know I only care about myself. I mean, I have been shitposting with this same group for what, 5+ years? I still confuse/forget 90% of you because you are all one uninteresting blur for me. The most use you have is to entertain me for 10 minutes at a time

What do you think I post that is unsupported?(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

I honestly say just ban Murder unless they substantiate their claims.



He probably doesn't recognize me immediately either.

i think you're confused murder. i think you're confused on what you want to get out of thise place, because even though no one here thinks of you as a better it seems that's all you want to imply

even though i post stupid things, even though im mean to people sometimes, i still generally like everyone here and view people as my equals. i am not content to lie to myself and pretend i am above other people, nor would i come to cess pools to try to do it if i did.

you, murder, are an insecure individual and even the weak people you pick on here are more than capable of defending themselves from your bullshit assertions

cesspool is one word friendo

you would know

murder you only spend 10 minutes at a time here because you can't make any worthwhile human connections

A singular pool of cess.

cess is an older slang term for weed lol

thats murder

a loud big obnoxious cess weed

I dont smoke that stuff.
No sir.

Weed as in marijuana btw

me either

*cough cough*


I do however inject speed into my pee hole.

I know what weed is, Lloyd.

speedy erections

Trust me, it doesn't take any mighty assertions to be better than a 5 trannies, a midget, a drunk spic, an autistic Canadian, a dog fucker, a fat autistic Brit, a stoner whos face looks like it got hit by a shovel, and whatever other garbage wanders in here


I'd lose my last shred of hope in people when somebody comes out of the woodworks to say he didn't deserve it so I'll just not.

Which one are you counting me under? :thinking:

Feels good to be king.

I don't think anyone here would care.

I will let all of you decide which one you are

You're a broken piece of work you know that, your over-familiarity with the people you seek to belittle and put yourself above paints a much more chaotic and non-nonsensical picture than any insults I could throw at you. just because he looks like he got hit with a shovel doesn't mean you have to pick on him

And yet they all had the balls to prove what they say
Where's the post of you, since you're such a shining example of humanity? Don't forget the fancy clothes and paystub to prove your high paying job and spending habits :)

pretty sure you got scoot twice, you said fat autistic brit and stoner who looks like they got hit with a shovel

Here I go not making the list again..

You''l have to tell me what one I am.
It seems obvious, but my room temp IQ causes me to stop reading part way though.

I can fall into the miscellaneous trash if you really want to

I assume he lumped you in with "the other trash"

overwatch was really fun today, getting gold medals is fun, maybe i can even stop playing casual soon

please do

I mean, what do you want to see? I could take a picture of my shoe collection which is like a good 5k if you want to see my clothes.


why humor them and pretend like whatever they make or own validates them as a person, that's playing their game

You make the most relevant list.

if they had so much fun making and spending money why would they even be here at all

i wanna be the garbage !!

I'm going to bed.

Let's put it to a vote boys



vote first


But I wanted my own category reeeee

I do?

Whoever voted yes, please tell me why.

i voted no but i also dont care because murder is no threat to anyone, just an annoyance

I just assumed you made some kind of list and like you'd assume it was a compliment.

Murder voted no and he used the Jackson phone to have him vote too

test should stick to his guns and do what he thinks regardless of the vote

What I do is informed by what people want.

Wouldn't be in charge if people didn't trust your judgement. I think

This is just some real healthy tribalism boys

that means the person who voted yes has to reply then or we can assume its murder, but now there are two votes, it's hard to say they used a proxy to vote yes twice, if everyone stays quite it will be kind of a pain

Oh well.


i guess we just wait

Nah I already did it.

Don't expect them to try to use proxies? Too much effort I guess

Doesn't seem worth it. Since he doesn't care and all.

If that nigga uses a proxy to come back then we'll know how desperate he really is lol




they're banned

Scoots *tbh*

Yeah I voted 'no'

Oh, I thought it wasn't because he's not even here atm

this desu

Scoots is always on Murder's mind.

i mean i voted no too but it was more because it would have just wasted my whole night destroying them





Probably falls into the category where you already lost just by replying

you gonna start shipping me or something

i mean if thats the case then we all lose and should just start a new topic right now

whats the last alcohol you've had to drink?

That's not very organic.

But I had six beers and a few glasses of port last Thursday myself. It was my first time drinking in a long time and I was in a foul mood.

organic food is overpriced

im about to have some fat tire after it gets nice and frosty in the freezer, im trying to train up on my friends ps4 for when in start overwatch for competitive but i know no matter what i do im going to get annihilated lmao

shame that alcohol put you in a bad mood though, might be a while before you drink again

Nah the mood is why I drank.

And are you getting Overwatch on console? Because obviously everyone here plays on PC. And aiming with a controller vs aiming with a mouse is completely different if you intend to be getting it on PC, so not much use in practicing.

Slow night?

No I just accidentally a reply :c

Beer/vodka on saturday at a halloween party and beer/cocktail on sunday before cinema with friends

Every night.

there's no way i'd be dumb enough to get overwatch on the ps4 im getting it on PC dont even own a ps4.

i already know aiming with a controller and mouse are different, i have more experience with controller but i am fine with keyboard and mouse and learning the maps and characters will still help me out a lot, i mostly get gold medals in every game for casual playing so thats something i guess, the muscle memory isn't all that's useful and that's important to remember

sound good what did you see with your pals? and did you guys have a lot of fun?

Poor Alchie.

i know PC players will be better too

Gold medals mean nothing. It means you're doing marginally better than the other shitters around you against those shitters over there.

And fair enough.

I cry every time.

hahahaha competitive play or nothing, I have gotten a lot of victories and thought to myself "what did the enemy team do this game?" so you are absolutely right, i just wanted to see how much you'd roast me for being a casual :^)

one time the ps4 remote was dying repeatedly when i was set up as bastion right next to point A on the lunar lookout map and they just kept not shooting at me, i hot like a 7 kill streak with a controller that kept dying




This is evidence of what I was saying.

Why do you cry.

Bladerunner 2049. It's 2.5 hours long but I had already seen it with family so it felt really quick for me ^^

It was really good but I had to be up early for work the next morning so I left kinda early and got home before 1am

i'd say it's more like confirmation than evidence like proven write it in the science books

i was doing mystery heroes in the same point and we had two Symmetra's and they just did not know how to deal with the turrets at all

we had a reinhardt charge through objective and died on the other side


good im glad you liked the movie, a lot of people said the new bladerunner movie was trash but i disagree i think it is quite good and pretty awesome for an addition to the universe

That's me.

Nobody in the whole player base has any idea how to deal with Symmetra.

Because I just wanted to dress up as a sexy bunny for Halloween but my mommy said I can't.

ur a gay boy who likes no pussy on their wonman

thats the only way women are worth anything ....


okay then i can understand whyb us having two symmetra's, in that point of all places, won us the game

i can also see why competitive players mostly stay away from stuff like mystery heroes. do you like the game type personally?

Try dressing up as the grim reaper?

how could you be so mean green bean

test likes vagina confirmed

bd keeps posting undertale and i think its u delete this

(most) women. sorry
i could say the same about boys too.. 95% of people stink

test is just going to encourage me to post more to confuse you further

they should use deodorant

I don't even play Arcade for the weekly loot boxes. I either want to play Overwatch as intended or I want to play a different game, I don't like silly rulesets.

dont give me that literal shit eating grin

Totally agreed, I didn't even mind seeing it twice
It probably suffered a bit from Chekhov's gun but otherwise I enjoyed it loads

i agree for sure !! people need to shower and stay clean.

stinky people need to not STINK!!!!

Hmm fair enough, it's not exactly what I expected when I asked but if I ever want to play with you I guess I have to respect that and get gud.



which shit eating grin did you want?

I'm perfectly fine with quickplay.


and they gotta

EAT THE GREEN BEANS !!!! eat em up yum yum


Fair enough, just no junkensteins revenge or three mercy's on one team shenanigans for you

no problem i can just go do that on my own or with other people who don't hate it, i'll get it this friday

What happened here

chekhov's gun isn't necessarily entirely bad if the macguffins they use aren't bad, but yea i'd have to say you are right it definitely was not a perfect movie

Admin's out of control and banning people, leave while you still can.

i just got banned !!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

They'll have to ban me



always feels GREAT




thats pretty gross dude


thats subjective

B E A N !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


it is time for beer

it is never time for beer

it is currently time for me to be drinking beer, right now, and i am, again




Naan thread


Naan bread is yucky






why has everyone gone to bed before 11:30pm

it's 4:30 in the fucking morning here.

Whose butt is that?

some cutie's


What kind of person just saves butts of random people.


That doesn't answer my question, Nezwizi.


Go to bed Luka

come back to bed Luka

Good morning friends! How are you all?
I hope you've all had a lovely day

I hope you had a horrible day.


Someone that likes butts.

I hope you had a great day


That wasn't intended to be anonymous.

I hope you stub your toe on a coffee table and fall going up the stairs.


You went to SLEEP

I hope someone showers before you and uses all of the hot water.

Who needs SLEEP

Bruh that one's cruel.

not yet

meat ball monday


I hope you forget to turn the heater on and wake up with the floor freezing cold as you have to walk to the thermostat.



Bruh that sounds perfect tho. I love the cold.

Nah I'm good!! I'll probably play more destiny 2 in a bit.

I hope your mom burns your tendies.


hehe :3

I make my own tendies!!


brb grabbing dinner

That seems as likely as Test being 6 foot tall.


Nah I'm good at cooking and stuff, so something as easy as heating up tendies isn't so bad.

I know next to nothing about you but you always seem saccharinely nice so I feel morally obligated to shit on your parade.

I just wanna be the kind of person that like brightens everyone's day? I don't mind you shitting on me cause some of the stuff you come up with is really incredible & I enjoy reading it!

I'm sorry if that bothers you, I think you're cool

this is agreed i do agree

I don't really wish ill upon you but it just seems off and insincere. Though, things like:

is mostly just me being bored and saying sophomoric things.