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music id gud

I wanna play destiny 2 !!!!

Why has bungie cursed me by breaking my blizzard launcher!!!!!!!

mfw i post inside a spectthread

at least you have a neverending pit of entertainment to keep you busy till you can get it fixed, try just reinstalling

truly a lyrical masterpiece for the ages

such a happy looking show

pretty sure these are just the same guys who hit on my gf all the time on facebook, like a few days ago i posted caps of them saying they were going to exorcise my white evil from her

does anyone have. recorded shows that they wish they went to but there is no possible way you could've been there. for example

this one that i'm posting. so happy. fun. intimate. great tune.



This is my most favoritest performance of all time

I watched this in HD on a 65inch TV on Paladia and it was the most amazing performance.

hi there...........*breathes super loud*

MOM'S GONNA FREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!

this is.


that is a very pink hair

actually ignore that link, this one has the best performance/audio for it



oyasuminasai ~


I love when you stare at me wIith your heavy sleep deprived eyebags.....

i love it when u step on my arrow pads onii-chan ~~

i love it even more when you tap my squares !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!






h-haha yeah I'm such a weird stinky neet girl

I can't believe bard is getting bullied by spec again

Steve Buscemi has a son named Lucian and this is what he looks like


Buscemi + malcolm in teh fuckin middle

You wish.

y-yeah...........me too ;~ :



Buscemi + his loving wife of 30 years





i will play with you, green bean

with me ?

i know how to do trivial pursuit and yahtzee

we could play mafia online

is that free?

yeah on EPICmafia.com

sure why not, i'll go download it right now

oh you dont download it, get some people to play with us and ill be interested, i can always contact you on discord i made an account for the game

I exist.




what kind of asshole stands on top of someone ?

I stand on myself sometimes.




-licks your cheek-

Good girl.


Calm down.


open bob

show vegana

I refuse

I don't believe you for some reason.

I am unbelievable.

unbelievably gay


its getting cold here in michigan, you forget how cold the winter gets till it starts getting closer

"I am not gay"

Just fuck already

You are.

again ?




Maybe later

Don't test me.

can I help you ?

*tests you*


I don't know, do you know how to make a good breakfast? Past midnight?



You're done for kid.





well i just finished eating so no you cant help me

oh no


Thats lewd.



its late but.

im not tired. time to. game ?watch anime. ?

make some tea ? ? ? ?

I don't know why that pairing always disturbs me.

all of those at once


what game ?
what anime ?
what tea ?


I don't know what you're into.

just about anything !



ive already watched thaaaaat

i might finish new game s2

or rewatch drucky starr

woah didnt know people here knew deadcrow

Didn't think anyone here would know them too. Do you listen to Plastician's shows as well?

Silly there should be a pic there.

Koe no Katachi
Kimi no Na wa

n o p e

ive seen kimi no na wa like 6 times by now
and i dont wanna watch anything DRAMATIC or EMO just slice of life probably
ill just watch new geimu.

You should check out snoots last tour



Strange, I had learned of all these artists through him.
It was appealing to me because they took existing sounds of trap and bass music and expanded it with a more broad palette of uplifting sounds.


okey dokey

whats up thessy


heh, that one was funny, so im not mad


Defeat :(

aw :(
im sorry to hear.
i hope that you feel better soon...

Witch Nowi.


it is time for me to rest. my little green beans.

goodnight. nini. sleepy.



Hellooooo :3




Traps are cool.


Traps are gay.


I'm not a trap though.

Anybody who likes taps is gay.

No, liking traps is fine. Only the traps themselves are gay.

liking traps, as proved by science, is not GAY/HOMOSEXUAL/HOMO.

i completed all my leeg missions
with 7 hours to chill



You are just wrong though...



Which should I install after BDO, Dying Light or Overwatch patch?

Dying Light.


What if a girl likes a trap?

Erin's ex-girlfriend.jpg

Who's that?

it's been a few years ago since they were together.


At any rate, referencing someone I don't know doesn't answer my question.

i ate tonsa food
but i still feel unhappy and empty inside.

It'll be okay luka ^^

it 7:25 am
imma lay down for a tiny bit

have a lil nappy!

Low energy thread.

Bitch you know I'm right.

And whose fault is that?

Whose isn't it?

I'm going to go with everyone but me. Step up, senpai.

So it's your fault.

Can't believe squid freaking murdered the threads.


Brb, suicide. The mix of guilt for brutally murdering the threads and shame for fucking up are too much.

better man than me

thats just an average visit here for me

I'm not sure that's entirely an achievement.

fuck up, kill threads, leave and my day is done

you have pretty low standards if you spend any of your time here so not many would care what you think in that regard

We're an entire two replies into this conversation and you're already hopping through the fourth dimension to wind up with your posts. I'm really not going to bother with this.

i have no idea what you're on about, you literally started up talking shit at me, you little shit popsicle.

last time i had calamari it was too chewy

Holy heck, I must be a terrible friend then.

talking shit is fine but if you act like a baby as soon as i say everyone here is a loser with autism, and its like they didnt even read the sticky


It's amusing to me that you think I'm in any way serious and not just memeing at you for the bants.

how can you have banter with someone who isnt willing to banter yet? maybe you are taking me more seriously than i intend to come across. if thats the case let me be the one to correct the situation, i am equally just being a shitposter, would be happy to have a conversation about just about anything or just shitpost some music

willing to banter back*

It also amuses me that this are actual posts being written by a human being right now.

this are post from person, yes



at least he's calling me a human and nor a furry subhuman this time

small steps


How exactly are you so oblivious that it wasn't being entirely serious about caring whether someone's a furry or not?

Like I just don't understand.

you do know im not being serious right? like, i am not getting upset or uncomfortable.

you, are actually confusing me, now.

I don't think I've ever met someone I straight up couldn't meme at like this.

Like, am I being outplayed here? Is he just too turbo-retarded to interact with? I don't get it.

I learned a new word today Kanra


If we had a better idea of our mutual interests we might be able to figure out something to more consistently banter about

i dont know why dont you try talking to me in a way that is not memes, or you could at least try fixing all your grammatical errors, i at least do that much and lord knows i make them

are you just expecting them to be here, lurking?

Bad dog is an idiot.
It is known.
I liked the part where bad dog was an idiot.
Which is everyday

In any case no, I don't feel like proof-reading my posts.

Also they're normally the result of me editing my posts around.

i dont understand half the fucking things you type

I'm pretty sure he goes through all my posts and reads them

It's pretty creepy but also convenient.

Sounds foreign.
Damn foreigners ruining my english.

Sup bitches?

sounds like it would only be convenient if you wanted to communicate with them, or be mean to them



Literally fucking nothing.

I'm actually packing my morning bong rn^^

I hope it's not Amnesia Trance again though, that shit zonked me out last night hardcore haha..

How's it been baddog?

No news is good news~

what do you mean "hope?" i'm doing just fantastic actually! it's hard to find good people to chat with but when they pop by its always appreciated, but come on you're going to get way too baked if you don't at least separate the different strains into bags and keep track of it.

dont you grow this shit yourself?? how do you even lose track of what is what

I mean, is it too much to ask for Bad Dog to be banned?

No news is also awfully boring.
What's up with you?

It's all separated into bins, but this little tupperware is just the failed hydroponics (same 4 strains) They didn't yield a lot at all comparatively, so we just threw all the hydro stuff together for a mixed bag kind of experience lol

Very true :p

Not a whole lot. Just been relaxing with the girl until the 2nd when I start my new job. I love setting up new jobs so I have vacations in between. It's tighter on money but it's better for relaxation ;3


ohhhh haha okay yea that makes sense, those usually get pretty dense so its a shame when they don't yield good. at least what was there sounds like it was strong as heck, i hope you have a good smoke for the morning, i might even join you i think!

what has been going on in your life?please please catch me up on anything interesting

Do it^^

Um, with regards to what? I'm an open book.

Most recently though, I went to my gf's sister's wedding and it was at this really ritzy inn so we were taking advantage of that shit. I love getting all dressed up with her. It was the best wedding I've ever been to tbh.

hbu?? We don't talk nearly as much as I'd prefer.



And then there's THIS faggot.

work is hell

Nah, I raised my hourly value another 2 bucks out of this stunt, so it'll be okay.

Well get fucked.

same, your openness makes you very fun to chat with!

and i find its best to let those you dont know super well choose what they want to tell you about rather than trying to guess about their lives, i'm happy you got to see your sister and dress up with her and im SUPER happy she got married!! i hope you like the dude i know how that can be ;)

i havent really been up to too much, just hanging with friends when im not at work and playing some overwatch, i work at a private shop that makes signs for just about anything right now

That's gotta be the first time someone's liked that lol Thank you.

Makes sense in my book. Having things assumed about you feels bad, so I'd rather be the one to disclose that stuff on my own accord kinda deal :p

Ooh, my gf's sister*. Basically my sister now, I've traded in my own fam for hers and my bestie's haha.

I started playing Fortnight which is pretty fun and basic enough for me to enjoy. I'm kind of well known for being a hopeless casual when it comes to vidya^^

Like neon signs? Cause that would be rad.

I mean it's clear what you mean but that just doesn't sound like the best way to put it

It is what it is. Don't blame me for y'all being pervs.

You missed me, don't deny it

When you post ass in threads you kind of leave yourself open for that

never heard it before.

can you pronounce it?

if people dont like openness i think they are just too afraid of it or dont have proper time to hear about you! and thats rude if you ask me!!

and right! it's slower but it's the proper way to build a good conversation and im offf today so i have hours and hours to talk today!

well thats a little different, well i hope you are making some good memories with those people and that the connections end up well worn!

i dont have fortnight or a ps4 but my friend got it and i really really need to check it out, we havent touched the game much at all because we were both super butthurt that it was not couch co-opable

i wish i made neon signs! nawh we make more mundane and like vinyl signs

Good morning friends! I hope you're all having a lovely day.

Anyone have any plans?

Hey you're the one who said it.

I don't think I'm GAY enough for that.



how big is your folder

I am sick, sick of shit posters.

lewd >///

stop posting

254 pictures! I gotta add more eventually.

Everyone's a shit poster as far as you're concerned, though?

ill show you mine if you show me yours

i add new pictures every single day :)

O-oh, you thought you stopped eventually. O-oh

Great, being that gay sounds terrible


It's a pretty cool game. I might play some soon actually. Who knows how long she'll keep sleeping haha

Well that's cool too, Neon signs seem like they'd be overpriced anyway :p

I wish you would

Well I don't look at oyasumi punpun stuff every day!!

Good morning Elma!!!

Hihi. What's up?

I can't believe I answer sinni honestly and she tells me to DIE

You'd be surprised how expensive any of it is, my employer spent 55,000 dollars in supplies alone and we are only a three person company!

i have Cuphead for couch co-op but we were both grumpy, old and high so we just ended up getting pissed off at it

same with anything i look at, but i still like to collect images to shitpost with if i think they just look nice

Never heard of that one.

Yeah, I miss the 4 way split screen for racing games and stuff.

Just got up! Gonna be playing Destiny 2 today!! What's up with you?

Y'know when the shoe fits.

yee, you're a nerd

that's just for this year btw

but niggers can cheat yo

Screen Cheat seems like a fun game.

Destiny 2 is the exact same thing /spoiler


Not much, just listening to the rest of the storm blow through.


ahh, the good ol' days lol

you havent heard of Cuphead?? do yourself a favor and go check it out, talk about a game with substance, every single frame in the game is HAND DRAWN

true, but think about it this way, the more you get used to making a folder, forming the habit of collecting images, the more it will transfer over to other things

how do you think people started taking caps of animes at just the exact right frame to post as reaction images

Does remind me fondly of Timesplitter days.

pretty sure some kids got baby teeth knocked out over the dreaded screen looking

finally something we can agree on, timesplitters future perfect was one of the best games for the ps2 and the multiplayer was online for free and veeeeeery shitty but fun

that was one of the first ps2 games to have online

That game series was fun as all hell, cannot lie.

I don't have anything to play games on at home...

omg those damn zombie monkeys.

Did you ever curl the monkeys? I love curling. Bet on it every winter olympics even.

the haunted house part with cortez? oh my god that guy was so great!

this personality was just so 90's and it worked.


I never played Destiny 1 so it's all new to me!! (Did you like it? I know Moogs is obsessed but I don't know what anyone else thinks of it)

I don't know if I want the habit of collecting images, lol. Tho I see what you're saying.

Seems like is the key word
because who gets people to actually play local multiplayer these days

oh im sorry its a PC game too :( at least you have poooooot

but fuck yea we got some good taste in here right now

Honestly I'd rather just play Halo, but that's just me.

Hmm, my pc can't play games, I just play sometimes on the girl's puter when she's not working on it. :(

it's kind of something that crept up on me but yea it really fucks your picture folder section up quick

i dont know, people with friends??

My friends and I had a chance this coming weekend but it's not on the schedule for the stream.

aweh m8 well you should change that if you don't like it! i know money has to go to other things but you should start saving for a cheap gaming PC!!

i can get you specs that will play almost anything that game out before 2012 for like 400 or 500 dollars

I was real bad at gun games as a kid, so I never got to play Halo or anything. Getting to play all these games now tho is refreshing!

I still have to sort through a lot of my pictures, so this just adds to the fuck up.

I don't wanna have to get pulled back down this rabbit hole but you literally just said something has substance because of it's aesthetics. Like that is just the opposite of what that word means, that's style not substance.

its awful, first you start collecting images and noticing what you like more, and then you start seeing what you liked about that in other stuff, and then you have like 17 different folders or just randomly save stuff you see on google images

before you know it you're following artists on twitter

Scheduling is always the problem, yeah.

Hehe, thankfully I only have 3 folders so far, and I gave one to Guero so I guess that's 2?

Well, if things don't work out, like the upscaler being too budget because I doubt anyone wants to spend 500-600$ on a Framemeister when I'm the only one who can really use it then there's a chance.

substance comes from every aspect of creation, to have substance imbued into a game is to put time and love into it. aesthetics are to be consumed by the eyes as substance of a sort. the gameplay is also extremely solid, you should try it and recommend me a game to try instead of trying to start a dumb argument.

not really, i mean if you literally GAVE them the folder and no longer have it than yes?? but if you still have the folder its not like it was spent as currency (except yes it was)

I love when my internet shits itself.

What do you mean?
What is this?

Well why would I use it if he can use it better, y'know?

Peep and the big wide world is in better hands with him.

if thats how you want to look at it it's fine but really you should just post what you want how you want and have fun, the best part is there really is no hard rules to go by

It comes from depth. Good art is not depth in a game. Artstyle is just the literal opposite of substance. That's not what that word means.
I've played it, it's 'okay' and nothing more. Generic simplistic side-scrolling shooter, gameplay wise. I really don't care to start an argument over fucking Cuphead, I just wanted to point out how ridiculous that statement was

I'm having a 24 hour stream with my friends this weekend for charity

We needed an upscaler and because I'm not going to suggest someone buy a 500$ piece of hardware that only I can use, we instead got a budget upscaler so we could also play old af consoles in the stream.

Not that just emulating them isn't an option but some systems don't like to do that smoothly.

idk I don't really play games enough to make it worth imo. I think I'd rather get my drones back in the air which will be about the same price.

the art literally ties into how all of the hitboxes work, so the art is actually directly tied to the gameplay
how far did you get in it? did you beat it? im not sure what you are trying to say but please i am listening

that's excellent! hey if games are more of like a social lubricant for you or just something to do with friends you get those drones back up and flying! i saw a guy fly to mcdonalds with a parachute on his back and like a fan!!!

Holla Forums

Holla Forums/ DOESNT TALK ABOUT VIDEO GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, that's neat.

Why the need for an upscaler though? Just to physically adapt the inputs? I'm not being critical here, I'm genuinely curious because I probably should know this shit I've just never really fucked around with older inputs.

Honestly I think everything up to and including 5th gen emulates pretty flawlessly these days, honestly. 6th gen can be kinda shakey still though, I guess.

They are nothing but another time sink.



Literally exactly that - The one we got takes RCA-Aux and converts it to HDMI - which is the input my capture card takes.

It depends largely on your system and the system being emulated, and while it's probably fine with mine I haven't actually tried it so who knows.

Alright, this is so fucking retarded I can't help but tear it down. Here's all the ways they're completely retarded

oh, internet

Is everyone's internet going down today?

Fair enough then.

I think old 2D games are generally pretty system independent. But oh well. If nothing else you get that sick street cred for native hardware.

okay but why did you green text all of that

Ghetto bullet points

Finally, my internet seems fixed.

acceptable answer i guess


poor sinno


I wish I was dokidoki


All doki dokis are okie dokie.

You sure about that?

Just 'cause none are as okie dokie as Natsuki doesn't mean they aren't all okie dokie.


But that's exactly what it means.

delet this




When do I get some candy for All Hallows Eve?

I'm thinking lolipops.


tfw spec doesn't even tell you theres a thing let alone ask you

Hu, you should be saving yourself for your husband ikt.

Check the fuckin' website now and again you dumb nerd.

Just like...
Some lolipops?

make me

I'll consider it


But then who's gonna facefuck you?

I'll do it.

this seems irrelevant.

no you won't.

Don't tell me what I'll do, you ain't the boss o' me.

Take pics

It's okay now, someone else will do it

are you sure about that?

no one will lol

I don't see why not

well that sounds like a personal failing.

Like... 75% sure.

A little, maybe.
Now be a good girl and open your mouth for him

seems like the kind of thing you should be 100% sure of before openin' ur mouth

if he was to visit I would. but since that'll never happen...no~

is dis anime good?
it looks all fancy and cg but is it worth watching?

Maybe one day in a not too distant future

l o l


Shit ;-;

I think it is, will probably be my favorite of the season.
I also quite enjoy the manga, it's working up to quite the climax lately.





That sounds pretty lewd




Stop wanting children to eat your thighs


so is that thing like genderless? are there any male looking ones that are hot and would be considered "genderless"

hard pass.

That depends, do you want spoilers or not?



u leave him out of this

Right, my bad


u r bad yes


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Just finished eating and going back to Destiny 2