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but I like all the characters!! Do I really have to pick *one* cause I don't know if I can

I have ascended

do yall think bd is a virgin


*bullies harder*

Bump! the data!

it's pizza

the greatest minds may never know

im a super virgin

i have one of those chasity belts that my mom gave me

Sounds like a really weird pizza.

i think its pretty fair to assume based on the way he acts around egirls xd

Except Spec


hey thats not fair my girlfriend is an egirl


Hermaphrodites are the only thing possible of having a penis and being female and they're infertile.
Again, such a statistically insignificant number that it remains true that 99.999% of people born with dicks are male.

You are literally arguing exceptions as the rules

He's cute, but he's also no trap

Doesn't that just make traps induced hermaphrodites?

She is an actual girl, not that it matters, just correcting you guys.

oh god : 3

He never showed you his skirt?

Also hah, gay.

They also have a new Partner Branded Ship, this time from Intel, last one was from AMD.
The new Intel ship is paired with the new Intel SSDs, and is a variant of the Sabre. It's faster, has less guns, but a super charger, is stealthy, and may or may not pack an EMP similar to the Aegis Avenger.

Nope, never

your girlfriend is made up
show me her nudes with a timestamp or she has a dick/doesn't exist

I'm just doing my part citizen

No retard, we aren't talking about hermaphrodites anymore, we are talking about the initial start of the conversation where Murder misinterpreted Sinni for a fake girl and the point was for people who would attempt to look like females when they were not.

this has just gone too far

Part of me knows you are saying this in some ironic fashion but it still is painful to read.

Danish Pastry !!!

Guero is cool!!!

Based Guero

the hero we need

I'll come bully you again when I'm done talking about Star Citizen. So SIT. STAY.

That's gross, that doesn't belong on pizza.

Here's a pic of the ship.

this is a real pic of my girlfriend so pls dont laugh okay

Gonna eat u ...


At least pick an edgier song. Is is that hard to believe that I just do not like people?

god I wish i was cool

But it's fucking true for 99.99% of the population that anything born with a dick is male.

What the fuck are you even trying to argue anymore?

ur wrong


t-thanks sni

i just enjoy the irony of bd calling people retard

I wasn't joking

He's just arguing for attention

Yeah but
How's it wrong?


because its easy to remove a dick and make it look like it wasn't there unless you look close, you are arguing with yourself because you don't know how to parse context

You don't have to such his dick that hard.


stop releasing new ships
it's bad enough this has gone full hyper mmo mode

you are a joke though

i want her


paws at ur thigh, u moan

i wish someone would such my dick

Here's the other one. It builds buildings inside it, and then drops them on the planet.

You want too many women, you damn slut.

That still doesn't dispute that 99.99% of people born with dicks are male. How is mentioning trannies or hermaphrodites disputing that?

such my dick guero

what is it you think i was trying to argue?


not that it matters but your dick is a girl
just so everyone knows

tfw you will never lovingly lewd luka late at night on msn

my dick will be best girl

Okay bad dog I am literally analyzing your posts with a crack team of six bullshit experts right the fuck now and NOBODY has any idea what the fuck you are on about.



report the experts to a dog whisperer

I do like this. Which is this?
I'm getting some mad homeworld vibes from it.

I was interning on this case and I couldn't even begin to parse the level of 4d transformation bd can perform on
he has surpassed even kanra

bard x luka fucking CONFIRMED


Relish tastes nasty

Don't stare at me like that

Can someone explain what's happening in this thread. I'm real confused

But you're literally calling a guy cute.
Gay as FUCK my dude.

Consolidated Outlands Pioneer.

Relish is good on some things.


nope >_

you're splitting my sides tonight

Mental gymnastics.

brb my poor delicate heart has been ripped out by bully luka

nope it bad and green

i dont want people to relish

We're all taking turns bullying BD because it's funny

thank u thank u you're lovely
im just real ornery cuz im hungry as motherfucker and im taking it out on the local downy kid

olympic level



look the reason i said that hips are a good indicator is because to give birth the hips 100% have to be far enough apart for the head of a maybe where males have very close hips

the context of the situation demands that the individual would be attempting to bamboozle you about their gender


It's whole different level, yeah. Kanra just pulls off some sick third dimensional, it needs some furry-ass bullshit to pass through the fourth dimension, tear a whole in space time and wind up with his fucking posts.

so did you faggot

furthermore i have trouble believing bd can identify the anatomy of a human female for lack of any actual contact with it in the wild

but you cant prove it without giving me examples and telling me to guess and you're too lazy to do this

There's plenty of women who cannot dilate enough to give a natural birth without dying.
That's why c-sections are a goddamn thing.


I'm not denying it though.

It just looks like the pit of sarlac, right?


you can still tell male from female, my mom had to have a c-section for me, not telling me anything i dont know

not sure why you all are so obsessed with traps all of a sudden




I can't believe bardo hates me now because I didn't bully spec hard enough

also your pelvis expands during pregnancy retard
so she can shit out the baby without having "childbearing hips" at the start


I've just had my poor heart torn to shreds


That's not addressing or ignoring the fact they have wider hips to begin with, bones do not move that much during pregnancy but I mean keep showing me how much you know

too much

why is test using piglet as an onahole now

It's okay I'll bully luka for you

now that's a blast from the past

tell me about particle physics so i can see how much you know about typing things into wikipedia's search field

It was some image that Socks4Hands autist posted a bunch.

I edited for reasons even I am unsure of.

not anymore


When have I ever denied it?

give me some of whatever you are smoking




I had an image titled tsuchi.jpg for like three years and it was just a stock photo of a projector

i'm smoking the spice of life my friend
cyber bullying pseudo-intellectuals is a reward in and of itself

God, I wish I was a Lovecraftian protagonist.

my handlers keep me nice and flea free

Same, the world would make more sense.

those guys barely qualify as protagonists

I have a whole folder of images named after posters for reasons I sometimes can remember.

okay but you need to get good at doing that, talking about particle physics like you actually know what it means just makes you look silly

you're also trying to imply i looked things up for this conversation when i havent referenced google a single time


Several years

show me your phd oh wait you don't have one

I had one named chris.jpg and I forget what in the fuck it even was
I think it was like a 4 foot tall set of medieval armor

To go insane but at least achieve utterly nothing in the process and realize nihilism is all that awaits.

They almost never have any characteristics other than "scared shitless and can't look away from what's unfolding".
Barring things like Rats in the Walls where the protagonist turns out to be the evil all along.

Hah. It's funny because he's a midget.

Thank you for carrying on the Peep legacy.

Several years ago or for several years?

Is there one for me

bd doesn't need a phd to be a science man
he watches rick and morty

I feel like I've soiled this folder by using it to bully a man

look i get it, the person who cares less about the conversation wins because they are less invested and care less, it's just not funny to me because you engaged me with the intent to be serious

a post op tranny added me on skype and talked to me for several months, they got progressively more aggressive in how they approached using me for mental support and even told me they sit on their balcony masturbating towards the road so people in their cars saw it

you want fucked up stories? i got em

Just this one.
All of the results for "bard" just lead to Test's folder.

that's still golden thank you suchi


And then you have people like me

Literally flying up the ladder of success

Nah man, it was always meant for that, you just helped it accomplished its dreams.

not really a friend no they threatened to kill themselves so i told them to remove me

you act like they were my best friend lmao

what the fuck is this post
do you have fucking brain damage why would I give a shit about your skype conversations
I can tell you things that happened in my actual life that are significantly more interesting but I'm not going to because I don't think you have the mental capacity to pay attention to anything but the scent of your own asshole


How the fuck do you take "you don't have a phd" and end with second hand stories about trannies masturbating publicly? How?

Like bruh


When you started making jokes about Phd's it's pretty clear you no longer have any intention to be serious so why should I? It really doesn't matter to me what you do

You have one post to prove you're not a chat bot.

My stomach hurts from laughing like an idiot to this exchange.



I never had the intention to be serious I just really love shitting on people who think they're really super smart from reading wikipedia pages and regurgitating half understood tidbits in an attempt to seem interesting



well i dont do any of that so you're just a misguided shitposter who thinks they are putting pseudo intellectuals in their place, i am literally jsut talking about traps for sexual and deviant purposes

i could have gotten off like three times to that conversation

Daily reminder


where did you to school and is your phd in theoretical particle physics or experimental particle physics

i love the smell of fresh caps in the morning

a g o

Yeah well, SOMEBODY went and ruined that.

i major in virtual particles

you major in beta orbiting


wait was that joke implying im trying to get Sinni or something? Because I actually talk to Sinni about my girlfriend sometimes

you know shes posting right now

Goddamn Ban

Even disregarding the invalidity of that, I haven't even known him a year.

"Having seen baddog, I doubt he majors in anything because if he'd been outside that much eventually some rain would fall on him and he wouldn't look so fucking greasy" - An Observer

I actually talk to sinni every day because she actually likes me and doesn't talk to me out of pity for beta orbiters

Really? Didn't know Archives back in like 2012-13?

cool then you can ask her about my girlfriend


No, I left late 2011 and hung around skype chats until mlpchan circa anonthony's endless parade of next-level awful moderation, which is what got archives banned.

im good
post her twat with a timestamp and guero signed on it so i know its real


post a picture of your face so i can timestamp it

sorry you said her twat not a twat

ask my girlfriend

get one

maybe you wont be so cranky

That's not a good indicator of gender, should have asked for her hips.

I can't even think of a good analogy for just how far you had to reach for that one. Like come on.

im cranky because im hungry nigga i nut in my girlfriend like two weeks ago


no pics of creampie?


thanks i didnt know you had to hold his hand for him


Actual picture of Test's actions on baddog right now.

i'd hold squids hand tbh

what does this even mean

am i banned

He is fucking disassembling you my dude.

Test is alchemist Geuro is not test like what


squid do you even know who the fuck people are my dude

no i was joking, this is all very hilarious, im mad you guys are keeping me up so late.




I can tell from Test's hips she's female.

We're at that stage where we all know it's over but we're still up hoping it gets going again.


isnt that supposed to last like five minutes and not 30



quality post



Go to bed.

I forgot what I even said now.
Something about hushpuppies.

there was someone else bardposting too

im not tired enough to go to bed, that madfe me laugh too hard

hushpuppies tickling their face or some shit

I just wanted to make new friends, and this spiraled out of control


try making friends more often please thank you

what are you talking about

everything is the same as its always been

like nothing changed homie

I sure hope it was fuck I love that guy

can confirm, Louise did stop by earlier

I didn't beleive tsuchimikado who would know better than anyone

better check it by baddog just to be sure

I'll do my best!!

Idk man, tonight's been pretty strange.

well you know since i actually interacted with them after the thread i thought i would give my input

Didn't you say you weren't mad at me for anything in particular? There's going with a joke and there's being a negative nancy.

No fuck you

maybe by your standards




what the fuck even

wait so you have insomnia too? i guess its not that rare for shitposters

* pouts *

definitely still not desperate enough to give luka attention

I'm announcing this meme as dead.

Goodnight, friends.

I love you Luka!! Do your best tomorrow!!


Get fucked bad dog

o-oh, that makes sense then.
what a shitter

Get shat on you trash heap

gee i wonder who it is

you gonna write some more slash fiction for me and squash

Gonna kill yourself
I see test made you look an idiot

you dont seem to need any help doing that every day

also pretty sure that was guero, just because test was there doesnt mean they did anything

Test ripped you a new one
Cry baby xD

okay no, those people were actually funny, you are scoot


if that's scoot I'm laughing my ass off hard

how can you slack jawed retards not tell

It ya boi
The nail in bad dogs coffin


Kek kek
Had to get on data to send that asshole to purgatory

he's 0 and 2 tonight

go easy on him ; /

Nice my friend

ty based scoot

Bardlebee best mem merchant

Hah, fag~

you're obviously projecting

Why would I need to do that?

! !

didnt u have a bf

my cat hasn't turned up in days ;-;

U got a bf



Nah Hu's never had a bf.

We don't all lose our catboys like you

wow, poor Bong

You what?


Well he wasn't a cat
But I guess I don't deserve one anyway
I have severe trust issues right now

friends sure
not boyfriends, at least for now

kill me

bf is best friend~

looks like a weird furry meetup

you got me confused for a moment
well, i don't know if i do have one of those either

Never ever


Aww ;-;


My bank account got frozen last month and had a suspicion my ex was up to something
That's kinda why

I still have a cat left thankfully, even if it's not an anthro or nekomimi type
and she still wants to fuck sometimes, so i rub my finger along there when she wants it

sorry i'll try to feel better
i'll find some tho, promise

Good boy


*wants to be pet*

well look on the bright side it's consensual sex
shouldn't be much harm right?


Sounds awful




It would feel weird if you guys didn't do this

I needed this to happen when I read that post

*rubs my finger along there where u want it*

It's the british version of Squash.

Your finger isn't the body part that's on my mind when I see you


I do not consent.

I do!

Non-consensual stuff is pretty kinky

What? 2012 is back? The apocalypse all over again?

You cannot make such an apples-to-apples comparison with me and him.
Not that I know that person well.

And besides I was goofing you, I actually hate this meme now.


What's your name so I can remember who fingers cats.


-hugs tightly- :3


This is rape

I made a false story about me sexing cats and got everyone worked up.

Someone fingered a cat

Sure, if you want it to be rape ^^

-hugs tightly- :3

We found the ying to your yang.

He prefers petting

Is it "Rape Ikt" hour?

I know what Kyle likes.

Group reply of acknowledgement.


that's my favorite hour

Ikt is a cute girl that has a beg benis.
But when you ask him about it he denies it.

Very unique, you have my approval.

Thank you, Scoots who isn't actually Scoots.

I'm not a cute girl with a big benis.

Come to think of it I would rather be acknowledged as a fake blood-chan for old times sake

You're just a guy with a big benis

yes you are

Oh, I got totally distracted by the cat thing and forgot I meant to go to bed

If anyone I told I was going to bed is lurking, I'm sorry ^^

Sorry, I didn't realize he was your lover :3


This foreplay is getting repetitive

How's your day going? ^^

But you just got here!

Who's this Straya anyway

I just know people and their likes


He is my responsibility.
I should've kept him locked up personally.

Who though?

An hour of Noisia 'n cawfee passed and I'm still not very too awake. How's you?

Ah, clocky.


[x] doubt

I mean, I told people on Discord I was going to bed and then I signed out. Then I forgot about it and started posting

Because you're the thread prostitute and it's your job?

High and getting sleepy

I guess it's still night though cause it's still dark outside, so I might as well stay up instead of wasting it by sleeping during it

ur alway high

sleep yo




Yeah I guess I will

Night ♥

Dobrú noc ♥

晚安 ♥


this is not okay


lmao how


Glad you told Ikt that in English or I would have had no idea what you said
Sov sødt



It's Bart's fault I posted again

Night for real


So when are you going to find a g/bf?

So who are the anons?


I am the terror that flaps in the night.

The joke made me laugh, but it did not help.

When are we gonna bin clockwork?

I like Goggles though.

Clock is precious.


No. I am slightly positive of you.

Doesn't mean we can't bin him.

It's nice to be such a cantankerous ass that people question you on these things.





-squiddy 2017

I more meant to fix his quote of what ikt said but sure that too.


Pretty much this

Links are good