Get over it

get over it

Over what..?

Well, I was starting at the time when it was a thing, but it was fun because people were garbage at FPS games.

Look into it


I hope you've all had a good day bty!

I hope you all have a good tomorrow too

i think ill be up for a long time tonight

Pullin an all nighter?

nothing like that, just a lot on my mind

Go fuck yourself before I shove my cock down your throat.


can i see the harly cutting pictures you have

You gonna make it?

Hey that's moogs' job :C

Mandy has a problem with overly cheery people because he's either wishy washy or depressed all the time

That is an incredibly odd request. Especially considering we don't talk anymore.

He won't mind


I agree, this is a strange request, please do not post them.

it was brought up

I do my fair share of bullying.

How so?

you are an angel

Sinni was asking why we post so much gore and the general response was because we hate ourselves

If you say soooo. How are you doin today?

like i forget how but it was brought up and i was like: ask mandy whenever he shows up

and here you are

There is not much that is farther from the truth, despite the opinion of people who don't know me well.

I'll be ok after I bleed you dry.

It mattered enough for you to be interested and remember I might have something relevant, yet not interesting enough to remember the story?

stupid fucks

yeah basically

how is ac origins

Is this your way of trying to make us friends again, george?

i wasnt aware we had stopped

i wasnt aware of a lot of stuff

Please don't bleed me dry.

How has your day gone?

You're in denial

It certainly appeared to be the case.

Would that I were.

well im sorry

at least mario odyssey came out as another means of excapism

Mandy can we be friends?

lets just all be friends

i love you

To answer your question, I am not posting anything that harl sent to me. All I will say is that he has done plenty of fucked up shit to himself.

thank you

can i get it in pm

No. Get it from him.

where can i find him

kind of surprised i still have them on skype

Does that mean Mandy and I can't be friends?

Last I heard he was going through hormones to become a girl. That was a few years ago. I can't help you in your quest.



He will be forever marked by Chaos.

i could help but theres really no point, he doesnt really want to associate with any of you



what have you been doing

i am in college now

*gets over it*











y-you too






Because it had to be posted

I hate you all.

i love you

im open to talk if you want, you never had any beef with me

hang all traps

Remember when this board was active and it was like #10 on all of Holla Forums?

What the fuck is this shit now?

Gonna hang yourself then?

It's still in the top 30 at least.

it fluctuates in activity, we had a very active few days this is just really dead



I'm not a trap though




There are only 30 actives boards on this shithole...

Every time I have taken a peak since I left with bloodchan, it has been dead

Do you name yourself Grim in other games/places? I swear I saw you in a different game

I wonder if there is anyone here who is incapable of whistling.

There has to be one.

Grim is a common term

if you see grim echoes or grim fervor that's probably me, though.

check the last like 8 threads or so besides the two most recent, timestamps dont lie

I've never seen your name before!! Hi, I'm Sinni!!

How are you doin???

You're right, there's at least one present right now

I was gonna make a joke about being hung, but I held back. Lucky you.

Well then shit, RIP.

Okay long since past bed time.


I only learned, like, four years ago.

What does that have to do with trapping again?

Did you finish the game?

I like monika the most.

Don't stare like that...............

I can't do that really loud whistle that people do at baseball games and stuff

It was a grim that had a profile picture of one of your avatars. But, you are right, probably not you

Do I scare people off or something?

Hi, I am Redrum. I have been shitposting with these retards for a longgg time. I am pretty well hated here. Nice to meet you!

Who are the most active posters in your mind?

Makes it harder to hide the bigger it gets.

You want like a list of names?

I got the 100% ending in one sitting

it left me ratttled for about a week

I love yuri's harps and strings and flutes in her poems




which avvy?

Are you asking me if I find you intimidating? Because I've found stuff under my couch scarier than you.

I see what you're implying now. God you're mean


you''re scary....

that was in this voice, too

Haha! Got 'em.

It was indeed

Lists are fun. Yes

It was more of a joke than anything you sperg

Skeleton grim from grim adventure of billy and mandy

One of these days I'm gonna rape you


im so GOOD at league

Well anyways, sometimes a bunch of people just show up at once. It's funny you come and ask when you did because a bunch of old people have just been showing up out of nowhere and causing massive activity spikes, it's almost like they get others from the discord in to post sometimes too.

almost as good as luka


I posted OG grim so long ago

Dio best villain

Hi I'm Sinni! I've been around for a little bit, I'm dating moogs!

I hope we can become friends!


I love all of the girls but Monika is so cute and cool and yuri is incredible!!!


Uh... a bunch of Leafs, Bard, Ikt, Hu, Squash, idk man, stick around and find out.

Is this still the same ship slut?

Absolutely not. Worst meme in existence.


Bty friends, I really appreciate you all welcoming me into the thread.

I know I haven't been the *coolest* but I still appreciate you all the same.

Yeah, I guess. Cause I'm small
The one you'd like to dick, yes.

tfw my skill level is in a different universe ;;

hehe yes please :3

I'd dick both.

Next time, we pickle Bard.


But it's all the same ship


Don't even think about it kid........

I really should join their discord. I only am part of the shit show that is Desu's currently. We should all go back to Holla Forums .

It is comfy there now

I was going to say it wasn't that long ago, but then I remembered that was like 3 years ago. Where the fuck has the time gone Grim?

Your avatar is weird

We need a purge. Qucikly

Is that show any good? I have been thinking about picking it up

All the same ship, lel.

Day of the rake soon.


If you like Slice of Life it's good

It's plotless

Leafland; Sweden 2.0

that mineral girl is so cute~

I'm not use to posting on a thread? so I've never had like *avatars* before.

I have 3 folders for thread posting??
One for animal crossing
One for Peep & the Big Wide World
and I just made this one today, it's Oyasumi punpun!!

What are your pictures from? I've seen the girl before but I don't know what from.

Sorry no I hate all the captchas on Holla Forums, can't do none of that.

it is everflowing

How many folders am I suppose to have for thread posting? I don't think I'd be able to decide between the three.

Don't know them :3

I like boats.

She's the best. And will only get better.

what a slut

missing out on so much

Absolutely nothing at all"

I think the AltGr key on my laptop is broken..




your folder is makin me feel some kinda way

goodnight hu


Not soon enough

I was hoping it was a depressing SOL. Is it?

Nadeko is from the Monogatri series. She is clearly best girl. I have attempted to mess around with other avatars for a bit but ended up going back to Nadeko .

Why would you ever do that to yourself

I don't think they are THAT bad. You get a lot more posters too

My dream is to be immortal. Sadly, time is stopping that dream

Grim likes busty silver-haired boats too, huh~?

Sweet dreams, and rest well

No you, the guy who's dick multiple boats simultaneously

Nah It's a complete and straightforward SoL


they can get pretty bad, and really when tts active enough here any more posters would make things too fast.

ive only been back here for like a week we'll see how i feel about things in the end

I haven't watched the series but I've seen a lot of Nadeko and she's really cute!! I think I'll be good after these 3 folders, I could never decide between them.

I know a lot of people don't get along with him, but I think he's real special. I still want to be friends with everyone and I hope you don't judge me because of that!!

BD you've cursed me cause I'm already like 230 pics strong and I love all of them.

Why did you have to go and reignite my passion for my fav mango.

this guy

i know the feeling i promise, many people say building a folder is very therapeutic and relaxing


I wanna tie her up and polish and tumble her


Phosphophyllite is very delicate and not for man-handling.


Remember this folder?

What the fuck???
What's wrong with this dude




The more pure something is the more fun it is to corrupt it

I think he is just posting things he likes. He doesn't know any better

Sadly, yes. Post Hibiki


he is also a she, not that it matters, just correcting you guys

Fuck off

Boobs and pussy.

That's why no one likes Bard anymore, he reached peak degeneracy.





I'm getting bullied ;~ ~ :

A she that has had a penis at any point in life is not a she

When are we going to have rough hate sex Colbs?



Good, Bard is for bullying

bumps Luka

I'm a biological woman!!


Yea it's still really weird when you guys do that, it's a real girl, those still exist.

I think it's time we don't act like seeing their tits and vagina is to be expects for belief and acceptance, especially since I can confirm they are biologically female.


Whenever you stop being a giant fucking faggot

Open bob

show vagene

How can you confirm?

Whoa, slow down there.
We're beyond this now.

Ayy, what up?

He can't???
He shouldn't be able too, I worry.

i want blondie


seen pictures and heard bits of voice, honestly facial structure and body type are more reliable factors for determinations than tits and vagine these days

(also sorry not sorry test)

# hash tag e x p o s e d

exks deee

Nothing wrong with a bit of humping

and you should be very worried here :^)


sinni you should definitely make some punpun meme's


So do I. So do I Luka.

Is this how you show dominance over wolf girls?



They're easy to dominate

hmph no fair!


tits are easier to fake than bone structure, im sorry if you are actually dumb

vaginas are a bit harder

That's pretty true tho.

if you genuinely feel that seeing someones face will let you determine their sex faster than looking down their panties you are fucking retarded


I just wanted to be friends with Murder

Why did this turn into how to determine if sinni was a real girl TM

I am a real girl, does it matter??

a nigga might not show it

but he thinkin bout trigonometry right now

dont bother talking to a wall

no you probably cant do it because you suck, but you're too used to looking at things from your own limited perspective anyways. you probably just haven't seen a lot of operations done, you would need to get a pretty close look for some jobs



babies dont have surgery to make their genitals different

how old is that picture

Yeah, you are.

I know...

* honk *


You got me there


Sinni accidentally sent me nudes on snapchat so i can put this debate to rest for sure

why is bard trying to make everyone hungry for

i can confirm she has a dick


Like you know

but it's a feminine dick so it's not gay

lmaos @ my own joke

Nigga you fuckin' dumb.




At last we know that sinni is in fact a thot, thank you guero.

Spec you REE

guero send me the pics in PM

Explains why you like me lol


*adds feul to fire*


i saw sinni's dick years ago



i didnt screencap them you fucking pervert
who does that

Squiddy I'm ggetting bullied ; ~ ~ ;


right, gotcha, didnt get them or anything either

she can confirm herself tho

I'm doing a bored

Entertain me



here you go

I think he's genuinely mentally retarded



what the fuck oobs you cant just go and post someones dick like that

all three of you are pretty retarded, i was hinting that i got them in a private message


I'm not a trap :CC

I just wanted to make new friends.


And sending nudes to people clearly is the best way to accomplish that.

trap new friends*

i mean bard literally swiss cheesed his brain with spice and you just stop replying when things get too heavy

bymst who



Sinni no one got your nudes, no one things you're a trap, and we're all just fucking with each other, not you


i'l show bard......i just someone else.....and talk it looks like I'm popular heheh.......

So if some autistic fuck keeps spewing whatever nonsense, it's somehow "leaving when it's too heavy" to stop humoring people's autism.

By the bully rock girl spectre ;~ :



ur fuckin gay

You'd have to start by making sense instead of generically implying someone is spewing autism, when someone is literally doing that right about you, with retarded little faces to go with it.

No you don't, lol

Hav pic of me



This is self-doxing and is a bannable offense.


that mettaton poster is hot though

baddog has been posting nonstop for the past 4 days for some reason and i am worried



Shut up, Guero.

You're literally going on tangents about how "FACES ARE THE REAL KEY TO PEOPLE'S SEX" because somehow genitals are changeable but not facial plastic surgery.

im going to bed goodnight bardo smooch

bard has been posting non stop for the past 4 years and i am worried

nini mommy tell daddy i say nini

*hacks ur pic*

no wait

haha because we're the same person just different genders haha

ok i will son b a good boy n sleep soon ok

okay so tell me something, how does gender effect face and hip structure? why do only males have adam's apples?


What. What does that mean!?

You just wait..... I told on you......

i want Pizza

I hate you and you have cancer.

Why do only males have dicks?
Your whole argument was that facial features cannot change but literally they can by the same processes you are saying people dicks get ripped inside out and Adam's apples sahved.


god i wish
goodnight gilgi-pu smooch

So first off, you're wrong right out of the starting gate.

Hermaphrodites exist and they have dicks too

Spectre is a tiny anime girl though
Bully him back.

What happened with the star citizen thing



i only consume like 900 calories a day and the longer i stay up the more my stomach hurts but i want to start DDLC

d-do it for me............

sounds like you are as invested in this as Blood-chan

Oh yeah, what's gonna happen, faget?

Blondie pizza?
I want dolmas.

that's probably suffering

I'm sorry! I wont do it again.

They were fighting about my gender and I just wanted to help finish the argument.

Squiddy's going to show you what happens when you bully me...........

I hope your own weight crushes your lungs in your sleep.

There's women with Adam's apples through various genetic defects. That statistical near impossibility doesn't make it relevant.

* cares about sinni *

u w u


It ended. What do you wanna know?

I bully Squiddy too.
Now I get to bully both of you.

prolly just the one penne pollo in my freezer



but you are more likely to find feminine looking femelaes through knowing how wide their hips need to be to allow a baby through them, and since you AREN'T going to get to see between their legs very often your best bet is to learn how to read their body structure to best determine likely gender

Blood chan and I are extremely similar. Shockingly so I would say. I think our reasonings are slightly different though.

I really do hate livings things though. These places are nice for me. You are all basically not real in my mind. I also get to turn you on or off at will by opening or closing threads. It is the ideal social interaction for me

that got mistyped one sec


C-can we still be friends?

im allowed to have 2 shakes and like 8 oz of chicken which is like
two scoops a shake which is 320 calories
so 640 calories for breakfast and lunch and then 300 or so for dinner

my stomach is real angry with me right now lol

But you are more likely to find men who want to look more feminine looking through things they can hide, rather than things they know they cannot, so it's better to learn how to read the body features they cannot hide or try to change, honestly I like traps so I benefit from know how to look for good ones more than you


There was a big thing everyone was going on about as huge
Give me the rundown.

That's like, effort, though

There's women with masculine frames and facial structures. Again, statistical improbabilities do not somehow make someone's genitals not the literal best physical metric for gauging biological sex since it's true for 99.9% of the population.

are you getting a gAStric bypass?




Protect me.........



tea and coffee are your friends. Natural hunger suppressants

Yes but don't post IRL stuff anymore. Also, pick ONE character from punpun to be your avatar

Spec is a cute trap.

The fucking exif data


But again, we are specifically talking about the portion of the population that would intentionally try to change it, if you were not lazy or stupid, whichever it is this time, you would go back to the start of the conversation and see the topic started when murder said anyone porn with a penis is not a female.

I somehow imagine Murder spends his entire existence with "WAKE ME UP INSIDE" on permanent loop.


What's that?

A big thing? It was Citizen Con. They unveiled a huge freighter/outpost building ship. They put out an alien language and tools for people to learn it. And they demonstrated 3.0, and the ability for them to make procedurally generated HUGE cities, and the interiors for all of the buildings. So now we WILL be able to land on just about any planet, even if it has a giant city on it, and explore the whole thing.

Traps aren't cute

na its the gastric sleeve which is less spooky but still ow oof

i cant have anything with caffeine in it you stinky fuck



having postedi n the ks/b/ threads
I can in fact confirm that it's Linkin Parks ' numb'

I really do hate livings things though. These places are nice for me. You are all basically not real in my mind. I also get to turn you on or off at will by opening or closing threads. It is the ideal social interaction for me



That don't sound like no pizza to me. You lyin' to me Luka?









ok blood-chan

I never asked for this.........

You've both made this an excellent thread, my friends.