A temporary state of quiescence

a temporary state of quiescence

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a CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!

brb jail







my bones hurt. first time having shots last night. i feel nice

went a third year living in the dorms on campus and housing had the NERVE to make me share my bathroom with MEXICANS

you sure they didn't slip some 🅱one hurting juice in those shots?

dorming is p much the same as having an adult roomate but with kids instead

take charge, make a cleaning schedule, lay down ground rules, and make sure they stick to it

definitely had a nice burning feeling going all the way down to my tummy

cleaning so far isnt a problem except they REALLY like having the toilet paper on the ground for some reason

probably cus one of them has a horrible diet or something and they're very LOUD

also they play music while they shower and their music sucks shit

My brothers and I are watching Konosuba and it's enjoyable.

cute zorori

alcohol will do that

so the tp roll is just sitting on the ground rather than being affixed to a roller on the wall?

nani kore

I'd be polite and ask them to lower the music if youre studying while they shower or something, idk

is that the one with the megumin in it?




i just want them to play better music my guy

how do i educate without interacting with them

not that one though


is he dreaming about bread


probably near impossible
yeah thats hella weird

do they just pick it up and use their hands to roll massive wads of the stuff?

probably wasteful

I'm not giving up on you squashie


it would seem like it.

some degen shit

gonna grab dinner be back in a bit

I was highly medicated when I was willing to talk to you.
My stance on you hasn't really changed and I regret opening a dialogue.

Bread is good.


i got mad bread

Brad is good.
Great even.

who the fuck is brad, kyle
are you CHEATING on me




someones gonna beat a beating







its funny because eisen was one of the furries



its gonna be one of those days where i look up hilarious old ad's all evening



finally a couple of proper shitposters

Gotta find good use for myself before I trek over to my friend's house for coffee.

dear god thats horrifying, i spent a good 90 seconds looking at that image and then asking myself why i did it

Makes one wonder why someone would want someone like that. Which one is the weirder one, the summer sausage guy or the guy that wants that summer sausage.

I feel like he would go unconscious the moment he got a full chub



If he kept it stiff almost all of the time, would his body produce more blood to make up for the loss in the rest of his body, like it does after injury?


I don't think that works like that, no.

well i guess i have another reason to avoid new york

he looks like a flesh colored ninja turtle

makes me think of pizza time

Maybe no one has tried it.







my girlfriend keeps getting hit on my random foreign men in facebook chats and pretending to have a 8 inch 3" cock

i dont know what to do with her


Man I wish I had 8 three inch cocks.

8 long 3 diameter


go play coc


Dude, Smarticus was MLG at that game.

i dont even want to know his highscore

Smarticus was fucking creepy.


i found a bug in my hair

Little ant guy with big ol pincers

tasted of spice

You mean an ear wig?

You don't know the half of it.

Wasn't he the one who cut his balls off on stream or did I watch someone else do that?

Pls no

You did what.

calling smarticus creepy is like calling dallas cranky

Earwigs are big and long. Antbro was ant-sized.

it was harlequin

What I wouldn't give to see that stream or pics.

Pls tell me someone has pics.

Someone cut their nuts off in a Skype call once.

I think someone might,


yea i had the pics of his severed testicles but i deleted them because well i really dont think i have to give a reason for this one

Sinni wtf you were supposed to be pure

hey, at least you know she ended up in the right spot if even you are giving her the stink eye


Show them that one thing you link us now and then.
You know.

The lathe vids.


this is ominous

Bruh, I'm sorry but when's the next time you're gonna see someone cut their nuts off.


No joke.



I just wanted to have a comfy night talking about bugs



ask mandy about them whenever he's around

I'm more than familiar with gore and industrial accidents, I've hit myself with an acetylene torch. That sort of shit doesn't bother me.


harlequin actually ended up in a psych hospital for that since he passed out from blood loss big surprise

you know how he escaped? he said he cut his balls off for religious purposes, for Slaneesh

It was something awful.

Seeing someone harm themselves publicly gets tiring after the second or third time

Too many posters cutting themselves on cam naked and pulling out their own teeth. It's never as hip and cool as it sounds.

you're never going to use yours anyways

You know what I'm out, bye, adios, so long, farewell, sayonara.

it also doesnt sound hip or cool

I got a chuckle out of Erin going bushido on her arm that one time.


I like the part where she posted her half-pliered tooth roots and talked about usin coke as an anaesthetic

That was fun!

eyes and teeth homie, come on not cool, unspoken rule, id rather go back to talking about shattered testiclels

And how she blew up when we told them it was stupid and to go to a dentist

My pumpkin got rekt by the heat and looks like a meth addict

erin is so crazy it'd be funny if it wasn't a serious concern

The amount of gore on the threads is really strange.

Why do you guys do this to one another.

i shall call him flopper face

welcome newfriend

In fairness she was probably high from the coke

We hate ourselves.


she's always high on coke

i think thats why she thinks the chatterbot she worked on was an ai

how many posts do you think were that stupid fucking shitty bot

Oh fuck, I missed the gore posting

He came out really nice, it's a shame I forgot to take a pic after I finished carving it cause my friends came over with beer to marathon ST2

I wish I was always high on coke

yea i went over my friends and they were already watching ST2 as well


ive avoided doing cocaine my whole life because of heart problems that run in my family and because i knew if i did it once id just want to sniff it all the time

i avoid uppers though i would love to experiment.

Who wants to live to be old anyway? Being old is shit

i never said id never try it, gotta save a few things to be fresh

RIP my nigga Bob

hi hello

besides im already pretty stoned and doing coke while smoking sounds pretty dumb

hello there

I've been kind of concerned, how have you been?

its really dumb together and its not even fun either..

how do you know who I am??

I know everything.

You of all people should know that.

yea thats what id figure, nice to know from someone who has experience so thanks for your input

are you doing alright?

Is that Angel?

you're bluffing! tell me something only you would know

also hi..

I don't have that much experience, I just did dumb things sometime

Im okie, kinda sleepy and feeling a little nostalgic

doing it once is more experience than i would have so your perspective is valuable, if you say its dumb that makes me want to try it less

what sort of things would you be nostalgic for? i have a few specials i wanted to watch this halloween

Something only you would know!

How have you been?

you sound like you're smart about it which is good!

hm I guess people that I used to chat and hang out with but some old series sounds good too

what are you planning on watching?

I thought it was french but I wasen't sure, my french was actually never that good :x

Ive been okay I guess, ups and down. wby?

Mostly much of the same.

I hope you've been well, and safe?

well i hope you have a lot of fun catching up! i really wanted to rewatch FLCL again before the new seasons come out because it will be an easy rewatch

I hope that means you're well!

I'm still studying psych, I hope I can finish in next year but it might take a year longer

I should watch that again.. I watched it once and kinda rushed trough it while watching like 4 other series at the same time which is such ashame. I didnt even knew there was a new season comming out

2 new seasons coming out, put a rush on it

FLCL came out like 17 years ago so there must be a damn good reason they are picking now to make two new seasons for it


yea i have a bit of it saved, more than i thought actually in a separate folder

they thought it was lukas first time lulu

I should get a punpun folder started.

2 seasons?? did that australian millionaire fund them or something>>1890776

that would be a fantastic idea, you'd get a lot of people to check it out with some of those amazing panels from it

sorry i missed this post, i have no idea why its happening, Gainax is just Gainax

Well enough.
I had a few trouble spots where depresso decided to act up, but I'm mostly just the same as always.

That's naisu.
Best of luck, I know you can do it.

You should try to keep in better contact - do I have to start texting you?


is okay, are you watching anything from this season?

aw I know that feel

I'm really really bad at that, I would say I try but I probably won't be able to.. you can text me sometime though, I havent changed my number

ur gonna carry those feels


not really erio made me watch two episodes of gabriel dropout, maybe ill watch more of it tonight

give me anime that isnt garbage

meant to link this picture

Maybe I'll start sending you weekly messages to keep updated so I don't have to worry.

I still haven't figured out the meaning of that meme other than Metallica's Kill 'Em All album.

anus destroyer.

reading punpun is its own special experience incomparable to anything else

It was just on one of those like badly translated shirts and the meme took itself by storm.

There are so many good pics

yea you mean like every single page because he spent like a day on every few pages

Gonna marry asano inio

I see erio still had bad taste lol

I've been watching a lot of older anime lately but mahoutsukai no yome and shoujo shuumatsu ryokou are really good from this season!

you're just being silly now but I appreciate the thought

How is that thing related to it?

Oh, well then, I was just guessing it was some vaporwave-level stuff with the aesthetics and all.

isnt he a trans dude? im pretty sure i saw interviews on that, and there is a crossdressing boy in one of his new mangas

THANK YOU, at least you understand my plight

ill be sure to give those a look and i will tell you how i feel about them

its full of self-hatred and spawns tons of dumb nihilistic memes, and the tinkle tinkle hoy thing is from the comic

A little bit of both, probably.

I don't 100% understand the meme either.

I don't think so?

All my life is unlimited silly acts.

Well, that does explain something, thanks.

Probably wouldn't really matter too much even if we did understand it, but nice aesthetics anyhow.

preeeeetty suuuuure

I thought this was common knowledge, does he still post here? and no problem!

if only that could be reality ^^

Do the research dude & get back to me, I really doubt it. He's always had interesting characters idk if they reflect him very much.


mhmm, erio is still around and posting fairly regularly as of just recently oddly enough, some odd powerful artifact of faggotry is drawing us all back here to shitpost and say hi

I may or may not have added your snapchat when drunk a few weeks ago from related users.

Is the folder all about that manga, or just aesthetics in general?


shit you might be right

i just saw an article titled debunking the myth that asano is a transgender, but when i clicked it i got a 404

it would make sense that such a myth would propagate itself in a time like this though, i think you are right and that it doesn't fit his personality

All about punpun! I'm adding shit to it right now.

It has a very lovely aesthetic.

helping sinni shitpost punpun sounds fun

yeaa it must be that, I can't really think of anything other reason

I don't think he has my number, he probably deleted it like a year ago or something when he was upseti at me


I'm not infinitely silly?

i am happy we are in agreement then

the moral of punpun is getting liposuction can change your whole life


I think it gives kind of a Tsutomu Nihei type of vibe with that artwork.

Are you an alcohol?

I remember you being reallyy silly
infinite is a big word though..

noo, Im kinda sleep deprived but I can't get myself to go to bed

isnt she like a fatty at the start then she gets surgery or something??

I haven't read any of his mangas but I'm familiar with the style, I can see that!

Asano inio is really detailed and in punpun it's a good contrast to characters being drawn as actual cartoons

She gets surgery ya. Sachi is gorgeous

If you were to count my sillies, you'd have to be able to count to Aleph One.

she does look great yea, we can only hope punpun learns to be happy with her


I have noo idea what that means but I'm sure it is a lot

When you say "infinite" you mean Aleph Null; Aleph One is an infinite number of Alpeh Nulls.


It's the weekend, should sleep.

Tsutomu Nihei has a lot of good dystopian stuff if you're into that scheme.
I just assume it's the excessive use of dark.

my brain doesen't wanna compute infinity stuff

but its like the only time I can stay up late..

SD lets do some music, consider this my first post

i lve thesesnooty potatoes

Staying up late is a bad idea, unless you're going to alcohol.

What kind of music?

For the best, tbh.

I trust your taste at this point enough for it not to matter, anything you have sent me as been pretty consistently good

ill dig something up for you after i watch this

I wanna be a chito traveling with a silly yuuri trough a post apocalyptic world

aa now you make me wanna go buy wine, I havent gotten tipsy in ages

what character is that... at first I thought it was like a weird madoka but I can't place her!




Natsuki from Doki Doki Literature Club.

Good game, I'd recommend it.
Play it blind though.


a good game i would recommend

shit wrong link


there's a self-aware about being a JRPG line in the beginning of Lost Odyssey, where one of the rando soldiers comment about it being a miracle Kaim survived a fucking meteor wearing tights. I wish I finished that game.

this show warms my heart soo much

ohh I've heard about VN, maybe I'll give it a try

yea it was a wild ride it had highs and lows, it wasnt all great but it was all mostly solid

holy shit ive never really listened to this final boss theme properly before and its kicking the shit out of me





Do it, I'll be around if you want or need someone to talk to about it.

In private though, spoilers are no bueno.


it's so comfy
The mangaka is always posting very sad statuses on her twitter and I feel bad for her though

what are you up to today?

I'm mad BD convinced me to make this folder cause now it's 80 pics strong.

Obsession unlocked.

80 is a tiny folder, you dont even understand

the vaporeon poster has like 4000 images or more


Well I'm still new!!

yea im just saying it can get pretty bad if you let yourself get wrapped up enough in it

a good way to get caps and images is to take screen caps as you are reading it

so a good idea would be to re-read punpun and take screen caps, just a thought based on what other prominent folder makers have done

I feel like you're just conning me into rereading punpun!!!

Which you don't have to do cause it's already my fav mango.

Alright, have something random that came up on Spotify months ago.

Then sleep!

heh well, you could look at it that way, but it's actually just the way people usually do things around here

we are a community built around original content and we like to take pride in out shitposting ;)

I'll do my best!

always a pleasure to get trades from you SD, i've been able to use spotify at work lately a lot because we play music over the speakers lightly there


I'll see!
next week new classes so I should have time.. hopefully

aww I'll see if I can find them and follow them on twitter

work today and very sleepy now.. too sleepy so time to go to bedd

I'm sleep nini


dallas steam is super shit on this computer, ill be on steam all night later


is that a car going into an advanced gundum powerup mode??

here it is

nanas sweet dreams

Here's hoping - rest well and sweet dreams.

That is in fact a Trans Am going Trans Am.

No clue why, but I was playing random metal playlist and it turned a bit Asian-ish for a few songs.
Like this one from 1:55 onwards.

Sleep well.

i cant even tell you how disappointed i am that i got that through visuals and image name alone

The first season of Gundamn 00 was pretty good.

i didnt watch a lot of it which is why i am disappointed in myself

the Trans AM mode was cool as fuck though

check this shit out


God punpun is amazing

easily one of the best things ive ever read

hey dont forget about this guy


im listening to some really shameful ass stuff right now but this part is so goooood

Have some random Japanese stuff.

Nothing wrong with videogame music.


f-for me ?

Of course, my friend.


hows life treating you mando?


I've been listening to that song for the better part of the last week if that is any indicator.

Kinda wish I had heard it 10 years ago. Not that it would have changed anything.

I am teetering on good and just fucking miserable. Teetering just makes the whole thing worse. I need to fall into one of these pits. The question is which. And I don't know that answer at the moment.

i heard this on the radio at work the other day

*hug* i wish i could help out buddy

It's alright.

On a lighter note, why is it that all the music from the 90's and early 2000's resonates with me so much? And all this new music just fucking sucks shit through a garden hose?

easy, you grew up in that time period and it resonates with you better, you also grew to see the forming of the current perspective of music and how dumb and contrived a lot of the popular facets of what make up most of those songs now are

hmm when where you born?

Mybe it's just a mad bias

I dont' like alot of newer songs but there is some great stuff out there that droppepd post 2010

I'm listening to some loveley clams casino even right now and it's a great listen

For some reason I thought it was going to be B.I.G.

Fuck I used to say I was young, but I seem to just keep getting older. I was born 1990. I'd say I am still too young to have such a dislike for all of this shit. I just can't stand it, man. Even the new rock shit is bad.

I mean fuck, man, what was it metallica that released a new album? The whole thing was shit.


Might have been because of the crown.

oh god that metallica album was af ucking trainwreck

It's a bit sad but the future is in my opinion in electronic music

I was talking with my best friend earlier and he said he wanted to be a rockstar but we were trying to think of modern rock groups who are decent and we concluded that the black keys were probably the newest even moderately half decent rock thats in the face of puiblci spotlight

The times they are a changin

I agree absolutely. The synthesizer age has just begun. And we thought that shit was dead.

Hell, even all the modern country music just sounds like all the pop songs on the radio. It all makes me sick to my stomach to think that I might have a kid that grows up listening to this shit. Never hearing even a Blink 182 song.


As a hip hop faN i APPreciate alot of the producers and what they put out

The lyrics ruin alot of modern songs for me but I personally enjoy the instrumentals of alot of this electronically produced stuff

Still there's a fine line between the good and the shitty

something id like to share with all of you in this coming age of fear and darkness

never forget that on some level each and every one of you is my brother, old or new, loved or hated, grudge or no grudge, we know and understand each other to some extent and thats more than i can say about most people

I remember about 5 or 10 years ago me and my brothers said something about a dirty little secret and my dad knew that song from, what is it, american rejects or what not? I just don't see me being able to do that with my son.

Lyoto machida san is coming back tonight

My brother listens to the pop and it is absoluteley all god awful.

hanging out with my buddy ikt


shower cat


hai oobey


for some reason all the links i click on right now are starting linked might be a headphones thing

starting muted*

A lot of it is, yeah.

Or do you have another page of Youtube open with something muted?

nope i have a super long video up right now but that is very much unmuted

That's odd, no clue at all how to fix then.

two bastions got set up on payload in mystery heroes and our team got wiped im so good


that was me when they got two reinhardt's too


two reinhardt's guarding two bastions, it was not a fun game

Did they remove character restrictions from competitive, or were you just playing casual?



like i said it was a mystery heroes game, everyone rags on me for playing casual but i dont even own the game yet and i still usually go positive in non-competitive :^)

Ah, didn't pick that up, kind of alcohol.
Doesn't really matter whatever mode you play, I was just wondering if they had removed the restrictions of having 2 of one hero.

no that is still a restriction and i think it should stay that way, i do not have answers for some of the crazy shit i see in mystery heroes, only shocked gasping noises

hoi barde

Ah, I found it pretty funny back in the day when there were teams consisting of 1 hero and then other team kept countering the other.

cute nekos 3 :

this kitty is blini

very fun yea but it was definitely not fair a lot of the times for people who were new and getting into the game, that being said having a team coonsisting of a doomfist, a xenyatta, a soldier, and THREE Mercy's is really fun