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the wrong question apparently

I'm sure you got access to the same beans~


Sorry, I misunderstood you. I am not wastelander, but I realize now it is not me who you were asking.

This thread seems to be feeling blue

well I got my answer either way. ty

Then how did he know you did LSD

You fucking dumbass

Oh hello are you leaving?

I post what I want

I didn't actually I was playing along.


In the words of Chief Garner: LET'S KICK SOME ASSSSSSS!

Blue is good

Stop copying my ID color.

Listen here you cantankerous self absorbed bastard, I don't need your help getting a beef with the guy, he's just handing it to me. I wasn't even sure who the server was! I try to avoid personal issues these days I'll have you know.

well mostly.

Yep, I'm guessing none of them were particularly flattering!

I'm OP so it's you copying me, fag

That's what a copycat would say.

That's bullshit but I believe it.

If you know someone is manipulating you, but you don't resist, is it still manipulation?

gosh I hope so because that's my fetish

Another rousing question from the Think Toilet.

i'm soaked .///.

If I know someone is full of shit, but I don't want to resist, is it still my fault they are full of shit?

I don't remember

Very good at it

The fact you don't resist is really weird if you're not who I'm saying you are

Or maybe it is because I am honestly struggling to care enough. I am in a pretty dysmal state of mind these days and my big mistake was liking the same stupid comic as some other fuck-bag.

Who is evidently NOTHING LIKE ME!

where can u find tail-buttplugs


Even if I was, I'm woefully out of practice.
My sharp tongue has dulled.

Too much time in friendly company and not enough behind enemy lines.

That's fair. Especially considering I was a dude you didn't know. And also the brain holes.

I'll do my best not to confuse you with the other Revy though!

he is everything like you

at least everything you've done so far

why can't you just give a rational refutation of your bigoted ideology?

I posted this in the wrong thread and didn't even notice we were over here now.

'Sup fags


Easy there son

That's what a copycat would say.

But that'll remove half the amount of holes

All you have proved is that we are both Holla Forumslocks, beyond that I have proven my differences fucking plenty. YOU just want so bad to believe that I am him. I am not interested in defending THAT FUCKS IDEOLOGY! I have told you what mine is and believe it or not, I'm going to stand by it.

Who the hell is he confusing you with?

Funny guy here




Get your cutesy tildes out of here.

You know how you can prove you're someone else?

You've probably made accounts on the internet. Link to one active one, or one old one you made some time ago. If your username is consistent across different boards, and they've been active in previous years, at least you're not who I think you are.

But right now, all you're saying is who you're not.

When kanra got dumped by wastelander AND loco and now is a mess.

I'm too lazy to run this through a negative filter so just use your imagination.


Jesus Christ, the last time I engaged in an internet community was literally a decade ago, that isn't even fucking fair. I've been a suicidial neet for several years, does that help?

I got a job two years ago though, and that is how I even have will to live anymore to where I decided to join your fucking community. Does that help?

Kill yourself then, faggot.

Just asking an honest question you spastic pony fuck. Relax your shit.

I used to know Wastelander!
For what it's worth you don't seem like him to me.

Granted it's been a few years...
For your sake I hope you're not him, recently saw some very disturbing images related to wastelander.

Here you go motherfucker

so you just, never posted

never uploaded anything

on the internet for the last 10 years?

No need to resort to name calling.

Good boy.

Much obliged, hombre.

No, not besides videos of saturn I took with my telescope and some dumb footage of a vidya game glitch.


Anyway, good night, I don't have fucking time for this shit.

Step out of line like that with me again and I'll call you the meanest names I can think of.

No prob. Figured you'd find a use for it down the road.

He keeps doing that linking himself thing.

I've found people with posting quirks tend to be narcissists.

Sleep tight

if I had a dime every time Clint and Kermit did a cowboy reunion thing

You'd have like a buck ten.

Try me

not worth it

So how many of you actually dislike each other and how many of you just enjoy the playful banter?


I hate you.

I assume the bus fare to the office where they do these things is at least $3.00 like everywhere nowadays.

they probably also mail cheques.


I always pictured it more like that scene in predator when Dutch and Dillon clasp hands

how else would I get around without a driver's license?

Is this peak Autism?


but Clint is clearly a cowboy



Aw shit! Kill yourself and fuck off.


I'm stopping now.

for all my insanity, I truly wish it'd end.


Illegal compliments

Forgive me


if you wished it would end you'd stop replying a lot sooner.

Okay, all's forgiven


shit my bad. I forgot telling the truth is taboo here

Good boy

you probably enjoyed drinking, but hated being alcoholic. didn't stop you from taking another drink.



I absolutely adore being an alcoholic.

If you stoppped being a self-righteous accusatory fuck you might garner some sympathy. Just saying, Hoss.

here we go agen

u knew what u were doing

The setup was too perfect.

This is bullying!

this thread is boring and slow.

scoots, ur a faggot. get rekt.

dicks for everyone



Jokes on you I was already dead

good that was my goal


Cannot belief




thread too slow pls help


there is no salvation for us

Take man's Twix by force


pffff, what will we do? ;_;

u stop that


I was gonna eat that though



Hmm... nah, not yet



Did I ask?


I'm going to love this game, I think.

I'm back.


What are you, a weeb?

what game?

Yes you did, you just forgot to add the question mark

lazy me blob

blob make good onahole

blobs are fucking terrible


like melted cheese of hotpocket

blobs should be illegal


Are you really surprised?

Don't you lie to me

I mean not really.

Also the game is eratohoK.

It's a text based strategy game starring 2hus.

Also there's sex.

No lies

r there pictures (with sex?)

The heck would there be.

Are there pictures in CoC or TiTS?

whats the point of sex without pictures. its been reduced to an interactive fanfic

What's the point of CoC or TiTS then?

It's not my fault you're a disgusting, perverted, hikikomori NEET.

Just cyber if you want text sex, sluts


idk why you keep talking about cock and tits but i dont think that puts you in a position to call me perverted

They're web games you tool.

Text-based sex RPGs.

why do you know so much sex based text rpgs

I don't.
I know about text-based sex RPGs because it's fun to go through them denying the game its purpose.

Not fooling anyone

I should hope not - there's no fooling in that statement.

my pi is coolio now


Hu stop cybering people.

Well, my people will never say I'm not a benevolent ruler.

I just got raped by a kobold for trying to help them recover their stolen goods.

As one of, if not the, smallest characters in the canon.

I'm probably going to start over though, because I want my Yoomoo x Rei'sen fanfics.

If you've played RotK, picture that but Toohoos.

RotTK, even.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms?
Can't say I have.

How's it the same thing if it's a text game though?

Because the only thing the graphics do in RotTK is show a graphical representation of what the text tells you, lmao.

Actually, I should shut up.

The last RotTK game I played was on SNES.

I do not

I mean

I guess

Wow, stop cybering furries/weebs then instead.

It's like installing a graphics pack on Dwarf Fortress.

sure it looks a lot better, and is easier to make out, but it still plays the same, y'know?

Also there's sex.
And rape.



After finding some screenshots while looking through for the game it makes more way sense. I didn't realize there was just ascii graphics, like a map and what not. I was thinking none of that for some reason, and expecting something far simpler than what it is.

On an unrelated note, goddamn this actually looks super neat.

>not playing Dwarf Fortress with tilesets that are just widespace ascii anyway


Also you can conquer Urop.
With 2hus.

I probably still have the dl link if you want.

I only play DF using periods and semicolons.

I use to be really into it back in the day.

I play dwarf fortress when I don't want to play a game, and instead just bitch at my keyboard about its choice of hotkeys.

I could never get over the controls.

Stop wishing for lewds


lmao pleb

They're literally fine though

Also, the game has CAWs, so if you don't have a favourite 2hu, you can just be the little girl instead.

They're unintuitive, at best.


Besides, pretty sure that ship sailed years ago.


I mean, that IS true. But what part of the game isn't unintuitive?

hu is gay BEWARE

anime is for lewd and nothing else

no proof

That just makes it worse, tbh.
It was cumbersome as a new player, and I just didn't feel like learning how to not fight with the controls before I could even learn to play the game.

Make me admin - all I'll do is word filter tbh to desu and then stop posting forever, desu.



Yahallo Hu

Good morning

I mean everyone knows that.

And here you are posting it. Pretty sure it's clear what it that means.'

I mean yeah, but you kinda just need to accept that.

I can get behind this. Rin for admin when?

That I'm a girl?


you wish

I don't need to wish you were gay, Hu.

But it's almost Christmas

You really are trying to bait me into saying some gay ass shit, aren't you?

no, lol. You're doing just fine on your own

don’t gay the squiddy

It was worth starting over for otp.

I've said no gay ass shit.

I'm ungayable.

I'll cap you next time you do

Wow Hu, I was going to message you "gay ass shit" on steam but you removed me at some point.

good we need more ppl like you

Everyone is gayable.

I want plutia to violate me.

Seems like that was a good call.
Yeah, happened some three or four months back~

I-it's almost like you found a Yoomoo x Rei'sen festival picture just 'cause of me, or something...


I can't believe you hate memes.
Why would you do that?

Cause you're Australian

[anime girl pointing gun at screen]

It's a nice picture.

So's this one.

m-me too

sounds like wishful thinking

The Yoomoo Reisen alliance is expanding.

I hate this game.


Going DnD later.

reeeee game wont give me achievement for no lifing


lick my crusty key caps i just played for 3 hours

Your ear.





I forgot to eat on time again

I hate myself

eating on time

Should get some now then!

What will you be eating?

oh man Zionist was here too? shit Clint told them that was peak hours and we've had way faster posting than that lately.

hopefully they come by again

more people should check out jerma btw

Good morn friends

wow i am also good meowning.

i woke up 10 minutes after mario odyssey arrived. at my mailbox. time to playyyyyy

hey you finally got your very first trip

im surprised anyone even still has the app for it

I heard it was really fun! I hope you enjoy it ! uwu

Luka got it for me. I'm a real threadposter now!!

its a good one too, wear it proud

more than anything... im excited to listen to the game OST.

that opener song they made for trailers. is maybe one of my favorite songs this year.

good tune !!



you scared me

are you actually calling for test or was that post just a test

i feel like there needs to be some distinction here



To someone.

obviously myself

what you dont like waking up with our leg over the chair


You're a somebody now?

This conversation is going no where


Akin to every other conversation here.

Doesn't surprise me that no conversations are happening while the place is riddled with furries

That's like expecting infants to know how to bake bread.

actually we had some pretty good conversations going last night, not that i expect your slights to make sense by now, bard

l-last night was a g-g-g-good ....we h-had a.....had a good c conversation take that bard

He's just upset that I don't notice him.

Good now can you try actually having a conversation

He's been here for the past 3 days nonstop man I'm kind of worried

Yea gee, I should just sit here and be jealous that you guys are sitting there, not even getting along with each other except through slighting me, talking about nothing

happy to bring you guys together :)

I'm sure it's been more than that.

where have my friends gone

i ate them all

I have arrived. You can rejoice.



howdy bard boy

Hey. How goes?

Hello how are you spending the day

Another day, thinking abut getting drunk, you?

playing mario odyssey and then going to a show in a couple hours.

i might skip the show though im comfy.... and marios a lotta fun .

Hmm what kind of show are you talking about?

Feeling a little fursicuted.

But I got home from town a bit ago.
Probably going to chill in the Discord call and play games. Might boot up Breath of the Wild.

Not a word I'm familiar with.

I've heard that game is actually pretty good.

very gay electronic (this is not a good way to describe it) type show in an intimate setting with okay people

i go to dance very hard for way too long. its a lot of fun.
if you want i can dm you last months show and you can skim thru to.... get an idea of it. or not.

your choice !

Persecution of furries.
I'm joking about Bards slight about us furs.

And I like it. I accidentally beat it but I'm still having a blast.

oh so its like one of those raves except not called a rave

Seems like a flaw in design.


That sounds like a lot of fun I've only ever been to one music show and it was a fucking old man snoozefest

and thank you thought bUt Im alright on that right now
Before long I have to drag myself up and out and about to get down with my little brother before he goes to work

i dont really think thats accurate .. or maybe idk. doesnt really matter

Nah. You can go anywhere from the get go.
I stumbled into the final boss room dicking around in the area and it would have just been fuck kinds of hard if I hadn't done a lot of shit already.

I think the record to beat it is an hour.

Don't speak to me.

Then please have the courtesy not to mention my name

Well I guess a game with that much freedom is a bit of a relief.

Fuck off with that shit. You keep treating the furs like shit on arbitrary reasons.
You don't get to dictate my posts.

It's pretty good. Though I need to get the DLC so I can 100% a hard mode run.

i go to music shows very very often..

hardcore/emo/electronic/punk/hip hop a lot of other stuff ive been to... i like to compare the crowds and take note of the people who fit in each scene so well. usually the younger ones (16-22) are the ones who look like they only go to THOSE specific genre shows.

if i cant do atleast one of: jumping/pushpit/hxc pit/dancing

i dont go tothe show. its no fun if im not being active. i like to dance and move.

also !! are u cool with ur lilbrother ?

im very protective of my lil sis.

she sent me big doinks memes the other day. very precious.


You don't get to dictate my posts either

I've been not responding to your posts because I know you were angry after you asked me not too
I held back because it was obviously my fault

I understand now thatany chance of righting that wrong is in the trash so fuck it

I can't continue to hold my emotions back

Hard mode and some extra story and shit.
Not sure specifically.

Wouldn't be in the trash if you maybe...oh I don't know...stopped blaming furries, especially the ones that tried to get along with you, and telling them constantly to kill themselves.

i haven't told anyone in this thread to try to kill themselves


or the thread before that or the one before that or even the one before that

what am I blaming furries for?

The lack of conversaition

Because there's duke
and there's baddog

neither of whom were talking to each other

or me


regardless of the fact that they are furries

there's no conversation going on

Just hate the concept of DLC.

I'm not a furry.

you're a pony?
I swear I've seen you posting in the fur threads when I'd try to visit back in the day

Because you've had a good history of being nice to furies in general.
I'm glad holding your petty shit together for 2 threads absolves you of telling us all to get cancer and die before.

Going to stick to talking to Duke now.
Have a good day. But fuck off.

DLC is alright if the game isn't shilling out for it.

A few days back you were talking with grim and you said something like

I dont hate bard I just have no sympathy for him

glad to see that was a lie

And you're a faggot, what's your point?

Tracer Bullet.

So, 90% of them.

You don't really deserve much else from me at this point.

Now there's a face I'd like to slap~!


am I?
I dont recall ever having had gay sse


The past few days I have been accepting of that and deserving in my own mind

Now I feel like I have a reason to lash out and that I can do no wrong by cutting off my civility even though it was my cause of aggression in the first place

How moronically childish.

"feeling like i can do no wrong"

That would make you gay, I said you're a faggot.

desperate for my attention aren't you baddog


do you have a point

Hey man, it's been a while since I have seen you around.

Not like I use like 30 names or anything.

Calling you a faggot is the point.

I know, been way too long.

I don't really know anything about you and we've talked for less than 10 minutes across the extended time i've seen you
Cut me a break


I missed you, you never had much to say in an endearing sort of way, always straight to the point and usually pretty funny too.

You fucking faggot.

Oh wait. I thought that was Dallas.
Fuck me.

Fine fine.


Yeah it's pretty great, sometimes I manage to impress even myself.

Okay I might have fed your ego a little too much there, we're getting you on a diet mister.

I would fuck you but I haven't on good authority dat ass is reserved for Fido :^)

*have it on

There are currently no real claims on it.


maybe scoot can write another slash fiction

Plus as I recall I still have claim on your ass.

Did he just inadvertently call me a dog?


Like you don't enjoy it.




Holy shit Kyle you're a fag- Just sayin~

I bet you have the full pic.

you'd lose that bet

i dont even know where to find it exactly

Only for a few people anymore.
If I'm being serious about it.

those gnomes are right angles

And one is dead.

They are acute angles.