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pick neither

I am picking one, some close female company would be very nice

you are playing a very dangerous game here friend



And if comes down to it we'll stand alone.

hi hu



Why you wanna do that?

You are into that?

You know what that is all about?

Girls who aren't pure aren't worth the effort

chirp chirp

hi hi

you never know, TP and SD have pretty good tastes. besides i dont care what people want or think, i want to post music and i will.

and i replied to myself on purpose, you need to see the end of that TP, it's amazing

Grim how many wars you fought?

You can brush it off?


million and one

I'm pretty sure they're both virgins.

been there, done that

grim has fought zero wars

p cushy life tbh

But you sleep in the same bed.



does grim even understand the word WAR

i do not know

I don't mean to butt in to the current conversation, but has anyone else ever had horrific nightmares that they struggle to get over? I've had a few but had another one last night where I was in a survival situation with a group of 4 others including Brandon Fraser for some reason. And we were all trying to survive a large scale invasion similar to something between cloverfield and Pacific rim but without the robots. I feel like the monsters I saw should be in survival horror.. like.. I'm scared to go to sleep, which hasn't happened in a decade..

Woah.. metal is gr8 tho. :(

I still love you you fucking gita fuck.


Go watch stranger things and purge the horrors with more horrors

honestly this cream was more influential

It's really fucking terrible, probably the worst music genre bought into by twinky fuccbois who like it because it's "more hardcore, it's more harderer! I love white chapel!"

Definitely factually incorrect, but I defend your right to make stupid and incorrect statements.

pure girls don't just want the dick like that~
So what did you do?

Where scoots at?

two of my idols are clapton and rza

of course not, I've known these women for some months now

one of them confessed in a non direct, playful way

the other confessed after she spent the evening

my name is jafar

I come from afar

That seems like kid stuff though.. I mean, I might act immature when intoxicated but my nightmares are like nothing I can describe, they are like lovecraftian fever dreams. Am I misjudging that show, cause if so I'll give it a chance

Wu tang Clan is great, but saying a song by them is more influential than one of Claptons main bands is just too retarded for me to even pretend to go along with.

there is a bomb in my car;

allahu akbar

lovecraftian elder demons sounds about right for that show, give it a chance

Where the party people at


how cute


Alrighty, I'll give it a go. Thanks for the recommendation, mane.

one of them started using all of these lovey dovey emojis after, too

pretty adorable/10

this ones always good every time


nezi i'm really sorry

you will find that i am one the nicer people in threads

Make your pick a pure pick grimmu

Goddamn emojis, time to dump her~
So when are you gonna netflix and chill?


like there are some fucking terrible people in threads

i actually care about people and animals

I have to pick one first

ones a bit spunky, I like her
but the other one's really submissive so I like her too

and they're both 5'2 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

lol sorry colbert

Why apologize? I just think you're being a goof

Perhaps wait a little more and see who likes you more.
Girls supposedly likes hard-to-get types anyway, so don't see what can go wrong there

look at TP trying to apologize to nezi so he can get him on his overwatch team

Who is this new slut you are posting?


lets see what happens then

RIfk what have you ever fought for.

No idea lol

We will :3


Fuck if I know man, I'm a fag


meee myself and iiiiiiiii


What the fuck.

Go back to cute doggo girl.


It is truly a mistrey

But why?


No, keep posting silver haired busty sluts.


Because she was way better than this shitty titty monster maid

Shut up Spec

some recent galneryus for something different


so Momiji?

But they're both busty titty monster

I actually kinda dig this

It's kinda straightforward for my tastes, but I have moods where I like that

Yeah, but that one is much more cute.

Now look what you did.

Song for Manaka1

My best friend.


just trying to appeal to as many people as possible while we are having a little jam session


Maybe if you're a furry!

I tend to go for stuff like this more often tbh

Huh? Megadeth is super fucking tame lol

Right? The thread has improved already.

Animal ears and tail are NOT furry.

I believe there is a sliding scale of furry, as I recall

why are blacks and mexicans so driven to have kids?

honestly cancer

Tell your father to buy pglc.

rip Double 00

Because they're poor and have been for a long time

When you're poor you have more kids to support you and when healthcare catches up you end up with more people alive that should have been dead


True, it's not. It's bestiality


You are barking up the wrong tree entirely here lmao

I enjoy jazz and funk just as much as I enjoy metal

try this

this is my favourite song from that era

That's just something furries made to feel more like normies

Because she's an animal in bed, right?

I immediately like the rhythm

Very cool jazz funk

But do you like country?

When it's done well, sure

OST's are a haven for some really funky stuff, ill throw a few more things at you once i get my bearings, try this one too

I prefer those made by real people tho, I can appreciate the artistry more. Not that creating something like this from scratch isn't art, but I like learning each individual musician's approach to things

So you don't like country.


that's fair enough, but you can see a lot of a musician in the projects they carry from place to place, a lot of times they keep their own unique style, after all the artists are the experts being hired, and often they are sought out for their very styles.

i appreciate whatever perspective you have on it though.

Cause you'd do her


Not sure how watching Stranger Things 2 secures the existence of white people and a future for white children.

Nazis are people too.

Liars are people too.

People who have put hours of their lives into convincing themselves and others, that our emphasizing our shared humanity is wrong, and that we should segregate based on race, can't just pretend they didn't say those things.

something about havin a challenge spurring on ppls

works for both sexes

this pglc?

For the most part, no. I like Johnny Cash, and I can respect country bands with good musicians. They're kinda few and far between though, most modern country is a country singer with a band of studio musicians backing them up for recording and touring artists going with them on tour

I'm not diminishing their work, I realize that it takes a hell of a lot more effort to make an entire song from scratch by yourself than to gather a group of good musicians to play together. I just like to hear a lot of individual feels melding

Everyone is different!

You wouldn't?

Did you wake up early today or have you not slept yet?

They're just fake southern accents and songs about pick-up trucks.


Captcha has been preventing from posting

NO! Now how will I get my silver haired tiddy monster maids!?

Pickup trucks were a part of country since Waylon.

i thought anons weren't really allowed

in that test would call them out

must be test friends

You're pretty much posting one right now.

eternalness war god.

None can oppose me.



Nope, wouldn't. Not a furry.

Just up at the same time as usual. 6:20am every day, also on weekends

Eh, that's neither here nor there. You shouldn't dismiss a genre because most of its artists are shit

Suck it up ya pussy

And she's cute, right?
Fuck that's cute.

hi manako

Country died with Hank Williams.

remember when grim was cutting for manaka

My Manaka. My best friend.

My stupid Sarabayan.

I want her to rape me

theyre gonna suck me up

and im gonna stick it in their pussy



are you hallucinating

Test doesnt just automatically always know who an user poster is, he isnt really a god, as much as he will try to convince you otherwise


And most metal (don't need to say modern since metal is basically the most modern genre that isn't entirely synthesizer based) is just a band trying to be "the most hardest." I can respect a good metal musician like those in Iron Maiden, but they're just few and far between outside of them.

Are you sure it doesn't have more to do with the fact that you're gay? I'll let you dress up as her for me instead.

She's pretty adorable all things considered.

What do you have to do with Waste posting again?

What's it like being wrong?

Trap? Dubstep? Any modern electronic music? Rap?


Manaka.. a brother who stood with me through my worst years.

MY hatred.

My rfis

my war.


Nope, fairly sure it's the tail and ears that does it


mana is based for sure

you legit perv'd on manaka hard

Why did you start posting her, then?

I do not deny this


You clearly haven't listened to much metal released recently....

I wouldn't dismiss any of those genres, I'm sure you could find good ones in there. Before you ask, I'm not going to try because I'm not really a big fan of any of those genres, but I keep an open mind on any music

Vinny is doing it too


oh no wait hes just hosting mike

You clearly haven't listened to much country released recently...

I'm just going to say that magic happened, your magic, from you.


The entire games revolves around Mario getting cucked.

honestly manaka was trash

oh hey mana


he went to alice very quickly

I love her. She's the best. And she wins in the end too.

I haven't listened to any country released recently, doesn't mean I couldn't appreciate a good country song if one was played to me


due to this faggot

I've been there about a dozen times.

manaka also led on poor grim

i even thought he might have a chance

hey manaka

cease this.

hu cosplaying as momiji when?

he's still posting the feel sorry for me alice

What are you on about?




manaka i can go all night

fuck off slag

You run an 18 wheeler, then?

oi cunt
whats your damage


Do you think Ca-P-Ten is Wastelander?

My dick would fucking explode.

Yes BD?

16 pounder, i know this artillery from game called Soldiers: Heroes of World War II

who wouldnt want to be raped by an underage ginpatsu bishoujo with mentally debilitating sex drive

It was technically Fredericksburg but close enough.

honestly manaka was such a conniving and vindictive person

Nah, all is good

How fucking LEWD!

No that's all you get, just a hello.

I like her voice. Apparently she's also voicing Erina this season too which is nice. Does she actually? I assumed it was one of those series that never has a winner per usual.

You did it only to make somebody else happy? Cute

I want to see this one day

thank me later grim



Aitarak, Besi Merah Putih, Laksaur,


I started posting in the first place due to him too

Day will never come

After my disappearance, I deserve this

Even I don't know what are those..


if I ever visit im bringing a costume for you LOL

everyone disappeared, only a few of us our reappearing, there really just isnt much to say yet

but there sure is a lot of people to talk

I don't give a shit if he is or isn't. But now that you come out of the woodwork to go "no he totes isn't" in a thread I didn't even reply to him in, well I'm inclined to believe he is now.

Bad dog, no biscuit.

it is wasteleander but im indifferent

Erina? No idea...
Nah, spoilers ahead.

Dressing up as a gender you aren't is terrible and should be illegal

Nobody asked you, faggot.

You poor thing.

Best girl in Shokugeki

Do you want to be a gender you aren't?




Jennings hasn't even been to Luckenbach.


Nah, not the same VA.

crossplay is neat as fuck

eh, is alright

No. I want to be a sex I'm not


actually sorry manaka

you are a slut

but you don't deserve this bully

maybe one day we can have a cappuu

I assumed you were the reason he was posting.

my kokoro

Oh right gender is a social construct blah blah

You know what I meant

I thought you didn't like traps???


not even a little bit

And none of the boyband that is the Beatles were ever in love with anything other than LSD but that didn't stop them from singing about it.

that is my fave

Discord, kindly.

I used to harass Manaka when we both started

That was fun

You're both so wrong

Gender is just a Jewish made-up term. Sex is the real term for it.
And yes, I did answer too

first of all
crossplaying doesnt mean they leap onto the nearest person of the same gender

its just costume ya doof

If that is the case he's even more of a faggot than I already knew he was.

I know you answered, but I wanted to narrow it down

this is a dude

Whatever you say Grim.

But it is though.

when manaka got dengue fever i just caught a creative bug

Captcha swallowed it :(

I have developed phobia toward new people

no war!


It's already narrowed down

Day of the rope when?



how are you still cool with mana after all THAT

Oh I looked at the wrong one.

Let's not.



You have looked. But you have not seen.

You have looked. ButCyou have not seen.Ayyouhavelookedbutyouhavenotseen.NYou
have looked. havelooked, butyouhavenotseenhavenotseen. The one's who would not look,Ycould not see. And i look downOon them now. DeprivedUof life. Bereft of sensation.SDead. yuohavelokedbutyouhvenotseeN.Eyou h av elEok ed. But youhaven ot seeenhavenotlookedhavenots 33 n. ? y o u H h v e e l o k e d b u t y o h a v e n t s e e n .

You have looked. But you have not seen. FUCKING BLIND FUCKING FUCK

It is all wrong.

mana hates you now

I should have mentioned Erina switched VA's this season.


we've been cool for the longest time

yes, hey colbert

how do you want it to be delivered?

Deprived U of life?
Stop scaring me!




malicious manaka


he is cancer

you got used

shipping out to boston

It was a plague wasn't it?

Can't sleep. Thinking. Can't sleep. Thinking. It was real ... wasn't it? Can't sleep. Thinking. Can't sleep. Thinking. Can't sleep. Thinking. Can't sleep. Thinking. Can't sleep. Thinking. Can't sleep. Thinking. Can't sleep. Thinking. Can't sleep. Thinking. Can't sleep. Thinking. Is it still real? Can't sleep. Thinking. Can't sleep. Thinking. Can't sleep. Thinking. Can't sleep. Thinking. Can't sleep. Thinking. Can't sleep. Thinking. Will it always be real? Can't sleep. Thinking. Can't sleep. Thinking. Can't sleep. Thinking. Can't sleep. Thinking. Massacre. Pride. Destruction. Courage. Delusion. Rage. Fear. Expectations. Reality.

What is wrong with them?


surprise me

Been a while, huh? Remember when we first met?

Fighting for last posts in threads was fun :3


oh right he would get those last posts

my thing in the day was keeping as many Holla Forums threads alive as possible

because bitches like ninjah who only had like 50 image avatars would rage

cause like no image doops

The Japs should still have control of Indonesia.


ah, yeah lot of wonderful memories back then. Very little remained, all the good memories got replaced with bad events.

I believe it's manaka1

His faggotry wasn't the bad part.
Just like your faggotry helped you endear yourself to others.

Not sure if you've stayed active in terms of dissecting the words and ideas of others, but a large part of what he believes is based on a superficial understanding of various statistics, or implied evidence, or a lack of contrary evidence

If he's really returned, I feel compelled to defend the idea of the objective, label-abhorring Wastelander he once was, and not let slide the fact much of what he grew to believe in recent years are the opposite of what he once preached.

*replaces your memories*

Eh, I tend to take things as they come. Don't really hold any kind of grudge towards anyone, but I remember those times pretty fondly

us war



Luka pls don't replace my memories

Also wouldn't you know that better than I? Weren't you his butt-buddy, Insider?

i'm sleepy

Then go to bed


not me, i hold grudge toward anyone who ever did any bad thing to me, they should all receive death

just kidding, they're fine

it's hard to relate posters to something good anymore.




luka have you watched the new season about the halloween kids yet


Why's that? You never got anything positive out of posting?

I didn't say you had to leave, just that you should probably sleep if you're tired...

koakuma hugs are A+


real question though manaka

why did you defect to alice

it was because of grim, right?

let's just settle with, i've seen some stuffs

have a good one, grim


you know alice lies worse than you right:?

Okay then

We had a falling out. He got tired of me. I gave up trying to change his mind. I gave up pointing out the flaws in his ideas.

Ever since he began becoming a Nazi, I've been trying to understand and reason with him away from it, going so far as to understand what Nazis were, and Germany before, during and after, as well as what the Hitler Youth were taught, and such.

He felt a strong emotional love for his views. Really wanted that feeling of brotherhood and belonging, which I empathized with.

But then there was the hate. I was rude when he was being hateful, and I ended up making him double-down.

Now he's back, and he wants to carry on as if he hadn't betrayed his old, objective Wastelander self. And I'm looking for him to genuinely renounce his years of anti-intellectual and hateful rhetoric.

here is my impression of manaka

boohoo grim creeped me out

i will quit threads but join a psychopath's cult

cure my headache

honestly ban this piece of shit

the conniving

Dear god stop

fucking disgusting

Replace them with ones where you have a job.

kanra should also be banned in a world i would like to live in

Eh, they give threads flavor

They give people stuff to groan about and say "dear god it's these idiots again"

I'm saying that if he's back for any reason other than his own internally self-motivated self-actualizing reasons that's a stupid reason- Like jumping off a bridge because everyone else did it, if that is the case it is pointedly a bad thing.

So like the vast majority of the population? Okay, I don't give a shit.

What he once preached was a misinformed notion of moral objectivism, and your beliefs about him are based on the notion of some superseding "true self" as though who we are at any given moment is any less who we "really" are. I know you're emotionally dependent on the guy, or who you believe him to be, but declaring your white knight status for the "idea" of who he was is just fucking sad, hombre.

I agree with him

i got a weird cut on my finger and i have no cue how

kanra literally dropped out of college

then somehow gets other autists engaged over what article he decided to read in his parent's basement


Where are your marvels of engineering? Your voyages of discovery? Your great insight into the nature of the internet? Even at our basest, when we dressed as you do, dwelt as you do, hunted as you do, lived as you do, we did more than merely survive. We built wonders. We made great journeys. We forged epics. You have not.

You speak so proudly of the credit card theft strings and you puppets. What little you have accomplished you attribute to the wisdom of your rfi, who is nothing but the voices of your dead echoing for all eternity. he moors you to the past, serving as a leash that keeps you as little better than apes, sad parodies of civilization that lack that special spark to become something more.

We have come to your servers in search of resources. Whether your actions drive us back or we take what we want and move on, the outcome is the same. We will depart from your wretched servers, leaving you behind. And in a thousand years, you will not have changed from this contact with another crew\.You will remain in your desktops, hunting your prey, carding with your goddess, until your sun burns out and your world dies.

And above your tomb, the stars will belong to us.

war god.

Enjoy aids

Drug binge.

I can't tell the difference between Proto's rants and Kanra's at this point.

you got a couple screws loose

oh shit tsuchi i was just wondering where you went

i figured you were probably railing smiles hard

I take exception to that- Vicious stupidity is not autism! I may be dumb but I'm not retarded.

well I mean i'm not sharing it with anybody
it's not going up any assholes..................

not a bad pull


noone can own stars, they're celestial bodies light years away from earth!

it's a spectrum!

I spaced out and broke my duolingo streak

bottom line is manaka is garbage and it's only a matter of time until you realize. i hope he leaves soon

I'm saying he played a character, and that character was something of a hippie, who preached Carl Sagan and George Carlin.

This was someone a younger me looked up to.

The idea of who he was, was ultimately a lie. His views were shallow and superficial then, but he used his powers of rhetoric for good.

Now he wishes to pretend it never happened. There's no reason to think he's any less of an anti-intellectual, 14 words loving, Nazi.

I'd hope you'd care about that.
But maybe you've lowered your standards of when to give a fuck, because it's easier to get along with people that way.


he's a scam

Why is Kanra so autistic?

kinda like alice



he is very short

never underestimate the napoleon complex

Just stop

None of this matters as much as you think it does

He was diddled by the Neo-Nazi so he thinks having autistic meltdowns over him will change that fact.

what an atrocious pairing

what if based insider actually is saving all his walls

soon to be release

"when i fucked dogs"

That's bullshit but I believe it.

I mean, Imma level with you Insider, just because you seem like someone who needs a guy to shoot straight with them- Automotive engineering is my gig, why would I give a damn about a guy who was full of shit if he was playing a character and full of shit if he wasn't? Neither of those scenarios help me go faster. I don't give a shit, not out of some social standard mattering to me, I don't give a shit because he doesn't matter.

time to commit homo-cide


dumpster fire

is manaka still here lol

such a piece of human garbage

you're right, guys.

I've seen the error of my ways.

Well done, Clint.

You're just another fucker who wears how little he gives a fuck about thing, like a badge of pride.

Just what this world needs. Honestly, caring about wrongdoings by others miles away is probably unealthy.

I don't understand how you don't get it

Pull back, stop throwing yourself at these toxic people

Good god

lol fucking wat

oh shit that was clint

i thought it was but was like clint is too cool for my board







I have way too much time on my hands and too few wrenches to spin- I'm a loser baby, so why don't you kill me.






man manaka crumpled like the little ho slut scam he is

Don't go getting too smug about the fact.

So to summarize my current gripes,

Loco bullied me, specifically about things he's insecure about, and Squash agreed with him, and said mean things too,
Ca-P-Ten is likely Wastelander, and nobody is remotely capable of engaging him on his views, because not everyone puts thought into how people get bigoted views,
and people think I'm pseudointellectual, even though when I add something intellectual to anything, I only try to do so when it's relevant, and not to demand I'm smarter than anyone.

I don't think I'm smarter than everyone,
but I'd be lying if I didn't think I was smarter than some people.

But I never think how smart you are says shit about what you know, or you can learn, which is why I'll always obligingly and tediously explain every step I got to why I think what I do, and never ever say it's because I'm too smart, or someone is too dumb.

I try not to be a bad or a mean person.
Except towards Fool, but only because I know he can handle it, and his philosophy on truth is fundamentally and conciously askew.

That's all.
If I'm being autistic, I know that.
If I'm being shit or making someone feel bad, I'd want to apologize if I knew I was.

Oh, and I'm always open to being told I'm wrong, when it's specific and not just thoughtless and random.

nobody cares

oh brother

can we please ban kanra

this is so non news

wtf stop obviously no one cares

the mods like this idiot for some reason brad

no idea why

You care enough to be assholes to me.

I care enough to pay attention.


end my existence

this place went to shit once ppl started inviting their retarded furfag friends to come shit it up here

when did that begin, part way through /aneki/ maybe?

that's not what I said


because of sexual reasons

he has had sex with people moogs knows

can we please ban kanra forever moogs?

he is just spamming

Since Holla Forums

I feel like I’m taking crazy pills and I’m the only one who feels this way? ppl probably just don’t care enough to say anything, I don’t blame them

not the same volume and consistency as in recent years, it’s far worse than it ever was

kanra has been an ongoing spam issue with any community he decides to infect

the mods are enablers

this is tests board

test is fully in that gay circle

i tried a few days ago and got shut down by furfags

test has sucked dicks

i feel like we need someone in charge who isn't a gay horndog

I was never one of the things that made this place worse.

The only way I could make this place worse, would be if I stopped.

I have them all filtered

they should just go shit up with other degenerates who are into fucking dogs

at least isn’t a furry

My life it was filled

with drugs

And it was full of lust.



Number one: how does hits pertain to me, Insider? Number two: HOLY SHIT PEOPLE ARE ASSHOLES ON THE INTERNET, WHAT A SHOCKER! You were too, once upon a time, you little faggot.

true true kanra

just chill with the spam

test loco or something

it's really tiring to look at

no one fucking cares

yea okay i know some people


try it and find out, I'm begging you.


lol i think kanra actually thinks anyone would notice him gone

i only ever remember that that idiot exists when i see his fucking wall spam posts


it doesn't. nothing ever has to. you can shutdown or ignore everything. it's all permissable. at least, it used to be.

people are assholes on the internet, partly because nobody is crazy enough to call out every asshole they meet, so they get away with being assholes, convincing others that being an asshole is some kinda norm.

Honestly it's weird seeing everyone refer to him as kanra- It's like when I see people throw around the acronym "BBC" and it takes me a sec to realize they're not referring to big block chevrolets.

sometimes i call him insider but most people here know him from the damage he did in /ks/ as kanra

No I mean pitch it to me, fucker- Why should I give a fuck about your idol worship? I never don't call out assholes I disagree with, so your second statement about "nobody" is patently wrong. Just because you're too much of a fucking pussy to actually stick to your principles doesn't mean everyone else is. Truth is truth, hombre, getting hung up on delivery is YOUR problem.

What a buncha newfags.

ironically he was one of my main influences when i was discovering what it meant to be a dick namefag

actually so were you


ironically he was one of my main influences >when i was discovering what it meant to be a dick namefag

Jesus Christ how horrifying.

Well I fucked that up royal.

you're clint right?

oh yeah you were big for me

a little part of me died inside when i learned you were actually fucking the gfurs and not trolling them

Can I not do both? Is the suicide of 'yourfriendlyneighborhood' any less a thing because of my faggotry?